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Paul A. Lelekis
Even More Of My Favorites by Paul A. Lelekis

Learn Paul's new Muscle Pass in 10 seconds.

Two of Paul Lelekis' best-selling e-books, My Favorites and My Favorites II, prompted yet another book of superb effects: Even More Of My Favorites

Many pictures and two videos teaching The New Muscle Pass. Mentalism, card magic, a brilliant assembly, ESP, Torn & Restored (two different tricks!), a coin technique, and lots of comedy. All patter is included. Plus two bonuses:

1) The new Muscle Pass. You're gonna love this. Learn the secret to this New Muscle Pass in just 10 seconds - not 10 months...that's what I said...learn it in 10 seconds. And the coin will "fall...

★★★★★ $12
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Joe Stuthard
Stuthard's Svengali Subtleties by Joe Stuthard

An excellent work on the Svengali Deck, including drawings and photos.

  • Mechanics Of Svengali Deck
  • Handling The Svengali Deck
  • Main Points To Remember
  • Running The Cards
  • Double Lift
  • The Riffle Shuffle
  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • The Fan
  • The Spread
  • The Drop
  • Effects With Svengali Deck
  • Stabbing Trick No. 1
  • Stabbing Trick No. 2
  • Stuthard’s Svengali Subtlety
  • Methods Of Switching Deck To Ordinary Cards
  • Suggested Routine With The Svengali Deck
  • Finally

1st edition 1948, 15 pages; PDF 13 pages.

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Charles C. Eastman
Lu-Brent's Exclusive Card Mysteries by Charles C. Eastman
  • Introduction
  • Thought Spelling
  • Move Two Cards
  • You Selected the - -?
  • Lu-Brent's Mental Card Mystery
  • A Card Sympathy
  • Lu-Brent's Reversed Card Location
  • Lazybones
  • Lu-Brent's Count Down Mystery
  • Lu-Brent's Matching the Aces
  • The Siamese Pack
  • Shark Food
  • The Coins and Card Mystery
  • Think? - Stop
  • The Suit & Value Coincidence
  • A Card Prediction

1st edition 1934, 19 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Dave Arch
Electronic Buzz Box by Dave Arch

Although you can find versions of these Electronic Monte boxes for sale on magic websites, I could not find one large enough for my needs nor one that included a buzzer (not just a light). So I built my own. In spite of the fact that my electronic knowledge only involves the ability to insert a plug into an outlet, I built my own the first time in under an hour for around $20.

The premise is simple. From among multiple buttons, you win if you can find the button that lights the light and sets off the buzzer. With the diagram included in my instructions you aren't limited to only three buttons...

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Dave Arch
Magic Kits For Everyone by Dave Arch

Differentiating your show in the magic market on something other than price can be a constant challenge. Here's one strategy Dave Arch has used successfully throughout his career. Imagine being able to offer a free Magic Kit for everyone in your audience and then teaching them three magic tricks they can use to amaze and amuse their family and friends. In this fifteen minute video, Dave shares with you how he builds his kits for around fifteen cents apiece, the three tricks he teaches, as well as how he routines and presents those tricks in his show.

1st edition 2018, length 15 minutes 53...

★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Ken Allen
Tips by Ken Allen

On a budget? Can't find audience-friendly magic at the magic shop? Then build your own with this great collection of 52 magic tips, ideas, patter and suggestions (or in other words, T.I.P.S.)

Even if you're all thumbs, the author's clear descriptions and illustrations makes it easy to craft amazing effects, props and utility items. He also reveals the source of an incredible building material, as well as finishing tips.

Magic reviewers, dealers and magicians everywhere all agree that TIPS contains the largest collection of new, easy to make practical magic than books five times the price....

★★★★ $6
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Gene Grant
Phantini's Mental Key by Gene Grant

Mentalists, here is Phantini's lost classic of 25 mind-blowing mental effects, now available again in a new, updated edition. Gene Grant unveils over two dozen stunners with billets, business cards, playing cards and books that will have your audience crediting you with out-of-this-world mental powers.

All are one-man effects. Many can be performed close-up for intimate audiences, while others will play great for platform and theatre use. Our favorites rely on the "Phantinism" principle, which is Grant's streamlined presentation based on equivoque, but so subtle that it'll leave your audiences...

★★★★ $15
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Robert A. Nelson
Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 1 by Robert A. Nelson

Here are five vintage (and expensive) Nelson Enterprises mental manuscripts, now available in a convenient, updated collection to add to your library. This collection contains the following Nelson manuscripts, updated and edited for a new generation of performers:

Spirit Pendulum — A small weight, suspended inside a corked glass bottle, swings and taps the side of the bottle, answering questions from the audience. There are no connections to the bottle, which may be examined or handed out as a souvenir. (NE Cat. #276)

Webster Outdone — A book test performed with an unprepared vest...

