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Giuseppe Stanca
Aperitivo con il mago by Giuseppe Stanca

Giochi di prestigio e scommesse

Confesso che leggendo questo delizioso manuale di giochi di prestigio non ho fatto altro che muovere ripetutamente la testa da destra a sinistra pensando: ah, se lo avessi avuto tra le mani ai miei esordi… avrei perfezionato più velocemente l’arte della prestidigitazione.

Il libro aperitivo con il mago rivolto ai principianti e appassionati di magia, contiene informazioni ed esperienze vissute, grazie al supporto culturale del suo autore Paladino, ottimo e poliedrico prestigiatore conosciuto a livello internazionale che non esita a trasmettere fra le...

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Jacopo Furci & Simone Bianco
Aerei di carta by Jacopo Furci & Simone Bianco

Guida pratica alla costruzione di aerei di carta.

Esistono passioni alle quali è difficile avvicinarsi in quanto talvolta poco conosciute e proprio per questo è difficile trovare chi le può insegnare e trovare materiale che ci aiuti ad imparare in modo semplice e divertente.

Questo ebook scritto da Jacorpo Furci e Simone Bianco, due veri appassionati dell’arte di costruire aerei di carta va incontro proprio all’esigenza degli appassionati di imparare autonomamente a realizzare tanti stupendi aerei di carta divertendosi e ottenendo un oggetto che può essere collezionato, usato per...

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Mark Stone
Lightning Peek by Mark Stone

A bit of sleight-of-hand that is usually used for playing cards is used here to effect a very simple and bold peek for business cards.

Experience the power of Lightning Peek. With this incredible magic trick, you'll be able to astound your audience with your psychic abilities. Simply have a spectator draw or think of something on a business card, then place it in the middle of a stack of business cards. You'll be able to accurately reveal the secret thought while the spectator holds the business card stack.

  • Lightning fast
  • Full card peek
  • No gimmicks or DIY arts and crafts
  • Business cards...
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Unknown Mentalist
Past Life Prediction by Unknown Mentalist

Past Life Prediction is a very unusual effect. Whether you or your audiences believe in the concept of past life or not, you can either perform this as a serious effect or a fun routine. This is totally propless. This is interesting. This is fun. And this is very impressive. Your participant will be left with an unforgettable experience.

You meet an utter stranger and directly tell him about your intuition by giving a few concrete bits of information about his past life. And you will then go on to present him solid proof of that past life information which will totally convince him. He...

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David Britland
Trick Card Trickery by David Britland

Clever tricks with standard gaffed cards such as double backers, blank faced, etc.

Excerpt from the introduction:

You will find that the effects obtained through the use of fake cards can be quite incredible when some sleight-of-hand or subtlety is also used. False counts play a large part in the effects.

  • Introduction
  • The Elmsley Count
  • The Jordan Count
  • The Experimental Elmsley Count
  • Instant Printing
  • Supersonic Joker
  • An Oddity!
  • Turncoat
  • ’simpossible
  • Notes

1st edition 1978, 16 pages; PDF 20 pages.

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Sam Dalal
Sam's Scrapbook 1 by Sam Dalal

This is a collection of material that is relatively easy to make up and use. It includes some of Sam's commercial items and some of his ideas published in various magazines. It does not include anything from his other booklets available on

  • Introduction
  • Auto Triumph
  • Crystal Thought Condenser
  • The Magic Zoo
  • The Phantom Flush
  • Phantom Phlush Mk-II
  • Evaw Niarb
  • The Brainwave Bandwagon
  • From Aunt Teresa with Love
  • The 543rd T & R Note
  • Ready - Set - Go
  • Forcing Pocket Calculator
  • Mind-Kaleido
  • Magic Conventions
  • Compass Clock
  • Blank Blank
  • Auto Suggestion & Incensed
  • 20th Century...
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Aldo Colombini
UK Lecture Notes 2002 by Aldo Colombini

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this set of notes you will find several tricks and routines that have served me well during the last few years as a stand-up performer. In fact, almost all the tricks explained here can be done standing up as no table is required and are great for walk around or strolling magic. Done this way you simply use the hands of the spectators to help you.

I have written these tricks and routines with the assumption that you already know some basic magic such as a card control, an Elmsley Count and the like. My purpose here is not to teach you 'sleights' but rather...

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Edward Marlo
Deck Deception by Edward Marlo

A potpourri of great Marlo tricks.

