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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 84 (Jan 2019) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 14, No. 6, January 2019; 60 pages
Cover: Alan Hudson

  1. A Word From The Editor
  2. Contents
  3. The Mailbox - Your View - Have Your Say
  4. One Liners to Cheer You Up!
  5. Ricky Jay Remembered, From The Wings: An Assistant's Thoughts On The Late Magician - Chris Klimek
  6. In The Phonebox with Don Johnson
  7. Masterclass
    1. Deck Flip Aces - Chiam Yu Sheng
    2. Trans Post-It - Fritz Alkemade
  8. Performance Contracts & Cancellation Clauses - Are they worth the trouble - Mark Leveridge
  9. Advertorial - Getting the Balance Right
    • Competition Time!
  10. Show A Bit Of Character - excerpt from "Be More Funny!"...
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Mailáth Agoston
Der Zauberkünstler auf der Höhe der Zeit by Mailáth Agoston

Ein Zyklus effektvollster Salonpiècen für Dilettanten und Künstler. Erklärung der neuesten Taschenspieler- und Kartenkunststücke, von jedermann ohne Kenntnis besonderer Kunstgriffe ausführbar. Mit 50 Illustration. Anhang: Die Geheimnisse der Falschspieler.

  • Einleitung
  • I. Magische Salonpiècen.
    • Das Verschwinden der Handschuhe.
    • Einer Person aus dem Auditorium den Zauberstab in den Mund zu schieben.
    • Die wunderbare Verwandlung.
    • Die Wunder-Tüte.
    • Die wunderbare Eiervermehrung.
    • Das verschwundene Geldstück.
    • Ein brennendes Talglicht zu verzehren.
    • Körper-Magnetismus.
    • Das schnelle...
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Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 22: Meine drei besten Kartenroutinen by Punx

Vom Vorwort:

Wenn man eine Routine 50 Jahre lang immer wieder vorführt, dann muß sie gut sein, und wenn sie es nicht ist, dann wird sie in Tausenden von Vorführungen gut.

  • Vorwort
  • Der 2-Männertrick
  • 12 Karten Durch Den Ärmel
  • Kartensteiger Nach Victor

Erstausgabe 1985, 24 Seiten; erste digitale Ausgabe 2019, 24 Seiten.

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Aldo Colombini
I Tre Orsacchiotti by Aldo Colombini

Le belle routines per bambini piccoli non sono molte . In questo introvabile e raro libretto che risale agli albori della sua vita artistica il grande Aldo ci mostra l’Arte di prendere un vecchio classico trucco e trasformarlo in un eccellente routine per bambini. Si tratta del classico gioco delle tre corde disuguali che divengono uguali e viceversa.

La routine, adatta ad un pubblico di scuola materna e scuola elementare, è completa di tutto lo svolgimento e della divertente presentazione che ne fa, come Aldo stesso dice, oro puro nelle mani di un artista. Poche pagine ma di grande valore....

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Aldo Colombini
Corde 2 by Aldo Colombini

Due routines che possono essere un numero intero. Niente da trasportare. Niente tavolino. Entri in scena con tutto in tasca. Due corde e un foulard ..ed il pubblico è tuo. Finalmente di nuovo disponibile questo introvabile volumetto di Aldo.

Routine con una corda: l'artista mostra un pezzo di corda con un nodo al centro. Il nodo è tagliato e le due corde annodate. Il nodo scorre lungo la corda e poi viene staccato lasciando la corda intera. Le due estremità della corda sono annodate e il centro viene tagliato: ancora la corda diventa intera!

Tre effetti diversi su due “corde tagliate...

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Aldo Colombini
Alle Carte T' Alleni Li Nella Tetra Cella by Aldo Colombini

17 routines cartomagiche di grande impatto, facili da eseguire.

Questo libro di Aldo Colombini, il quinto della serie “Cartomagia commerciale”, contiene delle splendide routines alcune delle quali sono dei veri reputation maker. La descrizione che segue, per ragioni di spazio, non rende giustizia ai bellissimi effetti che trovate svelati e descritti con la solita dovizia in questo libro. Le meraviglie cominciano già con il titolo che è una frase palindroma ( si può leggere sia da sinistra a destra che da destra a sinistra…) per proseguire poi, dopo un introduzione di John Bannon,...

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Dave Arch
Water Wizardry by Dave Arch

This offering represents a small part of my passionate journey to document just how much entertaining magic can be created with two paper sacks, a bottle of water, and a paper cup. I would feel badly having simple ideas like this one get lost over time under a growing pile of more expensive gimmicks, books, and DVD's. In furtherance of this quest of mine, please also visit my new monthly column Craft Store Magic in The Linking Ring magazine where I document ideas for turning your local craft store into your very own local brick and mortar magic store.

