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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof June 2019 by Brian T. Lees
  • Opening in June
  • Productive Rehearsal
  • Body Language / Gestures
  • Power of 10
  • Bad Mouth
  • Reach Out to your Referrals
  • Warm Ups
  • Hand Lotion

1st edition 2019, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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J. F. Orrin
On With the Show: Part II by J. F. Orrin

Primarily stage and parlor effects with mechanical apparatus.

  • I. The Soft Spot
  • II. The Restless Matchboxes
  • III. The Spelling Spider
  • IV. Bisecting a Belle
  • V. Dressing a Lady
  • VI. The Curtain of Cards
  • VII. The Discriminating Dart
  • VIII. A Triangle Variation
  • IX. The Writing on the Slate
  • X. The Lazy Young Dog
  • XI. Painting a Picture
  • XII. The Homing Silk
  • XIII. Belling the Cat
  • XIV. Just Chance
  • XV. Making a Wand
  • XVI. A Queer Coincidence
  • XVII. Bluebeard's Bride

1st edition 1943, 47 pages; PDF 36 pages.

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J. F. Orrin
On With the Show: Part I by J. F. Orrin

Primarily stage and parlor effects with mechanical apparatus.

  • Foreword
  • I. The Dissolving Napkin Ring
  • II. The Posy From Nowhere
  • III. The Rainbow Ribbons
  • IV. Jim Pratt’s Cat
  • V. The Spelling Sphinx
  • VI. The Ghost Box
  • VII. The Diabolical Discs

1st edition 1943, 40 pages; PDF 28 pages.

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Stanley Collins
Transcendental Book Test by Stanley Collins

Effect: The book of love poems may be given for examination, opened at any page by a spectator, and whatever the number of the page is selected, spectator counts the words of this number and remembers same. Performer then picks up a paper and pencil, and predicts the word selected. This can be repeated with a different word.

Note: You will receive the force book (Anthology of Love Poems by S. Wynne Burne) as PDF. The easiest way to use it is to load it onto a phone, tablet or eReader and present it that way in electronic form to the spectators. Alternatively you can print and bind it at a...

★★★★★ $10
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Brick Tilley
The Noodle Trick by Brick Tilley

The performer extends his arm and a paper streamer appears. This is gathered up, placed in a bowl. Water is added. Using chopsticks the water is stirred, and the paper streamer transforms into real noddles you can eat. A Chinese classic.

Everything is explained in a PDF and a video.

1st edition 2019, 4 pages, video length 2:12.

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Peter Pellikaan
Twisting Version 50 by Peter Pellikaan

This is the classic twisting effect on steroids with multiple changes and a climax that hits you between the eyes. First you show four cards that have the same face and back designs, for example four kings of diamond with black backs. When you turn one king face up, they magically all are face up. Suddenly one of them turns upside down but it has a different colored back. Then two more different backs appear. Then all revert to the original backs. The climax is that all kings change to four different aces that have each a different back and each card is shown and tabled individually.


★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Stanley Collins
Deceptive Conceptions in Magic by Stanley Collins

From the Foreword:

Written entirely during my service in the Army and the major part of it whilst under shellfire at Ypres and on the Somme, this book was ready for the press save the sketches, early in 1919.

Anticipating almost immediate demobilisation, I determined to post to my home the manuscript that had been such a labour of love to me, with some small magical apparatus that had accompanied me during the campaign. I am still awaiting the arrival of that parcel.

Considerably lightened by the possession of an exceptional memory, my task of re-writing is now finished and I confidently...

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 86 (May 2019) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 15, No. 2, May 2019; 60 pages
Cover: Henry Harrius

  1. A Word From The Editor
  2. Contents
  3. The Mailbox – Your View – Have Your Say
  4. Harry Harrius - cover article/interview
  5. Masterclass
    1. 2 Out of 3 Will – Simon Caine
    2. 1809 Blank – Chiam Yu Shang
  6. cartoon – Sergey Diomin
  7. Shout Outs – Here are some special ‘extra’ announcements from a few of our regular advertisers
  8. Look The Other Way – Considering the Art of Misdirection – Mark Leveridge
  9. Club Land - Magic in South Africa – Part 2) – Ricki Gray, compiler
    • Cape Town Magicians’ Circle
    • College of Magic ...
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William W. Larsen
Fraudulent Spirit Phenomena by William W. Larsen

(Larsen is writing as Rev. Dr. Richard Straussberg)

Whether you want to haunt a house, perform a parlor seance, or entertain a private audience with a series of ghostly mysteries, this book shows you how to do it. Long out of print, this limited edition manuscript is now available to a new generation of house haunters, spirit mediums and practitioners of bizarre magick. Use these spine-chilling effects to scare the yell out of your victims. If you're a storyteller, use one or more of these macabre stunts to accentuate a horror story.