All kinds of magic good for close-up or parlor, comedy or drama, technique or presentation. Excerpt from the conclusion:

We'd like to call your attention to the fact that we have given you a fine variety of card material. Four card discoveries that are novel and off the beaten path, especially the Divining Hanky. For the fellow who has a speck of larceny in his soul, we gave away our pet - a system of culling and stacking - to be used, of course, for entertainment purposes only.

Another tidbit was a flourish that was easy to do. The remaining five...

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Mark Leveridge
Hanky Juggling by Mark Leveridge

This is a wonderful participation routine for children's entertainers using the simplest of props - a wand, a silk, and an unprepared bag. Two children come up to assist. A silk is made invisible and handed to one child, while the second helper examines and then holds onto a bag. The invisible silk is 'blown' up into the air, caught on the end of the magic wand, which is then used to flick it over to the child holding the bag. The silk is supposed to now be inside the bag, but the child holding the bag seems to be unable to find it inside. Realising that the silk must still be invisible, the...

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Sultan Orazaly
Elusive by Sultan Orazaly

Ring effects are visual and beautiful. Introducing an ultra-visual illusion. The finger ring jumps from finger to finger as if it were alive. The effect that deceived hundreds of spectators and magicians will always be at your fingertips.

Supplies may need to be purchased to perform this effect but many magicians will have everything at home. There is no construction or arts and crafts necessary, it is as simple as putting the necessary items together.

1st edition 2023, video 5:56.

★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 2 No. 3 (March 2023) by Scott Baird

Volume 2, No. 3: March 2023, 48 pgs.

The 15th issue of The Hermit Magazine is a TAKEOVER issue by Bigblindmedia, and features magic and articles from their roster of impressive magical minds, including:

    • Cardnection / Cameron Francis: Both spectators select the same card. An excellent coincidence effect that uses a Simon Aronson move to great effect!
    • Blind Pebble Ace Fling / John Bannon: The legendary John Bannon contributes his take on Richard Sanders' Ace Thing, with a couple of clever moments of surprise.
    • KaDribble Change / Biz: A colour change done in the open, in the action of a dribble.
    • Magician's...
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Paul Curry
Special Effects by Paul Curry

Intelligent and creative card magic of the highest caliber.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Anyone going to press with a book "new" tricks should have the good grace to concede, if only momentarily, that he may be placing himself in the category of the mad scientist who spent his time developing cures for which there were no diseases. It’s hard to win points against the argument that a new idea should fill a need, that invention should follow necessity. Yet the disregard of such orderly logic seems, in the long run, to produce some of the best results. Many of the good things in magic,...

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Mystic Alexandre
Miss Amber's Psychic Message by Mystic Alexandre

This is a casual, mysterious presentation, as you'll meet someone, engage in conversation, then suddenly pause, as if connecting on a mysterious, metaphysical level.

What happened is you met a traveling psychic named Miss Amber, and she gave you something, a "gift" to be delivered, an audio message, with the clear instruction to give this to someone you'll meet with in the near future, who you feel, on a metaphysical level, this "gift" is intended for.

You will get their contact info, which is valuable for working performers or readers, and you send them this "gift" reading, which...

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Unknown Mentalist
Epitome by Unknown Mentalist

Like a book test on a postcard.

This intro price will go up to $30 from March 27, 2023.

Epitome is like a book test on a postcard. The theme here is "Greatest Books of All Time". The card supplied to you contains a list of some of the world's greatest books and other related content. The card supplied is about postcard size and can be comfortably carried in your pocket.

You can perform about 15 different effects using the card. And the effects use various combinations of different principles. You do not need any physical books to perform these effects. In fact, you do not need any other...

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gimmick & PDF

Magic Selection by Pavel

These are the Pavel 1990 lecture notes.

  • Utility Pull
  • The Enchanted Mirror
  • Color Bet
  • Quadsilx
  • Silks From Silk
  • Sucker Blendo
  • The Yellow Rope
  • Jumping Knots
  • Silks & Rings
  • Card Paper Tear
  • New Silken Balls
  • Sucker Ribbons
  • The Universal Rope
  • Krazy Knot

1st edition 1990, 26 pages; PDF 35 pages.

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Will Blyth
How to become a Conjurer by Will Blyth

This work is primarily intended for those who are seeking to master the art of entertaining by magic, but who are quite ignorant of the rudiments of conjuring.

The first section, although dealing with conjuring books in general, is intended to indicate to the reader how to read this volume so that he may profit from the matter contained in the various sections.

Sections Two, Three, and Four give full instructions on the use of the appliances, appurtenances, and sleights of conjuring. Therein are described the elementary principles and appliances of the art of conjuring which must be...