1st edition 2019, length 7 min

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof February 2019 by Brian T. Lees
  • Privacy Policy
  • Take It or Leave It Magic
  • The 80/20 Rules
  • Insurance
  • Affordable Conventions
  • Magic Trunk
  • Can You Work Without Your Tricks?
  • Sponge Care
  • Over Practice

1st edition 2019, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Telepathic Coin Triangle by Armandi

A subtle principle that allows you to guess the colors of the spots hidden under three borrowed coins. Print yourself the provided picture and you are immediately ready to perform.

From Holland comes this superb close up mental magic miracle invented by one of the cleverest magical inventors, Armandi. You show a square sheet of paper on which is printed a triangle with a surrounding ring. At the points of the triangle are different colored spots. Give the sheet to a spectator and turn your back. Instruct him to put the paper on the table with the picture face up. With the square lying on...

★★★★★ $4
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Milbourne Christopher
More Tips On Tricks by Milbourne Christopher

Pro magician and author Milbourne Christopher reveals even more favorite tips, ideas, gags, patter and effects from his own shows. Get extra mileage from the magic effects you already own.

This ebook picks up from where his earlier book, Tips on Tricks, leaves off - with no duplication of material. Just practical, tested material for any performer. At this low price, we think it's one of the finest values in magic today.

"One of the most practical brochures on magic I've ever seen. 'More Tips on Tricks' is crammed with material which has obviously been performance tested." - Wm. W. Larsen, Sr.

"A fine volume full...

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Raphaël Czaja
Spelling Butterfly by Raphaël Czaja

A multi-prediction spelling effect with an unexpected climax!

EFFECT: The magician introduces a stack of predictions to demonstrate the spectator and him are connected through their favorite playing card.

Using a regular deck, the spectator combines the suit and the value of two selections to create a playing card only known to him. Then, he mentally spells its name as the magician deals one card for each letter. He stops him at the last letter/card which is turned face up: The 2♣. The magician spells out the 2♣ to get to another card and so on, until he runs out of cards. The face-up...

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Norman Hoole & J. J. Shepherd
Original Magical Novelties by Norman Hoole & J. J. Shepherd

A Selection of novel magical problems from the repertoires of Norman Hoole and J. J. Shepherd: "All the items have been presented in public with success, which fact speaks more than pages of self-recommendation."

  • Rainbow Ribbons
  • A Useful Suggestion
  • The Flight
  • A Novel Production
  • Mirrors Of Mystery
  • Merely Illusive
  • A Visible Transit
  • Cameos In Cambric
  • A Financial Catastrophe
  • The Fourth Assistant
  • The Pass Superseded
  • Silk And Sorcery
  • A Little Surprise
  • Paper-Gate Castle
  • The "N. H." Wine & Water Problem

1st edition 1921, 24 pages; PDF 22 pages.

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Bernard Carton
Conjuring for Connoisseurs by Bernard Carton
  • Foreword
  • Useful Tables
  • Two Flag Tricks
  • The Vice Versa Candles
  • A Soaples Case
  • Bouquet Production
  • A Useful Accessory for the Okito Tumbler
  • The Magic of Millinery
  • A Box for Vanishing, Exchanging, or Producing
  • Novel Wand Production
  • A Rag Picture Combination
  • A Card Banner
  • Palming a Coin
  • The Magic Drinks
  • Cigar and Candle
  • The Hole in the Stocking
  • Fire Flashes

1st edition 1921, 32 pages; PDF 22 pages.

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Wesley James
I'll Pass by Wesley James

Wesley James has been seriously analyzing, studying, and improving the Pass for well over 50 years. In this volume his efforts are fully revealed for the first time.

When other magicians, even experts, have witnessed Wesley perform many of his treatments of the Pass, they've been incredulous. They simply can't believe the Pass, any Pass, can be as invisible as they are in Wesley's hands. Now, in this large volume, you can learn these invisible, indetectable Passes, as well as the most deceptive Shifts that can be performed at the card table, including the legendary "Ping Pong Shift."


★★★★ $60
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Ken de Courcy
Pasteboard Prowler by Ken de Courcy

A "Coin Assembly" with a signed and torn playing card with a surprising finish.

EFFECT: A spectator shuffles a pack then removes a card. The card is signed on the face by the spectator and torn into four quarters, and then an indifferent card is shown and laid aside face down on the table. One at a time the four quarters of the chosen card are vanished and reappear under the indifferent card. When the fourth corner should have arrived, however, there is nothing at all under the card ... all four have vanished. When the card is turned over, it is found to be the chosen card, complete with...

★★★★ $6
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Michael Daniels
Almagest by Michael Daniels

Almagest is a simple, completely propless, star sign divination.

Almagest allows you to very easily determine a spectator's star sign while giving an engaging palmistry reading.

  • Completely propless
  • Nothing is written down
  • Works in any language
  • No preshow
  • No anagrams, verbal chicanery, or dual reality
  • No numerical calculations by spectator or performer
  • Simple memory work that incorporates traditional astrological principles and interpretation

1st edition 2019, 10 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Bruce Carlley
Hold'em Poker Stacked Decks by Bruce Carlley

You will learn stacks for 2 - 10 players which allow you to do the following:

Presentation: Bring out the card case and remove the cards. Briefly show the cards and hand the deck to one of the players. Have them cut the deck. And cut again. State that you think he (or she) is lucky and let them deal. He deals and he wins! They have no explanation. He cut the cards and dealt and you did not touch the deck after he cut the cards.

