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Will Goldston
The Young Conjurer Part 2 by Will Goldston

It is a bit odd to teach productions of lighted cigarettes in a book for young conjurers, but perhaps those were the days when smoking was considered good for you.

From the introduction:

That brings me to another point. Don't be afraid of a mistake, and don't allow yourself to be discouraged by one. The best men make mistakes sometimes. Still, it is as well to guard against mistakes by rehearsals. Take one trick at a time and go over it many times until you know it thoroughly. Then - and not till then - go on to another trick. In this way you will soon build up quite a little store of...

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Will Goldston
The Young Conjurer Part 1 by Will Goldston

From the introduction:

Before the young conjurer sets out to try and entertain his friends he should first devote a little time every day to practice. I always believe in a little practice every day. Every trick that one is going to present should be rehearsed over and over again until one is practically tired of it. When the conjurer knows a trick in that way he finds, when he is presenting it to an audience, that he is by no means tired of it, because the trick goes so well that he is bound to like it and it probably becomes one of his favourite tricks.

  • How to give a Conjuring Entertainment ...
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Ken de Courcy
Delayed Action Eleven Cards Routine by Ken de Courcy

A multi effect comedy card routine with audience participation and an unexpected climax. Cards mysteriously increase and decrease of number in magician's hands defying the laws of mathematics in a crescendo of surprises.


The magician fans a pack of cards to a spectator asking him to choose one and place it in his inside jacket pocket. The performer tries to read the mind of the spectator and to guess the chosen card but he fails. In desperation he slings the pack high in the air. With hardly a break, he removes some more cards from his pocket and goes straight into another trick...

★★★★★ $5
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Dave Arch
Handwriting Analysis for the Stage by Dave Arch

This offering includes a PowerPoint slideshow, an eighteen-minute video tutorial, and a reproducible handwriting analysis tic sheet. As a result of learning the methods taught, you'll be equipped to guide an entire audience through an analysis of their own handwritings. You can use what you learn from this package as a stand alone presentation, in conjunction with a Q & A routine, and/or use the reproducible tic sheet to offer personal consultations (possibly following your presentation).

My experience has shown that for many of my audiences the subject of handwriting analysis carries greater...

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MP4 (video)

Henry Ridgely Evans
The Old and The New Magic by Henry Ridgely Evans

From the introduction:

The very word magic has an alluring sound, and its practice as an art will probably never lose its attractiveness for people's minds. But we must remember that there is a difference between the old magic and the new, and that both are separated by a deep chasm, which is a kind of color line, for though the latter develops from the former in a gradual and natural course of evolution, they are radically different in principle, and the new magic is irredeemably opposed to the assumptions upon which the old magic rests.

Magic originally meant priestcraft. It is probable...

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William W. Larsen
The Gyp Artist by William W. Larsen

Here's an entertaining, 25- to 60-minute lecture that you, the magician or mentalist, can present on the topic of scams and cons. And it's a money-maker.

Become an Expert on Cons and Swindles...
Or just talk like one. This is a new field for most magicians and mentalists, allowing you to give your lecture to civic groups, security seminars, government agencies, corporations -- anywhere people gather. And these organizations have deep pockets, too, able to pay you well for your time.

Fabled Bunco Games of History...
Now become practical, effective tricks in the magician's hands, each...

★★★★★ $12
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Bob Hummer
A Baker's Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer

Here's a compendium of 13 of Bob Hummer's unique, mind-blowing stunts for magicians and mentalists. A baker's dozen mentalism and magic effects using cards and coins. Each one seems utterly impossible, yet they work every time.


  • Foreword (B. W. McCarron)
  • Introduction (Martin Gardner)
  • 1. The Magic Separation
  • 2. Face-Up Prediction
  • 3. Lite-Ning Addition
  • 4. Two Card Transpo
  • 5. Two Card Location
  • 6. Card and Ribbon
  • 7. The Four G-Men
  • 8. The Card on the Window Pane
  • 9. Double Thought
  • 10. A Rare Coin Stunt
  • 11. A Possible...
★★★ $10
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #23: vanishing wand (shell) by Larry Brodahl

An breakdown in script format and full handling on making real magic with the Vanishing Wand using the Shell. Full construction details on making your own shells included. Performance video included.

Anyone that's ever read Tarbell has run into the Shell Wand.

An exact duplicate of a wand made from paper. But, you probably have questions.

