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Biagio Fasano
R.E.A.C.T. Reloaded by Biagio Fasano

A mentalism effect, also possible at a distance (in video chat or just on the telephone), in which you will incredibly succeed to guess, at the end of the experiment, where the card thought by the spectator is found among four ones freely chosen by him, even though you will never see the cards and never know if he decided to lie or not when answering the three simple questions you will ask him.

Key points:

  • Simple and fun to perform in any situation, including remote phone call
  • It does not require any memory effort
  • A visual and immediate method always allows the performer to identify...
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Keith Clark
Celebrated Cigarettes by Keith Clark

This is a detailed description of Keith Clark's 'Phoenix plot' routine, where a cigarette gets destroyed but somehow is recreated - as it were it rises like Phoenix from its ashes.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Celebrated Cigarettes, by Keith Clark, is similar to Silks Supreme and Rope Royale (which were the work of the same author and the same publisher) in that it is edited by John Braun, illustrated by Nelson Hahne, and neatly printed by the offset process and bound in a decorative cover of soft boards. It is an eighteen-page booklet, with twelve pages of text and six of excellent drawings.

Like Mr. Clark's books on silk handkerchief...

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David Devlin
Flipper by David Devlin

Here is the effect: a spectator has a packet of 5 cards. For argument's sake, let's assume the five cards used are simply numbered 1-5 (the actual make up of the cards is up to your imagination). The spectator goes through a procedure in which cards are turned face up, face down, left as they are, the packet is cut, some-times the spectator decides whether the cards are turned over or not, sometimes the performer decides. But in the end, no matter who made the decisions, or which decisions were made, only the center card is face up and it is the 4. Not only that, but no matter what decisions...

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Dibya Guha
Card Mentalism by Dibya Guha

Card Mentalism is a collection of simple but effective mentalism effects with cards. These effects have been field tested and require no complicated moves to execute leaving you, the performer, to concentrate solely on your presentation.

The effects included in this PDF are:

ANIMAL PREDICTION: A cute mentalism effect involving cards bearing animal pictures on them. Although the cards are mixed by the spectator both he and the mind reader end up on the identical animal card as if by coincidence.

ESTIMATION: A deck of playing cards is introduced and shuffled. A spectator is instructed...

★★★★★ $20
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Richard Hatch
Searching for Erdnase by Richard Hatch

This article succinctly critiques the Milton Franklin Andrews case, and introduces us to two at the time new suspects, James DeWitt Andrews and Edwin Sumner Andrews.

This article first appeared in the 1999 December issue of Magic Magazine, except for this release Richard Hatch added two pages introductory notes to better frame his article in the historical context of the hunt for Erdnase. The article is also essentially the talk Richard gave at the 1999 Los Angeles Conference on Magic History.

1st edition 1999 (intro 2021), PDF 16 pages.

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Olaf Spell & Peter Wilker
Magische Quadrate für Zauberkünstler by Olaf Spell & Peter Wilker

Eine sehr gute Einführung wie man mit Magischen Quadraten den größt möglichen Erfolg als Künstler erziehlt. Peter Wilker war Universtäts Professor für Mathematik, jedoch braucht man fast keine Mathematik zu können um den klaren und einfachen Erklärungen folgen zu können. Einfaches Kopfrechnen ist alles was man können muß.

  • Einleitung
  • Die Technik der Quadrate
  • Die Kunststücke
  • Eine Andere Methode
  • Tips Für Die Vorführung Magischer Quadrate
  • Epilog
Erstausgabe 1999, 22 Seiten; PDF 20 Seiten.
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Peter Wilker
Magische Studien 5 und 6 by Peter Wilker

Eine Prise Humor

Viele Kunststücke unterhalten das Publikum durch ihren verblüffenden Effekt, sind aber für sich selber nicht lustig. Das Zerreißen und Wiederganzmachen einer Zeitung gehört etwa dazu wie auch die meisten Manipulationen. Manchmal lassen sich aber durch kleine Änderungen ernsthafte Effekte in humorvolle verwandeln, ohne daß sie an Substanz verlieren. In dieser Studie werden drei Beispiele dafür beschrieben: eine Vorhersage, die fast schiefgeht, Geistertafeln, bei denen die Zuschauer fast merken, wie sie funktionieren und ein "Bank Night"-Effekt, bei dem ein Zuschauer...

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Roberto Giobbi
Card College 1 & 2 Personal Instruction by Roberto Giobbi

These are 8 hours of personal video instructions from Roberto Giobbi. This is almost like taking private lessons from Roberto. It is a one-to-one coaching from one of the world's premier card experts, who is considered by his peers to be one of today's finest and most influential teachers of magic.

"I was extremely impressed. Giobbi is an excellent teacher, he communicates his ideas clearly, and he's passionate about card magic - this is one of the best card magic DVD sets I've come across in recent memory. It contains a tremendous amount of solid material for beginning and even seasoned...
★★★★★ $125 $62.90
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MP4 (video)

Julien Losa
Billets for the Modern Mindreader by Julien Losa

5 novel techniques, 4 variations. A crash course on billet reading/peeking techniques. You get a full peek of the billet every time.

