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Gregg Webb
The Magic Jones by Gregg Webb

The format follows Gregg's established style of illustrations and hand-lettered text. The material is classic Gregg Webb.

"I found the latest E-books from Gregg Webb, S.O.H.O., The Shade, and Lizard Wizard's Diary, to be refreshingly different. The books are "hand-written" in journal style and contain simple but clear illustrations. Not only are they a fun read, but also contain top notch practical magic." - John Luka
  • 4 Word
  • 1 Ping Chien
  • One-way Pip
  • Wee-Jah
  • Coin Productions
  • The "Real Work" on Vanishing a Card or Block of Cards
  • Torn and Restored Cards Revisited
  • Another Torn and Restored Card
  • A Platform Coin Trick ...
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Michael Kociolek
The Expert Bundle by Michael Kociolek

Three wonderful ebooks on card magic for one low price.

★★★★★ $18
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Michael Kociolek
The Expert by Michael Kociolek

The spectator names any number of hands, any rank of poker hand he wants, and which player should get the named hand. The performer states that he will deal the best hand of the chosen rank, and he fulfills the spectator's request. Everything from a genuinely shuffled deck. No palms, no magnets. Just good old, gluten-free card sharping.

This is one of many effects that can be performed after reading The Expert.

This 64-page ebook covers the history of the Any Poker Hand Called For plot, Michal's modified version of the stack, and how to quickly and invisibly set it up from a shuffled deck....

★★★★ $10
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Will Andrade
Simplified Card Fanning by Will Andrade

An illustrated manuscript on card fanning techniques.

This original manuscript was supplied by Will Andrade in conjunction with the fanning deck ("Ultra Pack") they supplied. While certain design descriptions are specific to the deck that Will Andrade sold, the techniques can be applied to other fanning decks.

PDF 7 pages

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Salvador Molano Ollivera
Gravity Card by Salvador Molano Ollivera

A freely chosen card levitates on top of the deck. Then another card is passed under the levitating card to prove that there is no connection at all, you can look through and see that it is in the air.

Please note that the explanation video has no verbal explanation. It includes a couple of inserted lines of text, and the rest is purely a visual explanation. Building the gimmick will require some time and effort, and you will most likely have to buy some supplies, but it is not particularly difficult to make.

1st edition 2019, length 18 minutes.

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MP4 (video)

Eckhard Böttcher
Magiro by Eckhard Böttcher

Ein Leben für die Zauberkunst: Matthias Weißl (12. November 1940 - 24. August 2015)

Aus dem Vorwort:

Mit diesem Werk möchte ich Ihnen einen Überblick über das Erfinder-Genie Magiro geben. Bei der Sichtung aller Unterlagen, die mir von Magiros Erfindungen und genialen Verbesserungen zur Verfügung standen, konnte ich leider nur einen Bruchteil in diesem Buch wiedergeben. Schließlich sind es über 400 Zaubertricks, die Magiro im Laufe seiner langjährigen Zauberkarriere erdacht und erfunden hat.

Sein Name wird in einem Atemzug mit anderen genialen Trickerfindern genannt, wie z....

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Rolf Merkl
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 24: Wörterlotto by Rolf Merkl

Aus dem Vorwort:

Die nachfolgenden Beschreibungen sind zumeist Abwandlungen bekannter Kartenkunststücke. Um sie für "Wörterlotto" nutzbar zu machen, mußte ich sie einmal zusammenstellen. Erst durch sie, können Sie Wörterlotto optimal nutzen.

Sicherlich werden Sie auch neue, weiterführende Ideen in dieser Arbeit entdecken. Wenn ich Sie hiermit zu neuen Ideen ansporne, dann hat diese Arbeit sich gelohnt. Denn die Zauberei lebt nur durch neue Ideen und Varianten.

  • Vorwort
  • Der Fehldruck
  • Das Preisausschreiben
  • Recycling
  • Die harmonisch Verkehrten
  • Ein Pseudogeheimnis
  • Der Wörterbaum ...
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Salvatore Cimo
Enciclopedia Cartomagica by Salvatore Cimo

La carriera di Padre Salvatore Cimò (1912 – 1985), come scrittore di testi dedicati ai giochi di prestigio, ebbe inizio nel 1958 con la pubblicazione del gigantesco volume ENCICLOPEDIA CARTOMAGICA nel quale sono stati raccolti centinaia e centinaia di effetti magici con le carte corredati da 215 illustrazioni.

Nonostante siano trascorsi più di 60 dalla sua prima e unica pubblicazione, i contenuti di questo volume sono sempre attuali e nei tanti giochi, descritti dall’Autore, si nascondono astuti principi e varie sottigliezze che arricchiranno, sicuramente, il bagaglio culturale di ogni...

