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Scott Creasey
Surrealchemy by Scott Creasey

Surrealchemy is a term that was coined by Tony 'Doc' Shiels in his 1989 publication the The Cantrip Codex and it is a word that sums up the routines in this ebook.

Within these 38 pages you will find four of Scott's favourite bizarre/surreal mentalism routines that offer a 'strange profound and unsettling' experience. No blood curdling screams, cloaks and daggers, blood sacrifices or incantations, but instead a number of routines that are easy to make up, easy to carry and easy to perform. With the bizarre and surreal of course presentation is everything so with that in mind Scott has also included his...

★★★★ $15
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Joe Berg
Here's New Magic by Joe Berg

Seven years in the making! Another great book by the co-author of Here's Magic.

Magician-dealer Joe Berg reveals 23 secrets of magic that, prior to the release of this book, had never before been divulged. With the assistance of Martin Gardner, Berg reveals his best, tested tricks and routines that magicians of every ilk will put to immediate use.

Featuring killer effects such as the "Adhesive Tape Thumb-Tie" that, unlike a $25 manuscript that uses red electrician's tape, works with any tape and uses no external gimmicks. Or how about "The Magical Hatchery" — a cute effect that's a hit for club workers.


★★★★★ $6
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Robert A. Nelson
The Astounding Dr. A Prediction Reading by Robert A. Nelson

Once in a blue moon there comes an outstanding and fiendishly clever psychic routine, such as "The Astounding Prediction Reading" by Dr. A.

The effect is that the medium predicts three questions that the subject will write, with detailed data, before the spectator actually writes them! It is one of the most convincing mental routines to date. Diabolically clever is this bombshell prediction and reading that will knock the spectator off her feet with its accuracy and depth.

Dr. A's method overcomes the former handicaps of the private reader, by presenting "proof" of the written prediction....

★★★★★ $8
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Gerard Zitta
Demoniak by Gerard Zitta

A 100% improvised and hands-off original routine with business cards.

Effect: Two spectators (one liar and one truth-teller) draw two different objects (or names, words, etc.) on a business card. They swap their cards and pens as much as they want (or they are shuffled by a third spectator), and hide them between their hands or in their pockets. It is impossible (really) for you, to know which spectator has which drawing, which pen they used, who lies and who tells the truth, etc. You really know nothing. And yet, with only one question, innocent and justified, to only one spectator,...

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Fred Kaps
Kaps on Coins by Fred Kaps

Coin routines and moves explained in video and text.

  1. Edward Victor's Color-Changing Coins (Spellbound)
  2. Okito Box Routine
  3. Coin Across
  4. Silver And China Transposition
  5. Hoo Coin Routine
  6. Coin Through Hand
  7. Coin Vanish Under Card
  8. Ring Off String
  9. Coin Through Handkerchief
  10. Twin Coin Production From Card
  11. Coins Through Table
  12. Another Coin Vanish Under Card
[Note: The video is silent (no audio track).]

Similar product from Fred Kaps but on cards is: Kaps on Kards.

PDF 10 pages; video length 20 min

★★★★★ $10
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Burling Hull
A Modern Handkerchief Act with Patter by Burling Hull

The subtitle reads: An up-to-date program of selected tricks with handkerchiefs for magical entertainers playing Lyceum, club or stage engagements with humorous patter for all tricks introduced in the act, accompanied by instructions for gesture, facial expression and intonation to which is added a supplement explaining, and illustrating with diagrams, the construction and preparation of the apparatus, faked handkerchiefs and devices employed and their mechanical operation.

  • Introduction
  • Nature of the Act
  • Preparation...
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Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes List of Magic by Jack Hughes

From the introduction:

Dear Mr. Magician,

In presenting our publicity before you, we do so with every confidence in our apparatus most of which is made exclusively in our well-equipped factory.

Whether you are an old or a new customer we know you will appreciate that behind each of our effects there is a wealth of practical experience which has taken many years to acquire.

We make no claim to cheapness as this is sometimes a sign of poor quality. Instead, it is our aim to supply the best for the most economic price.

Everything we manufacture, from Pocket Tricks to Full-size Stage...

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Dave Arch
Scientific Cold Reading 2 by Dave Arch

Second only to the model of personality traits Dave shared in his previous release of Scientific Cold Reading 1, this video and its companion pdf document explains the proven concept that most consistently receives responses from his coaching clients of "You just described the relationship between my spouse and me!" or "How did you know that's how I relate to my children?".

