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Neil Foster
Tops Treasury of Cigarette Magic by Neil Foster

Tricks involving lighted cigarettes, flames and lighted matches, cigars, pipes, ... All the material in this work was originally contributed to TOPS Magazine and has appeared nowhere else. Over fifty effects with cigarettes, cigars, pipes, matches and smoke! Edited by Neil Foster.

    • Number...
★★★★★ $4
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Scott F. Guinn
Canned Dunbury by Scott F. Guinn

A comedy card on seat routine with a twist.

This one is an absolute killer! Scott's Comedy Card on Seat routine uses a different method from the well-known Chuck Fayne or gaffed chair routines. The audience participant joins you up front and sits in an ordinary chair. Then, while you look away, he selects and signs a card, replaces it anywhere he wants in the deck and thoroughly shuffles the deck before returning it to you. After some fun, and very amusing byplay, the card vanishes, followed by a kick-in-the-head moment that NOBODY sees coming, before it is revealed that he is SITTING on...

★★★★★ $10
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun (all issues) by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

If you encounter something called the Magic Omnibook, then these are simply repackaged issues of Magic is Fun. I have found one where issues #1 and #2, without their covers, were stapled into one new bluish-violet cover with the title "Magic Omnibook" and a price of 25c.

★★★★★ $20
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 7 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

October-December 1947
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 7 - October-December, 1947 - 20 pages
  2. Cover - Joseph Dunninger and Marilyn Maxwell
  3. The Editor Says: This is Our Last Issue
  4. Good News! [Magic Is Fun "Bulletin"]
  5. Magic Gags
  6. Comedy Routine for Magic Light Bulb
  7. cartoon - Frank Brandt
  8. Joseph Dunninger - by Robert Orben
  9. Stretching a Rope - Robert Maslon
  10. The Travelling Silk - Matt W. Leach
  11. The Magic Banana - Jack Goldin
  12. Color Test - Sam Bauer
  13. The Seven Magicians - puzzle - N. R. Puckett
  14. The Soaring Cigarette - Allan Lambie
  15. Egg to Confetti - Fred Cress
  16. Clever Advertising Ideas...
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 6 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

July-September 1947
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 6 - July-September 1947 - 20 pages
  2. cartoon - Art Ross
  3. The Editor Says:
  4. Magic Gags
  5. Don't be a Sucker! - Mickey MavcDougal
  6. E-Z Cut and Restored Rope Trick - Charles Green
  7. Showmanship - Tommy Windsor
  8. E-Z Tricks with Cigars - Wm. C. Turtle
    • The Magnetized Cigar
    • The Acrobatic Cigar
  9. E-Z Book Test - Lee Henneberry
  10. Sensitive Fingers - Jimmy Soltis
  11. Coins from Candle - James Rhodes
  12. Inflated Money - Hubert Lambert
  13. Where There's Life - There's Hope - Billy McComb
  14. Houdini - Article 6 - Final Chapter...
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 5 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

April-June 1947
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 5 - April-June, 1947 - 28 pages
  2. Cover - Harry Blackstone and One of His Cute Tricks
  3. The Editor Says:
  4. A Subscriber Writes - R. T. Epperson
  5. Contents
  6. photo - Harry Blackstone [Sr.]
  7. Blackstone - America's No. 1 Magician
  8. Fantastic Fishing - Hubert Lambert
  9. Houdini - Part 5 - Houdini's Fight Against Fake Spiritualists - Paul Benov
    • Dr. A. M. Wilson, Editor of 'The Sphinx,' Wrote the Following Letter to Houdini
  10. Simplex - Card and Ribbon Penetration - Allen Lambie
  11. Multiplying Coins - Harold Baron
  12. Face Up Card...
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 4 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

September-December 1946
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

Un-numbered cover pages are indicated with i, ii, iii, iv.

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 4 - January-March, 1947 - 28 pages
  2. Cover - Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cardini
  3. The Editor Says:
  4. News Flash!
  5. Contents
  6. photo - Cardini
  7. Cardini, Aristocrat of Magic - Robert Orben
  8. A New Card Gimmick - Allan Lambie
  9. Remember the Magician's Code
  10. The X-Ray Match-Box - Alfred Zorn
  11. Incomparable Orson [Welles]
  12. Cutting a Woman in Half (Pocket Model Version) - Robert Rastord
  13. Secrets of Indian Magic - John Waterman
    • Article 1
  14. Blackboard Miracles ...
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 3 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

September-December 1946
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

Un-numbered cover pages are indicated with i, ii, iii, iv.

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 3 - September-December, 1946 - 28 pages
  2. cartoon - Lawless
  3. The Editor Says:
  4. Don'ts for Amateurs
  5. Contents
  6. Letters From Our Readers
  7. photo - Bill Neff
  8. 20 Years of Horror with Bill Neff
  9. Rouclere Jr. - by Jack Hale
  10. Scissors Sorcery - Larry Britenstein
  11. The Liquefied Block - Herb Davis
  12. The Strange Death of Chung Ling Soo - Robert Orben
  13. Glass and Coin Mystery - Arnold Benson
  14. Balancing a Glass on a Card - Joan Wolf
  15. How to be a Ventriloquist...
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 2 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

May-August 1946
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

Un-numbered cover pages are indicated with i, ii, iii, iv.

