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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked & Gaffed Rising & Levitating Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking Cards


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Ben Howard
Case 21: cards through case by Ben Howard


This is not a card trick, it's a trick with cards.

The spectator freely selects, signs and returns the card from a shuffled deck. The illusionist explains that card tricks have become too complicated, and he wants to keep it simple and use just the selected card. The magician picks up the card case, still holding the deck, and shows the card case at all sides and completely empty.

The magician then places the deck square on the face of the card case. The front of the card case can be clearly seen as the cards are being placed. The card case with the deck on top is placed...

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Peter Duffie
Quartet: four exclusive card effects by Peter Duffie

All the effects use simple fakes or subtleties to accomplish off-beat effects.

INTERNECINE is a novel version of the Tunnel Change and uses a small packet of cards. The cards appear to change places of their own accord. The performer demonstrates this phenomena further by causing two of the cards to change places in a very convincing manner. Finally the transposition is repeated and this time the change takes place visibly.

DICHOTOMY is a very strange prediction effect. A spectator chooses a card and tears it into two pieces. One of the pieces is destroyed and the other retained by the...

★★★ $8
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Cameron Francis
Faux Show by Cameron Francis

An amazing completely impromptu 5-phased card cheating demonstration. Only basic skill required and it uses a regular deck of cards.

PHASE 1: STACKING: You remove a bunch of black spot cards from the deck and the four Kings. The Kings are cut into the packet and four hands are dealt. You then show that each hand contains one King and three black spot cards. You gather up the hands and deal again. Now the four Kings are in one hand, but you saved the best hand for yourself, the four Aces!

PHASE 2: FALSE DEALING: You get rid of the spot cards and place the Kings on top of the Aces. You...

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Michael Daniels
I Ching Oracle Divination Cards by Michael Daniels

The I Ching Oracle Divination Cards have been designed as an alternative to more traditional ways of consulting the I Ching (e.g., those using coins or sticks).

PDF templates are provided (both US and European page sizes) that you can print out yourself to make the cards. Please note that no actual cards are supplied. You can use standard Avery Business Card stock (e.g., C32015 for European A4, or #8471 for American Letter). Avery stock is pre-cut allowing quick and very clean separation of the cards. Alternatively you can use ordinary medium weight card stock and cut the cards manually to...

★★★★★ $4
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Simon Caine
Castles: close up card magic by Simon Caine

In this ebook you will learn 8 stunning, practical pieces of card magic, and a series of sleights so sneaky they'll immediately make it into your repertoire.

The Castle Sleights: A false cut, force, peek and displacement that all look the same. Can you tell them apart?

Dr Daly's Last Meal: An impromptu sandwich routine gets a shot in the arm from the good Doctor.

Dark Room: A there and back again colour changing deck routine for two. Just what colour was the deck again?

Polygraph: A thought of card leads the spectator to wonder whether they are lying or telling the truth. Like your...

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Madison Hagler
Tractor by Madison Hagler

For years magicians have wanted to make a signed card vanish from a deck of cards and appear elsewhere. The best way to do this is by stealing the selected card from the deck. But how? This is a question many magicians have tried to answer. There are various ways, and each have there pros and cons. Tractor is an outstanding solution to this age old dilemma that makes the 'steal' appear impossible. You will be stealing the card from a cased deck!

Tractor is a utility tool which is extremely easy and fast to make. (We are talking 1 minute, tops!) You just need 2 items to make the gimmick and...

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Michael Daniels
OCD and Other Effects by Michael Daniels

OCD and Other Effects is a collection of seven card routines for magicians and mentalists that explore some of the possibilities of a mathematical principle designated The StayCard Principle.

[While the principle is not new, others have made use of it before, this is the first systematic treatment and explanation of it.]

The effects included are:


The magician talks about how he was helped to conquer his OCD (Obsessive Cereal Disorder). He explains his childhood ritual for deciding which breakfast cereal to eat each morning. Cards made from fourteen breakfast cereal packets are mixed in a formalised dealing procedure. Despite the spectator deciding how the dealing should proceed, the cards correctly predict...

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Aldo Colombini
Simply Impromptu Volume 2 by Aldo Colombini

The routines use subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertaining card effects that anyone can do. More important, no gimmicks, and no set-ups whatsoever. Grab an ordinary, even borrowed deck of cards and amaze your spectators with incredible card effects.


  • PERSU-ACE-IVE (J.K. Hartman): The four Aces, placed face down in the middle of the deck, appear together and face up.
  • A TRANSCENDANT TRANSPOSITION (Tom Daugherty): A transposition of two selected cards with a killer ending.
  • AMBITIOUS 1-2-3-4 (Roy Walton): An ambitious card routine...
★★★★★ $10
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Cameron Francis
Multifarious by Cameron Francis

7 Eclectic Close Up Card Effects + 1 Pen & Coin Trick

"This is an outstanding production, filled with stuff close up guys are gonna love. I really like what you did with Coincidentally Yours- just about perfect! I'm gonna have to do that trick!" - Jack Carpenter

EXPECTANT -- An assembly effect with an awesome twist.