★★★★ $23
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Dave Arch
Suzy the Psychic Fish by Dave Arch

If you ever have the occasion to perform by a lake, ocean or river and would like to present a memorable performance piece, you might be happy you've downloaded and read this. The last time the author performed it he was on a pontoon boat in the middle of a lake.

The magician introduces his mind reading fish - swimming unconcerned in a small plastic bag. The fish is released into the water and then performs an extraordinary feat of dramatic mind reading prowess.

1st edition 2019, 2 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Nick Conticello
The Cerebral Approach: Book Six: Lucky Locator by Nick Conticello

Nick Conticello wraps up his latest series with an effect which will amaze laypeople and fracture magicians!

Working with a shuffled, borrowed deck, the performer looks through it to find a "lucky locator card." After some shuffling a volunteer cuts the pack, counts off ten cards and thinks of one, then buries the counted cards in the deck and cuts it. The performer runs through the deck and takes out the lucky locator. He begins describing the locator to the person who selected the card. Sometimes he's lucky and the locator card is the selection. Sometimes he's not, so he spells out a phrase...

★★★★ $6
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Dave Arch
Capture the Coin by Dave Arch

You can almost smell the popcorn and hear the screams from the roller coaster as the magician unfolds the game board to demonstrate this seldom seen scam entitled Capture The Coin. With two coins placed on a checkerboard-like mat, the mark attempts to beat the game operator by moving in turn their coins one square at a time. If the mark successfully eludes the operator's coin from catching (moving into the same intersection of the lines as his), the mark wins. If the operator corners the mark's coin and then moves his coin into the same intersection of lines as the mark's coin, the operator...

★★★★★ $5
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Jimmy Muir
Laugh Lines 5 by Jimmy Muir

Need more laughs in your act? Jimmy Muir has the answer with this, the fifth volume in the hilarious Laugh Lines series, with yet more jokes, gags, comic observations, one-liners and opening monologue ideas for magicians, emcees, comedians and other entertainers.

Jimmy Muir was acknowledged by many of magic's greats as the funniest guy on the planet. Whether it was performing at a huge national convention or emceeing the floor show at his San Francisco hotel, Jimmy's material was always top notch.

The original Laugh Lines booklets are sadly out of print and jealously hoarded by magicians...

★★★★★ $3
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Ray Roch
The Impossible Coin in Bottle by Ray Roch

A very well constructed method and routine for the classic coin in the bottle effect which does use a solid coin.

Even though there are many good routines, they all seem to have flaws. Most detrimental is the fact that a folding coin’s elastic band can break at an inopportune time, and another problem is that whenever a performer has to access a pocket to retrieve or ditch a coin it becomes a suspicious move.

These problems are dealt with nicely during Ray Roch’s Impossible coin in the Bottle routine. The hands never leave the performance area and always remain in sight. A solid coin...

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Dave Arch
Tic Tac Toe Top Secret by Dave Arch

Imagine challenging an entire room of people to simultaneous games of Tic Tac Toe (aka. Noughts and Crosses). Everyone plays against you at the same time, and you boldly state that you will not lose one game in the room. You could even be blindfolded. True to your word you don't lose one of the games.

Although you won't always win (some will be a draw), you won't ever lose when you apply this fool-proof system known to very few.

This is not a gag but rather a proven system for pulling off a demonstration of just what's possible when you commit yourself to consistently work a proven plan. ...

★★★★ $5
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Within the Dark Circle by unknown

This hard-to-find text on trumpet mediumship and fraudulent spiritism is now updated and better than ever.

Audiences enjoy seeing the psychic entertainer reveal the inside secrets of fraudulent mediums. And now, thanks to this rare old manuscript, you can. We love the title, for it really sets the mood, as the manifestations described take place in the dark, around the séance table. This is just the ticket for hosting a regular series of entertaining séances at your home, or that of your client.

And that's not all. Only in this edition is revealed a modern-day source for obtaining a...

★★★★★ $15
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Bob Farmer
Cheat! The Sequel by Bob Farmer

Still No Skill? Still Absolutely No Problem!

"This one is really, really good." - Mike K.

Seldom does a card trick leave your audience groveling at your feet, women throwing themselves at you and the IRS auditing your tax returns. Sure, parting the Red Sea may be more impressive, but after your hands, in a dazzling digital jitterbug, cut five packets to reveal four Aces and a Queen - and then top that by immediately reassembling the deck and cutting another five packets to reveal a Royal Flush - well, even Moses would have to acknowledge, that's pretty damn slammin'.

And that's just...

