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reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 09 October, 2017)

CyclopsI kept one eye open whilst I read with great interest and practised the routine then performed for a few magician friends. An excellent cups and balls routine for my arsenal.

Two Card Stand

reviewed by Dr. J.
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 03 October, 2017)

Two Card StandThis is a very well-made product and is exactly as described in the ad copy. It works perfectly for the Aronson effect, and it also holds pay envelopes as well as invitation style envelopes, which can be displayed with predictions inside.

The sizing is very accurate and the whole unit is very light so if you wish to travel with this for use, it will not contribute any significant weight if you pack it in luggage.

Great quality product - thanks for making this available, Chris!


reviewed by Christopher Weber
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 29 September, 2017)

Killerz!Killerz! by Paul Lelekis is a terrific collection of effects that you’ll enjoy performing and they will entertain your audience. As with all of Paul’s publications, don’t overlook the Introduction. Here is a wealth of information on performance and magic etiquette that alone is worth the price of the book. Paul explores topics such as the importance of practice, patter, presentation and putting it all together. He reminds us that how you make the spectator feel is of primary importance. Throughout this book Paul has streamlined moves to enable you to concentrate on presentation and interaction with your audience. The moves are all very clearly explained and Killerz! Includes three video attachments to help with learning some of the moves that you might not be so familiar with. I particularly enjoyed working through “Another Point of Departure”, “The Phantom Card”, and “The Queens Have Risen”. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these as well as the other effects in this collection too. The Bonus Coin effect is a terrific study in the importance of great story telling patter. You’ll love it. Thanks Paul for another winner!


reviewed by Roy Eidem
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 28 September, 2017)

Killerz!Paul Lelekis is a thinking man's, full-time close up worker who makes his living entertaining in the real world. His knowledge & insight into creating magical moments is based upon his thinking & knowledge of entertaining magic for paying audiences. Always money well spent!


reviewed by Enrico Varella
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 27 September, 2017)

Killerz!Paul’s new book KILLERZ does just that: Slay your audiences with many moments of ‘Wow’! He has a knack for choosing effects that hit between the eyes, and where audiences may enjoy a good whack on the side of their heads. His effects can fool both laypeople and magicians. The reader will realize how to reset their sights, aim high, lock on, load, and shoot to thrill: Aim for the magical moments that matter – through the magician’s ability to amaze and wow his audience. Paul makes mild creative shifts to well-known effects, whilst allowing us to carve our personal marks on each plot. That is, to make our audiences feel good about our magic. As a fan of Alex Elmsley, I enjoyed ‘Another Point of Departure’ with Paul’s ‘Push Off Switch’ (accompanying video). Also, I enjoyed the simplicity and interactivity of ‘The Queens Have Risen’. Do read his Introduction – as always a nugget of performance wisdom.


reviewed by Rick Carruth
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 26 September, 2017)

Killerz!You can't keep a good man down.. Even the fury of Irma couldn't keep Paul from publishing another inspiring ebook. This one.. KILLERZ!.. consist of seven well-planned effects, ( six card effects and one excellent coin effect) some inspired by several of the giants of magic. Paul has a unique way of taking an already strong effect and making it stronger with a couple of well-thought-out changes.. sometimes actually simplifying the effect while retaining the original appeal. Look for effects inspired by Alex Elmsley, Michael Skinner, Michael Ammar, Dan Tong and Ned Rutledge.

Paul has included videos and pictures to help explain the finer points. He also references previous works to draw from special sleights that make the effects easier. Two of the effects are partially 'inspired' by the Ambitious Card effect, which in an act of disclosure I have to admit is one of my favorite effects. Anything that gives me a different version or new insight always peaks my interest. And one effect is a take on an Ammar coin effect that can be performed by almost anyone with a little practice. This is all good stuff


reviewed by Reza Mikhaeil
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 25 September, 2017)

PazThis is absolutely one of the best and most streamlined star sign divinations on the planet, no reason that people should not gravitate towards this. It has some memory work involved but minimal. Use flashcards and you will have it down first nature within a week (probably a few days).

Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Card Routine

reviewed by John Teo
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 25 September, 2017)

Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Card RoutineWolfgang Riebe is a successful international magician, having performed over 150 countries and in cruise ships, and has his own TV shows. He specialises in comedy magic, and the “Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Card Routine” is one of his favourite effects. To be selected as one of his favourites speaks volumes of the impact that this effect has on his audience. This is truly an uniquely hilarious trick.

