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Bob Farmer
Bammo Gaffus Maximus Addendum 2 by Bob Farmer

Bob Farmer's Bammo Gaffus Maximus book has a five-star rating from verified purchasers. Now there is an addendum with even more amazing, gaffed decks you can make easily at home.

The effects are brand new and like nothing you've seen before: two astounding predictions, "Stoned," and "The Turn of a Card," involving Chinese mysticism and Las Vegas gambling - themes that are catnip for audiences.

No sleights. Automatic working. No rough and smooth. Instant reset. No angles.

If you have Gaffus Maximus, you'll need this addendum. If you don't have Gaffus Maximus, then this is your chance to sample the quality...

★★★★★ $12
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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1963 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

After releasing M.I.N.T III, IV, V, and VI, Wesley has set about to complete the full run of Marlo In New Tops material with extensive annotations and supplemental bonus material. This is the first installment of the years from 1963 through 1979. 1964 - 68 are already well underway. Beyond the eight major articles in this, the first year of Marlo’s material in New Tops, there are innovative and ground-breaking plots, sleights, and subtleties, that have been largely unavailable since the run of the New Tops ended, notwithstanding the flat text of L & L’s MINT I and MINT II. If those books had been...

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Gregg Webb
Triplets 2 by Gregg Webb

In this second installment of Triplets, which is an all-cards issue, Gregg describes a new variation of a card change of Jimmy Groppo's. Jimmy was the glad-hander of one of the casinos in Vegas and would do very direct magic effects for the customers.

Next are some very strong tips and additions to a trick called the Repeat Card to Pocket. At the end, Gregg explains how to do this feat with a signed selection.

Lastly, Gregg explains how to solve some of the common problems of a move called The Misdirection Palm. Many beginners make the same mistakes with this move and miss the point....

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Judge Publishing Co.
Judge's Library No. 79 by Judge Publishing Co.

Judge's Library was a satirical periodical published in the USA from 1881 to 1947. It was a rival magazine to Puck founded among others by cartoonist James Albert Wales, dime novels publisher Frank Tousey and author George H. Jessop.

This issue No. 79 of Judge is all about poker. It provides a wonderful glimpse into how ubiquitous poker was in the US that such a successful periodical would dedicate an entire issue to it.

Also noteworthy, particularly for Erdnase scholars, is the fact that pretty much all the funny dialogs in this issue are in various national slang and ebonic. Thus the few lines...

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Douglas William Jerrold
The Hand-Book of Swindling by Douglas William Jerrold

A humoristic manual about swindling, how to become a successful swindler, as well as why it is such a good thing - featuring the late captain Barabbas Whitefeather.

  • Preface Of The Editor
  • Chapter I. The Reader Is Introduced To Captain Whitefeather's Relations.
  • Chapter II. Captain Whitefeather Takes An Enlarged View Of Swindling - Social Evils And Their Remedy.
  • Chapter III. Of The Face Necessary To A Swindler - (An Incidental Speculation On The "Division Of Property") - And Of The Use And Abuse Of Mustachios.
  • Chapter IV. Of The Parentage And Name Of A Swindler - Of His Equipage - Of His...
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Zaw Shinn
Just Play by Zaw Shinn

Show an individual play card, wave your hand in front of it, and have it vanish. Then in the same fashion, it reappears. The gimmick is super easy to make. Watch your angles.

1st edition 2023, video 5:57.

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MP4 (video)

Card Cheating Exposed by unknown

A complete revelation of the cheaters' work at Bridge, Nap, Solo, Bluff, Banker, Baccarat, Faro, etc.

Published by Coe & Co. A rare booklet offered at the first 2023 Ricky Jay auction with an estimated price of $500-$800. Excerpt from the introduction:

In introducing this little book to the public it is my intention and desire to expose the multiplicity of ways by which cheating at cards is accomplished. The average honest player is little suspicious of the enormous amount of cheating that is done, but what would astonish him still more would be to learn the simple tricks used by even the...

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Graham Hey
The Big Story! by Graham Hey

A book test, a 3-card trick, and a 5-envelope impossible selection routine - all self-working.

A prediction envelope is placed on the table, along with the performer's favorite novel. The spectator is handed a magazine that has had the staples removed and is asked to select any one of the double pages she likes. It's a free choice. She is then asked to add all the page numbers together. Let's say the number totals 170. She turns to page 170 in the novel ... and the prediction reveals which city is mentioned, the make of car which is talked about, and the unusual word on line 4! In fact,...

