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Mark Leveridge
Perfect Intuition by Mark Leveridge

The performer selects a lady with the object of discovering whether she has female intuition or not. Spreading a pile of envelopes, each one of which contains a double blank card, he invites her to select any one and to remove the card from inside.

The lady helper now nominates and names any person around the table who she is emotionally close to or with whom she feels she has some empathy. It could be a relative, a close friend or maybe even her husband! Let's say she selects a close friend called Sophie.

She writes the name of her chosen person, Sophie, on the back of her chosen blank...

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Abhinav Bothra
Reflections 2 by Abhinav Bothra

Insights from within delves into the transformative power of self-reflection and inner wisdom.

In a world filled with distractions, this eBook invites you to explore the depths of your own consciousness and uncover profound truths of the Art of Magic. It is both thought-provoking and a path to self-discovery that can help you to cultivate clarity, resilience, and authentic growth.

Let's embark on a soul-stirring journey that will awaken your innermost insights and unlock your true potential.

In this second volume of Reflections the topics touched are:

The Art of Magic and...

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Michael P. Lair
Act 2 by Michael P. Lair
  • Safety Catch
  • Candle To Streamers: An 18” lit, white candle changes into a brilliant burst of white paper throw streamers.
  • Candle To Sword: An 18” white candle is lit. In a shower of sparks, it magically changes into a 36” gleaming Chinese sword.
  • Candle To Fan: An 18” white candle vanishes in a sparkle of light, turning into a 24” Chinese dragon fan that dramatically opens in a shower of confetti.
  • Invisiclip
  • Invisiclip: Torn & Restored Card: A playing card is selected and ripped into four pieces. The pieces are paper clipped together. A magical wave of the hand, and the pieces...
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Michael P. Lair
Act 1 by Michael P. Lair
  • Jack-In-The-Box: A playing card is selected by a spectator and ripped into four pieces. The pieces are paper clipped and set on top of a jack-in-the-box. The handle is turned, the familiar tune played, and the clown pops up. When he does, the selected card appears fully restored in the clown's hands.
  • Silver Fire: When the magician lights a cigarette lighter, a half dollar appears. Light it again, and the coin vanishes. Light the lighter a third time, and the half-dollar reappears from within a cigar tube.
  • Les Fleurs: A bouquet of flowers magically appears in the magician's top hat. With...
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Joseph B.
Resistance by Joseph B.

In this PDF of about 60 pages plus performance videos and some explanatory videos, you will find numerous effects and ideas that come from the creativity of Joseph B. All effects are simple to do and semi-automatic.

  • Who is Joseph
  • Foreword
  • Glass Predictions
  • Sayonara
  • Drama
  • Insomnia
  • Impromptu Acaan
  • Bite the bullet
  • French Prediction
  • Opening Aces
  • A gift from Laura
  • Paradox Location
  • The Joker Know
  • Fooling on the phone

1st edition 2023, PDF 67 pages.

★★★★★ $20
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Renzo Grosso
Synchro by Renzo Grosso

Synchro is a mentalism effect that can be achieved (in person or on the phone, with audio connection only) with playing cards, or with ESP cards or with tickets: this latest version also allows you to develop the final revelation in cold-reading.

The secret used in this routine is a combination of unique methods, amalgamated for an amazing finish. It can be done remotely, with cards borrowed from the spectator, or with tickets written "on the spot"; the mentalist does not need to see the cards in any way. While using various methods, it is easy to memorize, as it is based on simple patterns. ...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Helicopter Card by D. Angelo Ferri

The Helicopter Card was one of Slydini's feature routines and is one of the most fascinating card routines of all time. A freely selected card mysteriously travels from the fan to the table, even though the spectator can check the cards on the table without finding his until the card invisibly flies like a helicopter to the table.

Dennis Barlotta, aka D. Angelo Ferri, studied for 8 years under Slydini. After several years of apprenticeship, Slydini was willing to teach Dennis this wonderful routine. Dennis will not only explain the mechanics and sleights but also the psychology, choreographed...

★★★★★ $20
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MP4 (video)

Bob Farmer
Bammo Tricks of the Trade by Bob Farmer

Bob Farmer has gimmicked, treated, and modified playing cards for decades to achieve his various clever effects using gimmicked and gaffed decks and cards. He has collected a number of very useful ways to treat cards for various purposes. This manuscript outlines several processes and procedures and informs you about all the necessary tools and supplies and where to get them.

Included is Bob's Hallucination 2.0 effect which is an improvement of Eddie Clever's Hallucination routine first published in the Jinx in November 1934.

