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Albert A. Hopkins
Magic: Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions including Trick Photography by Albert A. Hopkins

A massive collection of information with a huge amount of beautiful illustrations mostly compiled from the pages of Scientific American magazine. The introduction is by Henry Ridgely Evans.

During the 1890s, Scientific American magazine published detailed explanations of magic illusions. The informant for the magazine was no other than William E. Robinson, aka Chung Ling Soo, who at that time was the stage manager for Harry Kellar. Kellar was upset once he found out that he had a mole in his company who would feed the descriptions of some of his most popular illusions to the magazine, including the rope tie that formed the basis of his Spirit...

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J. Stewart Smith
The Wave of the Hand by J. Stewart Smith

J. Stewart Smith's third book on card magic, containing six more card masterpieces. Like his previous releases, all the work is accomplished without knuckle-busting sleight of hand. Only a few simple moves are necessary, easily within the grasp of the average magician.


  • Our Cards
  • False Cut
  • Ascent of the Black Fours
  • A Restoration
  • Triple Alliance
  • The Four Aces
  • Double Cut
  • A Prediction

Card workers the world over praise his beautiful effects and their methods. See below for a few brief quotes from experts in the field.

"The author has attempted to approach as...

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Fraser Parker
Oculus 2: propless date of birth by Fraser Parker

Oculus 2 is an updated handling on the prop-less date of birth divination. Included are various direct prop-less methods, as well as a streamlined handling with playing cards.

1st edition 2021, PDF 38 pages.

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Jon Racherbaumer
Mythopolis by Jon Racherbaumer

Unpacking the Smith Myth and the Rashomon Concept.

This collection of tricks focuses on a similar motif because they fit the precise definition of that word and, in each case, the goal is to show what unifies and specifically defines each one. I'm also using the term "curate," because I sifted through lots of material so readers can compare and analyze everything. I consider this to be a contextualizing exercise that reveals the motif's history and pinpoints its rightful place in the Creative Continuum.

The two motifs compiled here are the Smith Myth and what's popularly known as the Rashomon...

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T. S. Barns
Bits of Patter by T. S. Barns

From the introduction:

I think that among the first requirements that people make of a magician, or of a "society entertainer," as some of our young stars term themselves nowadays, is that he be really clever, - clever not only with his hands, so that he can give a creditable performance without lumbering up their drawing rooms with a hack full of gorgeous hangings, but also with his mouth, in that he be able to talk to them in their own terms about the tricks he does.

  • Just a Word
  • Drum Head and Casatte
  • Orange and Ribbon
  • Astra Floating Ball
  • The Rice Bowls
  • The Hindoo Lota
  • The Cards...
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Bob Hummer
Still More Hummers by Bob Hummer

Here are 12 more mind-blowing Bob Hummer close-up and parlor puzzlers that will entertain most any audience. From the brilliant mind of Bob Hummer comes this tasty helping of magic and mental mysteries using cards, a spoon, and even a 6 x 6 checkerboard. Some of these offerings were originally sold as separate manuscripts and are now out of print.

Also included in this volume are the effects that made up Hummer's 3 Trix booklet in 1947, which has been out of print for decades. Now you can add these great tricks to your performing arsenal before the other magicians in your area get them....

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Graham Hey
Travel Chaos by Graham Hey

Tricks about travel and more.

Here's a selection of cool self-working magic and mentalism tricks perfect for close-up and stand-up.

For example: The spectator freely selects a luggage label that has a holiday destination written on it. When a world map is opened, their chosen destination is circled.

Or how about this: A selection of postcards is shown - they're moved from the back of the pile to the front. When the spectator calls 'STOP!' the very next postcard is the only one with a hand-written message on it.

Or: Three luggage labels with vacation destinations written on them are...

★★★★★ $12
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Renzo Grosso
Mentalism Experiments: Kinesics and the Art of the Lie by Renzo Grosso

The content of this publication collects the notes of a conference held some time ago to friends and colleagues, dedicated to the problem of "truth / lie". The book, published in Italy, has had a flattering success in bookstores: I think it is right to share the content also in the English language.

A good mentalist must necessarily acquire a good knowledge of the messages of the body and interpret the moods of the viewer to best conduct the effect. An excellent mentalist is always able to understand if the viewer is sincere or if he is lying, often leaving him the possibility to choose...

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Boyet Vargas
Out of the Box by Boyet Vargas

"I think your approach and method are brilliant." - Marc Salem

"I think it is a fun effect." - Mike Vance

The mentalist hands out a billet containing different objects. The participant then makes a series of choices and moves between objects while the mentalist eliminates different objects along the way with their help. In the end, the participant ends up with an object that matches what the mentalist has written before the start of the routine.