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31 Days to Mentalism by Giochidimagia

It has been a few years since the publication of Modern Mentalism with its 3 Volumes and little time since the publication of Mentalism from A to Z. In these volumes, techniques, psychology, tricks, ethics and much more have been explained about the world of mentalism. This world is always immense as a heritage of creativity for which I wanted to publish this new guide with a different approach: not to mention particular techniques but making available to the reader only tricks of mentalism to be carried out immediately.

The aim is to create a real practical repertoire, to be performed...

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Graham Hey
The Billionaire Box by Graham Hey

A collection of 4 self-working gems plus a few visual gags to use in close-up or stand up.

Includes: The Billionaire Box

Four envelopes - each contains a key. Only one will open a locked box on the table. The envelopes are mixed-up by a helper. Then three members of the audience freely pick an envelope and try their key in the lock. None of them work. Your envelope is the only one left ... you open it, remove the key and it opens the lock! You get to keep the keys to your Porsche.

This is completely self-working and is great for stand-up or close-up for small groups, like a table at...

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Mark Leveridge
Beating the Odds by Mark Leveridge

A deck of cards becomes a stable of 52 horses. The horses are shuffled by a spectator and the deck is placed down. The performer then writes down the name of one of the horses on a pad and places it sight unseen in view on the table. This is a prediction of a horse that he believes will win an imaginary race in a few moments time.

Spreading the deck, a spectator is invited to touch one at a time completely at random seven horses. These are removed and held in a pile. He then selects any number from one to seven. Using the chosen number, horses are eliminated in the pile one by one until...

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MP4 (video)

L. W. de Laurence
The Illustrated Key to the Tarot by L. W. de Laurence

A divinatory tarot guide.

The veil and its symbols. Secret tradition under the veil of divination. Art of tarot divination. Outer method of the oracles. The tarot in history. Inner symbolism. The greater keys.

This is a plagiarized version of The Pictorial Key to the Tarot with text by A. E. Waite and illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith published in 1911. A two-year earlier edition was published unillustrated.

  • Preface
  • Part I The Veil And Its Symbols
    • SECTION 1 Introductory And General
    • SECTION 2 Trumps Major
    • SECTION 3 The Four Suits
    • SECTION 4 The Tarot In History
  • Part II The...
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Percy Naldrett
Collected Magic Series Volume 1 by Percy Naldrett

Excerpt from the introduction by Nevil Maskelyne:

The articles contained in this book have been written by good friends of mine. With some of them I have had the privilege of working, both in public and as officers of the Magic Circle. All of them are men well qualified to deal with the subjects they respectively discuss. Not only so, they have the faculty, sometimes lacking in writers upon magical subjects, of making their literature interesting. It is not too much to say of some magical works that they are deadly dull to read. No such reproach can be brought against this series of articles. The ideas...

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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1965 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

The Annotated M.I.N.T. series continues. Thanks to Ed Marlo and Wesley James, M.I.N.T III, IV, V, VI, and Annotated M.I.N.T. 1963 and 1964 are already available. The release of this volume takes another step toward the availability of the entire run of Marlo In New Tops material with Wesley's extensive annotations, and his supplemental and bonus material. The material in this volume is truly extraordinary. This volume includes 11 Marlo articles plus 25 Wesley James contributions. Two of Ed's finest New Tops contributions - the "Olram Subtlety" and "Marlo's Aces" - appeared in 1965. Additionally, "A...

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Walt Lees
The Complete Cannibal Act by Walt Lees

Extract from the preface:

It was in 1972 that Fred Snook first drew my attention to the "Cannibal Cards". A little later, I was lucky enough to see Matt Corin performing his version of the trick. He told me that he had published it in "Kabbala" a few months previously and that the original idea stemmed from an effect by Lyn Searles. I was able, shortly afterwards, to obtain a copy of the Corin routine.

Earlier on, in 1966 I had purchased a copy of Harry Lorayne's "Close-Up Card Magic" and had, for some time, used the Jay Ose version of the Garcia "Apex Ace", described in that excellent book. When I began to work on...

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Eddie Joseph
Card Bonanza by Eddie Joseph

Excerpt from the Introduction:

In my opinion, anything Eddie Joseph produces needs no introduction for he has proved to the world at large his ability as an originator and as a writer on magical subjects. His thought and ideas have high rating among Magicians. In fact, I know many Magicians who will buy any trick, book, or manuscript with Joseph's name to it. So this does not leave much more to say as an introduction to this manuscript.

However, the contents herewith are so good that we felt justified in saying so in writing, especially in respect to the "Telephone Repeat". It is our hope...

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