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Percy Naldrett
The Magical Miscellany: Collected Magic Series Volume 7 by Percy Naldrett
  • Divertisement
  • The Magic Spell
  • New Patter for the “Trouble-Wit”
  • The Sympathetic Cubes
  • The Card Discs
  • “Shoo!”
  • A Production Banner
  • The “How-on-Earth” Tube
  • The “What-do-you-call-it”
  • The Enclosure
  • Tubomania
  • A Silken Series
  • Vice Versa
  • Conjurer’s Quoits
  • “By”
  • The Penetrating Tumbler
  • Magnetised Thought
  • The Lady of the Rose
  • The Sympathetic Star
  • L’Envoi

1st edition 1926, 96 pages; PDF 63 pages.

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Larry Travis
Ivy by Larry Travis

Here are six card magic routines, plus variations on two of them. All are truly impromptu, meaning they can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck of ordinary cards. Some sleight-of-hand is required.

Synaptic - you reveal their thought-of card by "tuning in" to their senses

Maybe - an in-the-hands Open Prediction

Sweep - they choose a card through a visualisation process, but you knew their choice beforehand

Little Sympathy - impromptu sympathetic cards

Royal - a variation of Little Sympathy

Silver - they choose every card for two hands of poker, and you reveal a photographic...

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Gary Jones
Life's a Beach Volume 2 by Gary Jones

Gary is one of those performers who is equally at home presenting magic to lay people or to a room full of magicians, and his creative output reflects those two requirements. Some of the magic in this collection is designed to intrigue and fool magicians, while other effects are fast, direct and perfect for working under almost any commercial conditions.

What all the magic has in common is that the methods have been constructed to extract the maximum effect for the minimum of fuss. Some of Gary's handlings do require some sleight of hand - he is very fond of palming cards, for instance...

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Mark Leveridge
Four-midable Card Magic by Mark Leveridge

The Four-midable Magic Series comprises of specialist ebooks, each of which supplies four effects of a specific type.

This first volume in the series teaches four card routines that require little or no sleight of hand, and are well structured to produce clear magical card effects. They are clearly described in easy-to-follow numbered sections, supplemented by a total of 39 colour photo illustrations.

  • Introduction
  • Royal Flush: the magician uses magic to produce a Royal Flush from a shuffled deck of cards.
  • Big Deal: a spectator shuffles a deck and cards are dealt face up onto the table...
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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1 (January 2023) by Scott Baird

Volume 2, No. 1: January 2023, 46 pgs.

The 13th issue of The Hermit Magazine features:

    • Tap-a-Stack / Scott Baird: Based on Paul Cummins' Tap a Lack, this routine uses no clocking and is easy to do.
    • Synergic / Michal Kociolek: The spectator finds your card, and vice versa. Based on Michael Vincent's routine, Kismet.
    • Playing with Cheese / Chiam Yu Sheng: An impromptu variation of Luke Dancy's Royale with Cheese.
    • Coin Thru Table / Glenn West: An impromptu handling for putting a normal, signed coin visually through a glass table.
    • Handkuffs / Patrik Kuffs: A handcuff escape method that can be done with...
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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 108 (January 2023) by Phil ShawVol. 18, No. 6, January 2023; 60 pages

Cover: Hanson Chien

  1. Welcome to Issue #108 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. Reader's Letters
  5. Hanson Chien - The Magic 'Touch' - cover article/interview by Phil Shaw
  6. The Bochord Club with Ian Moran
  7. Masterclass
    1. Blindsided 2.0 - Michael O'Brien
    2. Three to the Pocket - Three Come Back - Gregg Webb
  8. Online Masterclass (downloadable videos)
    1. Power Off - Hanson Chien
    2. Absurd Card Magic - Kyle Littleton
  9. One-Liners
  10. Worker's Corner - Chris Congreave
  11. Why Cube Magic Works - Kev G
  12. How to Practise Effectively - Phil Shaw
  13. Josephine Lee - The Dancing...
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Gary Jones
Life's a Beach Volume 1 by Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a full-time professional magician of many years standing, and he is a man who is widely respected for both his performing skills and his creative way of thinking. This ebook brings you the full illustrated details of a large selection of Gary’s worker routines and moves, a couple of effects from some of Gary’s good friends in magic, as well as many tips and much advice on performance and even what it takes to be a pro entertainer.

You will learn the secrets behind Gary's sleight-free coins through table, you will learn a really clever card-to-wallet idea that removes the...

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Rink & Hugh Miller
Rink's Original Rope Mysteries by Rink & Hugh Miller

Rink, by real name Johan H. van Rinkhuyzen, was a successful Dutch professional close-up magician who won 2nd prize for micro-magic at the 1955 FISM.

  • Basic Moves
  • Colour-Changing Knots
  • Jumping Knots
  • Red and White Mystery
  • Sympathetic Ropes
  • Three to One
  • Linking Ropes

1st edition 1969, PDF 21 pages.