  • What do you do with it?
  • Can you fool people with it?
  • How do you build the duplicates?
In this chapter of the Scripted series, you'll get an easy routine and script that entertains and fools your audience, as well as a detailed explanation of how to...
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Devin Knight
Marble Sight by Devin Knight

This is #13 in the Psychic Sight series. You get three super-strong effects with unprepared glass marbles that demonstrate both remote viewing and second-sight.

"A wonderful update and twist on a forgotten miracle." - Marc Salem

"I can't thank Devin enough for Marble Sight. He has taken an old principle, dressed it with an up to date presentation, and made it magical. This is so easy that you can work on your own presentation. I can't wait to send away online for the marbles. This is definitely going into my show." - Tom Craven

REMOTE VIEWING: The audience is told that on a table in the next...

★★★★★ $10
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Dr. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 17: Machbare Mental-Magie für Jedermann by Dr. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf

Aus dem Vorwort:

Fast 35 Jahre arbeite ich schon im 'Psycho-Genre', und mein Mentalabend ist heuer 26 Jahre alt. Da sammelt man schon eine Reihe praktischer und theoretischer Erfahrungen, die weitergegeben werden möchten. Ich darf Dir versichern, alle hier beschriebenen Experimente probierte ich jahrelang aus, und sie erwiesen sich vor vielen Zuschauergremien unterschiedlichster Zusammensetzungen als recht effektiv.

  • Vorwort
  • Würfel-Telepathie
  • Psychokinese mit zwei Würfeln
  • Die Würfelaugen - Präkognition
  • Der Super-Effekt mit dem Zettel
  • Ein 'x-minus-1 - Effekt' mit drei Cardboards ...
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Dave Arch
Overhead by Dave Arch

No doubt you've seen "two person telepathy" party stunts where one person leaves the room while the other remains. After coming back into the room, the person is able to discern an object selected by those in the room to the puzzlement of those watching.

This obscure version has one of the partners leave the room and stay in the other room while the remaining partner holds his/her hand above the heads of several people in the room. Each time s/he holds his/her hand above a head s/he repeats the single word "Overhead." Then finally the partner remaining in the room holds his/her hand over...

★★★ $0
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Will Goldston
Will Goldston's Easy Road to Magic: in seven lessons by Will Goldston

From the introduction:

The ideal way of learning magic is, it almost goes without saying, to obtain lessons from a magician who is not only a skilful performer but who has also the gift of teaching. The number of such magicians is small. Skilful performers there are in plenty; but the gift of teaching is a rare one. Many a man knows his subject thoroughly, yet cannot impart his knowledge to others.

This ideal way is therefore a difficult one. The learner has first to find an efficient instructor. He may be able to do so if he lives in or near one of the great cities. But if not he will...

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Will Goldston
Easy Magic With Patter 2 by Will Goldston
  • Facing An Audience
  • The Organ Pipes Trick
  • The Bowl And Paper Cone
  • The Austin Temple Frame And Handkerchief
  • The Ruler And The Handkerchief
  • The Penny In The Handkerchief
  • The Mysterious Clock Dial
  • The Pyramid Flag Production
  • The Dyed Handkerchiefs
  • The Broken Plate
  • The Thought-Reading Penny
  • The Best Torn And Restored Paper Trick
  • The Simplest Rising Card Trick
  • The Magic Rose Bushes
  • The Thimble And The Handkerchief
  • New Sun And Moon Trick
  • The Missing Card
  • First You See It
  • Teaching A Trick
  • The Changing Pack Of Cards
  • The Three Predictions
  • The Aladdin Production Box
  • Bertram's Trick...
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Will Goldston
Easy Magic With Patter 1 by Will Goldston
  • Always a Conjurer
  • The Tell-Tale Card
  • The Cards And Boards Illusion
  • The Magic Blow
  • The Aladdin Three Card Trick
  • The New Changing Card
  • The "Newest" Second-Sight Card Case
  • The "Sybil" Rising Cards
  • A Bad Memory
  • The "Spelling Bee" In Various Forms
  • The New Spelling Bee
  • The Two Travellers
  • The Halter Trick
  • The Secret Escape
  • The Magic Curl
  • The Drawing Pin Stunt
  • The Hypnotic Sixpence
  • Odds And Ends
  • A Little Catch
  • Balancing A Penny On The Fingers
  • The Disappearing Bottle
  • The Performing Coin
  • The Mesmerised Pencil
  • The Three Thimbles And The Pea
  • The Floating Needle
  • The Torn Strip...
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Dave Arch
Houdini Rubber Band by Dave Arch

Most magicians are aware of the classic "Jumping Rubber Band Trick." However, here's a script and easy method for a full story routine about the exploits and escapades of that world famous escape artist Harry Houdini who in this case completely disappears from your fingers and reappears where least expected. Included with this routine is the more deceptive technique where the rubber band is "set" using only one hand rather than the customary two-handed "get ready."

