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Michael P. Lair
Drink Magic by Michael P. Lair

Featuring the International Brotherhood of Magicians' originality contest 2009 1st place award-winning entry 'Shrink Drink' plus nine other cool ideas with drinks to add to your magic act.

Ten visual magic effects with cans, bottles, and cups of drinks. All tricks and their complete construction and performance tips are fully explained. Three is something for everyone and several of the effects are so visual that you will enjoy fooling yourself in front of the mirror.

Shrink Drink: The winner of the 2009 IBM originality contest. A 12-oz. can of soda visually shrinks down to half its size....

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Mark Leveridge
The Tube of Wonder by Mark Leveridge

This is a disarmingly simple yet baffling effect suitable for a close-up or parlor show. A simple cardboard tube is placed on the table and lifted to reveal that inside it is an inverted wine glass with a large red ball on top of it. The tube is freely displayed and can be examined by a spectator. The performer's hands are otherwise empty.

The tube is placed on the table and the inverted wine glass is dropped down inside. Finally, the ball is dropped into the tube so that it rests again on the base of the glass. A snap of the fingers and the tube is immediately lifted off again to reveal...

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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1968 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

The Annotated MINT series continues. Thanks to Ed Marlo and Wesley James, MINT III, IV, V, VI, and Annotated MINT 1963 through 1967 are already available. The release of this volume, Annotated MINT 1968, takes yet another step toward the availability of the entire run of Marlo In New Tops material with Wesley's extensive annotations, and his Supplemental and Bonus additions. The material that fills this volume is both unique and exceptional. The volume includes 10 Marlo articles. It also includes 12 of Wesley's effects/routines, plus numerous added touches, and extensive Notes, as well as corrections...

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Ian Baxter
Two-Speed World by Ian Baxter

An approach to the Paul Curry classic "Out of this World".

Out Of This World, Paul Curry's timeless classic, gets a fresh look in this new manuscript from Australian card man Ian Baxter.

Years after its release, the trick retains its enduring popularity. No sleight of hand, an absence of moves demanding any form of dexterity, with attention to presentation steering the success of this baffling mystery every time. OOTW is a timeless gem. The August 1947 issue of Hugard's Magic Monthly, in a poll conducted at the time by Fred Braue, confirmed to the magic world then that this ingenious card mystery be given the mantle of the most...

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George Johnson
Fifty Fakes by George Johnson

Hints, aids and appliances for the professional and amateur magician.

These small "aids" to the magician appeared in early numbers of The Magic Wand. Covering many branches of the art, it is hoped that the various gadgets may prove of service. The publisher again expresses his thanks to the contributors who devised, and used, the appliances.

  • Cards
    • Wire Stands and Supports
    • Card Indicator
    • Card Discovery
    • Card Standing on Edge
    • Card Reading
    • Quite an Old Trick
    • A Card Vanish
    • A Card Trick
    • An Easy Card Trick
  • Coins
    • A Coin Producing Fake
    • Vanishing Penny
    • Coin Box
    • A Coin Move
    • A Coin and a Tumbler ...
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
On Stem 2023 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

With this specially gimmicked and prepared card, you are able to link it to a borrowed glass unnoticed in 3-5 seconds. The edges (which is very important for me) are completely intact and have no cracks. The card can be presented firmly linked to the glass as a souvenir.

What the video hides at the lower edge would normally be hidden behind a box, book, silk, or some other visual obstruction.

1st edition 2023, video 50 min.

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Biagio Fasano
ARCAANS by Biagio Fasano

This is an amazing semi-automatic A.C.A.A.N. effect (the acronym stands for: Any Random Card At Any Numbers' Sum), requiring no stooges or any sophisticated technique.

A case containing a deck of cards is placed by the magician in full view on the table, even before the effect begins. Spectators are asked to point to a card, starting with the suit and then deciding its value through two absolutely free choices of their own. Just to further demonstrate total arbitrariness, they are asked to point to some other value from 1 to 13 and the whole thing, including the previous choices, is noted...

★★★★★ $9.90
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Biagio Fasano
ARCAANS (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Si tratta di un incredibile effetto semi-automatico di Carta al Numero (l'acronimo inglese sta per: Una Carta a Caso posizionata a Qualsiasi Somma di Numeri), che non necessita di compari o alcuna tecnica sofisticata!

Un astuccio contenente un mazzo di carte viene posto dal mago in piena vista sul tavolo, ancor prima di cominciare il gioco. Agli spettatori viene chiesto di indicare una carta, partendo dal seme e poi decidendone il valore tramite due loro scelte assolutamente libere. Proprio per dimostrare ulteriormente la totale arbitrarietà, viene chiesto loro di indicare qualche altro...