"I can confirm, it contains the best full peek done with a folded billet that I am aware of." - Nestor Dee

"Julien's work with billets is sensational! His techniques are beautiful, elegant and extremely deceptive. This is some of the finest billet materiel available today." - Marc Paul

"Julien has made significant advanced to billet work. This video course contains what I consider to be real breakthroughs. If you are proficient with classic peeks and switches and...

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MP4 (video)

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1936 by Laurie Ireland
  • Introduction
  • Ireland's New Okito Coin Box Routine
  • Ireland's Comedy Bullet Catching Trick
  • Cups And Dollar Bills
  • Ireland's Four Ace Trick
  • Just A Little Different Thimble Pass
  • Burlesque Explanation Of The De Muth Glass Penetration
  • Ireland's Three Sponge Ball Trick
  • Annie Oakley Outdone!
  • Super Billiard Ball Pass
  • The Opium Peddler And His Three Dream Pipes
1st edition 1936, 19 pages; PDF 26 pages.
★★★★★ $10
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Julien Losa
[S]witch by Julien Losa

[S]Witch is a great impromptu billet technique, created by Julien during years of performances on cruise ships and in theatre shows. The effect is simple: You ask someone to draw or write anything on a small paper/business card. In only two very fair moves, you can duplicate their thoughts.

Yes we're talking about a switch, but such a good one. It's done in front of your spectator's eyes, and even though you magicians know there is one in play, you can't see it. It is that strong. This method is a real worker, performed hundreds of times by Julien for real audiences. A powerful secret kept underground...

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MP4 (video)

Latest Sleights and Illusions by Hercat

From the preface:

Although only three years have elapsed since Latest Sleights was published, Magic has made such rapid strides in that short time, and so many new tricks have come into existence, that I cannot allow another edition to go to press without thoroughly revising this book and making many most important additions.

    • The Wizard's Table
    • The Wizard's Dress
    • The Latest Methods employed in the Money Trick, explaining the Improved System of Palming, the Bamboo Stick, and other New Inventions.
    • A Dozen Half-Crowns Produced...
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William W. Larsen
Thayer's Great Handcuff Escape Act by William W. Larsen

A fast, modern escape act you can present at nightclubs, casino floor shows, and TV.

It's an ever-changing world. And with these changes come new modes in everything, including show business. Houdini could be heavily shackled, then retire to a cabinet for thirty minutes, liberate himself and the audiences clamored for more. But that was then ... Paying customers today demand two things: speed and comedy. Many successful professional magicians throw good tricks away if the item won't produce at least six laughs and takes more than two minutes to perform.

This act has been streamlined to appeal...

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Tom Sellers
Trick Tracks by Tom Sellers

From the foreword:

There are tricks that put us on the track of different (and sometimes better) problems. For example: the principle of the production box described in this booklet may be adapted for other purposes.

  • Foreword
  • A Production Box
  • Coin On Knife Or Sword
  • From Match To Match
  • "Give Me A Light, Please"
  • The Haunted Chair
  • A Magnetic Pencil
  • The Floating Paper
  • Spirit Rapping
  • The "Finder" Pencil
  • The Cork Returns
  • A New Changing Or Producing Canister
  • Calendar Book Test
  • Novel Book Test
  • A Flower Growth
  • Liquid Transposition
  • The Ghost Taps
  • "Mystify Yourself!" Ribbon And...
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Tom Sellers
That's Good by Tom Sellers
  • Through The Eye Of A Needle
  • Repeat Torn Paper
  • The Restored Spill
  • Sex Detection
  • Number Prediction
  • Dictionary Test
  • A Sliding Card Frame
  • The Rising Cards
  • A Card Flourish
  • A Colour Force
  • A Different "Pick-It-Out" Trick
  • Burnt And Restored
  • Blendo
  • Word Magic
  • Four Colour Change Pencil
  • Copper To Silver
  • Hand To Hand
  • Coin From Smoke
  • A Deceptive Coin Pass
  • Passe Passe Coins
  • The Separated Coins
  • Penetration
  • Coins And Papers
  • Rising And Revolving Candle
1st edition 1942, 20 pages; PDF 20 pages.
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Peter Wilker
Magische Studien 3 und 4 by Peter Wilker


Kunststücke, die tausendfach erprobt sind und in zahllosen Varianten vorliegen, die damit auch ein gewisses Alter aufweisen, pflegt man als Klassiker zu bezeichnen. Beispiele sind etwa diese Klassiker: das Becherspiel, dann das Zerschneiden und Wiederganzmachen einer Schnur, die Schnurstäbe, die Chinesischen Ringe, der Eierbeutel und so fort. Die Studie bespricht drei solcher Klassiker sowohl historisch als auch sachlich und beschreibt neue Versionen: die "Banknote in der Zitrone", die "Schwebenden Gläser" und den Effekt "Zwei-in-die-Hand, eines-in- die-Tasche".

