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Reading Systems, Oracles & Cold Reading in Mentalism & Spiritism

There are many reading systems and oracles in use today, such as Tarot, Palmistry, Cartomancy, Numerology, Astrology (Zodiac), Geomancy, and others. In performance these are often combined with cold reading and other techniques from the mentalists tool box.

Cold Reading means that your reading uses no previously obtained information about the client. You rely on your powers of observation and the ability to make deductions. Taking note on how a person dresses, their carriage, the way they respond to certain categories of questions and their body language can tell an expert a lot about a person’s lifestyle, point of view and education.

This contrasts with Hot Reading, which exploits prior, often secretly obtained, information (there is also Warm Reading, which makes use of verbal feedback obtained from the client during the reading).

Also see the topic Zodiac or Star Signs.

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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Cartomancy by Unknown Mentalist

There are two routines explained in this manuscript. One is Propless Cartomancy and the other is Invisible Astrology. Both these effects are so very propless that you can actually perform them totally naked. Of course, that is speaking figuratively. Please do not try it literally.

You can perform these 30-second miracles at any time, anywhere to anyone - instantly. You can perform these routines close up, parlor, stage, street or even on a phone call or on a virtual show.

And the best part is that you need zero knowledge of either cartomancy or astrology to perform these routines. It...

★★★★★ $12
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Anabelle & Mystic Alexandre
A Numerological Destination by Anabelle & Mystic Alexandre

Numerological Destination is a simple, direct, bold, and effective self-working playing card routine with no sleight of hand, no mathematical procedure, and no marked cards ... it uses a regular pack of playing cards, anywhere, anytime.

You will surely find other uses for this method, but here's how we present it ...

Numerology is seen as a universal language of numbers. It's the idea that the universe is a system, and once broken down we're left with the basic elements, which are ... numbers. These numbers can then be used to help us better understand the world and ourselves. But one...

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Ken de Courcy
The Systematic Seer by Ken de Courcy

A simplified system of fortune telling.

One of the most effective ways of entertaining informally is by Fortune-Telling and, as a magician, you must have been asked many times if you can "tell fortunes". To do this properly requires much study and memory work, time you can probably not afford. So here is a new, simplified system that can easily be applied to Palmistry, the Tarot, Sand Reading, and almost every other form of divination. Apart from anything else, it's a great way to make friends.

The problem has always been to obtain sufficient 'cues' with which to give a 'reading'. Whilst...

★★★★ $7
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Mystic Alexandre
The Ritual of Destiny by Mystic Alexandre

This is a strong self-working routine. It comes with a mysterious old audio recording, and the routine only uses four playing cards. The subject will undergo the ritual of destiny to find out if a wish of theirs will come to fruition.

  • Nice and easy
  • Unique presentation
  • Mysterious
  • Fun
  • No spelling

The four cards represent the seasons of the year. The ritual represents personal choices and the general chaos of life. By the end of it it'll be clear whether a wish the subject has focused on will come true.

The audio recording does all the work for you. Naturally, you can forgo the...

★★★★★ $13
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Mystic Alexandre
Miss Taylor's Wish and Desires Postcard by Mystic Alexandre

Well gee Alex what is it? It's a dead easy and simple wish and desire reading experience.

You'll get a digital download of a double-sided vintage style postcard you may carry on your phone/tablet or print out to place on a small easel on your table, just like I do. You'll also get a PDF with all the juicy details.

It's all very simple. You let them try the card, which is a cool little experience, then as a bonus, you tell them Miss Taylor always liked to follow up by looking deeper to see what the energetic makeup of the journey towards that wish or desire has been. For that you'll need...

★★★★★ $14.95
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Mystic Alexandre
The Wayfinder Amulet by Mystic Alexandre

A tool for readings.

NOTE: The purchase of this manuscript does not include the physical coin. You will need to purchase this coin separately. The coin featured on the cover and in the manuscript costs around $20, but there are other options online for less. It's cool, you should have it, so go get one.

