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Mario Tarasini
Stab by Mario Tarasini

Take two cards, fold them length-wise, and stab one card into another. (Gimmick requires elastic thread.)

1st edition 2020, video length 10:14.

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Harry P. Bowman
As Told On A Sunday Run by Harry P. Bowman

A collection of basic information about circuses small and big, their names and when they were in operation.

  • War Time Circus
  • Shows Harry Bowman was connected with
  • Famous Firsts in Circus History
  • Circus Wrecks and Accidents
  • Circuses and Tent Shows (in alphabetical order)

1st edition 1942, 31 pages; PDF 75 pages.

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Rick Kercher
No Moves Magic by Rick Kercher

This is a marvelous ebook on mostly sleight-less card magic. The only skills you will need to bring to these effects are presentational. Pros will tell you the presentational aspect of a trick is more difficult to master than any sleight or move. That probably is true, however, these effects have been selected and re-worked so as to have built-in impact so that your presentation can even be as direct as simply stating exactly what you are doing. This is the most basic form of presentation, but it remains effective for those who do not have the creativity or inherent comedy to develop entertaining...

★★★★★ $19.50
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Giacomo Bertini
Classic Palm by Giacomo Bertini
"Within the inner circle of coin magic, the work of Giacomo Bertini has been known and respected for years." - Stephen Minch
Forget what you think you know about the Classic-Palm, and discover a brand new way to approach the most important coin sleight. This is Giacomo Bertini's most complete video tutorial on the "Classic-Palm. It includes details not previously explained.

1st edition 2020, length 10 min 20s.

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Giacomo Bertini
European Coin Magic Symposium Volume 4 by Giacomo Bertini

GIACOMO BERTINI: "Cylinder & Chips"
This is his easy version of the famous coin routine. Giacomo uses poker chips instead of coins and his own gimmick, which you can buy from him. He created this routine for professional use, such as when working at event dinners, and in any difficult situation, anywhere. The effect is amazing, like the classical version, but in this case, the routine is really easy to perform, and the hands are really empty, in front of the spectators. Very beautiful routine for stand-up workers. Beginner level.

DARYL: "The Manly Matrix"
This is a wonderful version of the classic...

★★★★★ $15
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Giacomo Bertini
European Coin Magic Symposium Volume 3 by Giacomo Bertini

On November 12th and 13th 2011 the second European Coin Magic Symposium brought 16 magicians from all over the world to Milan for two days of non-stop coin magic, with lectures and performances, private sessions and gala shows. The routines in this issue is a selection of the best. They were shot live at the symposium, and they are very impressive and strong. Expect some knuckle busters as most of the contributors in this issue are the best names in the Coin Magic genre. All routines are complete with performance and explanation.

GIACOMO BERTINI: "Matrix Colors"
You can see this amazing...

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Robert Walker & Jon Racherbaumer
Avatar by Robert Walker & Jon Racherbaumer

Robert Walker was a unicycling, high-school student. Looking five years younger than he was, he was a dyed-in-the-wool card guy tutored in Marlovian ways. He was also a precocious writer-creator, obsessed with false counts and packet tricks. He spent many hours "twisting the night away," taking voluminous notes, and developing new methods and approaches. His first mini-treatise dissected a marketed packet trick by Larry West ("Wild, Wild West") which he passed onto Jon Racherbaumer to publish. It became the second installment of the loose-leaf Avatar, printed on pink paper and unadorned by illustrations...

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George Ernest Arrowsmith
The Psychic Pencil by George Ernest Arrowsmith

A seemingly "impossible" book test.

George Arrowsmith wrote:

A worthwhile exercise for a Mentalist is to set himself a problem that seems unsolvable and to wrestle with it, and to go on wrestling until a possible (and practical) solution is found. "All things are possible to him who keeps on trying" …

Here, then, is such a problem that occurred to the author. A word had to be chosen from a book, one of several, and all of them had to be genuine and unfaked in any way. The word was to be freely selected from any line on any page of the book. This word had to be encircled by the pencil...

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Sultan Orazaly
Stars Prediction by Sultan Orazaly

Visual movement of holes on a playing card.

