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Jack Shepherd
A Lesson in Card Magic by Jack Shepherd

You apparently teach four card tricks to a member of the audience, but the explanation leave the spectators more and more bewildered ... with a strong climax.

Here's a routine that has withstood the acid test of time. Jack Shepherd's great comedy routine performance to the paying public has been very valuable to the originator. It can be as valuable to you too! You get a member of the audience to help and offer to teach him how to do four card tricks. False explanations of the various effects as performed lead up to a brilliant climax where the spectator reaches into his own pocket and removes...

★★★★ $8
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Brick Tilley
Spinning Coin by Brick Tilley

A large coin is made to spin on its edge around the inside rim of a metal basin.

This effect was popular over a hundred years ago with all types of performers both for parties and at outdoor venues. The high keening sound made by the coin attracts a large crowd of onlookers who become fixated by the combination of sight and sound.

You will receive both a PDF and a video.

1st edition 2019, 4 pages + video length 23s.

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Visual Coin in Bottle by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

This is a wonderfully visual effect. Take a coin throw it at a water bottle, can or other liquid container, and have the coin visibly penetrate the bottle and sink to the bottom.

1st edition 2019, length 17:27

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Orville Wayne Meyer
Mindreading Supreme by Orville Wayne Meyer

[Note: Also included in More Miracles in Mentalism.

Now you can perform apparent acts of "Hellstromism" or muscle reading, similar to how a world-famous psychic entertainer finds his paycheck after every performance.

True muscle reading is a phenomenal ability, in the hands of a master showman. Yet this skill takes months to fully master. Now, with the release of this fine routine, Meyer reveals the method behind his supreme mental test. Each of several audience members decides on an experiment or "test" (of the kind usually associated with contact mindreading) for the mentalist to attempt. The mentalist, while blindfolded, asks one of...

★★★★★ $3
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Tommy Windsor
Street Faker Act by Tommy Windsor

Here's a great change of pace routine for the magician -- an act that parodies the medicine pitchman. Audiences love it ... and you will, too.

The author includes his exact routine, including every bit of the hilarious patter and bits of business that made Tommy's act a laugh riot on stages from coast to coast. Not burlesque, but a clean comedy "pitch" act that can be performed in churches and schools as well as lodges and clubs. Full of laughs, but not a "blue" gag in the lot. A riot of fun but contains nothing to offend anyone.

You sell and demonstrate "Dr. Presto's Magical Medicines...

★★★★ $6
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Larry Brodahl
How To Palm by Larry Brodahl

A training program and process to learn how to successfully palm cards.

Three palms taught including video instructions:

  • Pivot Palm
  • Erdnase Palm
  • Swivel Fan Palm
Techniques and tips as well as scripting methods included along with a complete script for "The Card Through Hanky".

1st edition 2019, PDF 53 pages, video length 2:20

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Brian T. Lees
Professional Show Development by Brian T. Lees

You do not have to hire a director, choreographer and technical designer to produce your own professional show. This ebook covers the environment, building your outline of magic, using music, and developing your show. Learn how to fine tune your performance through rehearsal, problem area recognition and the flow from opening to your finale. A high-quality professional production is within your grasp using a lot of materials you may already own.

  1. Set the stage
    • Backdrop
    • Sound, P/A System
    • Music
    • Lights
    • Working tables, etc.
    • Transporting
    • Cases, boxes, bags trunks and carts.
  2. Show components ...
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Frank Holweck
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 39: Hypnose für Zauberer by Frank Holweck

Aus dem Vorwort:

Kaum ein Gebiet steht der Zauberei so nah und gleichzeitig auch so fern wie die Hypnose. Sehr viele Zauberer, die ich kennenlernte, scheuten sich vor der Hypnose, als ob dies das Unnatürlichste der Welt sei. Gerade wir Zauberer leben aber von der Macht der Suggestion, welche wiederum ein Grundbestandteil der Hypnose bildet. Viele Zuschauer gehen davon aus, daß ein Zeitgenosse der zaubert, auch automatisch hypnotisieren kann. Der Gedanke ist, wie wir später noch sehen werden, auch gar nicht so abwegig. Warum sollten wir diesen ganz entscheidenden Vorteil nicht für uns...

★★★★ $10
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Dave Arch
Turning the Tarot by Dave Arch

Maybe a friend of yours needs a bit of encouragement in their life. Maybe you'd like to give them that encouragement in a mystical/magical way. Consider this handling of the Tarot cards. Using eleven cards from the Major Arcana and the first name of someone who has been particularly encouraging to your friend during his/her formative years, s/he'll be amazed as s/he inexplicably one-by-one eliminates all but the Sun card - arguably the most positive card in the Tarot deck.

