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Chicago Herald
How To Win At Poker by Chicago Herald

This article describes in particular one marking system of cards. It includes illustrations depicting how the cards were marked. It also touches on a few other ways to cheat.

The article appeared in the Chicago Herald during Mayor Roche's time.

1st edition ~1887, PDF 5 pages.

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Blakely Hall
You Can't Beat the Game by Blakely Hall

An account of faro gambling and cheating in New York City.

The newspaper that ran this article is not known. The time frame of the article is somewhere in the vicinity of 1890.

PDF 3 pages.

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Camille Gaultier
Magic Without Apparatus by Camille Gaultier

A sleight-of-hand reference work for cards, coins, billiard balls, and thimbles.

Magic without Apparatus is the first English translation of La Prestidigitation sans Appareils, which has been recognized by authorities on magic as the world's greatest treatise on legerdemain with cards, coins, billiard balls, and thimbles. The French edition elicited such comments as these:

Leo Rullman (Connoisseur of magical literature): "The greatest work on pure sleight-of-hand in any language."

Professor Hoffmann (Author of Modern Magic, More Magic, Later Magic): "A contribution of the first rank to the literature...

★★★★★ $39.50
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Joseph B.
Best of the Best by Joseph B.

Best of the Best is an effect that makes most of the potential of the pre-ordered deck. But don't worry because to perform it you will not need memory work and no complicated mathematical operations. Everything is super impossible but really simple to do. Three divinations plus a prediction, a surprising climax. The method behind this effect is truly amazing and fascinating.

  • A normal deck
  • No memory work
  • No complicated mathematical operations
  • No gimmick

1st edition 2022, video 17:34.

★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Graham Hey
Cool Ways to Select an Audience Member by Graham Hey

Here's a cool new ebook that everyone should have. How many hundreds of dollars have you spent on tricks you don't use? Well here's a priceless collection that includes some hilarious ways for you to 'select' someone to help you on stage or for close-up.

There are visual gags, a few one-liners and a dozen or so fun ways to involve your audience. From frisbees-to-fruit, you'll win them over before you even begin with these brilliant bits of business.

We love the 'Pineapple in the bag' gag which is so much fun and a guarenteed laugh-getter! Plus, there's a very clever bonus trick called...

★★★★ $8
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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1 No. 10 (October 2022) by Scott Baird

Volume 1, No. 10: October 2022, 48 pgs.

The tenth issue of The Hermit Magazine features:

    • Central Intelligence / Scott Baird
    • Iterant Intelligence / Scott Baird
    • Close-up Miracle Prediction / Kyle Leon
    • Thank you, Eddie / Rico Weeland
    • Zombie Apocalypse / Chiam Yu Sheng
    • Drawing a Blank / Patrik Kuffs
    • Thumbnail / Chris Mayhew
    • The One and Only / John Carey
    • #hermitmagicchallenge puzzle
    • Casting Call
    • The Secret Psychology of Criticizing People / Jay Sankey
★★★★★ $8.50
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Renzo Grosso
ATM Pin Reloaded by Renzo Grosso

This routine was presented some time ago and now, after having faced various situations, both on stage, in the parlor and in the living room, the time has come to apply some modifications which simplify the conduction of the effect, which can be proposed in close up, in person, on the phone (audio only) or on stage: three different and interesting ways for the same effect.

The method used is explained in detail, so that the effect can be modeled by the performer and repeated immediately afterward, making it difficult to immediately understand the method used.

The principle is interesting! ...

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Biagio Fasano
SHIELD by Biagio Fasano

S.H.I.EL.D. (SelfWorking Honestly Impromptu Effect: card Location in the Deck) is a collection of four of my latest automatic card magic effects, never previously published, characterized by the fact that they can be performed with extreme ease, requiring no technique or manipulation by the magician, and being completely impromptu, performable even with a deck borrowed and shuffled by the audience.

The first and last effects, "Say My Name!" and "The Final Countdown", in addition to being fully automatic, can be performed entirely in "contactless mode": the magician, after handing the deck...

