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Joseph B.
Out of Control by Joseph B.

Out of Control is a surprising, impossible location effect. The magician never touches the deck or even looks at it because the spectator will do everything under the table including two riffle shuffles and several cuts. Yet despite these stringent premises, the magician will be able to find the spectator's card face down in the spread of the deck. Great reactions especially from fellow magicians.

1st edition 2022, video 13:51

★★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Max Holden
Holden's Catalog No. 17 (1955) by Max Holden

Max and Tess Holden established their magic mail-order business in 1929. Through the years, the business grew to three locations (Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City). The Max Holden catalog grew to hundreds of pages, offering merchandise from their own line of magic and books, as well as those of prominent manufacturers such as Petrie-Lewis, Thayer, and many others.

Arranged by subject, the effects include spirit effects, close-up magic, mentalism, livestock effects, books, blueprints, tricks with cards, money, cigarettes, liquids, candles, silks, slates, thimbles, and many others. ...

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Magnetische Magie by Pavel

Eine Sammlung von neuen mag(net)ischen Ideen für Bühne und Salon. Effekte mit Zauberstäben, Seilen, Tüchern, Spielkarten und anderen Gegenständen. Alle Tricks basieren auf der Verwendung von Magneten.

  • Der Zauberstab-Regenerator
  • Pavel's "Seil Durch Den Hals"
  • Seil Durch Den Körper
  • Pavel's "Seil durch den Körper"
  • Die Karte in der Luft
  • Das Wäscheklammer-Seil
  • Die Jahrhundert-tücher
  • Neue Tuch-Verkettung
  • Das flinke Seil
  • Seilring-Restauration
  • Perfekte Ring-Durchdringung
  • Der unmögliche Kartensteiger
  • Das springende Tuch
  • Der magnetische Zauberstab
  • Das Rätsel des gelben Knotens ...
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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1953 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Famous Jimmy Trimble Rope Routine
  • An Innovation With The Squared Circle
  • Tricks With A Folding Card
  • Mccallum's Rainbow Knife Routine
  • Tip On Bottomless Glass
  • Paper Tearing With A Color Change Tube
  • Routine For The Ireland Multiplying Watches
  • Follow Up On Hummer's Rare Coin Stunt
  • Three Lighted Cigarettes
  • Master Billiard Ball Routine
  • Production Of Four Solid Billiard Balls
  • Catchy Thimbles
  • A Spectacular Check Book
  • Comedy Card Rising Trick
  • Two Math Ticklers
  • Patter For Block-Kord
  • Cat And Canary - Quickie Version
  • A Japanese Bird
  • The Skunk Wringer
  • The Rabbit Trap Production ...
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Colourful Magic by Pavel

A collection of some 15 effects with silks, ribbons, rings, balls, glasses, tubes, paper, dice, and other objects.

  • Instant Silk
  • Colorings
  • Jet Rope
  • Effecto Tube
  • Top Match
  • Test-A-Colour
  • Chameleon Die
  • Transpo Silks
  • Jumping Knots
  • Silken Trio
  • Knotty Rope
  • Ribbon Prediction
  • Travelling Hole
  • Sucker Restoration
  • Super Ball

1st edition 1980, 34 pages; PDF 33 pages.

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Collin MacKenzie
Jack Pots by Collin MacKenzie

For anybody interested in Erdnase, this poker story compilation should be of interest because many poker stories are from Chicago. It was published in 1887 which means it likely overlaps somewhat with the active time of Erdnase. We are not saying you will find a story featuring Erdnase. But such poker stories, even if they are often exaggerated or purely fictional, do provide one with some sense of the times of Erdnase.

In particular, it is educational to compare the stories with the ones from Eugene Edwards' Jack Pots. There isn't any significant overlap, however one aspect is noticeably different. Eugene...

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Unknown Mentalist
Psychic Connections by Unknown Mentalist

Psychic Connections is a complete system. Right from a one-off quick effect, you can perform up to an entire act of 15-20 mins. You can read a single mind repeatedly or you can read a group of up to 5 minds at a time. There are 5 routines that are included.

Psychic Connections is a delicious combination of multiple principles, methods, and tools which together create mystery and wonder for your audiences while it will be a pleasure for you to perform these 5 routines. These 5 routines are as follows.

  1. The BLESS Routine
  2. The HIGH Routine.
  3. The CIVILIZATION Routine which has 3 different...
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gimmick & PDF

Gerald Edmundson
Two Vernon Classics & Revisiting the Overhand Lift Shuffle by Gerald Edmundson

Some aficionados consider Dai Vernon's "Out of Sight-Out of Mind" from More Inner Secrets of Card Magic the best mindreading trick with an ordinary deck of cards. They may be right. Since the spectator does not remove a card from the deck but only thinks of a card, it makes a terrific mindreading trick. Erdnase explores the principle in "A Mindreading Trick" in Expert at the Card Table. Vernon used the principle to construct his trick.