  • You do not know how many times or how the participant moves in between objects.
  • The participant is somehow involved in the elimination...
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Boyet Vargas
Butterfly Center Tear by Boyet Vargas

One of the classic forms of mind-reading is the center tear. With a center tear, you can get the secret information that a participant has written. Almost all of the center tears require a pre-folded billet which the participant needs to re-fold the same way after they write down the secret information. The Butterfly Center Tear (BCT) is my solution to a no pre-fold center tear. With BCT, you can now hand a flat billet to the participant and still be able to perform the center tear to peek the secret information. You can also use this method as your backup center tear in case the participant...

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Gregg Webb
Aether #13: The Little Gift by Gregg Webb

Gregg modifies Jackie Flosso's Bill in Lemon effect to use a matchbox rather than a lemon - much less messy - among other tweaks.

1st edition 2022, PDF 3 pages.

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David Devant
Magic Made Easy by David Devant

An excellent selection of tricks by no other than David Devant. From his introduction:

I have always maintained that the art of the conjurer is closely allied to that of the actor, but with this difference: the actor selects a character and impersonates it. He has all the advantages of a proper dress, suitable to the character he is playing, of beautiful scenery, and music, and lighting, and the various other little things which are comprised in the theatrical word “effects.” The actor has all these aids to assist him in persuading people that the man they see is not the actor, but...

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Bob Cassidy
The Art of Mentalism 2 by Bob Cassidy

A complete performance of mentalism exactly as performed by Bob Cassidy in nightclubs and lounges all over America. This ebook is intended for the advanced performer who is well versed in the basics of the art.

  • Part One
    • An Overview of the Act
    • The Logic of the Program
  • Part Two
    • Performance Details
    • The Psychological Forces
    • The Book Test
    • The Three Envelope Test
    • Card Memory
  • Part Three
    • The Challenge Tarot Card Reading
    • The Card Through the Window

1st edition 1995, revised 2003; PDF 45 pages.

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Techniques of Mentalism by Bob Cassidy

These are the 2002 lecture notes by Bob Cassidy. As the nature of lecture notes often is, not everything is necessarily explained in detail, but many things are. For example, you will learn why Bob always has black lipstick in his go-bag, and many other wonderfully practical and effective methods and routines, some with detailed patter.

  • My Mentalism Kit
  • The Black Lipstick
  • The Psychokinetic Pen and Keybending
  • The Rainbow Pad
  • The Three Envelope Test - the inside dope
  • Card Memory
  • The Enigma of #23

1st edition 2002, PDF 16 pages.

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Albin Allan & E. Sprung
Korrigiertes Glück by Albin Allan & E. Sprung

Falschspiel in Praxis und Theorie.

Viele, vielleicht allzu viele, versuchen ihr Glück im Spiel. Das war immer so und wird immer so bleiben. Sehr oft kann aber aus harmlosem Spiel bitterer Ernst werden - dann nämlich, wann der ehrliche Spieler, der das Spiel nur zum Vergnügen ausübt, an einen gewerbsmäßigen Falschspieler kommt. Er ist den unsauberen Methoden seines Partners nicht gewachsen, ja er ahnt es oft nicht einmal, daß er betrogen wird. Viele, die nur des Vergnügens wegen spielen wollen, haben in Gesellschaft von Falschspielern schon Vermögen verloren - und ihre Schulden, gemäß...

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Douglas Francis
Right Under Your Nose by Douglas Francis

From the preface by John Ramsay:

The author, my friend Douglas Francis, has handed me part of the manuscript of this book, and he has also given me a personal demonstration of some of the effects described therein. Every trick proved entertaining and convincing in his capable hands, and, consequently, I can recommend them with every confidence to all exponents of "Close-up" Magic.

From the foreword:

As the title suggests, the contents of this book are confined to that type of effect that can be literally performed right under the nose of the spectator, in other words - Close Quarter...

★★★★★ $10
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A Textbook of Magic by Elbiquet

From the Preface:

The object of this little book is to supply the amateur conjurer with a simple text-book on his art, leading him by graduated stages from the first principles to a degree of proficiency at which he will be able to produce magical effects on the stage or in the drawing-room.

The Appendix sets forth clearly the construction of the various pieces of apparatus referred to in the text, so that the amateur will be able either to construct these himself or get them cheaply made.

Lastly, the author would like to add, that most of the tricks and illusions contained in this...

