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Massimo Gualtieri
Come Vestire le Parole by Massimo Gualtieri

Viaggio nella Comunicazione

Calabria 2016: mi trovo in un piccolo paese nella provincia di Crotone, dove ho passato parecchie estati, essendo questo il paese nativo dei miei genitori.

Non mi sento costretto ad andarci, anzi, quando possibile ci torno volentieri, richiamato dal fascino e dalla bellezza della costa ionica.

Sono passati tre anni e mezzo dal mio primo eBook “Oltre le parole” ed è cresciuta la voglia di proseguire con un altro capitolo, di creare e passare nuove informazioni sulla comunicazione e sul linguaggio del corpo, arricchendo tutto ciò con nuovi esperimenti...

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Donation 10x by various

We are a for-profit business, but we do work on non-profit projects, which we do simply because we love magic. For example, many of the old books we convert cost much more to convert than we would ever hope to make selling digital versions. Nevertheless, we have chosen to digitize and preserve many of these books and magazines as a service to the magic community. We are also thinking about making some of these ebooks free if we can raise enough money through donations.

Any donations made here will flow directly to preserving magic literature. If for whatever reason we are not able to use...

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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 109 (March 2023) by Phil ShawVol. 19, No. 1, March 2023; 60 pages

Cover: Léa Kyle

  1. Welcome to Issue #108 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. Reader's Letters
  5. Léa Kyle - Changing Magic - cover article/interview by Phil Shaw
  6. Masterclass
    1. Tour de Force - Michael O'Brien
    2. Spirit of the Pendulum - Brian Johnson
    3. Any Page Number Book Test - Ian Adair
  7. Why Solving is Essential - Kev G
    1. 5 QR Codes (and links) for solving a Rubik's Cube
  8. The Bochord Club - Ian Moran
  9. Worker's Corner - Chris Congreave
  10. Alarna Love - The Secret Magician - interview by Phil Shaw
  11. Memories of Entertaining - Brian Johnson
  12. Deliberate Practise...
★★★★★ $5
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Unknown Mentalist
Life in Digits by Unknown Mentalist

Life in Digits is a collection of number divination effects and word divination effects using a single card. The card supplied to you is used by a participant to select a random 7 or 8-digit number. And the performer starts divining the number instantly and very cleanly. Or the card is used by the participant to think of a country, color, state or star sign, etc, and again the performer cleanly and instantly divines the thought.

There are 2 cards supplied to you. One is about postcard size and another is poker size. Both can be comfortably carried in your pocket.

You can perform over...

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gimmick & PDF

Phil Shaw
The Comedy Helpline by Phil Shaw

Routines, visual gags and priceless advice from the top comedy pros.

If you want to create a comedy act, or are a comedy performer looking to supplement the fun that you already have, this ebook will provide you with all the inspiration, advice, effects, one-liners and visual gags that you need.

We have tapped into the knowledge and expertise of top comedy performers such as Scott and Muriel, Gaetan Bloom, John Archer, Alan Hudson, Nathan Kranzo, Andy Reay, Michael Finney and many more, all of whom have revealed what it takes to make your magic appealingly funny.

Reading this ebook will help to find the comic...

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Tony Griffith
Griff on Close-Up by Tony Griffith

Excerpt from the Foreword:

In this book, again you will find not only tricks that work, but more important, entertaining close-up routines, with the accent on entertainment. Some of the effects may not be new, but they all have a most unusual twist, or that little something that makes them different.

As long as I have known Tony Griffith, which is over ten years now, he has never been contented to purchase a trick and do it as per instructions. He is a firm believer in reading the mechanics of the trick, then throwing the working and routine away, and starting from scratch. These then...

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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1954 by Laurie Ireland
  • Tricky Tidbits
  • For The Green Chlorophyll Card
  • Our Magician Of The Yearbook For 1954 - Del Ray
  • The Royal Assembly
  • Fourteen Effects With The Fourteen Of Clubs
  • Mickey Mouse And His Magic Coats
  • The Jackpot Cigarette Trick
  • The Magnetic Ball
  • Golf Ball To Silk
  • The Human Volcano
  • The Spectator Does A Card Trick
  • Perfect Diminishing Pack Of Cigarettes
  • Felix The Snake
  • Torn Smoke
  • The Ireland Handling For A Jumbo Two Way Forcing Deck
  • Bamboo Chinese Sticks
  • Sockard
  • What To Do With A Slick Ace
  • Sez You Giant Card Trick
  • The No Gimmick Slate Gimmick
  • The Foolproof Necktie Trick
  • The Ghost...
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Gregg Webb
Triplets 4 by Gregg Webb

In this, the second all-cards issue, of Triplets, Gregg Webb describes some old and some new in the news section, including a review of a rather old book Gregg thinks has good patter ideas for poker-themed card tricks, and some others that are quite recent, and a few things that are yet to come out but will soon.