    • Step 1: Protective Spray
    • Step 2: Ptfe Powder ...
★★★★★ $10
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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1967 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

The Annotated M.I.N.T. series grows. Thanks to Ed Marlo and Wesley James, M.I.N.T III, IV, V, VI, and Annotated M.I.N.T. 1963 through 1966 are already available. The release of this volume takes another major step toward the availability of the entire run of Marlo In New Tops material with Wesley's extensive annotations, supplemental, and Bonus material. The content of this volume is notable for the range it explores. It includes eleven articles, Ed missing only in April. Three of Ed's contributions are of special note. One is pivotal to the development of Bottom Deal techniques, another is the basis...

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Unknown Mentalist
Visper Telepathy by Unknown Mentalist

This is a physical product that will be shipped to you. The accompanying pdf can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf.

Visper Telepathy stands for Visual Perception Telepathy. This is an extraordinary set of mindreading effects using only colors and shapes making it a very visual piece of mentalism.

The underlying principle here is a novel and innovative concept of an Invisible Magic Square where the principles of a magic square are used invisibly without using numbers in a grid. However, this is a completely different approach to my earlier Why A Magic Square Should Not Be a Magic Square ebook.

WHAT YOU GET: You get...

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gimmick & PDF

Abhinav Bothra
Reflections 1 by Abhinav Bothra

Insights from within delves into the transformative power of self-reflection and inner wisdom.

In a world filled with distractions, this eBook invites you to explore the depths of your own consciousness and uncover profound truths of the Art of Magic. It is both thought-provoking and a path to self-discovery that can help you to cultivate clarity, resilience, and authentic growth.

Let's embark on a soul-stirring journey that will awaken your innermost insights and unlock your true potential.

In this first of the six planned volumes of Reflections, the topics covered are:

  • Magic as...
★★★★ $0
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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 110 (May 2023) by Phil Shaw

Vol. 19, No. 2, May 2023; 60 pages

Cover: Chris Cross

  1. Welcome to Issue #110 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. Reader's Letters
  5. Chris Cross - cover article
    1. Conjuring After Covid
    2. The Chris Cross Convention
    3. What's Next
  6. Masterclass
    1. Tribute to Mullica - Michael O'Brien
    2. Coin Switch - An Alternative Handling for the Bobo - Gregg Webb
    3. Reaper - Brian Johnson
  7. New Quick change World Record Set by Solange Kardinaly & Arkadio
  8. The Right Cube for the Job - Kev G
  9. The Bochord Club - Iain Moran
    • Focus by Phil Goldstein
  10. Classic One-Liners - Bob Monkhouse ...
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Mark Leveridge
Imagination by Mark Leveridge

A spectator is handed an invisible deck and is asked to spread the cards and note that all the red cards are bunched together and all the black cards are assembled together. Splitting the deck so that he holds all the invisible red cards in one hand and all the blacks in the other, he hands over one half which is placed by a second spectator into the invisible cards box.

Now the cards are spread again and the spectator is asked to note that all the court cards are together, and all the spot cards are together. Splitting them into their two groups he is invited to hand either section over...

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Michael P. Lair
Standup by Michael P. Lair

A collection of visual magic to add to your standup act.

  • Dedication
  • Author
  • Foreword
  • Candle Shell
  • Candle Ring: With this setup, a Fantasio vanishing candle can be held at the middle and tossed from hand to hand, and then instantly vanished. This has been reprinted from my book Stage Cool.
  • Color Change: A white, lit candle changes quite spectacularly into a red candle. The color change is done openly and it is very startling to the audience.
  • Pocket Scarf Vanish: A red pocket scarf is placed in front of a red candle. The scarf magically adheres to the candle. In a flash, the pocket scarf...
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Aldo Colombini
The Punchline by Aldo Colombini

A revelation of a freely selected card.

EFFECT: The performer places an envelope containing a prediction on the table. He shows a deck of cards, and he begins to deal cards onto the table. A spectator says 'stop' at any moment he likes. The stopped-at card is placed aside and kept by the spectator who chose it. Several cards before and after the selection are clearly shown to be all different, while the performer states that the spectator could have stopped him on any of them. The spectator reveals the chosen card, for example, the King of Spades, and the prediction is seen to be a Jumbo...

★★★★★ $4.50
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Gene Marvin
Confidential Mental Secrets by Gene Marvin

Hardly anybody knows Gene Marvin today. During the 1970s and 80s, he was a successful mentalist billed as "The 21st Century Man". He was all over the magic press, performing left and right, TV bits, and corporate work. Then he dropped off the radar. This is the book he released during the 1970s.

Excerpt from the introduction:

In the world of tricks and illusion, mentalism is the "aristocrat" in the area of legerdemain. It is the "King of Conjuring," ranking so highly above the average magic trick that there can be no comparison - and usually there is none.

People know that magicians...