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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof January 2019 by Brian T. Lees
  • Do You Stand Out?
  • Make It/Take It
  • He Wasn't Well Known
  • Let The Audience Help You
  • Book Bundle 1-101 DVD Collection
  • Everything Old New Again
  • Four Secrets to Get Booked
  • I Don't Mind Losing
  • Commando Show

1st edition 2019, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Christoph-Joachim Schröder
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 19: For Your Eyes Only by Christoph-Joachim Schröder

Eine Profi-Routine für die Kartenuhr.

  • Vorwort Von Punx
  • Vorführbedingungen
  • Das Trickgeheimnis
  • Das Uhrenexperiment
  • Ein Präsentationsbeispiel
  • Kommentare Zum Präsentationsbeispiel
  • Zeitexperiment

Erstausgabe 1984, 24 Seiten; erste digitale Ausgabe 2018, 24 Seiten.

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J. G. Thompson Jr.
The Miracle Makers by J. G. Thompson Jr.

From the back cover by Karl Fulves:

The Thompson name having been associated with quality magic for the past fifty years, the reader of this new book will need no recommendation as to the value of the material. It contains all of the Thompson trademarks; new ideas, subtle approaches, smoothly routined magic, impeccably researched articles, inscrutable titles, excellent patter and presentation suggestions. All of this is well known and indeed synonymous with the Thompson name. There is another facet to the material in this book which may not be readily apparent however, and it is this which I'd like...

★★★★★ $20
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Tom Sellers
Immediate Magic by Tom Sellers

Magic with a variety of objects including silks, thimbles, rope, candles, match boxes, and others.

  • A Handkerchief Vanish
  • Knot Monte
  • A Pencil Penetration
  • A Billiard Ball Penetration
  • A "Catch" Handkerchief Effect
  • A Slate Idea
  • One Hand Thimble Production
  • Mystic Candle Lighting
  • Match Box And Pencil
  • Match Divination
  • The Selected Band Jumps
  • Ring And Rope Ideas No. 1
  • Ring And Rope Ideas No. 2
  • Ring And Rope Ideas No. 3
  • Rod And Strings
  • Magic Magnification
  • Cut And Restored Ribbon
  • Cigarette Monte
  • New Rising Match
  • The Name Speller
  • Hypnotic Tape
  • Conjuring Booklets By Tom Sellers ...
★★★★★ $5
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Van K. Allison
Conjuring Record (Apr 1913 - Feb 1915) by Van K. Allison

This is a collection of the first two volumes of The Conjuring Record from April 1913 to February 1915. The first issue, March 1913 is missing.

From Volume 1, Number 7, through Volume 2, Number 3, this was the official publication of the National Conjurers' Association.

The March 1914 issue has a supplement with a number of interesting photos of performers not that often seen depicted: Hagen, Fricke, Kennedy, Simms, Oakley, Wilcox, Hubbard, Lohrey, Garrett, Dresbach, Karmont, Shambo, Halley, Schreck, Karland, Yeakel, Foster, Vardome, ..., and a photo of the Power's Magic Store.

  1. The...
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David Robbins
ESP: Fact or Fiction by David Robbins

Cash in on interest in ESP and mind power with this 15 minute lecture and 30 minute demonstration that you can give.

The author has presented this lecture many times with great success. It is both educational and entertaining and will be enjoyed by most any audience from teens to active seniors. At the conclusion of the lecture, a demonstration of ESP (or is it?) follows. Audience participation is encouraged. Any magician or mentalist can perform the lecture. It can be read straight from a printed copy, performed from memory, or better yet, given as a PowerPoint presentation.

Use this...

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Jimmy Muir
Laugh Lines 4 by Jimmy Muir

Is your funny bone ready? Here's the fourth hilarious installment in the Laugh Lines series, with even more jokes, gags, comic observations, one-liners and opening monologue ideas for magicians, emcees, comedians and other entertainers.

Jimmy Muir was acknowledged by many of magic's greats as the funniest guy on the planet. Whether it was performing at a huge national convention or emceeing the floor show at his San Francisco hotel, Jimmy's material was always top notch.

The original Laugh Lines booklets are sadly out of print and jealously hoarded by magicians and comedians. Individual...

★★★★ $3
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Devin Knight
The Spectator Knows by Devin Knight

Apparently give a random spectator temporary psychic abilities.

This is the same routine that was used by Dunninger in his stage shows, according to the late Al Mann. Two spectators are invited on stage. A deck of cards is shown and shuffled and a lady selects one and returns it to the deck. She does not show the card to either the mentalist or the other spectator. The mentalist again shuffles the deck and says, "We all have psychic powers, if we would just develop them."