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Joseph K. Schmidt
R.C. Buff's The Best of Buff by Joseph K. Schmidt

A selection of new and novel rope magic from R.C. Buff's rare Rope Leaflets.

Excerpt from the introduction:

In 1980 Mr. R.C. Buff, "The Wizard Of Knotsville", started putting out a little Xeroxed publication called "BUFF'S LEAFLETS" which was devoted exclusively to Rope Magic. These LEAFLETS were published for over four years and contained a lot of fine material. Because they had such a limited distribution, it was deemed beneficial to the magical fraternity if some of this excellent material would be assembled into booklet form.

I think you will be amused and delighted to read some examples...

★★★★★ $15
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C. A. George Newmann
Clever Card Conjuring by C. A. George Newmann

A hard-to-find treatise on the beveled or "Stripper" pack, written by a world-famous mentalist and master magician. Out of print since 1923 (according to The Magic Wand magazine), this booklet is now back in a revised and expanded edition. No matter if you're a fan of this pioneering mentalist or simply want a collection of fine tricks to use with your tapered deck, this is a nice collection of a whopping 37 effects that you'll be happy to add to your repertoire.

"The most complete and extensive treatise ever compiled and published on the charming and effective uses of the standard 'Stripper Deck'."...

★★★★ $6
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Percy Naldrett
Collected Magic Series Volume 8 by Percy Naldrett

Excerpt from the introduction:

No, my ever so constant and indefatigable readers, this book contains no marvels, but merely the practical effects of men who conjure, men who think and men who achieve, in contradistinction to the dreamers who dream.

I said just now that there was nothing startling in this book; but there is some very good Magic. The "Snowman" takes my fancy. True, it makes use of plaguey and never-sufficiently-damned tubes. The peculiar stringing of a pack of cards which you will find on page - (How can I tell on which page it will eventually appear!) is alone worth the...

★★★★★ $10
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Joseph B.
Maybe You Think by Joseph B.

Determine the card selected and the sum cast with two dice in a novel and very deceptive way.

You show a deck of cards, shuffle it and while you look away the spectator throws the two dice, adds the points shown, removes that many cards and remembers the lowest card in the removed packet. The dice are covered so that the performer can't see them. Now comes the unusual thing. The removed packet is inserted by the spectator somewhere in the middle of the pack. Then the spectator cuts and with a rosetta shuffle the cards are shuffled. This is immediately followed by any number of riffle and...

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MP4 (video)

Sultan Orazaly
Fantastic by Sultan Orazaly

The impossible appearance of a pen in a bottle.

Show an empty plastic bottle and suddenly a big sharpie pen materializes inside the bottle. Dump the pen out and show it.

Note that this has very bad angles and can only successfully be performed in front of a camera or one stationary viewer. Great for YouTube and video chats but not an item performable with a live audience. Gimmick is easy to make.

1st edition 2022, video 8:52.

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MP4 (video)

Zaw Shinn
Coke by Zaw Shinn

The magician draws a coke can on the back of a playing card. With a wave of his hand, the card changes to a real coke can.

Please note that this only works from a very narrow viewing angle and thus can only be successfully performed when a camera is between the performer and the spectator which allows precise control of the viewing direction. The gimmick is easy to make.

1st edition 2022, video 13:11

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MP4 (video)

NEMCA: New England Magic Collectors Association
Discoveries: NEMCA Newsletter Volume 1 Number 4 (October - December 2022) by NEMCA: New England Magic Collectors Association
  • About Discoveries
  • About NEMCA
  • Featured Cover Photo
  • Welcome New Members
  • From the President's Desk
  • Book and Collecting Announcements: Ray Ricard's Guide to the Latest Titles
  • "The Magic Attic" - New Life for Old Apparatus!
  • Milson-Worth: "Quality Magic for the Sophisticated Magician"
  • Remembering Ann Goulet
  • Yankee Gathering 2022 - A Recap
  • Highs & Lows - Selected Auction Results
  • Puzzling Props
  • Online Collecting Resources
  • Upcoming Events

1st edition 2022, PDF 35 pages.

★★★★★ $0
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A. Anderson
How To Do 60 Tricks with Cards by A. Anderson

Embracing all of the latest and most deceptive card tricks now in use.

Excerpt from the introduction:

From the earliest ages the Magic Art has been highly popular among all classes; and, of its many marvels, Card Tricks, whether produced by sleight of hand, mathematical combinations, or mechanical means, are the most generally appreciated. Cards are to be found in nearly every home circle, so the prestidigitateur always has his principal tools at his finger ends. With them alone the most startling surprises can be caused, and the card conjurer has also the advantage of knowing that all his...

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