★★★★★ $12
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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 19 by Werner Miller

This collection of math-based tricks includes two effects suitable for virtual shows. One is a Triumph effect the other a spelling trick that works both in English and French. Again, Miller includes some nicely designed print templates which you can print out directly from the PDF to perform the tricks with appropriately themed cards.

  • Star Day
  • Doppio
  • Left or Right?
  • Talmi 1
  • Talmi 2
  • Separo 1
  • Separo 2
  • Gigl-Gogl 1
  • Gigl-Gogl 2
  • Verifying an Oddity
  • Sweet and Luxurious
  • Hands-off Triumph
  • Buoyancy
  • Boarding
  • Chef’s Special
  • Chiamato
  • With Comp7ements I
  • With Comp7ements II
  • 25 cm
  • Magic...
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Joseph B.
One Hand Card at Number by Joseph B.

This effect is undoubtedly a fooler. The magician will be able to cut to three cards that reveal the exact position of the spectator's card. Conditions are really impossible. A true miracle with a normal deck. Always great reactions from both magicians and laypeople. Always a different number.

After the magician gives the deck a shuffle, the spectator is asked to cut the deck about in half and to take from the lower portion some cards, shuffle them, remember the top card, and put them back on top of the lower portion of the deck. Then the spectator shuffles the top portion of the deck and...

★★★★★ $8
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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1 No. 7 (July 2022) by Scott Baird

Volume 1, No. 7: July 2022, 47 pgs.

The seventh issue of The Hermit Magazine features:

    • CAANADA / Scott Baird
    • Changes in the Box / Luka Kratsashvili
    • Cryptic / Kyle Leon
    • Card Battle Royale / Fritz Alkemade
    • The Floating Bag (a.k.a. The Facebook Trick) / Patrik Kuffs
    • Another Nice Oil and Water / Rudy Tinoco
    • #hermitmagicchallenge / Photo Submissions
    • Sankey Says - We must encourage each other / Jay Sankey
★★★★★ $8.50
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P. T. Selbit
Conjuring Patter 2 by P. T. Selbit

A further selection of magical patter and other novelties, including chapeaugraphy and papertearing.

  • Patter for Card Manipulation Act
  • The Never-Empty Glass of Water
  • Selbit’s Sugar and Milk Trick
  • Paper Tearing
  • Chapeaugraphy
  • An Introduction to a Dumb Show
  • Miscellaneous Gags

1st edition 1927, 14 pages; PDF 12 pages.

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P. T. Selbit
Conjuring Patter by P. T. Selbit

The reader will find in this volume witty and appropriate patter suitable for almost any and every trick. Including patter and hints for tricks with coins, eggs, birds, handkerchiefs, bird cages, oranges, ribbons, bottles, glasses, water, tubes, etc.

  • To The Reader
  • Opening Remarks
  • Patter For Aerial Treasury Act
  • Chosen Orange And Mystic Ribbon Trick
  • The Egg And Handkerchief Trick
  • Bagged Canaries And Cage Trick
  • Handkerchief Manipulation Act
  • How To Construct Patter
    • Bits About Bottles
    • Gags On Glasses
    • Tube Trifles
    • Water Witticisms

1st edition 1927, 14 pages; PDF 14 pages.

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Renzo Grosso
Blame Mariano, Please! by Renzo Grosso

It is not easy to define, in a few words, Mariano Tomatis, but I want to try: he is a "Curiosity Generator". Because his books, his conferences, and, above all, his "pills" on Youtube (Mesmer in pills) are for me an inexhaustible source of information, culture (magical or otherwise), ideas, and, above all, a continuous stimulus to know, to seek, to try, to create, to "go upstairs".

Two pills, in particular, struck me and interested me (n ° 92: Coin, pen and cell phone, and n ° 228: Seeing with the third eye): once seen, I tried to analyze possible developments, discovering Masters, authors,...

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Albin Allan
Simsalabim by Albin Allan

Auch Sie können zaubern! Sicherlich haben Sie es schon erlebt, daß ganz plötzlich in einer Gesellschaft, die sich eben noch angeregt unterhielt, ein unliebsamer Gast auftaucht: die Langeweile. Das Gespräch verebbt, man weiß sich nichts mehr zu erzählen und unterdrückt nur mit Mühe ein Gähnen. Da hat ein Gast einen guten Einfall: er beginnt zu zaubern. Sogleich ist eine Sphäre des Interesses und regster Anteilnahme unter den Anwesenden geschaffen. Aber auch Sie können das, denn auch Sie können zaubern! Vielleicht haben Sie schon das eine oder andere Zauberbuch in der Hand gehabt,...

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