A spectator is invited on stage to help the performer with a card trick. To ensure that the performer does not get to see what card is being chosen, he volunteers to blindfold himself. After some contemplation, he suggests the spectator also be blindfolded so that he cannot see the cards and his choice would be a truly random one. Instead of using cloth blindfolds which the performer claims is non-hygienic (this is true), he brings out brand new large sized paper bags to put over their heads. The sight of a paper bag over the head of anyone is funny enough to make the audience laugh. Here, both the performer and the spectator each has a paper bag put over their heads.

Now comes the hilarious part where the performer tries to shuffle the cards and the spectator tries to select a card, and both of them cannot see what they are doing! Eventually, one card is selected and shuffled back into the deck, amidst more laughter from the audience.

The performer brings out a small knife and says he will ask the spectator to throw the entire deck into the air – while blindfolded, he will lunge the knife into the cascading cards and hopes to stab the one selected card. Now comes another hilarious part where the blindfolded spectator throws the deck into the air and tries to get out of the way of the performer’s knife. The performer lunges the knife but fails to pierce any card. He “blames” the spectator for not carrying out his instructions properly. The audience can see everything and knows that neither the performer nor the spectator is to be blamed. Disappointed, the performer brings out his insurance policy he purchased against things that can go wrong in his performance. After more laughter from the “insurance policy”, the selected card is finally found, amidst great laughter from the audience!

You receive a link to an online instruction video. The 35 minutes video comprises an introduction, 2 live performances, discussion on how to obtain the props, and a full explanation of the complete routine by Wolfgang Riebe.

This routine is inspired by Mark Kornhauser’s blindfold act in which he uses a card-sword. Wolfgang has re-thought through the entire presentation and uses paper bags instead of blindfolds and an ordinary kitchen knife instead of the card-sword. The blindfold and the card-sword suggest they are magician’s props. For Wolfgang’s routine, both the paper bags and the knife are un-gimmicked. This means the effect can be performed at any venue by just carrying the “insurance policy”, as both the paper bags, knife and playing cards can be obtained almost anywhere.

As mentioned previously, the sight of a paper bag over someone’s head is already a cause for much laughter. Wolfgang shows you how to include some hilarious patter that lifts this routine to the next level. However, he cautions against using his personal patter so that you will not end up to be another Wolfgang when you perform this routine. He explains the psychology behind the premise of this routine and shows you how you can customise the presentation as well as your own patter to suit your performing persona. He also discusses his preference for the size of the playing cards to be used on stage, and how to select the proper spectator so as not to offend them as they have to don the paper bag over their head.

This is a laugh-a-minute comedy routine that runs for about 5 minutes. It packs small yet plays big. It uses props that are easily and cheaply replaceable, except for the insurance policy. You get a pdf file to print and make your own insurance policy. If you are into comedy magic, you will not want to miss out this routine.

The Giant Sidewalk Shuffle

reviewed by John Teo
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 25 September, 2017)

The Giant Sidewalk ShuffleThe “Sidewalk Shuffle” has been a classic stand-up trick with playing cards. What makes it so special is that it uses only 4 cards and it is suitable for a cabaret or stage performance. For visibility, it is not performed with the usual sized playing cards but with jumbo sized playing cards. It has several factors that contribute to making it a great effect. It is funny, has a lot of magic happening within the short performing time, and is an act by itself with 3 distinct phases. It also reaches out to a large audience.

Here is what the effect looks like. The performer shows 4 large sized playing cards. They comprise 3 blank cards and an Ace. One blank card is set aside, leaving the performer with 3 cards. The performer places the Ace between the 2 blanks. He slowly mixes the cards around with their backs facing the audience. The audience can clearly follow that the Ace is still sandwiched in the middle. When this card is turned around, it is not the Ace – it is a blank! In fact, all the 3 cards are shown one at a time to be blanks. The Ace has vanished! The performer turns his attention to the lone card that was set aside earlier. This turns out to be the Ace! The effect, as it is, is stunning to the audience. But this is only the first phase.