Show a playing card which has random holes in it. This is best done by putting it in front of a light source, such as your phone's screen. In an instant the holes rearrange to something meaningful. It could be a simple image, the name of a card, a spectator name, a date, anything you can think of. It is a great way to reveal a prediction.

1st edition 2020, video length 17 min.

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Mario Tarasini
Portable Flap System by Mario Tarasini

It's not a trick, it's a system ... Imagine that you have an option to change the color of a freely chosen and signed card. Mario Tarasini introduces his new portable flap system. You can place a special portable flap system on any card to immediately change its color and hand it over to the spectator.

1st edition 2020, video length 10 min 51 s.

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Albert M. Wilson & F. T. Singleton
Magic the Magazine of Wonder by Albert M. Wilson & F. T. Singleton

The magazine presented magic and allied subjects to the general public with a strong leaning towards the entertainment and recreational side rather than the scientific or philosophical. It stated in its first issue:

The object of this magazine is NOT to expose the worlds' best tricks, nor give away the darling secrets of clever professional and amateur magicians. MAGIC is intended to create a wider and more intelligent interest in a most attractive subject - to make more appreciative audiences for magical entertainers, and new devotees of a fascinating hobby.

Number 1

  • What a Conjurer...
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Albert M. Wilson
Ghosts by Albert M. Wilson

A magazine of romance and reason: magic, mystery, spiritism and psychical research for entertainment and recreation.

  • Directions for Seeing the Spectres
  • Publisher's Prologue / Ernest Evangeline
  • Spectral Illusions
  • Threading the Mazes / Rhode Knight
  • The Sphinx Riddle of Humanity / Henry Ridgely Evans
  • An Afternoon in a Magical Library / Ernest Evangeline
  • How I Became a Spirit Medium / A Medium

1st edition 1910, 20 pages.

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Bob Farmer
The Red Prediction by Bob Farmer

In August of 1963, Dai Vernon took a twenty-hour bus trip from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas, to deliver a lecture at the Statler Hilton Hotel.

On the way there, Vernon created an amazing effect, an effect that is relatively unknown, even today. Shortly thereafter, Vernon advertised the trick for sale.

From the fertile brain of Mr. Dai Vernon comes a MENTAL STUNNER! Here are the facts. Imagine this effect and the IMPACT ON THE AUDIENCE!

The performer displays several cards face up and deals them in a random manner on the table top, some face up, some face down. NOW he gives a spectator an...

★★★★★ $12.50
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Kent Gunn
There and Back Again by Kent Gunn

A story trick is one of the best effects one can do for lay people. See for example, Bill Malone's success with "Sam the Bellhop". Kent Gunn has altered the recipe of the story trick by adding a couple of card tricks in the middle of the story, which adds a new twist to the genre. Kent feels that it is is the best-received piece he has ever come up with. He also provides advice on how to come up with your own story, which ultimately is the best way to go.

("There and Back Again" was formerly known as "I Left My Heart in San Francisco".)

  • There and Back Again
  • Derek Delgaudio's Truffle Shuffle ...
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Brick Tilley
Paint Brush Color Change by Brick Tilley

A beautiful color change made popular in the 70s by Walter Cummings. A fan of cards is waved in front of the rest of the pack, causing the face card to change in a dramatic fashion.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 47s.

