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Michael P. Lair
Silver by Michael P. Lair

A collection of 25 coin effects.

Coin effects have always been my niche in the world of magic. Since I was a boy, watching a coin vanish or appear has fascinated me. The effects use:

  • Invisiblair: A holdout (a gambling device that has been used for nearly 100 years) that I have modified specifically for coins.
  • Folding Half: A gimmicked coin that can be produced under the most improbable of circumstances.
  • Double Stick Tape: Providing an inexpensive means to vanish a coin from either hand impromptu and without a trace.


  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Section I: Invisiblair ...
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Nathan Kranzo
Kranzilla Unleashed by Nathan Kranzo

Clever, quirky, original, commercial, funny, different, practical - these are just some of the words that you can use to describe the magic of Nathan Kranzo.

In this collection of his ideas for stand-up and close-up, you will find magic to suit a wide spectrum of tastes and audience types. With effects ranging from visibly sliding a tan line up your arm, right through to enabling a spectator to cut to the four Aces, Nathan combines raw cunning with extensive magical knowledge to produce magic that is always interesting and usually totally baffling.

Running through all the material is...

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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Masterclass Years 9-12 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Every four years we like to publish a collection of all the great magic that has appeared during the period in Magicseen's Masterclass section, and from the issues which appeared in volumes 9-12 we offer you 51 effects and ideas from such well known and respected performers as Andy Nyman, David Regal, Chris Rawlins, Boris Wild, Mel Mellers, Pit Hartling, John Bannon, Vincent Hedan, Thomas Fraps, Dan Garrett, Anthony Owen and many others.


  • Trapped Prediction - Alexander Erohin
  • Roll and Slide Vanish - Radek Makar
  • The Great Escape - John Breeds
  • More ESP - Arun Bonerjee
  • Moneyball - Fritz...
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Ken Muller
Triple Start: Magic Beyond Series by Ken Muller

An opening magic effect for an unknown audience as scaffolding for a full routine. Full involvement of audience participation and imagination in making the magic happen, with astonishment beyond expectations.

With obviously empty hands as a guide, you have three spectators each imagine a different colored poker chip and pretend to place it your left hand. This prize is then guarded by a fourth spectator as three other guests decide on the order of the chips in the imaginary stack. When your hand opens it contains three actual poker chips in the exact color order chosen by the spectators....

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Ian Adair
One Glass One Card One Box by Ian Adair

Simplicity is the keynote of this effect, and you will be able to make up the item quickly and inexpensively.

A box rests upon the table. Performer announces that one solid article is inside, and he even opens the lid and bangs it against the base to prove it is there. He emphasizes that there is only one article. A spectator is asked to think of any card from a pack of 52 and then to name it. The lid of the box is opened, and the article is taken out. It is a glass tumbler containing a playing card, the back of which is towards the audience. The performer shows the inside of the box, dismantles...

★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Un Taglio Profondo by Aldo Colombini

Una collezione di effetti incredibili da improvvisare con solo un normale mazzo di carte

Prima edizione italiana

Eccoti un'altra meravigliosa opera del grande ALDO, questa volta con la collaborazione di grandi nomi della “magia” internazionale. Ti basta un normale mazzo di carte per eseguire le ben 25 meraviglie che sono contenute in questo lavoro. Penso che ti bastino i nomi degli amici di Aldo che hanno fornito le routines presenti in questo libro per renderti conto a cosa ti trovi di fronte :

John Bragoli, Stephen Clark, Aldo Colombini, Tom Daugherty, Ken de Courcy, Paul Gordon,...

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Ed Harris
Magic From India Catalog: Ed Harris edition by Ed Harris

Partial catalog of Electro Fun, Calcutta, India, entirely drawn and lettered by Ed Harris.

PDF 26 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Sam Dalal
Magic From India Catalog by Sam Dalal

Partial catalog of Electro Fun, Calcutta, India.

This is not a catalog of our entire range of products, but a pictorial representation of our wide variety and range. It is the next best thing I can offer you to a personal visit to our showroom.

We have been creating and making props for magicians around the world for over 25 years. Our products are available through hundreds of magic shops all over the globe. This "Catalog" will enable magicians to get a better idea of the products than a mere name in a price list.

Most of the props we supply are accompanied by detailed instructions...

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Ian Baxter
No Delay: Think Stop by Ian Baxter

A timely favorite for any magician with a deck of cards in hand is Think-Stop. With a popularity spanning decades, this absolute classic has attracted attention from virtually every known card expert of the 20th and 21st centuries. Practical additions and/or worthwhile improvements to this gem are rare indeed. However, this brand-new handling from Australian card man Ian Baxter easily meets that challenge.

Reviewer David Jones comments:

"The Stop Trick is a stunning card effect which has traditionally depended on the use of a psychological force and hence cannot be relied upon to work...

