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Brick Tilley
Paint Brush Color Change by Brick Tilley

A beautiful color change made popular in the 70s by Walter Cummings. A fan of cards is waved in front of the rest of the pack, causing the face card to change in a dramatic fashion.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 47s.

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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1943 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Prize Winner Rope Trick
  • Patter For Any Newspaper Trick
  • The Care Of Celluloid Gimmicks
  • A Bit Of Patter For The Snake In The Basket, Snake That Unties Itself Or Any Other Snake Trick
  • Charlie Levett's Idea On The Miracle Egg Trick
  • The Patriotic Illusion
  • The Utility Loaf Of Bread
  • Are You Psychic?
  • Earl Morgan's Rising Elame
  • Ed Marlo's Simple Dice Routine
  • High Caliber Production
  • How To Wind And Tie A Turban
  • Old Sour Puss
  • Laurie Ireland's Blindfold Poker Deal
  • You Always Have A Handkerchief......!
  • The Little Bunny That Eats!
  • The Brassiere
  • The Little Hindu
  • Miss Fatima
  • Dr. Finkle's...
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Tom Sellers
Magic Hits by Tom Sellers
  • An Opening Effect
  • Predetermined Thought
  • A Different Die-Box
  • Organ Pipe Flower Growth
  • Stretching A Rope
  • Stretching A Rope
  • Ring And Loop
  • Die And Rope
  • Unique Cut Rope
  • Practical Living And Dead Test
  • Thimble Through Hat
  • Simple Cigarette Catching
  • Ropes And Ring
  • Duplex Fish-Bowl Production
  • A Sum Prediction
  • A Production Box Idea
  • A Broken Match
  • The T.S. Production Box
  • Glass Penetration
  • A Magazine Test
1st edition 1937, 20 pages; PDF 19 pages.
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Tom Sellers
Twenty Tricks by Tom Sellers
  • Foreword
  • The Disjointed Finger
  • Ashes Of The Sun
  • Block And Ribbon Penetration
  • More Beads On A String
  • Burnt And Restored
  • Tape Through The Wrist
  • Sympathetic Light
  • A Ring Release
  • A New Thumb Tie
  • Coin And Handkerchief
  • Cut And Restored Rope
  • Easy Diminishing Cards
  • Impromptu Card Rising
  • Two Person Card Code
  • The Penetrative Coins
  • Novel Re-Appearing Coin
  • Silent Change-Over For Several Coins
  • Ace-King Passe Passe
  • The "T.S." Glass Penetration
  • A Good-Night Cigar

1st edition 1943, 20 pages; PDF 19 pages.

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George Blake
The Perfected Five Card Trick by George Blake

This ebook teaches solutions to the following problem Rusduck posed in the late 1950s:

Any deck used. Any five cards taken from it by a spectator, and any one of the five cards is set aside. The performer calls out the other four cards to an assistant in another room or to someone on the phone, and immediately the chosen card is named.

Arguably the best rendition of this type of effect is the Bloom Miracle Poker Machine.

These are very similar requirements to the Fitch Cheney Five-Card Trick. But they are not identical. In the Fitch Cheney trick the performer selects the one card out of the five given to him which his assistant needs to identify...

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Coin in Lollipop by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A marked coin appears in an ungimmicked lollipop. This can also be done with a corner of a playing card, bills, and other small flat objects. You will also learn an impromptu version. The gimmick can be made in a few minutes.

1st edition 2020, video length 34 min.

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MP4 (video)

Sultan Orazaly
U.T. by Sultan Orazaly

Imagine the viewer selects a card (forced). You take the card box, remove a card and with one wave of your hand the card turns into a candy box. You open it and there is the viewer's card.

To construct the gimmick you will need elastic thread.

1st edition 2020, length 17min.

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MP4 (video)

Mario Tarasini
Reincarnation: card to bill by Mario Tarasini

Visually transform a playing card to paper money. Besides a card and bill, you will need double sided tape and elastic thread to make this gimmick.

1st edition 2020, video length 13 min.

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MP4 (video)

Reinhold Woda
Wiener Magie by Reinhold Woda

Ein unabhängiges Zauberkunstperiodikum von Österreich. Herausgeber war Hans Spitzer und Redakteur war Reinhold Woda, ein exzellenter Kartenzauberer und Schüler von Ottokar Fischer. Nur ein Jahrgang erschien, 11 Nummern mit einer Doppelnummer, vom Mai 1948 - April 1949. Die Zeitschrift mußte schließen weil die Ausfuhr von Büchern und Zeitschriften von Österreich noch nicht erlaubt war. Viele Tricks mit einigen philosophischen und theoretischen Diskussionen.