In the second phase, the performer offers to repeat. He again places one blank card aside. The Ace is placed in the middle of the 3 cards and the cards moved around. Once again, he shows that the Ace has vanished, and all the 3 cards are displayed as blanks. He picks up the card set aside earlier and turns it around to show the Ace! The audience is now stunned twice!

Three is always the lucky number, so the performer offers to show one more time. Again, he places a blank card aside. He puts the Ace between the 2 cards and mixes all the 3 cards. While it is still obvious by the mixing that the Ace is the middle card, the audience is wised up by now. They want to see the card set aside earlier. The performer turns this card around – it is not the Ace as expected – it is a blank card. The performer says in jest that had any one pointed to any of the 3 cards he held, they would have got the Ace. The performer turns the 3 cards around and show all the 3 cards to be Aces! Nobody can see this coming. This is a befitting climax to end the routine!

You get an online video teach-in by Wolfgang Riebe himself. The 30 minutes video comprises an introduction, 2 live performances by Wolfgang, instructions on how to make the cards yourself, and the full routine meticulously explained by him. The biggest take-away is Wolfgang’s 30 years’ experience of performing this routine. His handling and patter have been refined to give you the most entertaining routine with this effect. His tips on how to construct the cards, especially on the placements of the graphics, are priceless.

Even if you have owned the “Sidewalk Shuffle” or “Chase The Ace”, you will like the presentation by Wolfgang. His very large sized cards not only make the effect more visual, it makes the magic seem more incredible. I have never liked “Sidewalk Shuffle” because of the gimmicked cards. Joe Riding came up with a non-gimmicked version which he called “The Irish 3 Card Trick” or “The Only 3 Card Trick In The World Using Only 4 Cards”. This has been one of my favourite tricks and is in my performing repertoire for over 20 years. Joe’s effect does not use blank cards but 3 spot cards against one picture card.

I have personally seen Wolfgang performing this effect and I love his presentation. The effect runs for about 3 minutes. This, plus the fact that he uses extra-large cards and the great contrast between blank cards and the Ace of Spades have convinced me to use “The Giant Sidewalk Shuffle” in my future performances. You will, too.

Secrets' Weapons

reviewed by Sarin Suriyakoon
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 07 September, 2017)

Secrets' WeaponsA lot of killer effects are written in this ebook. Most of them are easy to do and impromptu. If you never try this type of effects you should take a look. If you have used this type of technique, Gerard Zitta provides you a clever way to ask only one question and instantly know important information (Better way than his previous release. The improvement make the effect much more easier to do over the phone). Also, I like the variety of presentation ideas given in this release. Highly Recommended!

How To Escape From Any Handcuffs

reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 25 August, 2017)

How To Escape From Any HandcuffsI generally love Knight's stuff, and while the effect of getting out of handcuffs is strong, this ebook is way overpriced. I could summarize his methods in three words: Get a *******. Yes, he does give a you a source for what you need, but you probably could have found that with an Internet search. Anyway, not to get technical here, but while I agree that if you are using double-locking handcuffs his way is the quickest and easiest, I just single lock them and use an even cheaper method. (Or get yourself a set of regulation thumbcuffs, and you don' t need anything. That's amazing too.)

Dark Corners

reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 16 August, 2017)

Dark CornersFrom the seed of growth from this creative thinking Mind I have watched followed to this day with all his works in my own working Lybrary and I would recommend any one with a Interest in mentalism to try one or more of his work's. this one may take some late nights into early morning to read and get your head around but once done give it the practice time in, put your own signature on it and I am sure you will have a vary different stage effect to win your audience over.

Warp Factor

reviewed by Reg Coppicus
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 11 August, 2017)

Warp FactorThis was a product with ideas submitted by many people, and thank you. To clarify, the manuscript does not teach the Card Warp effect, you have to already know how to perform it. This booklet simply describes various ideas, routines and patter you can use to enhance your work.

The Endless Chain (Know-How Series)

reviewed by Marc Rehula (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 07 August, 2017)

The Endless Chain (Know-How Series)Everything you need to know about his underutilized prop all in one convenient place. Highly recommended resource.

Openers and Closers 3

reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 25 July, 2017)

Openers and Closers 3Paul Lelekis writes a revue of OPENERS AND CLOSERS 3 on Rick Carruth site which Rick reviewed for the Magic Roadshow. I purchase most of my books in PDF format from two main sites this been the main one. So to encourage others to read, follow or just study this authors work all I can say the other revues do this work full justice so all I will say value for Money and usable material. Well done to the author Paul for this contribution to the magic family of magicians.

