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Roy Eidem
Roy's Rattle Ruse by Roy Eidem

Do you perform the Three Shell game/con? Have you thought about doing the Three Shell game? If so, this is a must, decades-held, secret underground move for you. This ruse adds an auditory convincer to the otherwise purely visual con. Easily executed; stunningly entertaining and deceptive. This is a move you will use.

Here are the reactions of well-known Shell Game workers with whom it was recently shared.

"Very Clever." - Pop Haydn

"An amazing idea I love it." - Terry Ward

"Brilliant!" - Michael Stehle

1st edition 2022, PDF 1 page, video 3:02.

★★★★★ $8
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James A. Payne
Balloon Animals and how to make them by James A. Payne

From the preface:

This book has been written with the idea of presenting some different types of balloon items and to give some ideas to the walk-around clown. All of them have been audience-tested.

In the past I have read where one must be able to turn out a set number of balloon animals per hour or they will be in trouble. Nothing could be further from the truth. For years I have clowned at Shopping Centers and Picnics and, although I don't turn out more than sixty balloon animals per hour at my fastest pace, I still please the crowds at the places I appear and worked at one shopping...

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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1969 - 70 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall

This was the last volume in the series of Year Books Laurie Ireland published.

  • salute To Our Collectors
  • Love & The Magic Collector
  • The Brotherhood Of Magic
  • Wild Magic
  • Fire Bowl From Paper Bag
  • The Super Duper Safety Match
  • Indian Maid Escape
  • Flaming Torch To Cane
  • Red The Crook
  • Clock Vanish Idea
  • Snow White Dove Production
  • Topper Production
  • Cane To Dove
  • A Tip
  • Johnny Brown's Split!
  • Johnny Brown's Instant Silk
  • From A Mentalist's Notebook
  • Mommy!!
  • Aristocratic Finger Chopper Routine
  • Prof. Cheer Bits
  • Paper Plate Caper
  • Flower Production Dox
  • Supersonic Silks
  • How Did You Do That? ...
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The Magic Nest Magazine Issue 1 (May 2022) by Balu

Following the footsteps of senior magicians and veterans like Sam Dalal, and Solyl Kundu, here comes a new magic magazine from the land of magic, India. The Magic Nest Magazine is a new magic magazine edited and compiled by Indian magician Balu. The Magic Nest brings you articles, effects, sleights, and ideas for amateurs and pros alike. We are featuring contributions from the minds of Sam Dalal, Shankar Junior, Kakinada Sreenivas, Dipak Roy Chowdury, Balu, Narayanamurthy, and many more.

  • Foreword
  • Articles
    • Editorial
    • Remembering Our Roots - Sam Dalal
    • Etiquette For Magicians
    • A Look At Magic Periodicals ...
★★★★★ $4
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Hanns Friedrich
Die Kunst mit Karten zu zaubern by Hanns Friedrich

Eine höchst vergnügliche Kartenzauberfibel für jedermann. Mit langsam steigender Dosierung werden Kunststücke von verblüffender Einfachheit und äußerster Raffinesse servierfertig angerichtet und mit Witz, Anekdote und Historie garniert.

Mit einem gewöhnlichen Spiel von 32 Blatt, ohne Präparation und ohne Fingerfertigkeit, lassen sich sogar die Wunder der Telepathie, der Hellsicht und der Telekinese vorführen. Der elegante Plauderstil des Verfassers, aus seinen früheren Veröffentlichungen wohl bekannt, macht die Lektüre dieses Buches zu einem intellektuellen Vergnügen.

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J. Stewart Smith
Further Thought on Cards by J. Stewart Smith

J. Stewart Smith presents more of his mystifying card effects, accomplished without knuckle-busting sleight of hand. The author was something of an enigma, eschewing public performances in favor of fooling magicians and mentalists at magic conventions. After a process of continual refinements from demonstrating his effects under the critical eyes of magicians, he would assemble a small number of his latest creations and issue them in small, limited-edition booklets. To say that his books are hard to come by is a gross understatement. This is a shame since the magic is priceless.