1st edition 2019, 16 pages.

★★★★★ $6
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
A Table Lamp Floats by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is included in Grant's Lost Illusion Secrets.

At last, anyone can own a floating lamp. You can have one right in your living room or den with no special lamp to buy. Yes, one of the lamps sitting around your home now can be made into a floating lamp for a few dollars.

EFFECT: Spectators see an ordinary lamp sitting on a table. You produce a covering cloth and place it over the lamp. The lamp then seems to float right up into space, high over their heads or down near the floor in a very strange manner. After its flight, it glides back to the table and once again comes to rest. This is actually what they see,...

★★★★ $2
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Louis v. Alvensleben
Der Wohlbewanderte Kartenkünstler by Louis v. Alvensleben

Anleitung zu mehr als hundert überraschenden Kartenkunststücken.

  • Vorwort
  • Vorbemerkung
  • I. Abtheilung. Kartenkunststücke ohne Vorbereitung.
    • 1. Fünf Karten, die von fünf verschiedenen Personen gemerkt worden sind, zu nennen.
    • 2. Eine von fünfzehn Karten in den Sinn genommene zu nennen.
    • 3. Eine von Jemand gezogene und heimlich besehene Karte schnell aufzufinden.
    • 4. Auf neun Karten, in drei Reihen zu drei Blättern gelegt, noch drei Karten so zu legen, daß in jeder horizontalen oder senkrechten Reihe sich vier Karten befinden.
    • 5. Zwei Karten zu errathen, welche zwei Personen aus...
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Herbert-Martin Paufler
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 21: Mixtum Compositum by Herbert-Martin Paufler

Szenische Mikromagie vom Feinsten.

Aus dem Vorwort von Eckhard Böttcher:

"'Chemie ist, wenn's stinkt'; wenn's aber geheimnisvoll blitzt und raucht, dann ist's Paufler!" schrieb Erich Kluge vor vielen Jahren in der MAGIE und sagte mit diesen wenigen Worten in lustiger Weise etwas über das Steckenpferd aus, das Zauberfreund Herbert Paufler innerhalb unserer schönen Zauberkunst so vortrefflich zu reiten versteht.

Was Herbert Paufler an reizvollen und hervorragenden magischen Effekten schuf und entwickelte, ist nicht nur erstaunlich und wohl einmalig - es ist auch nicht mehr zu zählen.

  • VORWORT ...
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Samuel Berland & T. A. Whitney
New Applause Winning Tricks by Samuel Berland & T. A. Whitney

Here are more beautifully routined professional effects to add to your act, from the minds of Berland and Whitney. The experts agree that the effects in this book are applause-getters. We concur, as well. Not just one or two, but seven separate routines that you'll want to put to use right away. The crystal-clear illustrations by Herb Borin and Mickey O'Malley make it easy to follow every move.

Just look at what's included:

Super Card Impalement - A card stab effect using two knives that reveal the selected cards from a pair of spectators.

Triple Magical Surprise - Three lit cigarettes...

★★★★★ $6
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Ryan Shaw
Your Card Isn't Here? by Ryan Shaw

This trick starts out as a display of the power of chance. A card is selected by the roll of dice. The magician doesn't know what the card even is. He spreads the cards and picks four random cards face down. One of the four cards is picked randomly, and the magician declares that it will be the card the spectator picked. When its not the right card, the magician makes up for it by making the card first disappear from the deck entirely, and reappear in his shoe.

Note that you will need to purchase a gimmick for under $10. Ryan provides a link where you can buy this particular gimmick.


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Val Andrews
The Great Carmo by Val Andrews

The Colossus of Mystery.

  • The Author's Acknowledgements
  • Finding A Gravestone
  • CHAPTER ONE: I Discover "The Great Carmo"
  • CHAPTER TWO: From Cameron To Carmo
  • CHAPTER THREE: Learning The Ropes, The Hard Way
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Servais Le Roy
  • CHAPTER FIVE: "Alma"
  • CHAPTER SEVEN: The Big Circus
  • CHAPTER EIGHT: The Canvas Inferno
  • CHAPTER NINE: The Last Ditch Fight
  • CHAPTER TEN: Every Night, Something Awesome

1st edition 2001, 80 pages; 1st digital edition 2019, 53 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Val Andrews
Magic of Christmas by Val Andrews

Val Andrews sent this booklet to his customers during the 1988 Christmas season. It features stories and recollections involving Christmas and magic.

  • It's the Thought that Counts!
  • The Christmas when 'Pimpo' came to Brighton
  • Christmas Day in the Workhouse
  • A Gathering of Greats
  • Abanazer

1st edition 1988, 12 pages; PDF 14 pages.

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