Imagining yourself in the role of a sitter coming to Dave for counsel, first watch the seven-minute video where Dave presents to you as though you were sitting in the room with him - drawing on the screen what he's seeing in his mind about you...

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Gregg Webb
Direct Line to Magicville by Gregg Webb

The format follows Gregg's established style of illustrations and hand-lettered text. The material is classic Gregg Webb.

From the introduction:

People always ask me, "Where do you get those wacky ideas?". I'm finally going to reveal just where they do come from. It turns out that there is a whole town where future magic is invented. They are way ahead of us. It is called Magicville and it exists in a parallel dimension as it were. And it just so happens, I invented a phone with which I can call Magicville directly! It is a direct line to Magicville! In Chapter 1 I'll show and tell how...

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Stanley Collins
Original Magical Creations by Stanley Collins

From the Foreword:

Magicians who are seeking that evanescent "something new" which, like the Family Ghost, is very often talked about but seldom seen, will, I venture to prophesy, find "something new" in Original Magical Creations.

In penning this volume my aim has been twofold. In the first place, I have set out to describe in detail the methods by which certain experiments originated by myself are performed, and secondly my endeavour has been to teach how to perform them, which is a totally different proposition.

To carry out this plan in its entirety, the inclusion of the covering...

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Gene Anderson
Si Stebbins Card Routine by Gene Anderson

An apparent demonstration of total card mastery, this series of card effects entertains and baffles a lay audience. The magician names missing cards by glancing at a riffling pack, listens to the riffling cards to count packets or locate any card, and detects truth from lies by spelling with the cards.

1st edition 1988, 5 pages; PDF 6 pages.

★★★★★ $6
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Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarron
Miracle Cube Root Extraction by Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarron

An apparent demonstration of superior brain power.

Any number between 1 and 100 is cubed by a spectator, and the final result called aloud. The performer immediately extracts the cube root of this number without the use of electronics, stooges, or gimmicks. The calculation is performed immediately and entirely in the performer's mind, thanks to the secret master key.

This feat, performed on paper after a lengthy effort by a spectator, is considered quite an accomplishment, but performed instantly, it is a sensation. Performer knows only the number submitted by the spectator, and immediately...

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David J. Lustig
Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by David J. Lustig

Be the life of the party. Delve into the past, present and future for fun or profit with this ebook and a deck of playing cards. David J. Lustig, Dunninger's friend and confidante, reveals his "La Vellma" fortune telling with cards method. With this method and a few nights of practice you, too, can amaze your friends with entertaining "readings" of the past, present and future — all revealed by the cards.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Instructions
  • The Circle of 17
  • The Three Piles
  • Past, Present and Future
  • The Wish
  • Significance of the Cards
  • Clubs
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Diamonds
  • Hints
  • The La...
★★★★★ $5
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Will Alma
Methods of Forcing by Will Alma

There are 36 good methods of forcing explained in this manuscript, all of which require no skill. 9 methods with colors, 12 methods with cards, 7 methods with numbers and 8 general methods. No magician should be without this handy manuscript. Worth double the money asked.

PDF 12 pages

★★★★★ $5
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Abhinav Bothra
Caantastic by Abhinav Bothra

For decades magicians are on a quest to perform Any Card At Any Number from a borrowed and shuffled deck; which isn't always possible so they often settle for Card At Any Number.

The problem is that Card At Any Number when presented as a one-time feat can be mistaken as a co-incidence or the skill of the performer which takes away the feeling of it being pure magic. Caantastic counters just that by creating a mother of all co-incidences moment for the audience. Card At Any Number not just once or twice but thrice and when it happens the third time it dilutes any skepticism and evokes the...

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Michael Jay
Top Hat Volume 2 Issue 15 (Sep 2018) by Michael Jay
  • A Letter from the Editor by Michael Jay
  • Test of Clairvoyance by Barry Cooper
  • Magic Squares by Werner Miller
  • DIY: Make a Versatile Pair of Rear Tables for Your Magic Show Part 1 by John A. Hand
  • Numbers in Magic by Steven Goodwin
  • The Magician by Michael Jay
  • A Final Word by Michael Jay

33 pages

★★★ $0
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof October 2018 by Brian T. Lees
  • Assembly and Ring Lecture Values
  • Do Your Homework
  • One Man's Junk ...
  • Inexpensive Learning
  • Heads Up Albuquerque
  • Last Minute Calls
  • Warm Ups

1st edition 2018, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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Anthony Brahams & Mike Porstmann
Karl Norman 40 Years at the Forks by Anthony Brahams & Mike Porstmann

This is an excellent cross-section of some of Karl Norman's best routines.