★★★★ $8
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Delphos Kleeblatt Conjuring Articles 1892 - 1904 by unknown

The Delphos Kleeblatt, a German newspaper, was established by Carl Jettinger in December 1889 on a suggestion by Edward Gallaway. It ran until 1905. Gallaway approached Jettinger with the idea, having just returned to Delphos from a stint as a typesetter at a German newspaper in Indiana, and convinced him to partner with him in this newspaper startup. However, before the newspaper was launched Gallaway changed his mind, left Delphos, moved to Ft. Payne in Alabama and started there the Payne Weekly People. Carl Jettinger, a bit miffed by first being convinced of the great idea, and then Edward bailing out...

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Fraser Parker
Array: algorithmic stack by Fraser Parker

Array is Fraser's take on the algorithmic stack. He has been working on this problem 'on and off' for the past six or seven years and was only recently able to find the ideal solution he was looking for. His idea was to create a stack that was not only incredibly easy to learn but could also be applied effortlessly, in performance. He imagined a system that could be learned simply by reading through the rules once.

Fraser is pleased to say, all of the pieces of the jigsaw finally fell into place to allow him to create what he considers a close-to-perfect arrangement for this type of method....

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Gregg Webb
Triplets 5 by Gregg Webb

In this mixed props issue from Gregg Webb, it starts out with some magic news, and a book review, and an essay on how today's audiences want shorter tricks, and why.

Next we have a devilish coin trick, Rolled - or Pennies South, where a whole lot of pennies penetrate the table. Following this is The World's Fastest Cups and Balls Routine. In the essay provided in the magic news section is an essay on how magicians often go too long because they can, and why not to fall prey to that impulse these days.

Lastly comes Gregg's latest version of a series of methods for doing a mental version...

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Graham Hey
Beyonce and Elton ... and more by Graham Hey

Beyonce & Elton is a new ebook featuring several excellent self-working card tricks for close-up. Also included are a few excellent visual gags and one-liners to help you add a bit of humor to the presentations. So, what's in this ebook?

Beyonce & Elton: Two cards are freely placed into the deck (no forcing) - and they end up right next to the only other two matching cards. When the deck is shown, all the other cards are Rolling Stones cards. An updated version of an old classic.

An Invisible Card Trick: A prediction is placed on the table in advance. The spectator is asked to select...

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B. Das
Chopper Secrets by B. Das

Magic with choppers, guillotines, cutters, knives, etc., found a place in the programs of famous magicians like Virgil, Dr. Satan, Sorcar, Kalanag, Blackstone, and many others. In this compilation, we give you the secrets of more than ten such tricks. With some magical sense, you can get your illusions of decapitation or beheading made by a good carpenter, or else you can buy one ready-made for your show.

Illusions featured:

  • Just A Few Words
  • Cigarette Cutter
  • Finger Chopper
  • Wrist Chopper
  • Mino Hand Wrist Guillotine
  • Goodliffe's Leg Chopper
  • Will Ayling's Leg/Head Chopper
  • Virgil's Head Chopper
  • Lester Lake...
★★★★★ $3
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Jon Racherbaumer
Black Jackery by Jon Racherbaumer

Tricks that allude to the game of BlackJack.

  • Black Jack Kicker / Paul Gertner
  • Blackjacked! / Don Alan & Eddie Fields
  • Duck or Deal Blackjack / Nick Trost
  • Black Magic / Ron Ferris
  • Black Jack Versus Poker / Edward Marlo
  • The Almost Perfect Blackjack Hand / Dan Block

1st edition 2023, PDF 30 pages.

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Werner Miller
Reprise 6 by Werner Miller
  • "Explosiv"
  • Gilbreath-Euros
  • Karo? Vier!
  • Geisterreiter
  • 4 mal 4 für 4
  • Joker - rekoJ
  • "Zweideutiges" mit drei Karten
  • pick me!
  • Fusion
  • Wo ist Gandalf?
  • ESP-Sandwich
  • "Pass"ables
  • Fünf Symbole, eine Frage
  • Töchter des Zeus
  • Gewusst, wo
  • "Triumphales" Buchstabieren
  • Talmi ESP
  • Punktspiegeleien
  • Die sieben Weltwunder
  • Zwei Würfeltricks
  • Leporello
  • Mentaler Grenzverkehr I
  • Mentaler Grenzverkehr II
  • 2ZZ
  • "Quadramagikologisches"
  • Corono Square
Die meisten dieser Tricks wurden in den Jahren 2017 bis 2022 in den Zeitschriften Magische Welt und Aladin veröffentlicht.

60 Seiten

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Harry Stanley
Gems with Jumbo Cards by Harry Stanley

Previously titled Tricks with Jumbo Cards.

  • Tricks With Jumbo Cards
    • Handling The Pack
    • Shuffling The Cards
    • Cutting The Pack
    • Forcing A Card
    • The Pre-Arranged Pack
  • Tricks With An Unprepared Jumbo Pack
    • "Clipped" Card
    • Miracle Prediction
    • "Red Herring"
    • 20-Card Transposition
    • The Whispering Queen
    • The Trio

1st edition 1959, PDF 16 pages.