  • Nummer 1
    • Zum Geleit
    • Die Magischen Essenzen / Ottokar Fischer
    • Magische Ostereier / Ottokar Fischer
    • Blauer Dunst / Hans Trunk ...
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Robert Harbin & Ian Adair
Instant Origami by Robert Harbin & Ian Adair

'Origami' is the Japanese name for paper folding. It is educational, skillful and certainly has beautiful results. As the folder smoothly bends and creases a piece of paper an intricate model materializes ... it's creative. Robert Harbin and Ian Adair have gone further. Instant Origami has the same pleasing result of origami folding but with an interesting magical theme. The beauty about the working is its simplicity.

EFFECT - The performer explains that he would like to show the spectators 'Origami', and explains that it is an art which is most relaxing and many thousands of models can be...

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Jon Racherbaumer
All That Jazz by Jon Racherbaumer

Jazz Aces was inauspiciously introduced to the magic world in 1971 when Peter Kane published Another Card Session. It was a fortuitous event because it appeared about the same time the Elmsley Count was gaining favor with magicians from coast to coast. Like weeds in an open field, packet tricks were also popping up everywhere. Furthermore, Kane's routine clarified the transposition aspects of basic Ace Assemblies. Using only 8 principal "players" (cards), his action procedure was simple and direct. Best of all, the final transposition was squeaky clean. As a result it did not take long for Jazz...

★★★★ $15
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Ulysses Frederick Grant & B. W. McCarron
Flash Magic by Ulysses Frederick Grant & B. W. McCarron

There are eight excellent effects in this updated ebook - plus a few variations - that you and your audiences will enjoy. Best of all, most can be made from materials found at discount and dollar stores. For example, Visible Silk Flight is a brilliant routine with a toy pop gun rifle and a colorful silk handkerchief that you can make up yourself. Just as good as a $150 dealer item. Or how about Lantern of the Air, a beautiful floating effect with a candle-lit Chinese paper lantern? You get two methods explained: one using an assistant and a second one for the one-person show. Or if it's comedy...

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Brian T. Lees
Creativity by Brian T. Lees

Everyone has creativity. When you select the color to paint a room, pick out an outfit to wear or the wrapping on a present you are exercising a form of creativity. One only has to recognize that, and learn to develop it. New magic is the result of someone coming up with an idea and developing it into a trick/routine. This ebook identifies creativity and the creative process. I have included a step by step narration of one of my signature tricks "the magical egg tray". The process begins with an initial idea and works through sequential steps to bring the routine to the finish. Creativity, like...

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Satish B
Factory Seconds by Satish B

This is a fun card trick with multiple climaxes. It starts off as a 4-Ace production trick, then it goes wrong as 4 random cards are produced instead of the 4 Aces. Next, these random cards are shown to be predicted on the magician's Facebook page. Not to be outdone, the magician also produces the mates of the 4 random cards. At last, the magician produces the 4 Aces. Of course, the best part is that the deck is face-down almost the entire time and it is handled by the spectator.

1st edition 2020, PDF 8 pages.

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Sultan Orazaly
SRV by Sultan Orazaly

A clever, clean and visual sleight-of-hand disappearance of a finger-ring. A technique with which you can make a ring disappear or you can turn it into a coin. You will need a little practice, but it's worth it.

BONUS EFFECT: Put the ring on the table, cover it with a card and it disappears.

1st edition 2020, length 5:42.

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MP4 (video)

Reinhold Woda
Kartenkunststücke für Kartenkünstler by Reinhold Woda

Dieses Werk, das für jene Liebhaber der Kartenkunst bestimmt ist, welche zumindest die Grundelemente der Kartentechnik beherrschen, enthält in Form eines kompletten Programmes eine Sammlung verblüffender Kartenkunststücke, welche auf einer neuartigen Technik aufgebaut sind und auch sonst vom Hergebrachten abweichen. Die Kunststücke und die zur Anwendung gelangenden, teilweise neuen und teilweise wenig bekannten Kunstgriffe sind sorgfältig und ausführlich beschrieben und durch zahlreiche Abbildungen erläutert.

Aus der Einleitung:

Wie schon sein Titel verrät, wurde dieses Buch nicht...

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Reinhold Woda
Kartenfächer - Fächerkarten by Reinhold Woda

Jeder Kartenzauberkünstler muß im Stande sein einen schönen Fächer zu machen. Hier lernen Sie die Grundtechnik und einige fortgeschrittene Techniken.