★★★★★ $9.90
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Scott Baird
The Twelve Card Problem by Scott Baird

After explaining his effect 3H in his ebook More Plots and Methods (2021, p.25), Michal Kociołek writes:

Here's a little dare. I invite you, the reader, to solve this little card "problem": Perform this trick, but just with twelve cards. Once you have a method, please reach out to me as I'm very curious about your approach (unless you're reading this in 2077, then I'm definitely dead so don't bother).

This ebook contains my solutions to his challenge. The routines range from impromptu to stacked, though the majority of the effects can be done with a borrowed deck of cards and no preparation. Those...

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Xenon Levitation by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

With this tool, you are able to gently float small objects such as matches, feathers, playing cards, sponge balls or rubber bands, etc. a few centimeters above the table.

Easy to build. Not for live performances! Use the gimmick for Zoom, Instagram, or similar. Also very suitable for demo videos to let business cards gently lift off the table. Don't use it as a magic trick. Rather as a science experiment.

1st edition 2023, video 23 min.

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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 111 (July 2023) by Phil Shaw

Vol. 19, No. 3, June 2023; 60 pages
Cover: Derren Brown

  1. Welcome to Issue #110 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. Reader's Letters
  5. N2G Magic - Nic Cheung - interview
  6. What Happens When Two Magicians Get Married? - Alan & Kat Hudson
  7. Masterclass
    1. The Return of the Muleshoe Gambler - Paul Gordon
    2. Fade-Away Lady - Ian Adair
    3. Old Blue Eyes - Paul Gordon
  8. The Power of Palindromic Patterns - Kev G
  9. The Bochord Club - Iain Moran
    • Art Decko - Simon Aronson
  10. The Comedy Helpline
  11. Ben Hart - Jadoo - new show
  12. Where there's NO will, there's a way - Jay Fortune
  13. Derren Brown - Notes From a Fellow Traveller...
★★★★★ $5
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Dave Arch
Craft Store Conjuring by Dave Arch

In the absence of a brick-and-mortar magic store in your area, you no doubt already have discovered the inspirational riches for the magician that exist within the walls of a Hobby Lobby.

From 2019 to 2023 Dave Arch authored a column in the IBM's Linking Ring magazine sharing one of his ideas each month. This ebook is now a compilation of those columns as well as enough extras to bring the total to 90+ different ideas from nearly every section of the store and every magic genre.

  • Hypno Gum
  • Hypno Stick
  • Headline Prediction
  • Step Right Up!
  • She Loves Me ... She Loves Me Not
  • Mental Epic ...
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Adelaide Herrmann
The Art of Palming by Adelaide Herrmann

In this article Adelaide Herrmann provides some tips on how to palm a coin and billiard balls. There are several photos showing her palming and producing billiard balls. I don't think anybody could really learn from this short article, but Adelaide Herrmann was a formidable manipulator and conjurer in general and the tips she provides are spot on.

1st edition November 1905 in Broadway Magazine Vol. XIII. PDF 7 pages.

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Mark Leveridge
Slo-Mo by Mark Leveridge

The idea for this routine came after I read Derek Dingle's Silver Quick routine in Apocalypse (Sept. 1978) which was a sort of coins across into a spectator's hand. I played around with the Dingle routine for a while but I felt I would not be able to use it commercially, although I liked the idea of something happening with the coins in a spectator's hands. After much experimentation and change, Slo-Mo was put together and is the routine I have been using with lay people ever since. I hope you like it.

1st edition 2003, PDF 8 pages.

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Michael P. Lair
Coins! by Michael P. Lair

16 visual standup coin effects.

"If you're looking for standup manipulation ideas, Coins! is worth checking out." - Michael Close

"...several very visual coin effects, suitable for standup performances. Recommended." - Phil Willmarth

  • Invisiblair: The ultimate invisible coin gimmick is explained in its entirety.
  • Invisihop: Use Invisiblair to make a coin jump from hand to hand.
  • Pocket Drop: An excellent way to vanish a 3-inch coin.
  • Confetti Packets: Produce brilliant bursts of silver confetti anytime in your act.
  • Fire It Up: Strike a lighter and a 3-inch coin appears. Beautiful!
  • 1:4: A 3-inch coin melts...
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Michael P. Lair
All Access by Michael P. Lair

A video catalog of 18 of Michael's top-selling magic effects. Demonstrations only. The effects presented are:

  • Animated Origami Bill
  • Beach Memories
  • Big Coins
  • Candle Rewind
  • Cane Fire
  • Chinese Appearing Sword
  • Chinese Fans
  • Chinese Lucky Envelope
  • Cool Coil and Silver Coil
  • Fanfire
  • Firefall
  • Fire Flower Rose Coil
  • Fire to Silk
  • Hot Coil
  • Spitfire
  • Sponge Poker
  • 20-oz Production

video 8:32

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Renzo Grosso
Significant Coincidences by Renzo Grosso

The performer chooses three spectators from the audience and asks them to choose numbers. There are so many effects like this. The news is that, finally, I managed to insert the Fibonacci series into an effect. Then I had to work on the screenplay to avoid noticing the only moment in which I "see" the audience numbers: but I think I succeeded.