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Hal Saxon
A Different Silk Vanish by Hal Saxon

You will learn a new way of handling a silk vanish. This is accomplished with a thumb tip or dye tube. A real crowd-pleaser. Very angle-proof chock full of misdirection, and deceptive handling. Not the typical silk vanish. I have been performing this version for 25 years because ... it is different. This silk vanish throws everyone off of the scent of the thumb tip.

Edition 2.5 2023; video 14:13

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Charles W. Cameron
Witches' Brew by Charles W. Cameron

Dedicated to those kindred spirits who also tread the seldom trod paths of strange and unearthly magic. This weird concoction, known as 'Witches' Brew', is offered to necromancers, sorcerers, and all those nighthawks who dabble in the strange and mysterious. Long may your midnight oil burn and your candles splutter in your pursuit of the Forbidden Arts.

  • The Power Of The Pentagram
  • Out Of The Body
  • Ten Talons Of Taz
  • Power Of The Mummy
  • Ritual Of El Shaitan
  • Old Mother Long Nose
  • Pages From The Book Of Thoth
  • Mirror Of Fate
  • Dial H .....! For Hell
  • Catch Me A Demon
  • The Whispering Skull ...
★★★★ $10
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Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster
Das Wunderkartenspiel by Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster

Erklärungen der wirkungsvollsten Kunststücke zum Wunderkartenspiel.

Mit einem Wunderkartenspiel war ein konisches Spiel gemeint. Damit sind schwierige Griffe und Kartenkontrollen eliminiert. Sämtliche Kunststücke können von jedermann sofort vorgeführt werden.

  • Das Wunderkartenspiel
    • Das Finden gezogener Karten
  • KUNSTSTÜCKE, welche sich mit dem WUNDERKARTENSPIEL ausführen lassen
    • Die aus einem Glase verschwindenden Karten
    • Die roten und die schwarzen Karten
    • Links oder rechts
    • Die drei behexten Pakete
    • Das Rendez-vous der vier As-Karten
    • Er und Sie
    • Die wievielte Karte?
    • Ein...
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Lewis Ganson & Aldo Colombini
Assemblea Suprema by Lewis Ganson & Aldo Colombini

Il grandissimo Lewis Ganson è stato un vero maestro nell’arte di descrivere e insegnare routines di grandi prestigiatori da tutto il mondo. Molti dicono che le sue spiegazioni dettagliate siano pari all’insegnamento in presenza. Le sue spiegazioni hanno il pregio di essere sempre chiare e accompagnate da foto esplicative. Oggi ti presentiamo, per la prima volta in italiano, la sua accurata e completa descrizione di una spettacolare routine di Aldo Colombini. Leggi attentamente perché, te lo assicuriamo, ne vale la pena.

Ecco cosa dice Ganson Stesso:

Vi presento un classico effetto...

★★★★★ $4.90
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Impossible Linking Cards by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Have you ever wanted to perform a card linking with a card signed by the spectator? With this method, it is possible to link a signed card with itself, and in the end, give it away as a souvenir. The preparation of one card takes about 7-8 minutes.

1st edition 2023, video 1h 6 min.

★★★★★ $30 $20
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MP4 (video)

Unknown Mentalist
Bold Bet by Unknown Mentalist

This is a Print & Perform routine.

Bold Bet is a powerful routine where you bet a $100 bill (you can use any denomination bill, of course) that you will be able to accurately influence the thoughts of your participant. In each routine 5 poker-size cards are used (you can print these 5 cards in any size you may want).

There are three different routines explained with different themes.

1. Bond Routine : You use 5 well-known Bond actors for this routine. The participant chooses one of the actors and you prove in a very novel manner that you have successfully influenced your participant....

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Charles W. Cameron
Macabre and Mental Mysteries by Charles W. Cameron

Excerpt from the foreword:

I prefer subtleties rather than sleights and the effects in this book follow the same pattern. You may be assured that none of the effects are 'pipe dreams' ... they have all been audience tested. There is a tremendous interest these days in the Strange and Unusual and the contents of this book will, I hope, enable you to convince your audience that you possess curious powers and unusual abilities.

  • Foreword
  • Part One: Satanic Sorcery
    • Introduction
    • Riches By Sorcery
    • Spirit Photography
    • Cards Of Horror
    • Saint Or Devil?
    • Stab In The Dark
    • Key Of Fate
    • Mentalism...
★★★★ $12
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A Counterblast to Spookland or Glimpses of the Marvellous by Psyche

This is the answer of spirit mediums to the book Spookland which revealed some tricks and spirit medium frauds.

Excerpt from the Preface:

The popular mind has been more or less strongly exercised of late by the exposure of a supposed fraudulent séance given by the well-known materializing Sensitive of Sydney. This "exposure" has been all the more astonishing because of the long record of successes by this Sensitive in the old world, and also in our Southern Hemisphere; striking and undoubted successes dating back from mere girlhood, and based upon evidence profuse and apparently reliable, both...

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