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Tom Palmer
Modern Illusions by Tom Palmer

The important thing about these most practical and usable illusions is that they were created with the idea that the modern performer had to carry them in his car, use them on small platforms and stages, or in clubs, and yet had to give the impression of doing a big show. Here you have eleven easy to build illusions which fit all the above requirements, and they are mysterious, exciting and applause getting, to boot. Plenty of good illustrations will help you build these good, practical tricks. A minimum of carpenter work is required. Light and easy is the motto for this line of tricks.Large...

★★★★ $9.95
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Dave Campbell
You Won't Believe Your Eyes by Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell may be a new name to you but in Scotland he is a highly respected card worker whose creations are both numerous and commercial. You Won't Believe Your Eyes is one of the finest card printing effects we have seen. Five cards, blank on both sides, instantly become duplicates of the spectator's selected card. The routine is visually stunning yet is quite easy to do. The instructions are detailed step by step and are fully illustrated.

One of the strongest points about Dave Campbell's routine is that it can be adapted to so many different themes. Using his handling you needn't restrict...

★★★★★ $7
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Yu Sheng Chiam
Simple Ideas Huge Impact by Yu Sheng Chiam

Welcome to Simple Ideas Huge Impact, a collection of 6 close up magic effects utilizing everyday objects. All of these effects are simple to do and they require very little setup. Here are the effects:

King Split: A stunning two card production utilizing a double backed card. It can be used as great opener to any sandwich routine.

Simple Biddle: A simplified version of the classic Biddle trick with no Biddle Count.

Solvent Coin: A stunning way to change a drawing on a coin utilising a gimmick that most magicians are familiar with. No special ink.

Popcoin: A simple way to make a coin...

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Paul Gordon
Triple Kick Monte by Paul Gordon

A four card monte effect - a queen and three aces. Cards magically turn face up and down, and the queen vanishes. For the climax one card is removed, the queen reappears and suddenly two cards change completely into new cards and the queens back is now red.

1st edition 2017, length 4 min 57 s

★★★★★ $5
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Paul Gordon
Hellman's Aces by Paul Gordon

Capture all four aces, one by one, between two spectator selected cards - a repeat sandwich effect.

1st edition 2017, length 6 min 6 s

★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Ulysses Frederick Grant
Commercial Card Tricks Volume 2 by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is a rare collection of card secrets that U. F. Grant sold separately. These were listed in his catalogs as single items or special props using cards. These were not part of his other card books. The complete directions for the prop tricks are included in this ebook. Many of these items can be made up from cards you may have around your home. If you have seen some of the effects in his early catalogs and wondered how they were done, then this PDF may satisfy your curiosity. A wealth of information that is hard to find elsewhere. This is volume 2 of a two volume set. You get all the following...

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Neil Foster
Tops 1967 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • Contents
  • Thoughtography - Sid Lorraine
  • Danger - Men at Work - Bert Douglas
  • Hangman's-Noose Escape - North Bigbee
  • Jiggery-Pokery Joe - Eddie Joseph
  • Diapiresis - Jimmy Nuzzo
  • The Passing of the New Hoodoo - Stewart James
  • Borrowed Thoughts - Joseph K. Schmidt
  • Magical Hints - Mercer Helms, Jr.
    • "Acrysol" - cleaner-degreaser
    • "Classic Car Wax" for slick ace effects
  • The Cigar Bottom Deal - Edward Marlo
    • Full Grip Deal
    • The Pseudo Method
    • Push Pull Bottom Deal
  • Bell's Box - Peter Warlock
  • Zombanner - Carlos H. Colombi ...
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Neil Foster
Tops 1966 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • Contents
  • Don't Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Eggs! - George McAthy
  • An Experiment in Magic - Hiohn C. Sherwood
    • Addendum
  • Ideas & Patter For Some New & Old Ones - John C. Sherwood
    • The Commercial
    • The Torture Cabinet of Goldtoe
    • Addendum
    • The Floating Thief
  • The Oriental Mystery Cage - Jack La Wain
  • Karrell's Bloomers - Karrell Fox
  • Variation on "The Wonderful Vanish" - T. E. Westcott
  • A Snakey-Routine - Joseph M. White
  • Giant Color Change With Silk - Robert E. Olson
  • More "Batty" Ideas - Dale Salwak
    • Hippity...
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Neil Foster
Tops 1965 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • Index
  • Be An Entertainer - Mercer Helms
  • Tangle Trickery - Sid Lorraine
  • Stickshift - Harry George & Tom Reitze
  • Faro Slough Offs - Jimmy Nuzzo
    • A Variation
  • Lighting a Cigarette by Magic - Eddie Joseph
    • Self-Lighting Cigarette
  • Mentalist Question Cards - Gerald Kosky
  • The Bill and Nail - H. P. Albright
  • Flame-Butterfly Illusion - North Bigbee and Paul J. Siegel
  • Korny Bill Collection - Karrell Fox
  • The Z-A-N-E-Y Lights - Walter Zaney Blaney
  • Abbott's Vanishing Cage & Girl Illusion
  • Hippity-Hop Skeletons - Dale Salwak
  • Chink Can Comedy...
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Neil Foster
Tops 1964 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • A Bog O' Balls - Sid Lorraine
  • G. A. G. - Howard Fingert
  • Lunar Probe - Colin Smith
  • Much Ado About Nothing - A Whole Act - Everett Lyda
  • The Golden Spike Cabinet Illusion - Malcolm Campbell
  • A Fish Story - Herb Runge
  • Instant Vanish Illusion - North Bigbee
  • Cartoon - Blake
  • Flip Tear Dove Vanish - Don Kellar
  • The Fantastic Ribbons - Clettus V. Musson
  • Beauty and the Least - Karrell Fox
  • Ink to Flowers - A. D. Banarjee
  • Tape Recorder Prediction - Gerald Kosky
  • China Lingo - Fedko
  • Rope Acto - Fedko
  • Hanko - Fedko
  • Colombi's Card Prediction - Carlos H. Colombi ...
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Brian T. Lees
The Magic of Credentials by Brian T. Lees