Openers and Closers 3

reviewed by Enrico Varella
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 25 July, 2017)

Openers and Closers 3Hot on the heels of runaway bestsellers of Part 1 & 2, Paul Lelekis astounds us further with legendary feats of legerdermain. This ledger of offerings focuses on effects that might just open/close your performing repertoire.

My yardstick of a useful magic book is how likely I am to use any of the effects, and how I might enhance an effect with a change in sleight, moment, and approach. And in his third and final installment, Paul still achieves that.

His mini-treatise on Invisible Thread Ideas alone, is worth it. As a former-thread worker, I found insights to how I can animate, suspend, and levitate objects without nagging suspicion. There are nice walk-around mentalism pieces that you can use, too. This includes his take on the 21 Card Trick that shifts from the anxiety-causing countdown into piles. Lelekis piles on the nitrous oxide tank and accelerates the trick to a more amazing mindreading ending. The Voodoo Reversal of Fortune is an ESP trick that departs from the version from book 2, however its construction lends a different impact. In Predicting A Thought, a prediction using a nail-writer makes perfect sense with a mentally selected card. A Quickie Triumph sets up for a rapid-fire unraveling of a deck in seeming disarray. The four accompanying video clips explain clearly his preferred technique, and his motivation for using them. Once again, strong Openers and Closers establish stronger reputations for the magician. Strongly recommended.

Openers and Closers 3

reviewed by Roy Eidem
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 24 July, 2017)

Openers and Closers 3Paul Lelekis is a thinking man's, underground, full-time close up worker who makes his living entertaining in the real world, that is, lay people in a variety of entertainment environments. His knowledge & insight into creating magical moments is based upon his thinking, love, & knowledge of the art. My two favorite routines which will go immediately into my repertoire are Entertaining Voodoo Reversal & Fortune Quickie Triumph. Anytime I can find something I can use is money well spent.

Openers and Closers 3

reviewed by Christopher Weber
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 24 July, 2017)

Openers and Closers 3Openers & Closers 3 is another wonderful contribution to the magic community from Paul Lelekis. As with the other books in his Openers & Closers series (highly recommended) the advice and "tricks of the trade" in the Introduction are worth the price of the book. Open without a trick! Yes, there are other options and here Paul explores the idea of “breaking the ice” with a timely or appropriate joke. Magicians, Entertainers, and Public Speakers have all found themselves in an awkward situation when introduced and here Paul gives some very useful first hand advice on turning the situation into something that is very comfortable for Everyone! The effects within are all time tested engaging routines that demonstrate a number of useful moves that you can easily apply to not only these effects but to many other effects in you repertoire. Clear explanations with photos and videos included. The “21 Card ESP Trick” is a real gem, so don’t pass that one up! I enjoyed working through “Above & Beyond”, a great example of an effect that lets you totally concentrate on presentation and the funny patter since the moves are streamlined and not complicated at all. Some cool ideas and advice for using “Invisible Thread”, a great effect with an Invisible deck and a terrific “See-Through Change Bag” Construction Tutorial round out this quality book that you’ll be happy to own. As with all of Pauls’ books, you will without a doubt fine something here that you will use!

Openers and Closers 3

reviewed by Rick Carruth
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 24 July, 2017)

Openers and Closers 3Triumphs, invisible thread, invisible decks, change bags, nail writers, and almost impromptu mental magic... it's all in Paul's OPENERS AND CLOSERS 3. This book has a very decidedly mentalism / mental magic flavor.. which was fine with me, as I love to mess with people's minds. Paul has also included videos and an abundance of photos in this edition, which is also fine with me, as I am a very visual guy. I suppose what I'm trying to say is... I thoroughly enjoyed volume 3 of the Openers and Closers series. Paul's writing ranks up there with the best of them, and his explanations ARE the best. The 21 Card ESP Trick alone is worth the price. I am very partial to effects that look like big dollar effects and perform almost automatic. I literally went to bed last night playing this effect over and over in my mind and imagining how my fellow magicians will react. Thanks for another great deal.. Paul.