Use an effect or two to spice up your existing act....

★★★★ $12
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Perfecto One-Man Psychic Act by unknown

Now you can perform a sealed message reading psychic act, without the use of paid accomplices of any kind. Not just one, but two complete presentations are thoroughly and patiently explained.

The Question-and-Answer or "Q&A" Act is one of the most riveting that the psychic entertainer can present. Your audiences will be amazed to find that the psychic performer is able to discern their thoughts ... even though their questions remain sealed and in view in a glass bowl upon the stage. And yes, their questions can be returned after the performance.

This act is the result of years of successful...

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Ken de Courcy & Peter Pit & Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair & Ravelle and Andree
Giant Size Clever Ace by Ken de Courcy & Peter Pit & Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair & Ravelle and Andree

Four prize winning routines on the "find the ace" theme, performed with extra giant cards that you can print yourself.


The performer shows three extra giant cards. The audience are asked to follow the movements of the Ace of Diamonds, The Ace is mixed up with the two other extra giant cards shown - the Two and Three of Clubs. The audience never are able to discover the whereabouts of the elusive Ace. The Ace transposes continuously in an incredible manner even while it is in the hands of a spectator or while it is marked by a clip. The spectator himself takes the ace in...

★★★★ $8
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Jochen Zmeck
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 35: Versuchen Sie's mal by Jochen Zmeck

Eine vergnügliche magische Quizrunde.

Aus der Einleitung:

Die Anregung zu diesem Programm erhielt ich durch das Buch Opus Thirteen von Eric C. Lewis (ein Lieblingsautor von mir!). Das war doch etwas für mich: Mit Hilfe von Zaubertricks eine Parodie auf eine Quizrunde zu machen, wo doch jetzt (ich baute das Programm etwa 1968 auf) im Rundfunk, im Fernsehen und auf Unterhaltungsbühnen Quiz so groß geschrieben wird. Und bis heute hat sich daran ja nichts geändert, höchstens daß die Preise, die zu gewinnen sind, noch gigantischer geworden sind und daß das Wort Quiz häufig durch "Game-Show" ersetzt...

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Bob Cassidy
Juegos Mentales by Bob Cassidy

El legendario Bob Cassidy solía terminar su famosa actuación de mentalismo con una demostración que dejaba boquiabiertos a propios y extraños: era capaz de memorizar una baraja realmente mezclada por los espectadores en menos de quince segundos.

Este breve manual es la síntesis de décadas de trabajo para lograr ese efecto, al alcance de cualquier persona con unas capacidades mentales estándar. El sistema que aquí se describe permite memorizar secuencias completas no solo de cartas, sino de palabras nombradas al azar por espectadores, listas de objetos o cualquier otra información...

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Jon Racherbaumer
The Legendary Kabbala (1971-1981) by Jon Racherbaumer

The meaning of Kabbala, translated from Hebrew, means something received and handed down. This definition resonates. Knowledge of magic, after all, is handed down from generation to generation, from magician to magician, and from teacher to disciple. Prior to xerography and personal computers, most magical knowledge was transmitted in this primitive, semi-private, and intimate means. Word-of-mouth reigned supreme and to a certain extent still does.

The magic scene in the Seventies was a blooming, buzzing place, atwitter with contentiousness and creativity. Close-up magic, particularly with...

★★★★★ $49.50
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Alexander de Cova
California Lecture 2006 by Alexander de Cova

From the introduction:

You will find that most of my mterial is suitable for the stand-up performer. This is due to the fact that in Europe there aren't too many opportunities to work restaurants, bars and other close-up situations. We have to deal with small stand-up shows, birthday parties, wedding parties, smaller theatres and cabarets, and the like. Naturally, if you want to survive as a performer, you will have to adapt to this situation and develop suitable material. Above all, the material must be direct and to the point, because the European audiences generally don't have too much...

★★★★★ $8
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Peter Pellikaan
Queens by Peter Pellikaan

You show four Queens of heart with a red back. Suddenly the backs become blue and then all four backs change again into four completely different back designs.

You will need four Queens of Heart with four different back designs. One double backer (one back matching one of the Queen's back) and one blank face card where the back matches the other back of the double backer.

1st edition 2019, length 2min 50s

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MP4 (video)

Gregg Webb
Webb Mania by Gregg Webb

From the Foreword:

Magic is changing and a lot of the reason for this is that people's attention spans are shorter because of the pace of life today and more distractions.

We don't have the luxury of people dying for entertainment. There is too much entertainment and to compete, we have to get to the point quicker.