Smith was...

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Edwin Hooper
Card in the Orange by Edwin Hooper

The Effect of the Card in the Orange ranks with that of the Bank-Note in Lemon, or the Card in the Egg effect, but has one main advantage over the other two and that is that it is easier to do. Although the impact on the audience is precisely the same, the trick can be performed under any conditions and is literally worry-free. The Card in the Orange is one of those effects that, in the right hands, can be a reputation-maker. The whole effect depends entirely upon showmanship and presentation.

  • Edwin's Routine
  • What You Require
  • Another Method
  • Knife Force
  • Simplicity Force
  • The Glide ...
★★★★ $10
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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1967 - 68 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • Karrell Fox - Instant Fun For Everyone!
  • How To Be A Comedian In One Easy Lifetime
  • Thoughts On Magical Comedy
  • An A B C Of Magicomedy Bits
  • What Do Magicians Do When They Aren't Magishing?
  • Magic Isn't Funny
  • Our Sense Of Humor
  • If It's Laughter You're After ...
  • 3 Oriental Boxes
  • Magic Slept Here
  • Pretty Snaky
  • Red White & Blue
  • Foam Plastic And Magic
  • Flight Thru Space
  • Hoy Deploy
  • Transesp
  • Tish Kebob
  • Betty Hal - Astra Gal
  • Make Safety Your Watchword
  • A "Drop" Of Coffee
  • Lines For Safety
  • Ball That Went On A Trip
  • Flying Carpet Card Trick
  • Openers
  • Teeth And Fish Idea
  • Large Coin Routine
  • The Abacus...
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Heather Jay
Betting Hands by Heather Jay

A simple and powerful display of intuition.

Imagine making an instant connection with a stranger by testing their intuition. Now, Imagine performing this test of intuition with a simple prop that you can make from almost anything.

From the mind of Heather Jay, Betting Hands is a simple and impactful demonstration using nothing more than two poker chips and your spectator's hands. Carry this in your pocket, and be prepared for a fantastic moment of synchronization and intuition.

This ebook will give you a full performance for the "Betting Hands" routine and detailed instructions on how...

★★★★ $9
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Aloys Christof Wilsmann
Die zersägte Jungfrau by Aloys Christof Wilsmann

Ein äußerst lesenswertes Ebuch über Magier, Schwindler und Scharlatane. Wilsmann vereint hier eine Reihe von faszinierenden Geschichten und Anekdoten von Zauberkünstlern und solchen die sich deren Methoden bedienten. Es gibt kein vergleichbares Werk im Deutschen Sprachraum. Zusätzlich stellt Wilsmann am Ende die erste Bibliographie Deutscher Zauberliteratur zusammen. Für jeden Sammler und Wissbegierigen ist es eine wunderbare Liste um neue Bücher zu entdecken.

  • Statt einer Vorrede
  • Magie ohne Magie
    • Das Geheimnis eines Papyrus
    • Was Alkiphron berichtet
    • Der Schwindler von Abonuteichos ...
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Graham Hey
Book Him Danno! by Graham Hey

Another fabulous comedy mentalism effect with a full comedy routine.

An envelope is in full view which contains a single book. A plastic tumbler contains many pieces of paper - each piece has the titles of two books written on it. The spectator freely selects one piece of paper. They then have a choice of either book - and they can change their mind! They finally select one ... and it's the same as the one in the envelope.

The envelope contains one book - the selected one. The envelope is then ripped up to prove there is nothing else inside. This is virtually a self-working effect and...

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Ken Muller
Rings of Troth: F.U.N. Rings Series by Ken Muller

A novel blending of Linking Rings and Ring on Rope Magic during a demonstration of ancient marriage rites. This is not just a series of intriguing illusions, but an immersion to ancient betrothal rituals where magic and myth were alive and natural.