Mystery of the Gyrating Tables

reviewed by Troy Murphie (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Sunday 16 July, 2017)

Mystery of the Gyrating TablesThere are more indepth descriptions of Table Tipping on the market; for example 'Come Good Spirits' by Eddie Joseph holds an excellent treatise. Other fine methods are included in 'How to Make a Ghost Walk' by Dunninger. This e-book 'Mystery of the Gyrating Tables' leaves much to be desired in comparison with the aforementioned titles.

Hints and Tips

reviewed by James Wood (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 12 July, 2017)

Hints and TipsHints and Tips is a wonderful gift from Larry Brogdahl and It is the equivalent of attending a Magic Club meeting where a highly experienced magician shares his hard won knowledge of how to deal with common problems encountered by every magician. For instance, this little book gives very useful tips for how to keep the balloon from popping in Needle Through Balloon (Brogdahl's solutions is NOT scotch tape), how to simplify the handling for Sidewalk Shuffle, and how to improve the Surprising Dots trick (the trick in which the number of dots on two sides of a large card keep changing). Hints are also given for how to transport props to a magic show, how to handle dry hands, and many other common problems. Every working magician is sure to find several hints in this book that will make life easier. Thanks, Mr. Brogdahl!

The Man Who Knows How to Amuse and Mystify

reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 11 July, 2017)

The Man Who Knows How to Amuse and MystifyA quick look of the contents will reveal a plethora (as Dee Christopher says) of routines, forces, subtleties, peeks, imp pads, anagrams, theoretical concepts... I started reading, and just about every time I went to the next page I thought, "Wow! That's terrific. I'm adding it to my repertoire." When I got to the end, I discovered that I had a whole lot of things to add to my repertoire--and I wanted to go through the book again. This collection is clearly a labor of love from years of doing practical mentalism. And unlike a lot of propless "maybe it'll work; maybe it won't" stuff, this material is straightforward and direct. For example, Jose takes a classic psychological force and makes it virtually miss-proof using a principle that you will probably be familiar with but hadn't thought of using in this context. Later in the book he details how to reveal things effectively. Now I am a big fan of the way Luke Jermay thinks about this topic from his DVD Making Mind Reading Look Real so I wasn't expecting much new. I was wrong. The revelation stuff is great. And you get bonus effects from Dee Christopher (one of my close-up favorites of his, Falling Coins) and Peter Turner. You will spend a lot of time studying this ebook. Guaranteed.

Don't be put off by the price tag. Prager's Magnum Opus is worth every penny. Highest recommendation here for the best mentalism book of the year so far.


reviewed by Troy Murphie
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 05 July, 2017)

BellFriendly Warning: The actual method used is not the same as Dee's 'Vimeo' Spirit Bell performance. Product description is very deceptive. Not happy.

It's A Stage I'm Going Through

reviewed by Larry Brodahl (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 04 July, 2017)

It's A Stage I'm Going ThroughI was hoping for more from this book, since I'm a fan of parlor and stage trapped in a world of card tricks and mentalism.

But, there's not a ton of stuff here. The tricks are all pretty standard, although, to be fair, there's some cute touches here and there. The CONFABULATION routine has a nifty idea with price tags that seems really usable.

But the patter and routines never rise above the "50 gags shoehorned into a trick" level. Which may fit your style - and if so, you'll love the book.

AND - like I said - there's a few threads of gold in here, and it's an easy read.

Do be advised though that pages 184 through 198 are all ads for other books and things he sells.

Openers and Closers 2

reviewed by Rick Carruth
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 27 June, 2017)

Openers and Closers 2Openers and Closers 2 is the perfect follow-up to volume 1. Paul understands the importance of grabbing an audience by the neck at the beginning of your show.. and mesmerizing them with your best at the close of your show. There is nothing 'iffy' here, and that's a very, very good thing when you want to remain true to your readers. I am a big fan of Martin Gardner and am glad to see Paul include two of Martin's effects. Another favorite is a Brainwave based on the Nick Trost effect and featuring handling by Paul and a kicker by the late, but forever great, Daryl. There are three great effects featuring a vanishing card box, ESP, and a special sleight of hand technique created by Paul. A special comedy routine and Paul's top-notch handling of a 'not so Invisible Deck' routine complete Openers and Closers 2.. and make this one of my very favorite of Paul's many ebooks. Highly recommended..

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