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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1943 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Prize Winner Rope Trick
  • Patter For Any Newspaper Trick
  • The Care Of Celluloid Gimmicks
  • A Bit Of Patter For The Snake In The Basket, Snake That Unties Itself Or Any Other Snake Trick
  • Charlie Levett's Idea On The Miracle Egg Trick
  • The Patriotic Illusion
  • The Utility Loaf Of Bread
  • Are You Psychic?
  • Earl Morgan's Rising Elame
  • Ed Marlo's Simple Dice Routine
  • High Caliber Production
  • How To Wind And Tie A Turban
  • Old Sour Puss
  • Laurie Ireland's Blindfold Poker Deal
  • You Always Have A Handkerchief......!
  • The Little Bunny That Eats!
  • The Brassiere
  • The Little Hindu
  • Miss Fatima
  • Dr. Finkle's...
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Tom Sellers
Magic Hits by Tom Sellers
  • An Opening Effect
  • Predetermined Thought
  • A Different Die-Box
  • Organ Pipe Flower Growth
  • Stretching A Rope
  • Stretching A Rope
  • Ring And Loop
  • Die And Rope
  • Unique Cut Rope
  • Practical Living And Dead Test
  • Thimble Through Hat
  • Simple Cigarette Catching
  • Ropes And Ring
  • Duplex Fish-Bowl Production
  • A Sum Prediction
  • A Production Box Idea
  • A Broken Match
  • The T.S. Production Box
  • Glass Penetration
  • A Magazine Test
1st edition 1937, 20 pages; PDF 19 pages.
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Tom Sellers
Twenty Tricks by Tom Sellers
  • Foreword
  • The Disjointed Finger
  • Ashes Of The Sun
  • Block And Ribbon Penetration
  • More Beads On A String
  • Burnt And Restored
  • Tape Through The Wrist
  • Sympathetic Light
  • A Ring Release
  • A New Thumb Tie
  • Coin And Handkerchief
  • Cut And Restored Rope
  • Easy Diminishing Cards
  • Impromptu Card Rising
  • Two Person Card Code
  • The Penetrative Coins
  • Novel Re-Appearing Coin
  • Silent Change-Over For Several Coins
  • Ace-King Passe Passe
  • The "T.S." Glass Penetration
  • A Good-Night Cigar

1st edition 1943, 20 pages; PDF 19 pages.

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George Blake
The Perfected Five Card Trick by George Blake

This ebook teaches solutions to the following problem Rusduck posed in the late 1950s:

Any deck used. Any five cards taken from it by a spectator, and any one of the five cards is set aside. The performer calls out the other four cards to an assistant in another room or to someone on the phone, and immediately the chosen card is named.

Arguably the best rendition of this type of effect is the Bloom Miracle Poker Machine.

These are very similar requirements to the Fitch Cheney Five-Card Trick. But they are not identical. In the Fitch Cheney trick the performer selects the one card out of the five given to him which his assistant needs to identify...

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Coin in Lollipop by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A marked coin appears in an ungimmicked lollipop. This can also be done with a corner of a playing card, bills, and other small flat objects. You will also learn an impromptu version. The gimmick can be made in a few minutes.

1st edition 2020, video length 34 min.

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Sultan Orazaly
U.T. by Sultan Orazaly

Imagine the viewer selects a card (forced). You take the card box, remove a card and with one wave of your hand the card turns into a candy box. You open it and there is the viewer's card.

To construct the gimmick you will need elastic thread.

1st edition 2020, length 17min.

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Mario Tarasini
Reincarnation: card to bill by Mario Tarasini

Visually transform a playing card to paper money. Besides a card and bill, you will need double sided tape and elastic thread to make this gimmick.

1st edition 2020, video length 13 min.

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Reinhold Woda
Wiener Magie by Reinhold Woda

Ein unabhängiges Zauberkunstperiodikum von Österreich. Herausgeber war Hans Spitzer und Redakteur war Reinhold Woda, ein exzellenter Kartenzauberer und Schüler von Ottokar Fischer. Nur ein Jahrgang erschien, 11 Nummern mit einer Doppelnummer, vom Mai 1948 - April 1949. Die Zeitschrift mußte schließen weil die Ausfuhr von Büchern und Zeitschriften von Österreich noch nicht erlaubt war. Viele Tricks mit einigen philosophischen und theoretischen Diskussionen.

  • Nummer 1
    • Zum Geleit
    • Die Magischen Essenzen / Ottokar Fischer
    • Magische Ostereier / Ottokar Fischer
    • Blauer Dunst / Hans Trunk ...
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Robert Harbin & Ian Adair
Instant Origami by Robert Harbin & Ian Adair

'Origami' is the Japanese name for paper folding. It is educational, skillful and certainly has beautiful results. As the folder smoothly bends and creases a piece of paper an intricate model materializes ... it's creative. Robert Harbin and Ian Adair have gone further. Instant Origami has the same pleasing result of origami folding but with an interesting magical theme. The beauty about the working is its simplicity.

EFFECT - The performer explains that he would like to show the spectators 'Origami', and explains that it is an art which is most relaxing and many thousands of models can be...

★★★★★ $8
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