1st edition 2018, length 5 min

★★★★ $3
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MP4 (video)

Salvatore Cimo
Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. XIV: Magia Con La Seta 2 by Salvatore Cimo

MAGIA CON LA SETA – PARTE SECONDA è il quattordicesimo volume della collana, composto da 370 pagine. Decine di routines con la seta. La più completa e moderna opera sui foulards esistente.

Anche in questo volume, tantissimi sono gli effetti con la seta, suddivisi nelle diverse categorie (Trasposizioni, Penetrazioni, Cambi di colore, Blendo, Sympathetic Silks, Foulard tagliato e ricomposto, Effetti vari e Routine) che Salvatore Cimò descrive con semplicità e chiarezza, corredando il volume con ben 1250 illustrazioni realizzate dall’infaticabile Vittoria Tudisco. Inoltre, una ricca...

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Unknown Mentalist
Inspyring Coin by Unknown Mentalist

This includes just the physical coin(s) only. For routines you must already own any of the ebooks In-spy-ring or Con-spy-ring or 1089 Refreshed & Reloaded.

The Inspyring Coin comes in two finishes – Glossy and Antique. You can either buy any one of them or both of them as a set. Make your selection above on the right.

Inspyring Coin is specially created for the purpose of performing coin mentalism routines -- zero sleights involved. Most of the routines are self-working. Yet the routines are easy to learn and perform so that you can focus fully on your presentation.

Just pop your Inspyring Coin into your wallet or pocket, learn...

★★★★ $9

Glossy Coin

Devin Knight
Poker Nightmare by Devin Knight

A winning poker hand turns blank on both sides.

Two tricks in one. These are two of the most visual and eye-appealing tricks you can do. Looks like trick photography and takes around 30 seconds to perform. They are almost self-working and require no sleights. You can learn to do these effects in about five minutes. They are that easy to do. Resets in 3 seconds. This is perfect for strolling gigs because of the instant reset.

EFFECT 1: Magician says he would like to share a dream he had. He cleanly shows five playing cards back and front. It is a winning poker hand and the stakes are high....

★★★★★ $4
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Keith Parr & B. W. McCarron
How To Book Your Act by Keith Parr & B. W. McCarron

Aimed primarily at the magician who desires to work clubs, casinos and taverns, this ebook reveals how to get your act booked, even if you don't have an agent.

The authors, who've combined to give performances in 30 states and Canada in clubs, taverns, theatres and on TV, reveal the secrets that booking agents and working professionals don't want you to know. Not only does it cover how and what to include in your advertising, it provides tips on structuring your campaign to answer questions that your clients want to know.

Learn how to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, with these...

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Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 16: Mathe-Magie by Perkeo

Ein mathe-magisches Salon- und Tischprogramm

  • Vorwort
  • Die Magie der Zahl
  • Hexagramm
  • Neun
  • Das "Magische Quadrat"
  • "Magische Rechnung"
  • Die Schicksalskarte
  • Numerologische Kartenvorhersage
  • Das Neuner-Mysterium
  • Die Alterskarten
  • Die Geisterfotografie
  • Sie liebt mich - sie liebt mich nicht
  • Automatenknacken
  • Die Disziplinarstrafe
  • Die Falten im Mantel der Zeit

Erstausgabe 1984, 25 Seiten; erste digitale Ausgabe 2018, 27 Seiten.

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen (2017) Volume 13 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

All six issues of 2017 for a reduced price. The cover personalities are Eric Jones, Richard Jones, David Copperfield, Jamie Raven, Young & Strange, and Bill Malone.

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen (2016) Volume 12 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

All six issues of 2016 for a reduced price. The cover personalities are Jeff McBride, Joshua Jay, Randolph Tempest, Colin McLeod, The Clairvoyants, and Andi Gladwin.

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen (2015) Volume 11 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

All six issues of 2015 for a reduced price. The cover personalities are Mel Mellers, Anthony Owen, Alan Rorrison, Piff (The Magic Dragon), Mark James, and Kostya Kimlat.

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen (2014) Volume 10 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

All six issues of 2014 for a reduced price. The cover personalities are Wayne Dobson, Johnny Thompson, Sean Alexander, Chris Dugdale, David Regal, and Boris Wild.

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