Gee Alex, What Is This? We like to carry around unique things, yes?

Well, I've known about this historical Icelandic coin for a long time and I've been doing brief readings with it for more than 10 years. I hand the coin over to the subject to hold and connect with ... I then have them...

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William W. Larsen
Palm Reading for Magicians by William W. Larsen

This psychological reading allows most anyone to present a convincing demonstration of palmistry, even if they've never read palms before.

Thayer originally sold this Larsen title as a manuscript in their catalog (Item No. 1394). Now once again available in this expanded and updated book edition, the original content has been supplemented with new features to make it even more complete.

Understand, this is not a trick, but a stock reading that you can easily memorize and give to any person without further study. Use it to supplement, dramatically, your usual readings. Or if you're entirely...

★★★★★ $10
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Davide Rubat Remond
Quodlibet 2 by Davide Rubat Remond

Quodlibet literally means "what you like, or what you prefer" and is the theme that links the two publications that bear this name, the first dedicated to an evolution of the numerical tables and a development of the principle applied to a 52-card deck, and the latter Quodlibet 2, which proposes the Tarot version.

An upturned Tarot deck is placed on the table in full view; a spectator will be asked to choose only mentally any one of the 78 Arcana, of the major or minor series as he or she prefers, and to concentrate on it. The spectator will be handed a series of seven folders depicting...

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Mystic Alexandre
Miss Amber's Psychic Message by Mystic Alexandre

This is a casual, mysterious presentation, as you'll meet someone, engage in conversation, then suddenly pause, as if connecting on a mysterious, metaphysical level.

What happened is you met a traveling psychic named Miss Amber, and she gave you something, a "gift" to be delivered, an audio message, with the clear instruction to give this to someone you'll meet with in the near future, who you feel, on a metaphysical level, this "gift" is intended for.

You will get their contact info, which is valuable for working performers or readers, and you send them this "gift" reading, which...

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L. W. de Laurence
The Illustrated Key to the Tarot by L. W. de Laurence

A divinatory tarot guide.

The veil and its symbols. Secret tradition under the veil of divination. Art of tarot divination. Outer method of the oracles. The tarot in history. Inner symbolism. The greater keys.

This is a plagiarized version of The Pictorial Key to the Tarot with text by A. E. Waite and illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith published in 1911. A two-year earlier edition was published unillustrated.

  • Preface
  • Part I The Veil And Its Symbols
    • SECTION 1 Introductory And General
    • SECTION 2 Trumps Major
    • SECTION 3 The Four Suits
    • SECTION 4 The Tarot In History
  • Part II The...
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Frank Tousey
How to Tell Fortunes by Frank Tousey

Containing Napoleon's Oraculum, and the key to work it. Also tells fortunes by cards, lucky and unlucky days, signs and omens.

  • How To Tell Fortunes By Cards
    • Signification Of The Cards
    • Signification Of Different Cards Of The Same Denomination
    • Dealing The Cards By Threes
    • Dealing The Cards By Sevens
    • Dealing The Cards By Fifteens
    • The Italian Method
    • Present, Past, And Future
    • The Star Method Of Consulting The Cards
    • To Know If You Will Get Your Wish
    • The English Method Of Consulting The Cards
    • To Tell Whether You Will Get Your Wish
  • Good And Bad Omens
    • Concluding Remarks
  • Weather...
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Matthew Benjamin
The Numerology Act by Matthew Benjamin

A complete stranger approaches you and requests for you to impress them. Armed with only a few scraps of paper and a pencil you proceed to perform a full Numerology Act for the stranger giving them several extremely accurate personality readings, revealing the name of a thought of person, when they met, and what they were wearing. You even predict the location they met!

For your grand finale, you prove that fate had brought them to you that day with a lightning-fast demonstration of mental acrobatics that relates only to them.

The act can be done completely impromptu or as a full show...