If you look at my magic a certain way, it is a direct result of chipping away at long tricks trying to distill them down.

The format follows Gregg's established style of illustrations and hand-lettered text.

  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Bill in Lemon XYZ
  • Three Minus One...
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Ian Baxter
Three To Consider by Ian Baxter

This ebook continues where Ian stopped with his Five Kinks series. His tinkering with classic routines continues.

Too Easy Ace Cutting sees Ian reducing sleights to an absolute minimum for this timeless favorite, adding a surprise ending.

Distinctive Side Steal describes a handling for this sleight which resolves the one fundamental problem with the move, making it far easier to acquire.

Brown's Wandering Card: Ian describes his own version here and includes a subtlety which significantly enhances the deceptiveness of Brown's routine.

1st edition 2019, 17 pages.

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #27: Triumph by Larry Brodahl

Two complete scripts and very simple handling for the Triumph effect, which not only fools people, but entertains them immensely. No difficult sleights, no gaffs, no problems.

Many versions of Triumph are either complicated and hard to follow, or gaffed, or even a knuckle buster.

Well, the author of How To Write A Script shows how he used his methodology to write 2 different scripts that explains and entertains with the Triumph effect, while technically putting it well within the reach of every magician. This ebook gives you every line, joke, piece of timing, setup and nuance of the routine.

The ebook...

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Senor Torino
Your Deck, Your Card by Senor Torino

Night club performer Tony Kardyro (Senor Torino) reveals his favorite card mysteries in this clever collection. Drawing heavily from eighteen years' experience in the night club and banquet field, Kardyro created these effects to fill modern day demands for magic, as well as professional demands of the performer. Some of the effects depend on well-known sleights that are within the capacity of any adept magician. These proven, audience-pleasing effects will prove that you're a master of mystery.

Two of the ten effects, Strange, Very Strange and Two Ace Change were called out by Walter B. Gibson as being...

★★★★ $6
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Alexander de Cova
Solidmagic Magazin 2019 Nr. 07 by Alexander de Cova

Inhalt der 7. Ausgabe:

  • Ringflight
  • Die Himber-Ringe
  • Ein Hoch auf die Doppelblankokarte
  • Action Switch
  • Klebstoffe
  • Sponge Vanishes

Erstausgabe 2019, 11 Seiten + videos

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Olaf Spell & Peter Wilker
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 34: Eine Force im Quadrat by Olaf Spell & Peter Wilker

Aus der Einleitung:

Diese Schrift handelt von einer schönen Force einer Farbe mit Hilfe eines Quadrats von 16 Feldern. Die Force taucht verschiedentlich in der Literatur auf und findet auch heute noch ihre Liebhaber. In seinem Artikel "Nirvana Numbers" im JINX 70, 1939 hat der Autor Fredric Kolb angegeben, sie stamme vom britischen Zauberer Stanley Collins (1881-1966).

Kürzlich hat der bekannte englische Zauberer David Berglas eine neue Version der Force gezeigt; ob sie von ihm selber stammt, wissen wir allerdings nicht. Angeregt durch Berglas hat der eine von uns (Olaf Spell) ein sehr handliches Requisit geschaffen,...

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(Jerry) J. K. Hartman
3 Collected Works by (Jerry) J. K. Hartman

A compilation of three manuscripts Super Dupes, Odd Lifts, and Secret Subtractions.

    • I. Informal Formulations
    • Four Sleights
    • Forgatherers
    • Foreshortenings
    • Foursomes
    • Fortuities
    • Forethoughts
    • Fore-and-afts
    • II. Guiles and Deals
    • Part One: ALL HANDS ON DECK
    • Part Two: CHEATS' FEATS
    • Part Three: MIXED TRICKS
    • I. Pull-Up Lifts
    • II. Push Back Lifts
    • III. The Green Lift
    • IV. Undercover Lift
    • V. Artificial Double Lift
    • VI. Miscellaneous
    • I. Preliminaries
    • II. The Flourish Count Technique
    • III. Secret Subtraction
    • IV. Applications
    • Final Notes ...
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Jon Racherbaumer
The Complete Gypsy Switch Handbook by Jon Racherbaumer

Note that different moves and techniques have been called 'Gypsy Switch' over the decades. See for example a technique to switch bills using an envelope: Gypsy Switch. The technique described here by Jon Racherbaumer uses a handkerchief and is mostly used with coins, but the basic technique is flexible and utilitarian, which means any object that is conveniently flat and compact can be switched for a similar object, using a handkerchief. This includes objects such as coins, poker chips, billets, cards (business and torn playing card pieces), and folded currency.

In its antecedent form this move appeared...

★★★★★ $12
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