Gerald keeps the exact effect of Vernon's original trick. In "Only in Your Mind", he uses adaptations of the Overhand Lift Shuffle and constructs a completely different handling of the trick. In keeping with the...

★★★★ $15
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Randy Wakeman
Special Effects by Randy Wakeman

From the introduction:

Effort has been made in this work to include material that will appeal to close-up workers of all experience levels. Even those individuals who are just getting their feet wet in card magic should not have great difficulty learning routines such as "The Odds Against Me," "Forefiguration," "The Force is With You," "Six Card Trick," "Nick's Trick," and several others.

Effort has also been made to make this book as complete an entity as possible as you will notice by the rather generous appendix of Marlo ideas that I have included. Hopefully this will motivate serious...

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Hal Saxon
Thumb Tip Handling Masterclass by Hal Saxon

"It's a thing of beauty. Everything is covered and I believe it might be one of the best purchases magicians can make today. You cover everything in detail and it's a pleasure to watch. - Olivier Boes

I want us to reimagine and revolutionize our tipistry. Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, proficiency, and mastery. If we can pull this off, you'll also skyrocket your confidence with a thumb tip.

My methodology is to perform close up, with no weird or wacky moves. I just perform slow and deliberate with handling and moves that defy logic.

The Thumb...

★★★★★ $35
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MP4 (video)

The Magic Nest Magazine Issue 2 (June 2022) by Balu
  • Articles
    • Editorial
    • Remembering Our Roots – The Great Appadurai
    • Inspiration
    • How To Be An Unique Performer
    • Life Is Back! – Good Days Are Here Again!!
    • They Said It – Quotes By Veterans
  • Tricks For You
    • Visiting Ring
    • Phone Pin Reveal
    • Where Is My Card
    • Telephonepathy
    • Amazing Candy Mystery
  • Fun & Facts
    • Toonz Corner
    • Origins Of Wonders
    • Puzzle Time
  • What's New In The Market
    • Alphabet Roulette
    • Six Bill Repeat
    • Slate Bug Writer
    • Discover The Magician In You
  • News Section
  • Tips & Advices
  • Answers To The May 2022 Quizzes

We gladly welcome any comments and critiques...

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13 Gute Magische Tricks von Pavel by Pavel
  • Pavel's Glass Miracle
  • Viereckige Oder Runde Loecher
  • Seidenband Und Becher
  • Ringe Und Seile
  • Ring Escape
  • Pavel's Knots Off Silk
  • Die Reisenden Knoten
  • Drei Roehren Und Drei Baelle
  • Einfache Tuechervariationen
  • Geometrical Mystery
  • Teuflische Knoten
  • Pavel's Blendo
  • Die Voraussage Von Baendern
  • Colour Changing Balls

PDF 29 Seiten

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 104 (May 2022) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil ShawVol. 18, No. 2, May 2022; 60 pages
Cover: Laura London
  1. Welcome to Issue #104 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. In The Phonebox with Kim Joo-Hun
  5. Laura London - The Cheat - cover article/interview
  6. Reader's Letters
  7. The Amazing Johnathan - interview by Graham Hey
  8. Magicseen Competition
  9. Masterclass
    • Sox - Gregg Webb
  10. Masterclass Classic
    • Twister - Paul Gordon
  11. What Could Possibly Go Wrong - A Comic Look at Close Up Magic Post-Covid - Mark Leveridge
  12. Taking Shape - How Table shapes and Sizes Affect the Table Hopper - Mark Leveridge
  13. How to Get Yourself Out There...
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Harry Reeve
Intriguing Magical Ideas by Harry Reeve

From the introduction:

I think Edwin has been a little presumptuous in billing this lecture as 'Originalities'. Most new ideas and twists spring from something that has gone before so I lay no claim to the basics but enjoy playing around with them to produce 'new' material etc. to entertain. Time is short so let's get on. Descriptions are brief and condensed mainly printed here to serve as memory joggers to the demonstrations in the lecture. I hope they help you to make up and perform something that you have found to your personality. You have my permission to make a 'one-off' for your own...

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Roy Van Dyke
More Fun with Balloons by Roy Van Dyke

From the Foreword:

More good advice, tips, ideas and balloon models. The result of Van Dyke's professional experience is here. Balloon workers cannot fail to find something of help and interest in the pages which follow.

  • Publisher's Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Advice on Balloons
  • The Rocket Balloons
  • A Swan
  • A Monkey
  • A Rat
  • An Elephant
  • A Seal
  • Oodles of Poodles
  • The Van Dyke Poodle
  • An Aeroplane
  • A Goat
  • A Dragonfly
  • An Octopus
  • Did William Tell?
  • Toffee Apples!
  • A Silly Mistake
  • A Rocking Horse
  • Rudolph Grows Up!
  • Animals from One Balloon
  • A Dog From One Balloon
  • A Poodle From One Balloon ...
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Graham Hey
Mental Movies by Graham Hey

From a paper bag, you remove a ball of paper which is then thrown over your shoulder into the audience. The person who catches it is going to assist you. You show them a selection of movies written on to the faces of playing cards. These are turned face down and the spectator mixes them behind their back. You say you're going to try and use your manipulation skills and make them select a certain movie. After they have mixed the cards, you invite them to take the top card. It's 'Jurassic Park'. You then instruct them to open the ball of paper used to freely select them - it's a poster for Jurassic...