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Mystic Alexandre
The Mystical Cartomancy Chart by Mystic Alexandre

Playing cards, or even an individual card, carry great magical imagery and symbolism. Over centuries there are numerous songs, stories, and myths about them. They've been used for declarations of love, threats of war, carriers of confessions, curses, and blessings. Here they are being used to deliver vibrational messages to you.

Get reactions and attention with little to no effort. With a deck of cards and this chart you'll be the life of the party.

The Mystical Cartomancy Chart is a simple and direct psychic cartomancy tic sheet that has proven to be a wonderful tool for mentalists...

★★★★★ $20
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Unknown Mentalist
Pocket Personality Test by Unknown Mentalist

Pocket Personality Test is a physical product that will be shipped to you and comes with PDF instructions that can be downloaded immediately from your digital shelf. What you get: Along with the instructions PDF, you also get a specially designed and beautifully produced sturdy plastic wallet card which is approximately poker size. With reasonable care, this card should last you a lifetime.

A simple premise, a believable presentation, and an honest execution can be made to combine to create a miracle. The actual method used hardly matters when you can achieve what seems like a miracle....

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gimmick & PDF

Unknown Mentalist
Pocket Numerology by Unknown Mentalist

Pocket Numerology is a physical product that will be shipped to you and comes with PDF instructions that can be downloaded immediately from your digital shelf.

What you get: Along with the instructions PDF, you also get a set of 4 specially designed and beautifully produced plastic wallet cards which are about the size of a regular credit card. With reasonable care, these cards should last you a lifetime, if not more.

With absolutely zero knowledge of numerology, you can perform an entire act of apparent numerology with Pocket Numerology in your pocket. With Pocket Numerology, you can...

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gimmick & PDF

Renzo Grosso
Arcane Tarot Stories by Renzo Grosso

"Tarot is a deck of cards but the Tarot represents a person. We are the Tarot and we use the Tarot because we live." (Andrea Mecchia)

I don't know if it happens to you too ... when I particularly love a project, I start to collect elements, I work on it a bit, but it always seems that something is missing ... you leave and resume the project, but that something is always missing ... then, one day, it arrives like that in one fell swoop, and makes everything good.

This is the story of this project, which I finally want to share, with the hope that it will also satisfy your desire to present...

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Arthur Setterington
The Power of Perception by Arthur Setterington

PERCEPTIONISM - The recognition of audible or visible signals, transmitted voluntarily, or involuntarily, which reveal personal traits and idiosyncrasies. The interpretation of these signals may be used in a variety of ways by the receiver.

The majority of the effects described, are "mental" items, but the psychic approach has been eliminated in favour of the psychological, and the demonstrations appear to be based on natural, rather than supernatural happenings.

The person presenting this routine, is a demonstrator, not a magician, and the articles used should suit the style of the...

★★★★ $10
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Renzo Grosso
Tarots and Arcana by Renzo Grosso

Honestly, I have not been able to trace the author of this principle, which I think is lost in the mists of time. My Master of Mentalism Valerio Bovolenta taught me, and I want to give credit to him. I have done nothing but study it and try to indicate a method to be able to propose it with any number of cards.

The procedure is very simple: the spectator chooses how many cards he wants to use, puts away the remaining cards (they will not be used further), shuffles the cards he chose and, on the instruction of the performer, chooses a number, looks at a card, and reassembles the deck; even...

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Unknown Mentalist
Ezorb by Unknown Mentalist

Ezorb stands for "Easy to Absorb Zodiac Resource Booklet". It contains several special tools, ideas, and inputs for improving, polishing, or embellishing your performances of zodiac-related effects and routines. No routines are included.

1st edition 2021, PDF 17 pages.

★★★★ $9
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TC Tahoe
Tarot Buzz by TC Tahoe

Buzz words and phrases to help learn, remember and understand the Tarot.