Professionals lead with their credentials, achievements and endorsements. All stand on their skills and talent. But when the decision balances between several magicians the one who gets hired is the one with the strongest credentials. These endorsements validate the magician's performance, and reinforce the strength of their skills profile.

No one wakes up in the morning with a strong file of endorsements. They must be earned, one at a time. And, they will not fall on your doorstep by themselves. This text helps you get started with your credentials file. It will give you a solid foundation...

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Eric Hawkesworth
Chapeaugraphy Act by Eric Hawkesworth

Here is an up to date Chapeagraphy Act done with two colored plastic "hat brims" that you can prepare yourself and a boy and a girl from the audience.

Many different hats are twisted and formed from a simple chapeau brim and the performer, with the assistance of two members of the audience, creates a whole procession of interesting characters from the pages of history. In the routine, two chapeau brims are used, a pink one for the females and a blue brim for the male characters enabling each new hat shape to be produced in an alternating color.

Detailed instructions with many pictures...

★★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Carte In Azione by Aldo Colombini

É questo un intero numero di cartomagia. Gli effetti sono concatenati assieme in modo da formare una lunga sessione carto-magica di notevole impatto. Ovviamente, nessuno ti vieta di scegliere i giochi che ti sembrano adatti al tuo stile per inserirli nel tuo repertorio. Sii sempre pronto a stupire il tuo pubblico !!!

ANCORA MEGLIO:: I l mago taglia i l mazzo e trova una Regina. Trova le altre due e la quarta carta risulta essere un Asso. Le quattro carte sono ora tutti As s i . Infine, le carte si trasformano in una Scala Reale!

APPARIZIONE DEI RE : I l mago taglia il mazzo in quattro...

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Aldo Colombini
Dammi 5 by Aldo Colombini

Eccoti una delle innumerevoli note di conferenza del Maestro Aldo Colombini, per la precisione di una delle sue ultime tenute in Italia. Si tratta di 5 ottimi giochi + 1 di bonus. Di sicuro ne trovi uno da aggiungere al tuo repertorio !

Descrizione del contenuto


EFFETTO: Un pezzo di corda è tagliato in due usando, invece delle forbici, le dita della mano. Un altro pezzo di corda viene aggiunto, in modo da avere tre pezzi di differente lunghezza: uno corto, uno medio e uno lungo. Magicamente, i tre pezzi diventano della stessa lunghezza. Poi, istantaneamente, le tre...

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Martin Breese
Routines for the Bendix Bombshell Wallet by Martin Breese

This is a compilation of routines for the Bendix Bombshell Wallet contributed by some of the most recognized performers. The printed version of this booklet comes with every Bendix Bombshell Wallet produce by Martin Breese. A good place to get the wallet is directly from the manufacturer on the Martin Breese website.

  • Card to Wallet by David Bendix
  • A Roy Roth Alternative
  • Marlo Variation of Bendix Presentation
  • Two Selections and a Wallet by David Solomon
  • The Wallet Game by David Solomon
  • The Roy Roth Bombshell Routine
  • The Enigma Bombshell Routine by Bob Driebeek
  • Marlo's Wallet Combination...
★★★★★ $20
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Unknown Mentalist
Kalendar Clairvoyance by Unknown Mentalist

This is a collection of clean, crisp and cool calendar routines which will baffle and startle your audience. They can live in your wallet or pocket and are ready for anytime and anywhere performance.

There is nothing to memorize and no complex math. All the systems are easy and self working. You will be able to start doing these within 15 minutes of reading the instructions. The routines are as follows.

1. Roman Enigma - The performer claims to have photographed an ancient rock engraved inscription from recent secret Roman excavations which gives him the weird and inexplicable power to...