Three Routines:

  • Troth Ritual
  • Troth Ceremony Suggestions
  • Pledge Bond Suggestions

Moves, sleights and stratagems adapted from the Primal Rings eBook. This is designed for an engagement party with lost of audience involvement with special attention for the special couple. Effects occur in their hands and because of their betrothal commitments. It is story...

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Joseph B.
Most Impossible Diviniation by Joseph B.

As you can understand from the title this is an impossible divination. The method is becoming more and more diabolical.

The effect is a classic: the spectator chooses a card and the magician finds it. Here, however, the conditions are strict for the magician. There is seemingly no way the magician could find the card. The deck is shuffled while the performer looks away. Despite this, he will be able to find the chosen card face down. All this with a normal, borrowed, totally impromptu deck.

1st edition 2022, video 12:03

★★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Unknown Mentalist
Deckless Angels and Devils ACAAN by Unknown Mentalist

Please note that this is deckless. And that does not mean propless. Two double blank business cards are used in this effect, with something written/printed on them of course, as you will get to know in this manuscript. This ACAAN is notoriously unknown as DAD ACAAN. And this is completely different than the earlier Deckless ACAAN.

3 different participants freely and randomly choose a card value, a number, and a suit. All are fair choices...or so it seems. And you read all 3 minds with a uniquely stunning impact. You can even perform this to a single participant or even in a virtual show or a video call....

★★★★ $12
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Max Sterling
The Magical World by Max Sterling

The Magical World is one of the few weekly periodicals in magic. This periodical ran from November 1910 until May 1911 and was edited by Max Sterling. Volume one contained 26 issues and volume two ended the series with No. 3 - a total of more than 470 pages.

For the continuation of this periodical see the second series.

Volume 1, Number 1 (November 2nd, 1910)

  • Announcements
  • Between Ourselves
  • What Others Are Doing - Oswald Williams
  • Practical Magic - Levitation of a Card
  • For Beginners - A Japanese Floral Fan-cy
  • Impromptu Tricks - The Impossible Die
  • Cards - Simple Effect
  • Whereabouts This Week ...
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Hypnotising Animals by Supreme-Magic-Company

Very little on this fascinating subject has been published before, but you will find some references in Oriental Conjuring and Magic by Will Ayling and also in the books of Stanton Carlisle.

Let us make it quite clear that it is not possible to place an animal under genuine hypnosis. What you do is to induce a sort of muscular paralysis which has no ill effects on the animal subjects used. You will learn to do this for a variety of animals, including hens, roosters, rabbits, ducks, and even reptiles and frogs.

1st edition 1982, 3 pages; PDF 4 pages.

★★★★ $8
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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 (May 2022) by Scott Baird

Volume 1, No. 5: May 2022, 52 pgs.

The fifth issue of The Hermit Magazine features:

    • Coins to Purse / Bill Citino
    • Ultimate Brainwave Deck / Kyle Leon
    • Three Coin Production / Giacomo Bertini
    • P.Q.I. / Patrik Kuffs
    • The Gambler, The Magician, and The Psychic / Scott Baird
    • Tossed Across / Mystic Slybaba
    • The Management of Added Information / Alvaro Berbel
    • Sankey Says - Sharing your Humour / Jay Sankey
★★★★★ $8.50
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Percy Abbott
Sensational Spirit Cabinet Act by Percy Abbott

A modern seance, with a tie that is like lightning for speed, and yet is the most convincing of all ties. Each wrist is securely tied with a length of rope. Any number of knots may be used and knots can be sealed. The ends of the rope are made secure to the back of the chair. Feet are also tied to chair legs. All ties are thoroughly inspected and the committee is convinced that there is no slack in the ropes and that magician is really secure. The cabinet is placed around magi ready for the tests. For instance, a card is selected and shuffled back into the pack, the pack placed between the...