★★★★★ $10
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Unknown Mentalist
Telepathic Memory by Unknown Mentalist

Telepathic Memory is a dual combination effect where you can demonstrate both your telepathic abilities as well as your super power memory.

From a random list of over 50 cities and their population figures, a participant chooses a city and its population figure. Using your telepathic ability, you divine the population figure in the participant's mind and then using your super power memory, you also declare the name of the city related to that population figure.

Three different routines are explained. And these effects can be performed in close-up, street, parlor, stage scenarios, and...

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Mark Stone
The Peek Project by Mark Stone

After a long time of experimenting and searching for the best and easiest way to peek at the spectator's deepest thought written on a business card, Mark has come out with two completely different and deceptive methods fully described in this eBook, with crystal clear photos and step-by-step instructions.

The Perfect Peek

The Perfect Peek allows for a secret full card peek, without folding or tearing. Uses only a very few steps, is clean in the execution, and is highly deceptive. The effect takes advantage of old principles combined with clever handling to create a lethal peek. Easy...

★★★★★ $22.50
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The Fascinating Life of a Magician by Peki

How does one actually become a magician - and why? Is it even possible to make a living from magic? What is life like as a magician? Are these normal people?

A person who has traveled with his art to more than 60 countries around the world will tell you his secrets. See him awarded second place world champion at the FISM World Congress of Magicians, with a show based only on sleight of hand. Learn how he became a self-taught expert manipulator. See how he booked his own gigs and was even hired as the only completely unknown actor for "The Dream Ship" on German television network ZDF. ...

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Hal Saxon
Elevate Your Tipistry by Hal Saxon

This is an intermediate to advanced thumb tip workshop for my friends at I want us to reimagine and revolutionize our tipistry. Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, proficiency, and mastery. If we can pull this off, you'll skyrocket your confidence with a thumb tip. In our thumb tip magic, objections create skeptics and I don't want to create skeptics, I want to create awe.

In this 29-minute workshop, I will discuss the misconceptions and no no's of thumb tip magic and how to correct these flaws. I will show you how to elevate your Tipistry and...

★★★★★ $19 $10
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MP4 (video)

John W. Keller
The Game of Draw Poker by John W. Keller

A fairly detailed work on the rules and variations of draw poker. Also includes some advice on how to play the game successfully. This work includes Robert C. Schenck's rules for draw poker.

    • Introduction
    • The Element of Chance
    • The Question of Stakes
    • Technical Terms
    • The Order of Hands
    • The Straight
    • The Blaze
    • Rules of Draw Poker
    • The Limit
    • The Ante
    • The Straddle
    • The Deal
    • Betting Before the Draw
    • Discard and Draw
    • Betting After the Draw
    • Jack Pots
    • Incidental Jack Pots
    • The "Buck"
    • Progressive Jack Pots
    • Freeze Out
  • CHAPTER...
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Robert C. Schenck
Draw: rules for playing poker by Robert C. Schenck

While Robert Schenck served as ambassador in the UK, he was persuaded to write down his rules for poker by a duchess. This was the first publication to deal solely with draw poker.

1st edition 1880, PDF 6 pages.

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Pavel's 15 Mikro Tricks (German) by Pavel

Pavel ist wie immer innovativ und präsentiert neue Ideen und Varianten. Beschreibungen sind wunderbar illustriert von J. Manas.

  • Die Mysterioese Seide
  • Ringe In Der Zuendholzschachtel
  • Ultra-Kombination
  • Zweifarbige Schnuere
  • Das Geheimnisvolle Sehen
  • Discolora
  • Viereckige Kreise
  • The Pocket Rings
  • Das Paket Mit 19 Zigaretten
  • Die Damen Auf Der Reise
  • The Rings On Rope
  • Zwei Moeglichkeiten
  • Dreifarbiges Raetsel
  • Die Lachende Hasen
  • Das Geheimnis Des Rings

Für die Englische Version siehe Pavel's 15 Micro Tricks.

Erstausgabe 1971, PDF 32 Seiten.

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George Thompson
Great Million Dollar Bridge and Poker Demonstration by George Thompson

From the foreword by Ken de Courcy:

Thompson's Bridge and Poker Demonstration is probably one of the most convincing that has ever appeared. The interesting part, the discarding and drawing of cards to improve the Poker hands, is entirely believable and leads to a strong climax.

1st edition ~1947, PDF 6 pages.

★★★★ $8
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