  • Der einfache Fächer
  • Das Formen des Fächers
  • Das selbsttätige Schließen des Fächers
  • Der Doppelfächer
  • Die Rosette
  • Der Fächer mit einer Hand
  • Der Riesenfächer

Erstausgabe 1955, 9 Seiten; PDF 14 Seiten.

★★★★★ $6
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The Secret Gate by Dartagnan

The oldest, most pernicious, and insoluble problem in the history of magic was stated best by Henning Nelms, in his 1969 Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers ...

"No matter how astonishing a trick may be, it suffers from one major fault - it has no point."

This ebook is the long-sought-after answer to that statement.

[Please note that access to appendix 11 and 12 requires registration at the author's website.]

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword by Eric Evans
  • Preface
  • A Long Time Ago
  • A Lot of Simple Tricks and Nonsense
  • Best Star Pilot in the Galaxy
  • Scum and Villainy
  • Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons
  • What Are You Trying To Push on Us
  • Tremor in the Force ...
★★★★★ $20.20
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PH & Mario Tarasini
Blind Flap by PH & Mario Tarasini

There is nothing new when a card visually changes color. The market is flooded with hundreds of visual color changes variations base on a few dozen methods. But what if you can do a visual color change with a coin on top. The same coin on top of a card before and after the card color change. Crazy right? Give yourself a chance and watch the trailer.

[Please note that the video is in Korean with English subtitles. Everything is clearly described visually as well.]

1st edition 2020, video length 29 min.

★★★★★ $14.99
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MP4 (video)

E. W. Bud Morris
Magic with Electronics by E. W. Bud Morris

Bud Morris had a creative mind. In this collection of effects he demonstrates how a bit of electronics allows you to perform miracles and entertain your audience.

  • Bud Morris … Who's He?
  • The Brain Wave Lamp
  • Oriental Caddy
  • Way Out-Er Limits
  • E.S.P. And The Joker Is Wild!
  • Mystic Black Ball
  • Remote Control Table
  • The Wheel Of Thought
  • Skull-Duggery
  • Electronic Equipment
1st edition 1973, 17 pages; PDF 27 pages.
★★★★ $7
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Wesley James
Visible Merger by Wesley James

Wesley James has long been associated with innovative ideas in card magic. His contributions are too numerous to list. They include the Physical Merger plot, best known as "Forgery," and "Anniversary Waltz." Wesley has been holding out on the magic community since the early 1970s. There has been a more advanced, more visually impressive version of the Merger plot, the Visible Merger plot.

In this monograph, for the first time, Wesley is releasing his developments on the Visible Merger plot. You probably won't perform these versions every time you perform his Physical Merger plot - Visible...

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Edwin Hooper & Tommy Windsor
Collected Cartoon Stunts by Edwin Hooper & Tommy Windsor

An easy to do show that you can also perform online and via video-conference. Hints, tips, ideas, novelties, patter, presentation and surprises enabling you to easily present ... a complete lightning cartoon act.

Here is great material, the cream of material collected from several out-of-print publications - over thirty Cartoon stunts plus "How Stage Cartoonists draw their pay" by Tommy Windsor an article that is packed with valuable information and ideas to help you become a Lightning Cartoonist. A feature act for any program. A welcome break in an all-magic show. Skill in drawing is not...

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Robert A. Nelson
Miracles of the Mind Act by Robert A. Nelson

A complete and hard-hitting sensational exhibition of mindreading, mental telepathy and ESP, designed especially for the Club Mentalist. Also suitable for TV and other occasions.

Nelson offered this 20-30 minute act for the equivalent of just under $70 when first released. While that is and was a considerable sum, it's nothing compared to the amount you can earn when you present this unforgettable psychic demonstration.

MASTER EFFECT No. 1. The mentalist borrows a pair of dollar bills from two different spectators. The bills are placed in separate envelopes and left in the possession of...

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Satish B
Four Brides for Four Brothers by Satish B

This is a cheeky trick to perform when there is a request for "one more". The magician starts by telling a story. The spectator gets involved in the action and turns "matchmaker". This trick is free of any sleights. The spectator invariably cuts to the four queens in an impossible way.

The performer removes the four Kings openly and lays them face down next to each other. The deck is shuffled and a card is dealt face down in front of each King. The performer continues to deal cards into four piles. When the spectator stops him, the performer places the face up King on the pile stopped at...

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