★★★★ $18
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Frances Marshall
Those Beautiful Dames by Frances Marshall

An ebook honoring those great women in magic, some from the past centuries. A world survey of "Those Beautiful Dames." Featuring among others Debbie Henning. Dan Waldron has a section on the Blackstone Saga, covering the magical life of Harry Senior, then the Blackstone, Jr. we know. Beautiful and talented women figured in both their lives, with Gay Blackstone a star in the Blackstone show. Marion Nicola writes of her show and life with the Great Nicola, Val Andrews covers many famous lady assistants. Carol Roy, Mrs. Electric releases the inside story of their adventures in odd parts of the...

★★★★★ $24.95
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Edward Loyd Enochs
Producing Lighted Cigarettes by Edward Loyd Enochs

A compilation of the very best methods of producing lighted cigarettes. Covers all the various sleights and moves for this production. 36 illustrations. The last chapter takes up the pipe production, which is always a popular finish with cigarette manipulators.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This is the third printing of a booklet which made its first appearance in 1936. The format is somewhat different from that of the second printing, with a slight reduction in the size of page and type, but the contents remain the same. In its latest form, Producing Lighted Cigarettes is a 24-page pamphlet, with three pages...

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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Rope, Chain and Box Escapes by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is one of the best books ever written on escapes and escape magic, bar none. Grant wrote this treatise for the average magician wanting to add an escape to his act, not the professional escape artist. The nice thing is that none of these escapes involve having to pick locks or for the performer to have muscular strength such as required in many escape feats.

All of these are easy to do, and none are life threatening. You can do all of these with no fear of killing yourself! With the information in this treatise an enterprising magician could put together an entire escape act full of...

★★★★★ $7
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Robert A. Nelson
The Art of Cold Reading by Robert A. Nelson

The secret book of the mental profession that teaches the mentalist or psychic to "read" a person "cold" with no gimmicks, no advance knowledge, and no preparation.

The Art of Cold Reading is the learned ability to cleverly read another "from the cradle to the grave" - and without important error. It is amazingly easy - if you understand the technique and methods. Possess it and you are always prepared to give readings - any time, anywhere, for fun or for profit.

The inner secrets of "cold reading" have been closely held and guarded for many years. Knowledge of this kind has been passed...

★★★★ $8
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Robert A. Nelson
Super Mentality by Robert A. Nelson

Now you, too, can present an impromptu demonstration of super power memory. Do it any time, any place. A terrific publicity stunt!

From ten to 100 articles are called out by spectators and memorized by the performer, in their proper sequence. The performer can call out the items in sequence, forward, then backward. The performer gives the number of any item in the list. If a number is called out, the performer can also call out the item at that position. Five (or more) dollar bills are submitted, spectators calling aloud the serial numbers. The performer immediately memorizes the numbers,...

★★★★★ $8
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Chris Wasshuber
Blistr by Chris Wasshuber

Blistr is a new card punch with two important differences to more traditional card punches. First, it is built like a pair of small pliers and therefore very easy to use. The pliers are a flexure design 3D printed from durable plastic. (Starting design was created by BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research which I modified to fit my needs.) Second, this punch creates a bigger smoother blister than needle-based punches. The tip is not sharp and therefore does not punch through the playing card. For many, this will be easier to feel than a fine needle prick. The blister is a half-dome about 1 mm in diameter. The...

★★★★★ $55
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Gerard Zitta
Pocket Mysteries 2 by Gerard Zitta
"Zitta has done it again. He has completed a new work that is outstanding, practical, and mostly Impromptu. I don't know how he does it, ideas, brilliant ones, flow like water. Get this. And if you don't have them, get all his work. They bring me and the audience wonderment, joy, and workable thoughts. 5 out of 5" - Marc Salem
This ebook is a follow-up to Pocket Mysteries 1 (2012). It is a compendium of some other magic and mentalism effects that are strong, and universal enough to be kept in your pockets all the time (especially "Big bet" and "Crossword" ...). There are practical and commercial ideas, principles...
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Hugh Miller
Baker's Bonanza by Hugh Miller

A wonderful ebook on the magic of Roy Baker, inventor of the PATEO force.

  • Preface
  • Section 1: General Magic
    • Baker’s Beakers
    • Bisected Balloon
    • Air-Lite
    • Flap-Doodle Bag
    • Super Silks
    • Electro-Van
    • T and R Gag
  • Section 2: Card Magic
    • The Last of the Last Cards
    • Name Your Card
    • Star Location
    • Fantastic Aces
    • Ah-Bee Card in Envelope
    • Crazy Speller
    • Forceful Revelation
    • Blindfold Discovery
    • Psycho Card
    • Drunk Card
  • Section 3: Close up Magic
    • Bewildering Matches
    • Three Trees
    • Hat-Tissue!
    • Going Through the Rye
    • Ring Off
    • Shooting Star
    • Spoon on Nose
    • Coins Across
  • Section 4: Mentalism
★★★★★ $15
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