Next Gregg describes a novel vanish of a card for standup manipulators, and then a card trick based on Schrödinger's Cat theory (from quantum mechanics), and a very direct new incarnation of Real Gone Aces, called Real Gone Queens, which includes a way to do it as Real Gone Jokers. ...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Devious Departures by Jon Racherbaumer

A deep dive into Elmsley's Point of Departure.

The original effect is the following. A card is chosen and placed face down on the table. The two black aces are then removed from the pack and with the utmost fairness, the chosen card is placed between them, and this sandwich is handed to a spectator to hold. On the magician's command, the chosen card vanishes and is found in the performer's pocket.

  • Point of Departure / Alex Elmsley
  • Card Vanish Supreme / Edward Marlo
  • A-E-I-O-U / Sam Schwarz
  • Last-Minute Departure / Jon Racherbaumer
  • Escapade / Max Maven
  • Between Your Points of Departure / Earl...
★★★★ $12
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Mark Leveridge
Simplex Hopping Halves by Mark Leveridge

If you enjoy simple to do magic that never requires a re-set and which you can do anytime, anywhere, you will love this two-stage routine using a 10p and a £2 coin. (Any two coins of different sizes can be used for this effect.)

Both coins are borrowed from spectators and placed into your fist. The 10p is openly removed, shown freely and genuinely placed away in your pocket. Instantly it jumps back to your hand to join the £2.

Then the £2 is removed, but instead of both coins reappearing in the hand, they both vanish and are produced from the pocket. Very clean handling, easy to do,...

★★★★★ $10
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Zaw Shinn
Straw by Zaw Shinn

Vanish a plastic drinking straw.

The vanish is accomplished with a pull. The details of the hookup and presentation are taught in the video.

1st edition 2023, video 10 min.

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MP4 (video)

Mentalism from A to Z by Giochidimagia

The title sums up the spirit of the guide, in fact with this eBook the purpose was precisely to give an overview of the art of mentalism, talking about the techniques used, psychology, cold reading and much more, not getting lost in descriptions of details that only the individual performer can and must necessarily learn and refine by trying and trying again.

For this reason, no room has been given to the presentations. It seems a paradox not to mention the presence of an illusionistic effect when this is probably more than 90 percent of the effect itself, but, as said little, the presentation...

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Graziano Roversi
Colorare la magia by Graziano Roversi

Effetti di magia per bambini, metodi e presentazione

Graziano Roversi, in arte “Zio Pota” , artista intrattenitore dalla grande esperienza con questo libro condivide con te i particolari che rendono efficace una performance. In particolare in questo libro viene trattata la magia per bambini.

Un prestigiatore può controllare l’attenzione di un adulto semplicemente guardandolo negli occhi ma con un bambino non basta. I prestigiatori sanno bene che i bambini sono un pubblico molto difficile.

Graziano Roversi ti insegna come coinvolgere il pubblico di bambini e genitori, trasforma...

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Emiliano Moroni
Cabaret per viver meglio by Emiliano Moroni

Come lo scriver battute può cambiarti la vita

L’autore Emiliano Moroni, formatore esperto in meditazione, yoga, shamanesimo e costellazioni familiari mette a tua disposizione la sua esperienza maturata anche nei villaggi turistici dove ha lavorato per diversi anni, in un libro umoristico ma che ha anche forte valore in un percorso individuale di crescita personale.

Come sempre Emiliano non tralascia il lato pratico e tratta in questo libro anche la tecnica e da indicazioni preziose su come si può sperimentare nella disciplina del cabaret. Le parole di Emiliano descrivono benissimo...

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Marco Antuzi
Assertività, Meta-modello e Comunicazione Suggestiva by Marco Antuzi

Guida pratica alle tecniche di Comunicazione più Efficaci

Ogni volta che decido l’argomento da trattare nel mio nuovo ebook cerco di farlo seguendo una semplice regola: Proporre al pubblico qualcosa di nuovo e di utile.

Avevo in mente questo libro da diverso tempo, un libro in cui sintetizzare tutto ciò che c’è da sapere sulla comunicazione.

Immagina un libro dove poter trovare la versione più moderna del meta-modello (uno dei modelli più famosi sulla comunicazione efficace tratti dalla Programmazione Neuro Linguistica), tecniche di ipnosi conversazionale e la nota e apprezzatissima...

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Giuseppe Stanca
Aperitivo con il mago by Giuseppe Stanca

Giochi di prestigio e scommesse

Confesso che leggendo questo delizioso manuale di giochi di prestigio non ho fatto altro che muovere ripetutamente la testa da destra a sinistra pensando: ah, se lo avessi avuto tra le mani ai miei esordi… avrei perfezionato più velocemente l’arte della prestidigitazione.

