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Ken de Courcy
Hammanesque by Ken de Courcy

In one of the New York Magic Symposium volumes there is a trick by Brother John Hamman entitled "The Lie-Detector Card Case". In it, he describes a truly brilliant-in-its-simplicity method for discovering a merely-thought-of card. Here is an alternative ending to it which, for me, makes it easier for larger audiences to see.


A spectator shuffles a pack of cards, then merely thinks of a card as the performer counts some over before his eyes. The cards are shuffled, then the performer shows the cards at the top and bottom of the pack; the selected card is not among them. Next, he introduces two paper...

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Adolfo Cerceda & William King
Folding Money plus Make Money Selling Money by Adolfo Cerceda & William King

Money always fascinates in magic. Learn quickly how to make dozens of objects from a dollar bill. Also how to sell such material. Profusely illustrated.

  • About The Author
  • How To Make A Square From A Bill
  • The Picture Frame
  • The Bow Tie
  • How To Make The Finger Ring
  • The Box
  • The Flapping Bird
  • Frame With Doors
  • The Peacock
  • The Frog
  • Santa's Boot
  • Making Money Selling Money
  • The Ad Campaign
  • To The Reader
  • A List Of Paper Folding Books
1st edition 1963, 46 pages; PDF 52 pages.
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CB Records
Special FX for Magicians: Volume 7 (royalty free) by CB Records

Over 250 bombastic, humorous, funny and cinematic effects and sounds. Well-tried and newest sound design meet each other. Very versatile. These effects can also create transitions between songs or set targeted auditory accents in your magic shows, ...

Best suited for: Magic shows, games, animation, kids, clips, product promotions, Videos and Movies, Youtube, Multimedia, etc.

  • more than 250 FX, noise
  • Medium to fast pace: 100 bpm - 140 bpm
  • 100% royalty free music
  • composed and designed by Christian Brandl

Excerpt from the license agreement:

All music tracks, sounds and FX from...

★★★★★ $19.50
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Bob Hummer
Another Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer

Here are 12 more unique, mind-blowing Bob Hummer stunts for magicians and mentalists. Includes four separate effects and manuscripts, edited into a single compilation.

From the brilliant mind of Bob Hummer comes this tasty second helping of mental and magic effects using cards, coins, a magazine and even an ungimmicked Bible. These offerings were originally sold in manuscript form and are now out of print. Now you can get them all in this updated and corrected compilation. Each of these miracles seems utterly impossible, yet they work every time.


  • Foreword (B. W. McCarron) ...
★★★★ $10
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Ulysses Frederick Grant & Ken de Courcy
Walking Through a Steel Plate Plus by Ulysses Frederick Grant & Ken de Courcy

As usual with Grant instructions, they leave a lot to the imagination and "know-how" of the magician. However, the method was a clever one, simple but very effective. Ken de Courcy has taken the original instructions and added to them his own presentation points, and not only that, his improvements and various novel dressings which lift the effect up and turn it into acceptable modern entertainment.

In the original effect, a committee was invited on the stage to examine a solid steel plate. Then circular drawstring curtains were placed at the front and the rear, the magician walked behind...

★★★★ $7
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Dr. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf
Enzyklopädie Der Zündholz Tricks Band 2 (Skriptum Erlesener Magie V) by Dr. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf
  • VIII. Restaurations- und Spring-Effekte
    1. Das Wundertüchlein
    2. Das Zündholz mit dem Doppelkopf
    3. Der Zündholzkopf
    4. Das zerbrochene Zündholz (manipulative Methode)
    5. Das zerbrochene Zündholz (Apparat-Methode)
    6. Zündholzschachtel und Seidenband (manipulative Methode)
    7. Zündholzschachtel und Seidentuch (Methode mit einem Hilfsmittel)
    8. Das elektrische Zündholz
    9. Der Salto mortale des Zündholzes
    10. Das von der Weste wegspringende Zündholz
    11. Die Zündholz - Rakete
    12. Das furchtsame Zündhölzchen
  • IX. Verschwinden und Erscheinen
    1. Die verschwundenen Zündhölzer
    2. Verschwinden und Erscheinen ...
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Eugene E. Gloye
Theatrical Magic by Eugene E. Gloye

A fantastic ebook on theatrical magic, the psychology of magic, and numerous routines explained in detail.

    • The Psychology of Theatrical Magic
    • A Psychological Analysis of Children's Reactions to Magic
    • Psychology and Physical Arrangements
    • An Analysis of Interest in Magic
    • Styles in Theatrical Magic
    • Magical Beliefs As Themes In Theatrical Magic
    • Blocking Applied To Magic Routines
    • Stage Areas
    • Use of Stage Areas
    • Expanding the Concept of Stage Areas
    • Blocking in Relation to a Microphone
    • Making a Prompt Book
    • Timing Applied to Magic Routines
    • The...
★★★★★ $29.95
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Frances Marshall
A Magic Primer by Frances Marshall

There have been a number of 'introductions' to magic published, but we never felt they hit he right note. We have always felt the need of a first book for the newcomer - a primer, as it were. Frances Marshall has now put together a volume that will take the newness and strangeness out of the world of magic. With the aid of Jay Marshall, she has arranged a glossary of words and terms that are familiar to the initiated magician, but gibberish to the newcomer to our field. The ebook begins when laymen (young or old) discover magic. Maybe they see a TV spectacular, or a big magic show, or a friend...