COINCIDENTATLLY YOURS -- Harry Lorayne's classic effect reloaded.

SKILL V. MAGIC -- A killer Triumph effect with three selections.

FLYING FOUR REVISITED -- A super streamlined transposition between four signed cards and four blanks.

KEY CARD SEQUENCE -- A card is...

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Tommaso Guglielmi
The ACAAN Finale by Tommaso Guglielmi

After many versions of ACAAN, Tommy has created a version which he believes is very direct, hands–off and very close to the perfect ACAAN. From the spectator's view point, they will see:

  • A deck of cards closed in its box is in full view on the table.
  • A spectator selects a card using an imaginary deck and a number via an imaginary urn.
  • Mentally the spectator imagines moving the card to the correct position inside the deck.
  • The spectator removes the cards from the box and counts to named number and the named card will be there without the magician ever touching the deck
In all his...
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Mark Elsdon
The Inevitable by Mark Elsdon

This is probably Mark Elsdon's strongest piece. He has used it as the closer at every single private and house party he has worked for the last couple of years and it brings the house down (pardon the pun).

The only other performer who has known about it is Paul Vigil and this is what he has to say about it:

"I call this "My friend Mark Elsdon's ACAA...," but he calls it The Inevitable; and it's one of the strongest and most clever uses of The Invisible Deck I've ever witnessed. It went directly into my performance repertoire and can quickly become the perfect closer (or encore piece)...
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Alexander de Cova
Boxed Transposition by Alexander de Cova

A signed selected card is placed face down into the middle of the face-up deck, protruding for half its length. The performer looks for the four kings and removes them from the pack. The kings are shown clearly on both sides and then placed into the empty card box (this is done by the spectator himself). Now the chosen signed card vanishes from the pack completely. When the card box is opened, the signed selected card is found face-up in the middle of the four kings!

For the killer finale, a king is cut into four pieces and yet the signed card transposes, ending up with the signed card being...

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Cristian Vidrascu
Ideas with the Invisible Deck by Cristian Vidrascu

In his debut work, Cristian Vidrascu tackles the Ultra Mental Deck, better known to contemporary magicians as the Invisible Deck. He includes 11 very different routines, in addition to many tips and ideas for creating miracles with one of the most brilliant trick decks ever devised. Some of these routines are suitable for intimate performances, whereas others are created for the stage. There are even ideas for hypnotists and ventriloquists on how to integrate this prop into their act.

1st edition 2013, 54 pages.

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Ken de Courcy
Ken de Courcy Discusses "The World's Fastest Card Trick" by Ken de Courcy

A bestseller on our site has been Joe Karson's The World's Fastest Card Trick. A great lesson of showmanship packed with loads of laughter for the audience. Now it is a pleasure for us to present an in-depth discussion of this trick by the great master Ken De Courcy.

In this manuscript, you will find the complete presentation of the trick by De Courcy, enriched with many different endings that make the trick memorable. The trick is a real comedy of errors in which a spectator is invited on stage to pick a card and then...the fun begins...Everything seems to go wrong while the performer tries again and again to find the card miserably...

★★★★★ $5
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Benedykt Krajdener
Fascinating Gambling From the World of Imagination by Benedykt Krajdener

This routine is done from a shuffled deck, under fire, and on the spot. You will never have to remember more than five words at one time so you can talk and you can concentrate on your presentation. There is only one condition – you must know Benedykt's mnemonic system from Her Majesty the Magic of Cards.

  • The deck is shuffled and can be borrowed.
  • There is no sleight of hand, deck switches or prepared cards.
  • You can be surrounded by spectators, there are no false moves.
But even under those conditions you will be able to
  • Seperate face up cards from face down cards with closed eyes
  • Do very unusual poker deals...
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Dee Christopher
Pasteboard Duet by Dee Christopher

The Gambler's Peek

This is a simple, impromptu utility move that allows you to know the value of a freely selected card while you square up the face down deck. This move is completely invisible, yet very powerful. This move is taught from multiple angles and an easy card control is also taught to get the selection into the correct position.


Chance is an effect in which you will show your powers of influence over a spectator's decision. This is the perfect opener for a card mentalism set at a table. The premise is very simple, you remove a black card and a red card from the deck...

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Paul A. Lelekis
Assemblies and 4-Ace Tricks by Paul A. Lelekis
"Paul has a great eye for a good trick. He also has a knack for combining and varying existing ideas. His enthusiasm is infectious! His latest e-book, "Assemblies & 4-Ace Tricks" contains 13 great items, very well described and including Paul's humorous patter. This booklet is a winner! Press "BUY" now. You won't be disappointed!" - Mike Powers

"Assemblies and 4-Ace Tricks is an entertainers gem from a magician who has been in the real world for decades creating wonders for paying customers! Paul is offering his pet card effects -- one which he has kept underground for years. Here you have...