★★★★★ $20
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Biagio Fasano
SHIELD (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

"Wow! Questo è un capolavoro assoluto per tutti quelli che amano gli effetti di carte improvvisati con un mazzo mescolato preso in prestito. Tutti questi quattro effetti con le carte sono delle vere e proprie opere d'arte che lasceranno il pubblico completamente sconcertato e sbalordito. Il mio preferito è "Say My Name", che aggiungerò al mio repertorio, ma potreste facilmente intrattenere il vostro pubblico con uno spettacolo di magia utilizzando tutti e quattro questi effetti. Biagio è un pensatore molto intelligente e tutte le sue routine sono molto ben congegnate e se non capiste qualcosa...

★★★★★ $20
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Rise in Frame by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A new way to create an impossible souvenir. A card is selected. Show a small photo frame. Draw your prediction, which turns out to be wrong, but ... it turns into a correct one. The selected card rises out of the drawing. You can sign it and hand out the drawing as a souvenir, the frame, too if you want.

The construction of the gimmick requires arts and crafts. The clean-up, to get rid of the gimmick, uses a black art principle and thus requires a table with a black cloth or some other appropriate surface.

1st edition 2022, video 38:20.

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MP4 (video)

Larry Brodahl
Scripted #38: QVC Detective by Larry Brodahl

A very visual version of the "detective" theme that is perfect for stage, parlor, and closeup. Adding another card allows this to become a sandwich effect. The deck can be borrowed, shuffled, and card signed.

A Jack of Spades is removed from a borrowed deck. Someone selects a card and the card is very visibly returned to the center of the deck. The card may be signed, and the deck may be shuffled. The Jack is then placed face up on the deck, the magician passes his hand over the card, and it vanishes. But it fails to return to the top of the deck. The deck is then spread and the Jack is found...

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Zaw Shinn
At Air by Zaw Shinn

Throw a playing card into the air and have it vanish.

The method is based on the black art principle and thus requires a black background such as a black T-shirt. The gimmick requires several supplies you may need to purchase and arts and crafts to construct it.

1st edition 2022, video 15:43

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MP4 (video)

James Breedon
Rub the Lamp by James Breedon

James Breedon, or as the kiddies affectionately call him, Uncle Jim, was one of the busiest children's entertainers on the South Coast, and author of this delightful book in which, with meticulous care, and in detail, he describes the effects and routines developed over the many years he has been entertaining Children.

In the pages of this book, the student will find the recipe for handling youngsters, and the development of the skills required; humour, tolerance, patience and inventiveness. The art of encouraging the shy, and of coping firmly with the over boisterous, without loss of temper....

★★★★★ $15
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J. C. Cannell
The Master Book of Magic by J. C. Cannell

This book reveals some large-scale illusions and then teaches a range of easy tricks for the beginner.

  • Introduction
  • Secrets Of A Famous Magician Revealed
    • Buried Alive
    • Escape From A Milk-Can
    • The Vanishing Elephant
    • The Disappearing Horseman
    • "Needles And Thread"
    • Through A Brick Wall
  • Magic Tricks Which Can Be Performed In The Home
    • The Handkerchief Trick
    • The Cord And The Handkerchief
    • The Vanishing Sixpence
    • A Bangle Trick
    • Try These Two Match Tricks
    • The Broken Match
    • The Coin Mystery
    • The Telegraphic Coin
    • A Blowing Feat
    • Lighting A Lump Of Sugar
    • The Three Boxes
    • The Tablecloth ...
★★★★★ $10
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Cups and Balls (Western) Magic Tutor by Someeran

This manuscript explains two routines, one which does not require any sleight-of-hand, and a second one that requires some basic moves such as a vanish, false and secret loading.

1st edition 1993, 14 pages; PDF 11 pages.

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Chop Cup Combo Outfit Tutor by Someeran

This manuscript explains basic routines and moves for the chop cup, with additional moves and routines by Goutam Guha and Mahadevananda.

1st edition 1993, 20 pages; PDF 17 pages.

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Paul A. Lelekis
Unseen by Paul A. Lelekis

Four excellent ESP effects with cards - and they're easy to do.

The introduction provides a wealth of information about performance, spectator control...and even jokes. These four effects will fool magicians...just wait until your next club meeting...especially the title effect, UNSEEN!