"As a reader, TC Tahoe is gentle, empathetic, warm, caring, and incredibly accurate. While he was living here in New Zealand, we'd regularly meet in a local cafe. TC gave readings for several members of the staff, and they still talk about him more than a year later. Highly recommended." - Richard Webster
This is a special collection of tools that helped me on my Tarot journey, and it is my hope that they will help you acquire a better understanding of the cards. This is the "workbook" I use when teaching Tarot classes and workshops....
★★★★ $20
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William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron
Thayer's Life Span Reading by William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron

This superb script allows a mentalist or psychic entertainer to apparently reveal any spectator's life, from the cradle to the grave. Is it mind reading? ESP? Vulcan Mind Meld? No, it's Larsen and McCarron's Life Span Reading, the psychic worker's "secret sauce" that, judiciously used, will convince most anyone that you have real psychic ability.

Not a trick, but a psychological profile that fits nearly anyone who walks in the door. Life readings such as this have been jealously guarded by office mediums, who use the spiel to convince the client of the psychic's innate ability. Yet, no special...

★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Tarot by Unknown Mentalist
  1. Is this really absolutely propless? - Yes
  2. Can this be performed over a voice phone call? - Yes
  3. Can this be performed over a video call? - Yes
  4. Can this be performed face to face? - Yes
  5. I have zero knowledge about Tarot cards. Can I perform this? - Yes
  6. I have never even seen a Tarot Deck before. Can I still perform this? - Yes
  7. Do I or the participant need to handle a Tarot Deck? - No
  8. Does this involve anagrams or equivoque? - No
  9. Does this need a long convoluted process as with most propless effects? - No
  10. Can I use tarot cards if I want to? - Yes
  11. Is this a divination effect? - Yes ...
★★★ $12
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Robert A. Nelson
Secret Methods of Private Readers by Robert A. Nelson

This ebook rips back the curtain, revealing the inside secrets of private mediums and clairvoyants. Learn how and where they operate, amassing large sums of money. Every intimate detail of their operation is laid bare. Learn how the clairvoyant invades a "closed town" and sets up a thriving office business -- and continues to operate without legal interference.

Tells how "office" psychics satisfy their patrons with their exaggerated claims -- and how they get their customers to come back time and time again. Includes little-known "convincers" and "clinchers," and how they are used. The beauty...

★★★★★ $10
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Unknown Mentalist
PRIC: Propless Remote Instant Cartomancy by Unknown Mentalist

CAUTION: This is so powerful that you could start your own cult. So you must perform this effect with great wisdom, absolute ethics, high maturity and complete responsibility. The author is not liable for any contingent outcomes of your performances, you yourself are solely responsible for it.

SCENARIO : The performer and participant are on both ends of a voice call separated by maybe thousands of miles. The participant is holding an imaginary deck of playing cards and follows instructions of the performer. The objective of the participant is to know the answer to a question she has, related...

★★★ $18
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Vincent Wilson
The Chirological Analysis Record by Vincent Wilson

Learn palmistry easily.

Vince Wilson's Chirological Analysis Record is, without doubt, the most beautiful and exquisitely designed palm reading tick sheet it will ever be your pleasure to own and use. This tick sheet will enable you to take your palm readings to the next level, and can be handed to your sitter as a permanent keepsake of the palm reading you have provided for them. The tick sheet comes with full permission to print and use in any capacity, and also allows you to add your own name and contact details, thereby increasing repeat bookings. Full instructions, also elegantly produced,...

★★★★ $15
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Satabdo Sengupta
Cold Zodiac Guess by Satabdo Sengupta

Imagine walking up to a complete stranger, having a short interaction with them regarding zodiac signs, and then handing them a black envelope. To their surprise it has their horoscope and also their zodiac sign written.

  • No pre-show
  • No complex anagrams
  • No forcing
  • Deceptive with layers of deception
  • Perform surrounded
  • 100% bang on every time

1st edition 2019, PDF 5 pages, video 18 min.

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