★★★★★ $8
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Graham Hey
Where's my Dove? by Graham Hey

A hilarious effect and routine for anyone who does any kind of stand-up - from friends to comedy clubs to cruise ships. A fantastic, self-working method makes this effect the perfect trick for all occasions. And you don't need anyone on stage to help you.

Tell your audience they could win several amazing prizes - including a diamond worth $1million! Five colored ropes are hanging out of a gift bag. Inside the bag, Derek the Dove is tied to one of the ropes. The audience has four guesses, but each time, their selected rope is removed and there's no sign of Derek. The final rope is removed...

★★★★★ $12
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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1952 by Laurie Ireland
  • Six More Hummers
    • The Four G Men
    • The Card On The Window Pane
    • Double Thought
    • A Rare Coin Stunt
    • A Possible Impossibility
    • Imagination
  • Three Magical Beauties
    • Making A Production Out Of The Pyramid Puzzle
    • Chlorophyll Gag Card
    • The "Trey (Tray) Of Diamonds" Gag Card
  • Match-A-Card
  • Cavorting Cards
  • Animal, Vegetable And Mineral
  • Build It Yourself Nest Of Boxes
  • The Cigarette Vending Machine
  • The Extra Load
  • Kirk's Comedy Spaghetti Winder Gag Prop
  • A Paper Folding Routine
  • Secrets Of Sharpshooting
  • Ali's Eyeful
  • Flower Floats
  • Telephone Fooler
  • Boxadime
  • Idea For The Buddha Tubes ...
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Paul R. Hadley
How to Develop Mental Magic by Paul R. Hadley

This coursebook teaches how to build a two-person mentalism act, allowing names, dates, personal effects, and more to be quickly and effectively transmitted and described without the use of electronics or gimmicks.

Audiences will gasp in amazement as they witness your sensational and uncanny demonstration of apparent psychic ability between you and your "medium" or "telepath." Spectator questions, personal articles, birthdates, pocket change, jewelry, and more are revealed by the on-stage psychic.

If you've seen the motion picture "Nightmare Alley," you've had a glimpse at how mesmerizing...

★★★★ $12
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Joseph B.
Fooler Fooler Fooler by Joseph B.

The magician attempts to find the spectator chosen card under impossible conditions. In the end, he also manages to find the four aces. Everything is done with a normal deck of cards. Requires minimal sleight-of-hand.

1st edition 2022, video 12:52

★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

James McKnight
The Modern Magician by James McKnight

This periodical ran from October 1932 to April 1934 and saw 8 numbers published. Complete files are uncommon. In this digital form, it can be enjoyed by a much wider group of readers.

Volume 1, Number 1, October 1932

  • Editorial
  • How to Stick a Hatpin through the tongues without injury
  • I Witnessed Betty Jane's Act. By an Observer
  • The Meeting Place. Conducted by George Linnhauser.
  • Doc. Distel effect. Card Stabbing Supreme
  • Reviews: The Vanishing Goat, by Frank Lane

Volume 1, Number 2, November 1932

  • Editorial
  • A New Pass. J. Burnes
  • A New Box Escape.
  • Wrinkle. By Kolar
  • The Autobiography...
★★★★★ $19.50
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Roy Baker
Baker's Capers by Roy Baker

From the Foreword:

What started out as a few lecture notes seem to have reached the size of a small book. I hope that the reader will find something to stir his or her imagination. Do try out some of the effects. All are practical and have been tried out. Most have been in constant use. The coin routine and the dice routine for instance. I must have performed both of these many thousands of times.

  • Foreword
  • About Roy Baker
  • "Stuck-Kup"
  • "Catch The Cup"
  • Cigarette Through Handkerchief Baker Style
  • Roy Baker's Method Of "Knife Thro' Coat"
  • Two Stunts With A Pen
  • It's Getting Larger
  • The...
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