★★★★ $7
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Robert Kaldy-Karo
Kratky-Baschik by Robert Kaldy-Karo

Anton Kratky-Baschik begann seine Laufbahn als Mundharmonikavirtuose. Bei seinen Tourneen durch ganz Europa lernte er beim Zauberkünstler Bellachini die Kunst der Magie. Er kombiniert Zauberkunst mit Musikdarbietungen, physikalischen Effekten und Geistererscheinungen.

Nach jahrelangen erfolgreichen Gastspielreisen lässt er sich in Wien nieder, wo er große Erfolge in den Vergnügungsetablissements der Stadt feierte. Im Wiener Prater betrieb er drei Zaubertheater, das letzte bot 800 Besuchern Platz, damit war es das größte Zaubertheater der Zeit.

  • Vorwort
  • Kapitel 1: Anton Kratky-Baschik...
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Robert Kaldy-Karo
Oben am Drahtseil, Unten im Löwenkäfig: Geschichten über mutige Frauen by Robert Kaldy-Karo

Robert Kaldy-Karo hat in den letzten Jahren in den Archiven des Circusmuseums und des Institutes Kadotheums nach interessanten Frauen und deren Schicksale aus der Welt der Unterhaltung geforscht, die im Circus, Varieté oder auf den Kleinkunstbühnen Außergewöhnliches erlebt haben.

Er berichtet über mutige Löwenbändigerinnen, wie das Fräulein Senide aus dem Prater oder über die schöne Seiltänzerin Mimi Rebernigg, oder über Skandale von Dressurreiterinnen, den Pin up Girls des 19. Jahrhunderts die adelige Herren ehelichten. Die Frauen aus der Glamourwelt der Unterhaltung wurden...

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Roy Eidem
Pickpocket Proof Purse by Roy Eidem

Multiple surprises, eye candy coin magic with storytelling spectator interest patter. Perform this stand-up, close-up, parlor, or on the street. Several delightful unpublished subterfuges and sleights. Performed and taught by PhD awarded 4F coin magician and AGT participant. Real-world practical. No knuckle-busting. Packs small and plays big. Almost like cheating! Coins appear, multiply, change, and disappear with a startling surprise climax at the end. Immediate reset and you’re ready to go again. Guaranteed to make your spectators laugh and be astonished.

[Note: Does require a Johnny Wong gimmick. For other extensive non-gimmicked coin magic see Coins by Roy, Volume 1 PDF and/or download video....

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MP4 (video)

Davide Rubat Remond
Quodlibet 2 by Davide Rubat Remond

Quodlibet literally means "what you like, or what you prefer" and is the theme that links the two publications that bear this name, the first dedicated to an evolution of the numerical tables and a development of the principle applied to a 52-card deck, and the latter Quodlibet 2, which proposes the Tarot version.

An upturned Tarot deck is placed on the table in full view; a spectator will be asked to choose only mentally any one of the 78 Arcana, of the major or minor series as he or she prefers, and to concentrate on it. The spectator will be handed a series of seven folders depicting...

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Davide Rubat Remond
Quodlibet 2 (Italian) by Davide Rubat Remond

QUODLIBET significa letteralmente “quello che ti piace, o quello che preferisci” ed è il tema che lega le due pubblicazioni che portano questo nome, la prima dedicata a una evoluzione delle tabelle numeriche e uno sviluppo del principio applicato a un mazzo di 52 carte, e quest'ultimo QUODLIBET 2, che propone la versione con i Tarocchi.

Un mazzo di Tarocchi a dorso in alto è posto sul tavolo in piena vista; a uno spettatore si chiederà di scegliere solo mentalmente uno qualunque dei 78 Arcani, della serie maggiore o minore come più preferisce, e di concentrarsi su di esso. Si consegnerà...

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Clettis Musson
Musson's Magic by Clettis Musson

A dozen, practical effects for stage, club and platform from this well-respected author. Finally, back in print once again. This fine collection of tried and tested effects that will have your audiences applauding. Why spend a fortune on your magic effects when you can easily make them yourself at home or on the road for pennies on the dollar?

Partial contents:

  • Supreme Color Change
  • Diabolical Card Location
  • Color Tag
  • The Work of the Spirits
  • The Appearing Pip
  • Genuine Mental Telepathy
  • Balls of Mystery
  • Glass and Needle Trick
  • The Travelling Watch
  • Transposition Extraordinary
  • Mystic...
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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1966 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

The Annotated M.I.N.T. series continues. Thanks to Ed Marlo and Wesley James, M.I.N.T III, IV, V, VI, and Annotated M.I.N.T. 1963 - 1965 are already available. The release of this volume takes yet another step toward the availability of the entire run of Marlo In New Tops material with Wesley's extensive annotations, supplemental and Bonus material. The content of this volume is exceptional in its importance. The volume includes only seven articles but three of them are of special note and one was ground breaking when it was released and remains pivotal today, more than 50 years later. This...

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