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 2 – May-August, 1946 – 28 pages
  2. cartoon – Art Ross
  3. The Editor Says:
  4. Contents
  5. Our Readers Say:
  6. photo – Dell O’Dell
  7. Dell O’Dell, Queen of Magic – Robert Orben
  8. Mind Reading DeLuxe – D. C. Luther
  9. Mental Telephony – W. H. Radcliffe
  10. cartoon – Art Ross
  11. Wartime Wizardry – by Aden
  12. Magic Cones
  13. Hindu String Trick
  14. The Mirror Card
  15. Houdini Speaks – Joan Wolf
  16. Broken and Restored Match
  17. A Trick with Dice
  18. Smelling a Card
  19. The Siberian...
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Irv Feldman & David Robbins
Magic is Fun issue 1 by Irv Feldman & David Robbins

March-April 1946
Irv Feldman and David Robbins, editors

Un-numbered cover pages are indicated with i, ii, iii, iv.

  1. Magic Is Fun, Promotional Mailing

  1. Magic Is Fun, Number 1 - March-April, 1946 - 28 pages
  2. To Our Readers - A Statement of Policy - David Robbins
  3. Magic Is Fun - Irv Feldman
  4. Contents
  5. photo - Harry Houdini
  6. Greatest of Them All ... Houdini - Biography - Paul Benov
  7. Mental Music - Al Davids
  8. Dictionary Mind Reading - Alan Stuart
  9. Blackboard Miracles
    • Prediction Extraordinary
    • Get Rich Quick!
    • The Magic Clock
  10. World's Busiest Magician - Al Flosso
  11. Fortune...
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Unknown Mentalist
The Unswami by Unknown Mentalist

You will get 3 more ebooks FREE Luck Maker, Dream Seal and Swamirakle with this.

From the introduction by Marc Salem

When I read the very first release manuscript (Karma Deck) by the Unknown Mentalist, I was entranced. His knowledge, insight, effects and their methodology were first rate. Beginners luck, I thought. And then I read more of his subsequent releases, it was terrific. Can one man really be putting out this much quality material? I was almost shaken.

And now the swami gimmick, my bread and butter......I hope the Unknown Mentalist asks me to collaborate on a swami effect or two. I respect...

★★★★★ $36
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Mark E. Beck
The Emulators by Mark E. Beck


The spectator selects a card from the performer’s deck and does not reveal it to the performer until requested to do so. The performer then shows a packet of four Jokers to the spectator, displaying the faces and backs of all four cards. He then asks the spectator to wave his selected card over the Jokers he is holding in his hand. When the performer turns the packet face up and displays the cards, they are no longer Jokers! Instead, all four cards are now identical to the spectator’s selected card!

But that’s not all! When the performer squares the four cards back together,...

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Alexander George
Flip and Tell by Alexander George

An impromptu piece of close-up mentalism that uses no gimmicks in which you demonstrate clairvoyance (or mind-reading), then your participant does - and then you finally show that you had predicted everything!

The effect: You and your participant each have a collection of coins before you on a table. You and she take turns secretly flipping over your own coins until she is completely satisfied that neither of you could possibly know the heads-tails orientation of the other’s coins. You now cover a coin of yours and she covers one of hers. Yet you are able to tell the orientation of her...

★★★ $6
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Gerard Zitta
Predestination by Gerard Zitta

This effect is a variation of an effect called ACAT (Any Card At Any Time), extracted from CLUE ebook. It can be presented with playing cards, or special cards (like the Vernet PSImbol deck, or movies (like Directors's cut or Screen test), French postcards, etc.), or just with blank index cards or your own business cards (with drawings, symbols, words, numbers, etc. on the back). It is not a card trick, but rather a mystery or paradox.

It is hands-off, automatic, self-working, can be done over the phone or sight unseen, stand up, close up or stage (with jumbo cards). It is easy, practical, and...

★★★★ $10
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John Holt
Working Progress: tricks I do for money by John Holt

Working Progress is a short ebook of six tricks that I use when working for real, live human beings. They're all practical tricks that work in pretty much any performing environment you could possibly find yourself.

Inside you'll find a cool transposition that you'll love to perform, a chop cup routine which includes TWO fabulous endings that get round the awkward "putting the lemons back into your pocket" reset moment, a great use for the Phil deck that you can use for parlour performances or to open a set at a house party, plus there's a routine for the card to wallet that doesn't foreshadow...

★★★★★ $10
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Ferry Gerats
Astro Gems by Ferry Gerats

Divination of Zodiac sign involving a chart with the gems that are in accordance with astrology allocated to the star signs. Uses the branching anagram principle. A version of Bob Farmer's "Fate Accompli".

Effect: You reveal the zodiac-sign of someone you never met.