Il libro aperitivo con il mago rivolto ai principianti e appassionati di magia, contiene informazioni ed esperienze vissute, grazie al supporto culturale del suo autore Paladino, ottimo e poliedrico prestigiatore conosciuto a livello internazionale che non esita a trasmettere fra le...

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Jacopo Furci & Simone Bianco
Aerei di carta by Jacopo Furci & Simone Bianco

Guida pratica alla costruzione di aerei di carta.

Esistono passioni alle quali è difficile avvicinarsi in quanto talvolta poco conosciute e proprio per questo è difficile trovare chi le può insegnare e trovare materiale che ci aiuti ad imparare in modo semplice e divertente.

Questo ebook scritto da Jacorpo Furci e Simone Bianco, due veri appassionati dell’arte di costruire aerei di carta va incontro proprio all’esigenza degli appassionati di imparare autonomamente a realizzare tanti stupendi aerei di carta divertendosi e ottenendo un oggetto che può essere collezionato, usato per...

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Mark Stone
Lightning Peek by Mark Stone

A bit of sleight-of-hand that is usually used for playing cards is used here to effect a very simple and bold peek for business cards.

Experience the power of Lightning Peek. With this incredible magic trick, you'll be able to astound your audience with your psychic abilities. Simply have a spectator draw or think of something on a business card, then place it in the middle of a stack of business cards. You'll be able to accurately reveal the secret thought while the spectator holds the business card stack.

  • Lightning fast
  • Full card peek
  • No gimmicks or DIY arts and crafts
  • Business cards...
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Unknown Mentalist
Past Life Prediction by Unknown Mentalist

Past Life Prediction is a very unusual effect. Whether you or your audiences believe in the concept of past life or not, you can either perform this as a serious effect or a fun routine. This is totally propless. This is interesting. This is fun. And this is very impressive. Your participant will be left with an unforgettable experience.

You meet an utter stranger and directly tell him about your intuition by giving a few concrete bits of information about his past life. And you will then go on to present him solid proof of that past life information which will totally convince him. He...

★★★★ $9
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David Britland
Trick Card Trickery by David Britland

Clever tricks with standard gaffed cards such as double backers, blank faced, etc.

Excerpt from the introduction:

You will find that the effects obtained through the use of fake cards can be quite incredible when some sleight-of-hand or subtlety is also used. False counts play a large part in the effects.

  • Introduction
  • The Elmsley Count
  • The Jordan Count
  • The Experimental Elmsley Count
  • Instant Printing
  • Supersonic Joker
  • An Oddity!
  • Turncoat
  • ’simpossible
  • Notes

1st edition 1978, 16 pages; PDF 20 pages.

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Sam Dalal
Sam's Scrapbook 1 by Sam Dalal

This "Scrapbook" is a small, haphazard collection of some of my contributions to the Art of Magic, over the past 50 years. Since the late 1960's I have contributed hundreds of my ideas to over a dozen national and international magic magazines, run a magician's service producing over 2000 magic items, (some hundreds of which were my own creations and which sold over a million Dollars worth a year around the world at one time), and for which I wrote over 2000 "instruction sheets." Many of these instructions had "ideas" for the use of the props that enabled our customers to get the maximum mileage...

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Aldo Colombini
UK Lecture Notes 2002 by Aldo Colombini

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this set of notes you will find several tricks and routines that have served me well during the last few years as a stand-up performer. In fact, almost all the tricks explained here can be done standing up as no table is required and are great for walk around or strolling magic. Done this way you simply use the hands of the spectators to help you.

I have written these tricks and routines with the assumption that you already know some basic magic such as a card control, an Elmsley Count and the like. My purpose here is not to teach you 'sleights' but rather...

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Edward Marlo
Deck Deception by Edward Marlo

A potpourri of great Marlo tricks.

All kinds of magic good for close-up or parlor, comedy or drama, technique or presentation. Excerpt from the conclusion:

We'd like to call your attention to the fact that we have given you a fine variety of card material. Four card discoveries that are novel and off the beaten path, especially the Divining Hanky. For the fellow who has a speck of larceny in his soul, we gave away our pet - a system of culling and stacking - to be used, of course, for entertainment purposes only.

Another tidbit was a flourish that was easy to do. The remaining five...

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Mark Leveridge
Hanky Juggling by Mark Leveridge

This is a wonderful participation routine for children's entertainers using the simplest of props - a wand, a silk, and an unprepared bag. Two children come up to assist. A silk is made invisible and handed to one child, while the second helper examines and then holds onto a bag. The invisible silk is 'blown' up into the air, caught on the end of the magic wand, which is then used to flick it over to the child holding the bag. The silk is supposed to now be inside the bag, but the child holding the bag seems to be unable to find it inside. Realising that the silk must still be invisible, the...

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