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Hardin Jasper Burlingame
Herrmann the Magician by Hardin Jasper Burlingame

From the preface:

Having devoted a number of years to the inventing, manufacturing and sale of many of the most popular magical apparatus made in this country, I now present to the reader, biographies of the two great conjurers known to the world under the names of Carl and Alexander Herrmann, both equally famous in their specialties. The main portion of the book is devoted to clear, compact and illustrated descriptions of the best tricks performed by the two Herrmanns, whom I unite under the appellation of Herrmann the Magician, and by other celebrated per formers, such as Cazeneuve, Kellar, Vanek,...

★★★★★ $6
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CB Records
Special Music for Magicians: Funny Music: Volume 6 (royalty free) by CB Records

A successful mix of good mood music and comedy Traxx. The mid to fast-paced tracks create a humorous and sunny ambiance. In addition, there are 10 bonus FX from the comedy section. With these effects you can create transitions between the songs or set targeted auditory accents in your magic shows, ...

Best suited for: Magic shows, games, animation, kids, clips, product promotions, Videos and Movies, Youtube, etc.

  • 15 Traxx in a length of about 2-3 min
  • 10 Bonus FX - Comedy
  • Medium to fast pace: 100 bpm - 140 bpm
  • 100% royalty free music
  • composed and designed by Christian Brandl

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Inside-Out Banknotes 2 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

More and more complicated, but also better looking, and even more impossible looking banknotes. You will also be able to download a PDF to print out the image of the banknote design Ralf is using (see your digital shelf).

1st edition 2019, length 52 min.

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MP4 (video)

Charles Waller
For Magicians Only by Charles Waller

Once in a lifetime, there comes a book - a volume that will stand in magical history as a lasting monument, and tribute to the Magic Art. This, according to Floyd Thayer, is such a book.

Part 1 is devoted to the purpose and presentation of magic in all its phases - comprising the complete analysis of Magic from the beginning to the end: What Magic Is, Apparatus and Sleights, Dress, Environment, Plot, Silence, Speech, Dramatic, Humorous, Music, Settings, Program Material, Introductions, The Magic Sketch, etc. etc.

Part 2 deals with an abundance of remarkable examples of patter, adaptable...

★★★★★ $8
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Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman
The Blue Bug by Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman

A manual of sorcery with cigarette papers. No matter whether you're a magician, a mentalist, or land somewhere in between, there's something for you in this brilliant ebook. Intimate, indetectable, close-up magic giving the appearing of great skill but requiring a minimum of sleight of hand. Over a dozen illustrations and a score of effects and methods.

Illustrated by Bob Gunther, former Disney animator, the moves are cleanly and clearly depicted, as if the authors were teaching them to you over drinks at their favorite watering hole.

Partial contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Basic...
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Dr. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf
Enzyklopädie Der Zündholz Tricks Band 1 (Skriptum Erlesener Magie V) by Dr. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf

Der Name Enzyklopädie verspricht viel. Er sagt, daß das Sondergebiet ganz und umfassend behandelt wird. Hans-Gerhard Stumpf hält dieses Versprechen. Jeder Liebhaber von Zündholztricks, ganz gleich ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener, wird mit Interesse und - Gewinn lesen und studieren. Viele Anregungen für sein eigenes Programm und manches Neue wird er finden.

  • Vom Feuerstein zum Zündholz
  • I. Entzünd-Effekte
    1. Zündhölzer brennend aus der Tasche ziehen
    2. Ein Zündhilfsmittel
    3. Reverso
    4. Die Stahlspange
    5. Brennendes Zündholz aus der Schachtel
    6. Entzünden an hochgeworfener Schachtel ...
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Frances Marshall
Kid Stuff Five by Frances Marshall

Kid Stuff Five is aimed at the school show magician, and was compiled with the help of many magicians actually working in this field. The ebook contains hundreds of pages, with dozens of tricks, routines, ideas, etc.

    • Construction of the Magic Zoo
    • Some Final Construction Notes
    • Selection of Tricks for Children
    • "I Understand You Do Children's Birthday Parties"
    • "I Need Someone to Help Me"
    • "OK Kids, Let's Quiet Down a Bit"
    • "It's All Right, Ronald, He Won't Bite You"
    • "And, How Much Do You Charge?"
    • "And In Conclusion - - "
  • BALLOON...
★★★ $24.95
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Chester Dobski
Thimble Thimon by Chester Dobski

If you've ever thought of presenting magic with thimbles, this is the ebook for you. Chock full of sleights, flourishes, manipulations, routines and ideas you'll want to add to your act. Magic with thimbles is something that many of today's audiences haven't had the pleasure of seeing, which makes it new and different to them. As thimbles are small and portable, they can easily be carried in a pocket or purse, always ready to amuse and amaze, wherever you might be.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • The Multiplying Thimbles
  • Miracle Penetration
  • One Hand Visible Penetration
  • Instantaneous...
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Card on Cap by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Have a spectator select a card (for one version it is a free choice, for a second version it has to be forced), have it signed, apparently loose it in the deck, and then you either spring the cards onto your baseball cap, or fan the cards before the cap and the previously selected card will appear to be attached to the top knob of your baseball cap.