This is what happens:

A participant is handed a chart with all the zodiac signs and the gemstones which on the basis of astrology are allocated to these signs. While the participant focuses on the name of the gemstone of his sign, the mentalist first discloses some letters of that name and then reveals his zodiac sign.



★★★★★ $15
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Abhinav Bothra
A Thought Left Unsaid by Abhinav Bothra

A thought of card is conveyed to everyone (without writing down or uttering a single word) while the performer has his back towards the audience.

Once done, the performer turns back asks a couple of unrelated questions and hesitatingly pulls out a single card from a deck of playing cards. And that happens to be their thought of card.

  • No stooges or confederates
  • Borrowed deck
  • Angle proof (can be done surrounded)
  • Super easy to do

1st edition 2016, 6 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Dee Christopher
Triptic by Dee Christopher

A professional routine. An ingenious gimmick. A versatile new take on a classic principle of mentalism.

"This is brilliant!" - Titanas
Triptic represents a package that has been evolving in concept for some time. It takes a basic principle in mentalism and turns it on it's head, burying it deeper mechanically and psychologically.

The effect is simple; three audience members are asked three questions. The performer is able to, without a doubt, prove that he knew what they were going to answer before they did.

This is a piece that is especially well suited for audiences at small after-dinner...

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Unknown Mentalist
Coin'cidence by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of this ebook can get Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence for half price.

This is a routine which defies categorization. It is inexplicably weird and amazingly powerful.

It can be performed with your own coins or borrowed coins. With your own business cards or borrowed business cards. It can be performed with real coins or even with imaginary coins.

The performer makes a prediction on the back of his business card and keeps it face down in full view right before commencing the routine. A participant is asked to make a free choice from among 5 coins, real or imaginary. After the participant lands on a coin,...

★★★★ $18
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Ronald Levy & Devin Knight
The NTE Principle by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

A card feat that can be done over the radio. The magician shows the audience how to program their deck into a smart deck and proceeds to locate everyone's chosen card over the radio. A great publicity stunt that will get you booked on radio shows.

"Very deceptive, very nice!" - Tom Craven
The NTE Principle is a self-working hands-off effect that can be done over a cell phone, in a room full of people or even over the radio for thousands of people at the same time. It's an amazing effect where people select a playing card, lose it into the deck and then the magician is able to locate the card without...
★★★★★ $8
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Nic Holson
Heads I Win - Positively by Nic Holson

To date there are many incarnations of this classic in mentalism by Max Maven in his videomind series positive / negative, who credits Larry Becker with the original idea, so what is this one all about?

In Heads I Win - Positively you get the opportunity to demonstrate as close as you can get real thought reading. You will actually be reading your spectators thoughts while they carry out the effect; I show you how. The principal method for this part of the effect is used by us all everyday yet we don't notice it.

Your spectator does not need to tell you the coin they have chosen to use until the...

★★★★★ $16
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Franz (Ronnay) Rosensteiner
Card Magic: eine Collection von Originellen Prinzipien und Effekten by Franz (Ronnay) Rosensteiner

Ronnay (Franz Rosensteiner) ist besonders durch seine tollen Kleinpäckchentricks bekannt geworden. Dieses Werk jedoch widmet sich ausschliesslich Kartentricks mit einem vollständigen Spiel. Ronnay beschreibt auch einige Griffe die besonders praktisch sind.

  • Die letzte Karte
  • Die letzte Karte II Version
  • Die gewählte Karte erscheint
  • Die zwei fremden Karten
  • Eine unmögliche Vorraussage
  • Eine unmögliche Voraussage - Version Nr. 2
  • Eine unmögliche Voraussage - Version Nr. 3
  • Eine gedachte Zahl
  • Die 3 buchstabierten Karten
  • Ein unerklärliches Kartenfinden
  • Der Slip-Cut auf dem Tisch
  • Der...
★★★★★ $20
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Zee J. Yan
Rainbow Unicorn by Zee J. Yan

Three impromptu close-up mentalism routines with strong impact and one extremely mind-baffling and tightly structured 10 minute stage mentalism routine.

Using a smartphone as a billet.

Tips and ideas on swami gimmick so you can carry it with you without special storing devices.

Making an extremely deceptive peek device with only 35 cent or less (literally 35 cent or less)

Turning an everyday wallet into a peek wallet without damaging it.

[Note: If you already own Greetings by Zee J. Yan, then you won't need this ebook.]

1st edition 2016, 66 pages.

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Rob Roy
Easy Card Magic by Rob Roy

If you haven't a voice like Sinatra or Crosby; if you can't tickle the risibility of people as do Hope or Umbrioggo; if you can't dance like Arthur Murray, don't fret! You can still be the life of the party if you know a few simple card tricks ... tricks that are sure to baffle your friends and keep them entertained and guessing no end.

The card tricks in this ebook are unusual and clever. All you need do is follow the instructions. You don't have to concern yourself with intricate sleight of hand maneuvers. You don't have to be born a magician. no special skill or previous practice is required....

★★★★ $3
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