Basically, for collaborators and the public, I give them a sheet, I have them write numbers, and then do various calculations; at the end, I use the number they obtained for other calculations, using a second principle. In the end, if I've been a...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini One Coin Routine by D. Angelo Ferri

This is a quintessential Slydini routine, a tour-de-force of misdirection combined with lapping, secret takes, and drops. A single coin miraculously vanishes and reappears several times. It almost seems to be melting away between the fingers of the performer.

Dennis will teach you all the details - essentially the same way how Slydini taught him. Additionally, you will get recollections and stories of how it was studying under Slydini in his apartment. It is a great way to learn this wonderful routine.

1st edition 2023, video 40 min.

★★★★★ $20
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Greg Arce & Federico Ludueña
Freestyle Book Test by Greg Arce & Federico Ludueña

The Freestyle Book Test is a powerful book test that you can make at home, with practically any book.

"This book test is unlike any other I have seen." - David Regal (review in Genii magazine)

"Wow, very, very impressive. I like the way so much information can be divulged, this info on the mnemonics certainly applies to many, many effects. I am guessing that even if someone does not use the book test, they will walk away with something from this. Good stuff." - Banachek

You display a book that you say you've had for a long time and have even written and doodled inside of it. Throughout the...

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Ottokar Fischer
Magische Telefunken by Ottokar Fischer

Diese Zeitschrift ist eine Rarität. Nur einige wenige Nummern wurden in unregelmäßigen Abständen von 1921 bis 1923 publiziert. Herausgebracht von Ottokar Fischer aus der Wiener Kunststätte für Magie.

Sie erhalten zwei digitale Versionen, eine ein Faksimile, die andere vollständig konvertiert und neu formatiert.

Nr. 1: 1921 Januar

  • Tuchexperiment "Phänomenal"
  • Neue Adhäsions-Erscheinungen
  • Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein
  • Ein Ei des Kolumbus, die kurze Karte
  • Die Zwei Rätsel der Indischen Fakire (Der Mangobaum-Trick und der Seil-Trick)
  • Werbung: Die Kerze des Zauberkünstlers; Das Fragezeichen;...
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Frances Marshall
Magic Inc. Book Catalog 2 (1984) by Frances Marshall

The "Magic Ink" line of book catalogs.

This catalog has the same title, Book Catalog No. 2, the "magic ink" line of book catalogs, as this one but was issued likely a few years earlier around 1984.

1st edition 1984; PDF 287 pages.

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Players Publishing
Card Memory by Players Publishing

A simple system of memorizing playing cards.

You can memorize quickly at sight every card in the sequence played and know the cards in each trick and what cards have not been played. Excerpt from the introduction:

This booklet is not published for the purpose of teaching card games, or to define the rules of any game at cards. The sole object is to teach in one lesson a simple, practical method of remembering each card played, to enable card players to determine with absolute certainty which cards have been unplayed at any stage of a game.

  • The Advantage Of Card Memory
  • The Laws Of...
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Stewart James
Magic Mine No. 1 by Stewart James

Twelve tried, tested and proven, practical tricks that you will delight in using in your club and stage shows.

The apparatus requires no complicated mechanical ability to produce. Nor is great skill required to perform. Previously sold for the equivalent of more than $16.00 in today's money.


Silversion: A borrowed coin is passed into a hermetically sealed bottle. Both may be examined.

Cheerio Glass: A complete disappearance of a 4-inch tumbler. No trick tables or tubes.

Squaring the Square: A unique effect with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Count of Monte...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini Coins Through the Table by D. Angelo Ferri

Dennis Barlotta, aka D. Angelo Ferri, was a long-time student of Slydini and is today the most authentic and respected teacher of magic the Slydini way. In this set of two videos, he will teach a classic of magic, the Coins Through the Table exactly how Slydini performed it. It requires six silver coins and one contrasting coin, a copper coin, a ring, or similar.

Dennis will teach you not only the mechanics and sleights but also the tempo, the script, and the details of the psychology. All of these factors come together into a beautiful deception.

1st edition 2023, video 1h 3min....

★★★★★ $20
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