Ralf explains how you have to gimmick the cap, and he will demonstrate several ideas and handlings of how you can perform this routine.

1st edition 2019, length 30 min.

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MP4 (video)

J. L. Yarka
Ventriloquism by J. L. Yarka

This rare book on ventriloquism was published by J. L. Yarka (ca. 1930s). Little is known about its history or the ventriloquist it was written by, but it makes for an interesting read and a simple guide to learn Ventriloquism. This book is subtitled "Many Splendid Hints on this Entertaining, Amusing and Interesting SCIENCE".

1st edition ~1930, PDF 5 pages.

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Max Francis
Hospitality by Max Francis

One can, two different drinks.

Hospitality in a can: You pour the complete contents of a can into a glass; the can is now empty. You then place a straw inside the can, and take a sip, just to make sure. In fact, the can is not empty, it now contains a completely different liquid! Pour this 'new' liquid into a glass to amaze spectators.


Cocktail: You turn a cocktail shaker upside down to show that it is empty. Place the lid on the shaker and start to shake it as you would if you were mixing a cocktail. You then take the cap off and start pouring two glasses of cocktail....

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MP4 (video)

Mihwonkuoy Refizul
The Book Without Words by Mihwonkuoy Refizul

The real secrets on how to become the greatest magician in the world. Dedicated to the discerning conjurors, the cheaters, the liars, and all other lost souls - whatever age, who want to impress, manipulate, and magish other people for profit, fun, or just entertainment.

Included is a very clever and creative book test, for all of you who require a strong effect to justify the purchase.

The truth is delivered as a satire, which makes it a fun read, but at the same time delivers a profoundly deep and true message.

  • About the Author
  • Part One
    • Introduction
    • The Basic Principles
    • The...
★★★★ $6.66
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CB Records
Special Music for Magicians Epica: Volume 5 (royalty free) by CB Records

The powerful sound of EPICA-special music for magicians brings your shows and projects to blockbuster level. The medium-speed Traxx sound powerful, modern, mystical and dramatic. In addition, there are 10 bonus FX from the cinematic area. These effects can be used to create transitions between the songs or set targeted auditory accents in your magic shows or videos, ...

The following music genres are represented: Cinematic, Classic, Epic Power

Best suited for: Magic Shows, Clips, Product Ads, Videos, Movies, Youtube, and many more epic projects, ...

  • 10 Traxx in a length of approx....
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Devin Knight
The Gig Avalanche by Devin Knight

A method that will create a landslide of bookings that has never been described in previous books on marketing magic. This is a new and easy way to get more bookings that works plain and simple. It will ensure a steady stream of gigs week after week, believe it or not. This method doesn't involve cold-calling, Facebook ads, newspaper ads, yellow pages, using SEO or websites; yet this proven method will normally get you more gigs than all the old methods combined. Try it and you will see. You will be amazed at how easy this is to implement. This method has not been extensively used by other entertainers;...

★★★★★ $6
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Charly Eperny
Das Charly Eperny Skriptum (Skriptum Erlesener Magie IV) by Charly Eperny

Charly Eperny ist nach Conradi-Horster und Carl Willmann der wohl regste deutschsprachige magische Fachschriftsteller. Seine bisherigen Werke bilden eine vortreffliche Bücherreihe, die angefüllt ist mit auserlesener und vor allem in der Praxis erprobter Magie. Bereits vor dem zweiten Weltkriege publizierte Eperny sein erstes Werk, das er 25 Experimente aus meinem Repertoire nannte. Charly Eperny hat es in wunderbarer Weise verstanden, moderne und klassische Magie sinnvoll zu vereinigen.

  • Die verhexte Banknote
  • Der neue Banknotentrick
  • Phantastisches Hellsehen
  • Die Kartenfabrikation
  • Herüber - Hinüber
  • Schlag' ihn...
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David Jonathan
Destined by David Jonathan

The spectator finds their card in an incredible way, with a stunning kicker revelation.

The jokers are given to a spectator to hold, then a card is selected. The chosen card is shuffled and lost in the deck. The cards are spread face down and the spectator freely inserts the jokers face up around any single card, isolating it from the rest. This mystery card is now turned over to reveal that, incredibly, it is their selected card. The effect could end right here, but in an unexpected finale, the jokers are turned over to reveal a jaw-dropping prediction.

  • Any deck can be used
  • No gimmicks ...
★★★★★ $6.95
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