The magician then hands the deck to the other spectator and says go to the corner of the room and look through the cards and see if...

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Dave Arch
Generic Four Card Monte by Dave Arch

Now you can use these instructions to make your own customized four card monte routine for any themed event. It doesn't involve a "flap card," and the full faces of all four cards are shown during this multi-phase routine. Visit your local office supply store and have them make up these cards in a moment's time using even the pictures of people's faces from your audience. Ideal for trade show work too when using product features and/or benefits. Comes complete with a practice set of graphics for making a kid's story routine about three mice and an elephant as well as a video to explain the simple...

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Unknown Mentalist
Psycalendar by Unknown Mentalist

Most probably you have never ever seen such a mystical calendar. It looks ordinary but enables you to perform an extraordinary routine. Let me present probably the world's first Psycalendar. What you get is a set of 10 specially printed gimmicks which will be shipped to you. The pdf can be downloaded instantly.

The effect as seen by the audience. A yearly calendar on a single sheet is handed over by the performer to the participants. Each of 5 different random participants choose 5 different dates from the calendar. The performer openly ensures that no 2 participants choose the same date....

★★★★★ $30
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PDF & softcover

Dee Christopher
The Red Light System by Dee Christopher

The Red Light Reading System is Dee's favourite way to create unique and engaging psychic-style readings in a close up environment. With nothing more than a stack of specially set up business cards, you will have the power to offer insight to your participants at a moment's notice.

The Red Light System was built from real intuition and it was built in the performance arena, not sat at home writing grids of meanings for certain things. Dee does not have a fantastic memory, and he has not had much luck naturally interpreting certain oracles; but Red Light offered him an easy and very logical...

★★★★★ $18
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Dee Christopher
D: A Double Feature by Dee Christopher

You will learn two effects: "Hollow Man" and "The Devil's Cut." Both of these close-up routines will work for the mystical and the psychological performer and the methods are completely bulletproof. These are effects that will work over and over again in real environments for real people, the instructions are simple and straight forward, no weird processes are required and they will blow the minds of your spectators.

"Hollow Man" is an effect using two regular business cards and a pen that allows you to reveal a thought from your spectators simply by hovering your hand over the card with...

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Jochen Zmeck
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 18: Meine Unsichtbaren Helfer by Jochen Zmeck

Eine unterhaltsame Routine mit Kartenspiel und Taschentuch.

Aus dem Vorwort:

Ich kenne eine ganze Anzahl Zauberkünstler, die sich der brillantesten Technik bedienen, die aber dabei leider das Wichtigste vergessen: Ihre Zuschauer zu unterhalten! Unterhaltung - oder wie man heute sagt Entertainment - steht für mich an erster Stelle! Und wenn zur Erziehlung eines Effektes mehrere Techniken zur Auswahl stehen, dann werde ich mich immer für die einfachste, oder sagen wir besser für die natürlichste entscheiden. Sie werden feststellen, daß ich schwierige Griffe auf ein Minimum reduziert...

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Bob Farmer
Cheat! The Prelude by Bob Farmer

Still no skill? Still no problem!

Turn any spectator into a world-class card cheat. They'll love you for it unlike that stupid thing you do with the sponge balls.

The magician hands the spectator a lucky rabbit's foot. They take turns cutting high card: the spectator wins every time. For the finale, they play a hand of poker - the spectator controlling the cards - again the spectator wins.

Cheat: The Prelude the perfect lead in to Cheat. Together they make a devastating gambling routine, irrefutable evidence that you - YOU - are the MAN! (even if you are not a man).

Simple and practically...

★★★★ $6
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Will Goldston
The Young Conjurer Part 2 by Will Goldston

It is a bit odd to teach productions of lighted cigarettes in a book for young conjurers, but perhaps those were the days when smoking was considered good for you.

From the introduction:

That brings me to another point. Don't be afraid of a mistake, and don't allow yourself to be discouraged by one. The best men make mistakes sometimes. Still, it is as well to guard against mistakes by rehearsals. Take one trick at a time and go over it many times until you know it thoroughly. Then - and not till then - go on to another trick. In this way you will soon build up quite a little store of...

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Will Goldston
The Young Conjurer Part 1 by Will Goldston

From the introduction:

Before the young conjurer sets out to try and entertain his friends he should first devote a little time every day to practice. I always believe in a little practice every day. Every trick that one is going to present should be rehearsed over and over again until one is practically tired of it. When the conjurer knows a trick in that way he finds, when he is presenting it to an audience, that he is by no means tired of it, because the trick goes so well that he is bound to like it and it probably becomes one of his favourite tricks.

  • How to give a Conjuring Entertainment ...
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