From the introduction:

During a very exclusive lecture for about one hundred magicians Karl demonstrated the impact and the value of his routines. That day he was nearly 75 years old and at about the same time, David Copperfield received standing ovations at his opening performance in the Deutsche Theater in München, only a few miles away from that place Karl received standing ovations for his commercial and entertaining close-up magic.

  • Foreword (Doc Eason)
  • Introduction (Mike Porstmann)
  • Autobiography (Karl Norman)
  • Card Routine...
★★★★★ $20
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Joseph Dunninger & Joseph J. Quod
Dunninger's Tricks De Luxe by Joseph Dunninger & Joseph J. Quod
  • Dunninger Mango Tree Illusion
  • The New Shower Of Gold
  • The Vanishing Bowl Of Water
  • The Dunninger Floating Ball Illusion
  • Dunninger's Tri-Card Mystery
  • A New Chair Servante
  • A New Color Change
  • The Wonderful Phonograph Illusion
  • The Vanishing Dock Box
  • The Dunninger Spirit Frame
  • The Dunninger Rabbit Box
  • An Effective Thimble Vanish
  • The Vanishing Chair
  • Quod's "All Change" Card Trick
  • Dunninger Spirit Card
  • Dunninger's Improved Card Reel
  • Egg-Bag, Egg & Bird Trick

18 pages; PDF 28 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Joseph Ovette
Odds and Ends in Cardology by Joseph Ovette
  • Odds And Ends In Cardology
  • Seeing Is Believing
  • Mental Touch
  • Shu-Card
  • Shu-Card 2
  • You Did It
  • Matched Cards
  • Sal's Do As I Do
  • U-Bite
  • E Bites-Again
  • A Light Card
  • Hanother Ace
  • Tip To Fanners
  • Albaka Baked
  • Cigarette Box To Cards
  • Guess You Are Right
  • It's Johns
  • Ovette's Cards From Pockets
  • Movie Star
  • Impossible Vanish
  • Kandle-Ology
  • Suggestion
  • Avalanche Or Flying Cards
  • Criss-Cross Pips

1st edition 1937, 29 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Bryn Reynolds
The Logar Scrolls by Bryn Reynolds
"It is with with profound pleasure that I can tell you the Logar Scrolls are now available! I have a lot of this material already. Bryn is one of the few creators whose material I actually USE in real shows. There is not one bit of filler is this book. There is not one weak effect. Everything is TOP NOTCH and totally professional. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at this release." - Richard Osterlind

"I love how Bryn has expanded a number of the principles as well (like BCP Wrist-Watch, Crystal Ball and the other one I won't mention out loud). These are all rock-solid routines,...

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Ian Baxter
The Guarantee Card by Ian Baxter

"Another look at the Three Of Clubs problem" and you will be hard pressed to find an easier, more practical application than this one. Performer places a card on the table, spectator thinks of and names any card in the deck. Performer turns over his prediction and wow...that's it!

The raw effect is impressive: Performer extracts a card from the deck, placing it face down to the table. Spectator now names any card that comes to mind, with the tabled selection revealed as the one thought of. Yes, as brief and as straightforward as that.

A firm favourite that has been making the rounds for...

★★★★ $4
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Marc Dibowski
Wunder zu Verkaufen by Marc Dibowski

Nach über zwei Jahren Entwicklung und sieben Jahre nach seinem Bestseller Weihnachtszauber hat Marc Dibowski ein neues Buch herausgebracht. Und das hat es in sich. Sie sind Künstler, egal aus welcher Sparte und ganz gleich für welche Zielgruppe? Sie möchten gegen Gage auftreten und sich zudem nicht unter Wert arbeiten? Dann müssen Sie lernen, sich zu verkaufen! Sie verlieren Auftritte nicht gegen bessere Künstler, sondern gegen bessere Verkäufer! Praxiserprobte Tricks, zahlreiche Kniffe, raffinierte Strategien, psychologische Prozesse und mächtige Redewendungen helfen Ihnen dabei. Selbst, wenn Sie...

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Andrew Steinmetz
The Gaming Table Volume 2 by Andrew Steinmetz

This second volume of The Gaming Table is from a magician's point of view much more interesting. It includes a history of dice and playing cards including a fairly detailed description of how playing cards were made. It has a chapter on fortune telling with cards. And it also features a surprisingly good chapter on card tricks with explanations for four sleights (false shuffle, false cut, glide, card change) and 18 very nice card tricks. Among them we find a version of the prearranged deck and two person codes.

For people interested in Erdnase it is interesting to note that at the beginning of the...

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