1) UNSEEN is a devilishly clever effect that will fool anyone. Shuffle a deck of cards (it really is an ordinary deck) and display it, faces outward, for all to see - then shuffle it again. The performer never once looks at the faces of the cards. The spectator makes a free selection and then shuffles the...

★★★★★ $12
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Robert D. LaRue, Jr.
Unlocked Books by Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

Discover and process natural force books.

In his "Autome" book test video, Max Maven demos a book test and a forcing method. What he does not do is explain how to find and process books other than the one he demos. That's what this manuscript does. My process, including all the required worksheets, teaches how to use almost any 300+ page popular novel, in any language, as natural force books.

The Effect: The mentalist introduces three popular paperback books and hands them out to the audience. As the books are examined, the mentalist has members of the audience record several random numbers....

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Floyd Moss
Card Cheats: How They Operate by Floyd Moss

A play-by-play exposé of the tricks of the card sharp's trade.

Moss gives general advice on how to avoid becoming a sucker or losing more money than luck alone would explain. The most interesting part is where he describes several sleights and strategies cardsharps use to cheat at the card table. Many of the sleights are illustrated with photos.

  • Introduction 5
  • Meet the Enemy 7
    • Who Are the Victims?
    • Suckers
    • Addicts
    • Defeating the Enemy
    • Luck
    • Greed
    • Amateurs
    • Advice
  • Modern Cheating
    • False Cut Number One
    • False Cut Number Two
    • False Cut Number Three
    • False Cut Number Four
    • A Reverse...
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Ian Baxter
Easy Touch by Ian Baxter

Paul Curry is a name that captures the attention of magicians everywhere, thanks to his famous card trick Out Of This World. Invented by Curry back in 1942, it remains an absolute staple for the self-working card enthusiast.

Not to be overlooked, however, was Curry's initial blast onto the magic scene five years earlier. Launched in 1937, Touch was (and still is) by any measure, a superlative card mystery. Over the years, variations from the experts have appeared in print. Some of these have been downright disappointing because they have been far too complicated, or like Curry's original, the burden...

★★★★ $6
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Christian Scherer
Im Fokus Nr. 17: Ferrofluid by Christian Scherer

Eine neuartige, kommerzielle Kartenroutine zum Thema 'ehrgeizige Karte' mit einem unpräparierten Kartenspiel.

Der Vorführende zeigt einen Permanentmarker (Filzstift) vor und behauptet, dass es sich bei der darin befindlichen Tinte um ein sehr stark magnetisches Ferrofluid handle, das durch den magnetischen Marker angezogen werde. Dies demonstriert er, in dem er den Vornamen eines Zuschauers auf eine Spielkarte schreibt. Die gekennzeichnete Karte wird vom oberen Ende des Filzstifts angezogen und vom unteren Ende abgestossen.

Die gekennzeichnete Karte wird in die Mitte des Spiels gegeben....

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Werner Miller
Further Tricks Without Names by Werner Miller

Minor math-based tricks and procedural surprises.

Enjoy another free sample of Werner Miller's creations, all of which are based in one way or another on mathematics.

1st edition 2022, PDF 20 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Renzo Grosso
Remote Close Up 18: Abbott's Ten Principle by Renzo Grosso

THE ABBOTT'S TEN PRINCIPLE: The principle, generally called Abbott's Ten by the Americans, actually dates back to an Italian manuscript about five hundred years ago (Mariano Tomatis - Messmer in pills - La Lollins and the magic of the sixteenth century - Episode 206).

This publication first describes the standard 10-card routine; I then analyzed the possibility of doing it with a different number of cards, even with tarot cards, and I studied the possibility of doing it in all conditions: in close up, on stage (two versions, one with billets and the other with the Tarot) and even on the...

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Dai Vernon
The Queen's Soiree: Pet Effects 1 by Dai Vernon

A remarkable transition effect using unprepared objects and little sleight of hand.

Four Queens from any pack are placed on the four corners of a square cloth. Two of the Queens are covered with squares of paper. One at a time, the Queens are put beneath the cloth thru which they penetrate and come up under the square of paper. It is amazing to see the identical card make the passage and appear under the paper along with the others, until all four are assembled under one paper.

Vernon's original methods and several puzzling variations - different from anything ever offered, no extra...

★★★★ $6
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