1st edition 2019, 2 pages.

★★★★ $7
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Frederick Michael Shields & Bascom Jones
Unbelievable by Frederick Michael Shields & Bascom Jones

A billion-to-1 psychic miracle using a regular deck of cards. A reputation maker, yet easy to perform.

A deck of cards is legitimately riffle shuffled and cut. A spectator selects any two suits, say Spades and Diamonds. These two suits are removed from the pack and given to the spectator. The performer takes the other two suits not chosen. The spectator deals a card face down. The performer places a card face up on this card. This is repeated. Variety is added by the performer dealing a card face down and spectator covers this card with one of his cards face-up. When all cards are dealt...

★★★★ $6
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Dai Vernon & Faucett Ross
Early Vernon by Dai Vernon & Faucett Ross

The Professor brought up-to-date in this ebook of the original Twenty Dollar Manuscript, Three Dollar Manuscript, and ten new Vernon variations. Illustrated by Vernon, edited by Faucet Ross, with nostalgic photos of the great man's life.

  • Three Faces Of Vernon
  • How It Began
  • The Manuscript Story
  • The Prospectus
  • The Twenty Dollar Manuscript
    • Vernon Five Card Mental Force
    • Vernon Miracle Card Location
    • Club Version
    • Vernon Super Count Down
    • Vernon Super Card Prediction
    • Vernon Poker Demonstration
    • Vernon Automatic Second Deal
    • Slow Motion Card Vanish
    • The Vernon Card Puzzle
    • The Vernon Four...
★★★★★ $9.95
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Allan Ackerman
The Hotel Mystery by Allan Ackerman

A lovely story trick involving two queens, four kings and two hotel rooms. Both the faces and the numbers of cards in two piles magically change.

length 5:29

★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Phoa Yan Tiong
Cut and Restored Silk by Phoa Yan Tiong

Phoa Yan Tiong performed this clever effect in his cabaret act and it never fails to produce a gasp of amazement.

Effect: A handkerchief becomes visibly restored after being cut in half and the halves held well apart to prove that no trickery is involved. Indeed there is no trickery in the cutting, for both halves are quite separate. The effect has proved a great hit also, in the act of Will Ayling who used a regular linen handkerchief for its performance.

Phoa used to demonstrate and explain a version of this trick in the lecture he gave to Magical Societies and at Conventions, but the method he...

★★★★★ $6
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Lost Pieces 2 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Seven 'impossible' cards. Some but not all do require hidden cuts. Ralf teaches you how to best hide the cuts. Everything is explained in his meticulous way. For each one you will get PDF cutting templates.

  • Arrow and Heart
  • And Tell
  • Bended Link
  • Framed Link
  • Initial Cards
  • Tribble Fold
  • Twist Flaps
1st edition 2019, length 26:20
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MP4 (video)

Stephen Short
Johnny Hart: International Star of Magic by Stephen Short

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the life and times of one of the UK's major performance artistes, whose illustrious career started in the 1960's and spanned over 40 years. Not only does this ebook provide a carefully researched and fascinating look at Johnny himself, it also shines a light on the general showbiz scene of the same period, as Johnny rubbed shoulders with many of the greats from the entertainment and TV world.

The ebook runs to over 200 pages and is profusely illustrated with playbills and photographs that really help to conjure up a clear vision of showbiz in...

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Stefan Olschewski
Mentalitäten by Stefan Olschewski

In seinem Seminar Mentalitäten beschäftigt sich MZvD-Preisträger und ehemaliger leitender Redakteur der Fachzeitschrift Magie, Stefan Olschewski, mit dem Thema Mentalmagie.

Aber erwarten Sie nicht nur ein paar Effekte und langweilige Erklärungen. Als Theaterwissenschaftler geht es Stefan bei seinen Kreationen vor allem um die Inszinierung der Magie, um das "Theatrale".

Gespickt mit starken Effekten zum "Am-Kopf-Kratzen" erfahren Sie praktisch nebenbei eine Menge über Routinenstruktur, Dramaturgie einer Show und wertvolle Tipps aus der Praxis vom Bühnenaufbau bis zur Musikeinspielung....