  • Die Banknote...
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Will Blyth
Paper Magic by Will Blyth

Tricks and amusements with a sheet of paper.

From the foreword:

Paper is one of the easiest materials to obtain, and to those who are interested in finding a useful means of utilizing some of the household accumulations, the present volume will undoubtedly appeal. It will be noticed that the book has been divided into two parts, and the first portion, dealing with Toys, Models, Puzzles, etc. made entirely from paper, will be found to provide a fascinating and at the same time, inexpensive form of amusement for the younger members of the home circle. The second section deals with some effective...

★★★★★ $8
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Simple Tricks by Hercat

From the preface:

The title of this little brochure indicates its contents. Simple Tricks and simple tricks only. No apparatus is required and but little sleight-of-hand is needed in the performance of any of them. They consist of a series of tricks and problems, easily acquired, suitable for gatherings round the table on winter evenings. Some of them are new and many are old; but even the oldest are new to the rising generation. For six of the latest tricks, - "A Hindu Swindle," "The Elusive Match," "A Subtle Impromptu Effect with a Coin," "A Novel Card Effect," "An Artful Card Force," and...

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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1935 by Laurie Ireland

From the introduction:

In the past few years I have written several books on general magic, all of which have been very favorably received by the magical group. For the first time I have now written a book on two specialized types of magic. Having practiced card tricks since infancy, and having a personal liking for good coin tricks, I am setting forth herein some of the fruits of my studies on these two subjects.

  • Introduction
  • Hints For Amateurs On Forcing Cards
  • The Automatic Jig Saw Puzzle Worker
  • To Fully Restore The Card
  • A Perfect False Riffle Shuffle
  • A False Count To Be Used...
★★★★★ $10
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Christopher Charles
Without Mirrors by Christopher Charles

Magicians and emcees know that comedy plays an important role in warming up today's audiences. No matter how great your tricks may be, if the spectators aren't laughing, they're not being entertained. Whether for TV, stage, casino floor show (night club), or lodge shows, Without Mirrors contains an excellent assortment of material to choose from to make you the center of attention.

Memorize two or three of the one-liners and you'll also be prepared to deliver an apparently ad-lib, off the cuff remark, just as the late-night TV hosts do. While you don't have a team of comedy writers like the...

★★★★★ $3
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Abhirup Roy
Mentalism Bundle by Abhirup Roy

Effect 1: Impromptu Pin Guess

Imagine walking up to a random spectator and instantly reveal the PIN Code that they generated, moments back, without any funny business, the spectator never says or writes any digit of the pin code.

  • Totally impromptu pin Reveal.
  • A relevant plot, no pre-show involved.
  • Zero memory works
  • Spectator never says or writes any digit of the pin code
  • 100% correct all the time
  • Less memory work for spectator
  • Practical to perform
Effect 2: Impromptu Index

After a bit of chatting with your participant, you take the cards from the card case and hand it to your...

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Brick Tilley
Black Jack Hole Card Switch by Brick Tilley

This is an improvement in the handling of the Curry Turnover that makes this move easier to accomplish and more deceptive. A simple get-ready makes the exchange faster and infinitely more rewarding. It was perfected during hundreds of hours behind a Black Jack table without ever once being detected.

It can be used for magical purposes as well. Add this subtle weapon to your card arsenal.

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages, video 30 s.

★★★★★ $10
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George Ernest Arrowsmith
Two Little Gems by George Ernest Arrowsmith

Two surprising card tricks based on a little known principle.

My Lady's Jewels

The performer starts with: "The story goes that a certain queen had some very valuable diamonds, and one day when she opened her jewel casket lo and behold some of them were missing. Summoning the court detective, she commanded him to trace the stolen gems and return them to her, and, being a very able sleuth his quest was soon accomplished. If you will take your own pack of cards and follow my directions, I will show you how he did it."

The cards having been produced (and emphasis is laid upon the fact...

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Tom Sellers
Subtle Sorcery by Tom Sellers
  • The Flying Coins
  • Ball Production For Club Workers
  • Thimble Production
  • Choice Restored
  • The Web Handkerchief Production
  • Black Art Milk Vanish
  • A "Stag" Party Pack
  • Tele - Refreshment Bar
  • The Hoop Un-Looped
  • The Surp-Rising Cigarette
  • Which End?
  • Finding A Card At Any Number
  • The Girl Behind The Door
  • Silk Sympathy
  • Bar And Chains Escape
  • Sleight For Gloved Workers
  • The T.S. Sack Escape
  • Date Plus Your Age
  • Lay-Out Speller
  • A Mental Tip
  • Entertaining With Words
    • (1) Marriage And Divorce
    • (2) Lazy Bones
    • (3) Backwards And Forwards
  • Effective Four Ace Trick
  • Leap Year Card Trick
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