★★★★★ $14
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Lee Asher
Catch 33: Three Card Monte by Lee Asher
"Much more than a mere gambling expose, Catch 33 is almost an act in itself! Twenty-first Century magic needs more brains like yours." - Guy G.
3 cards. 2 of them lose. 1 wins.

"..simple! "... Or so your audience thinks.

Each time he plays the game with you, your spectator falls into subtle traps you've set. He receives an authentic lesson on the con game that is not a game at all. Using beautifully choreographed sequences, you continually manipulate your spectator into choosing the wrong card. He just can't help himself.

Perform this routine surrounded; at a restaurant, trade show,...

★★★★★ $21.95
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Aldo Colombini
Simply Impromptu Volume 1 by Aldo Colombini

The routines use subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertaining card effects that anyone can do. More important, no gimmicks, and no set-ups whatsoever. Grab an ordinary, even borrowed deck of cards and amaze your spectators with incredible card effects.


  • THAT'S NEAT (Paul Gordon): You and a spectator each take half of the deck and then a card from each half. You both place these cards reversed in the middle of the two piles and the two cards magically change places.
  • FULL SPEED ACE (Aldo Colombini): The Ace of the same suit of the selected...
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Aldo on Trost Volume 14 by Aldo Colombini

The Great Card Magic of Nick Trost continues.


  • SELECTED GEMINI: Mates to two selected cards are located by the spectators themselves.
  • ROYAL ASSEMBLY: A section of a deck is cut by a spectator and dealt into four piles. The top card of each pile is a King and the bottom card is a Queen.
  • DISCOVERY BY ELIMINATION: One card is selected in a very fair manner. A spectator cuts a portion of the deck and these cards are eliminated until one remains: It is the selected card.
  • ROYAL REVEALMENT: You find a selected card and on the way, a Royal Flush in Spades.
  • EIGHT-CARD SPELLER: A thought-of card...
★★★★★ $10
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Chris Wardle
Investigating the Mene-Tekel Deck: magic's forgotten trick deck by Chris Wardle

Apart from initially discussing how to make the deck and a variation of it, handling tips etc., the ebook goes on to describe a number of exciting routines. (Includes a bonus routine by Arun Bonerjee.)

  • The Origins Of The Mene-Tekel Deck
  • The Mene-Tekel Deck - Construction
  • Handling The Mene-Tekel Deck
  • The 'CW Mene-Tekel Deck'
  • Two At Once
  • What's In A Name?
  • Friends Reunited
  • Come Together
  • Card In Muffin
  • Trapped!
  • Mental Erasure
  • Any Number Called For
  • The Time Machine
  • Mind Reading By Proxy
  • The 'Black Seven And Black Eight Trick' Outdone!
  • Twin-Card In Wallet
  • A Further 'CW Mene-Tekel'...
★★★★ $12
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Sean Waters
Tailored Suits: Card Routines Befitting a Mentalist by Sean Waters
"I want to crawl up your nose and take a sample of your brain so I can clone it." - Iain Dunford

"It's a great book from cover to cover." - Don Theo

"Every time Sean describes a new card effect to me it feels like coming home to that place where 'Out of This World' is brand new and I wonder what's waiting on the next page." - Mike Ince

"A real treasure chest" - Felix Schellenberg

"An Exceptional Book" - Jan Forster

"If you've ever doubted whether cards have a place in mentalism, READ THIS BOOK!" - Gabe Abelson

"Cards DO have a place in mentalism. Here is over 100 pages that further proves it." - Bryn Reynolds

"I could...

★★★★★ $40
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Peter Duffie
Duet by Peter Duffie

POINT BLANK ASSEMBLY gives you the maximum effect for the minimum effort. Four Kings change places one at a time with four blank cards. The transposition is repeated only this time it occurs instantly. Finally the four Kings disappear altogether.

[You will need four blank-faced cards and four kings of which three have blank backs.]

IMPULSE starts as a transposition effect between a selected card and a blank card but ends with a finish that those who have seen it describe as 'NOT POSSIBLE'. Truly original thinking.

[You will need three blank-faced cards. One is gimmicked. The gimmick is easy to make with a pair of scissors, paper and glue.]

1st edition 1984, 1st digital edition 2013, 13 pages....

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Al Leech
Al Leech's Legacy by Al Leech

The best parts in this publications are the work on thimbles and billiard balls. Also included are card and coin routines.

1st edition 1980, 1st digital edition 2013, 90 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Alfred B. Leech: Magician—Of—The Month
  3. Major Surgery
  4. A Typographical Error
  5. Platform Wild Card
  6. A Bicycle Built For Profit
  7. Too Small
  8. Snap Change
  9. Crooked Card
  10. Three Cards Across
  11. The 1971-72 M-U-M Award
  12. A Card Trilogy
  13. Coins And Cards
  14. The Coin Star
  15. Ball Manipulation
  16. Chicago Balls: The Chicago Ball Trick And A Routine
  17. Substitution For Chicago Balls
  18. Color Changes
  19. - A Color...
★★★★★ $12.95
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