★★★★ $15
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Ken de Courcy
Super Spell by Ken de Courcy

Instantly find any card called for by spelling out its name. No sleight of hand requested. No force.

This is Ken's version of "Magic Spell" by Hen Fetsch. Although it looks incredible, with a simple preparation of the deck you will be able to immediately find any card named by someone in the audience simply by spelling it. You will be able to do this with different spectators one after the other. Yes you can take out the pack of cards and spell any of the 52 cards...and, yes, the Joker too.

In the complete instructions by Ken de Courcy you will find in detail how to do the simple preparation...

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Henry Hay
Zaubern müßte man können by Henry Hay

19 Lektionen für angehende Zauberkünstler. Einem Magier über die Schulter geguckt: Die Schule der Taschenspieler.

Henry Hay, ein Meister seiner Zunft, weist Sie in die Magie der Schwarzen Kunst ein. Daß Zauberei eine Frage der Fingerfertigkeit (und Geschwindigkeit) ist, das erfährt der Zauberlehrling schon mit der ersten Lektion. Schritt für Schritt enthüllt Henry Hay die Geheimnisse vieler Tricks und Zauberkunststücke - etwa: wie man eine Zigarette verschwinden läßt, am laufenden Band Seidentücher herbeizaubert oder durch verschlossene Kuverts liest.

Das alles erzählt Henry...

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Christoph-Joachim Schröder
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 23: Die drei Zappzerapps by Christoph-Joachim Schröder

Eine Kinderprofiroutine.

Aus dem Vorwort von Eckhard Böttcher:

Mit diesem Manuskript hat Herr C.J. Schröder eine ausgefeilte Routine mit einer Schale und Schwammbällen zu Papier gebracht - speziell gedacht für die Vorführung vor Kindern. Die Routine ist aus der Praxis in unzähligen Vorführungen entstanden und sollte deshalb auch sehr genau studiert werden. Jedes wichtige Detail wurde beschrieben und muß entsprechend beachtet werden.

    • Utensilien
    • Vorbereitung
    • Vorführung
    1. Kleinkinder- bzw. Kurzversion
    2. Tip von Heinz Karany ...
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Kevin Parker
Parallel by Kevin Parker

Blur the line between coincidence and prediction. A creation Kevin Parker kept secret until now.

The spectator stops you on any card as you deal cards into their hand face-down, and the card they stop on matches the card in their other hand, e.g. 2 black aces or etc. The apparent impossibility of this is reinforced by the fact the deck is normal with 52 different cards which they shuffled beforehand; no deck switches. The deck they examine/shuffle is the same deck dealt into their hand, which they can examine before and after, leaving them with no explanation.

  • requires no special decks...
★★★★★ $8.50
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MP4 (video)

Brick Tilley
Quick Linking Rings by Brick Tilley

You use a trio of three inch craft store hoops in an up-to-date routine that takes less than thirty seconds to perform. By resisting the temptation to overdo this classic you will surprise audiences with a modern day upgrade. Includes a tutorial video.

1st edition 2019, video length 47s

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Aldo Colombini
The Brat Pack by Aldo Colombini

[A less detailed version of this trick can be found in Direct Hits.

Three strong effects with an unexpected climax. This routine can last for several minutes and although it is very easy to perform, you will produce three strong effects due to the gimmicked deck that you can easily prepare in ten minutes.


The performer shows a deck and shuffles it. A card is selected by a spectator and openly placed in the middle of the deck. A coin is vanished. The deck is cut and on the bottom portion there is the vanished coin. Below the coin is the selected card.

Another card is selected and replaced in the deck. The words WHO IS THE GREATEST MAGICIAN?...

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #24: Seeing cards with the Fingertips by Larry Brodahl

Script(s) and full handling on a routine for finding cards with your fingertips. Plays for duos, or solo performers in parlor, stage, or even closeup. Performance video included.

Effect: The magician has 3 cards selected from a red deck. A spectator has also shuffled a blue deck. From that blue deck, the magician finds the exact same cards selected from the red deck using just his sensitive fingers.

A trick and variations on the script for:

  • a duo act where one person plays the mystic, and the other is an interpreter.
  • an act where the assistant gets the credit for doing the trick. ...
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Devin Knight
Undetectable Stooges by Devin Knight

This is a fascinating PDF that should be in every magician’s reference library. This contains new material never revealed before by Devin Knight. Imagine that you can create effects so impossible, that the only solution that an audience could have is that the person is a stooge.

Imagine, that you point out to an audience, that the effect you are about to try appears so impossible, that you will take some measures to ensure that the people who come on stage are completely at random, not stooges or confederates and beyond your control. Yet, meeting these conditions, the people who come on...

★★★★ $6
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