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Fraser Parker
Opus by Fraser Parker
"Fraser Parker is one of the finest thinkers in contemporary mentalism. If you are interested in practical, impressive effects based on subtlety and often breathtaking ingenuity, you will love his work." - Ian Rowland​
Limited to only 200 copies. Contains over 8 hours of video, including thoughts on prop-less as well as a two-part interview with Fraser.

Opus is a "master-class" from Fraser released in video format, detailing his unique approach towards creating believable mind reading. In this video project, he outlines his use of words to create shifts in perception, in order...

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Jimmy Muir
Laugh Lines 7 by Jimmy Muir

Jimmy Muir's seventh volume is jam-packed with even more side-splitting jokes, gags, comic observations, heckler stoppers, one-liners and opening monologue ideas for magicians, emcees, comics, salespeople and others who need to inject humor into their presentations.

Jimmy Muir was acknowledged by many of magic's greats as the funniest guy on the planet. Whether it was performing at a huge national convention or emceeing the floor show at his San Francisco hotel, Jimmy's material was always top notch.

The original Laugh Lines booklets are sadly out of print and jealously hoarded by magicians...

★★★★★ $3
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Jimmy Muir & B. W. McCarron
How to M.C. And Put A Show Together by Jimmy Muir & B. W. McCarron

Many performers are called upon, at one time or another, to host a show. Now you can prepare yourself in advance, to deliver a dynamic and exciting performance. Whether it's for a talent show, a two-hour evening show, or a variety telethon in front of a TV audience, being the Master of Ceremonies can be a fun and rewarding experience - if you know what you're doing.

The authors, who have performed as emcees for magic shows, beauty pageants, fairs, outdoor festivals, in hotels, and on theatre stages for hundreds of performances, reveal all their tips and secrets in this easy-to-understand...

★★★★ $8
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Trevor Lewis
Orbital by Trevor Lewis

You place a prediction in view. A spectator names any number between 1 and 50. You show a deck of cards and (without cutting or any moves) you count to that number. That card matches the prediction! Easy to do. No rough and smooth. [Note: These are merely the instructions that came with the prepared deck. You will not receive any cards. But it is easy to make up your own from a couple of duplicate cards.]

1st edition 1998; PDF 1 page.

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Len Belcher
Anything You Say by Len Belcher

An unusual magical murder game. All the necessary cards are enclosed in the PDF and you can immediately print them and perform the trick.

An unusual and exciting effect for your mental act or magic show. It has much audience participation. Each of three spectators, invited up, plays a part in the enactment of an 'Orrible Murder, one being the body, one the witness and one the murderer. Each "chooses a weapon" - printed on large cards. (But you could use real articles: rope, dagger, gun, poison bottle, hammer). Cards or weapons are hidden. While this is afoot you have your back turned or...

★★★ $10
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Lost Pieces 1 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Ralf teaches four of his famous 'impossible' card designs. Everything is explained in his meticulous way. For each one you will get PDF cutting templates.

  • Linking Cards
  • Half Circle
  • Slider
  • Vortex
1st edition 2019, length 17:13
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MP4 (video)

Anthem Flint
Psychic Symphonies by Anthem Flint

What are you chasing? When you look at your show, are you leaving an indelible impression on your audience or just impressing them? Finally after years of waiting, Anthem Flint releases his personal routines that accomplish both.

Anthem is known for his Empowertainment and ability to remind audiences of their own inner power. This ebook will show you how to achieve this for your audiences and leave them smiling. But there is more than just motivational magic ... inside you'll find the inner secrets of ...

The Second Sight Act: how to develop, practice, and perform this act with a partner....

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Uli Kigele
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 38: Das Becherspiel "royal" by Uli Kigele

Routinen und Hinweise zum automatischen Becherspiel.

  • 1 Bevor Sie beginnen...
    • 1.1 Informationen zu den Requisiten
    • 1.2 Hinweise zur Pflege der Requisiten
    • 1.3 Was Sie bei der Lagerung beachten sollten
    • 1.4 Was Sie sonst noch beachten sollten
  • 2 Die Routine
    • 2.1 Was Sie benötigen
    • 2.2 Die Vorbereitung
    • 2.3 Phase I
    • 2.4 Phase II
    • 2.5 Phase III
    • 2.6 Phase IV
  • 3 Tips und Anregungen
    • 3.1 Was Sie mit einem einzelnen Becher vorführen können
    • 3.2 Was Sie mit zwei Bechern vorführen können
    • 3.3 Was Sie mit drei Bechern vorführen können

Erstausgabe 1995, 31 Seiten; erste digitale...

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