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Aldo Colombini
Grande Slam by Aldo Colombini

Un gran finale per la tua routine cartomagica o un singolo trucco che lascia tutti di stucco, scegli tu come vuoi usare questa routine. Una cosa è certa, difficilmente troverai qualcosa con un effetto maggiore. Il finale lascia tutti a bocca aperta!

Leggi cosa dice Aldo stesso nella prefazione di questo suo lavoro :

“La routine che ti viene proposta in questo libretto se presentata con la dovuta abilità può crearti la fama di grande manipolatore. Il gioco appartiene a quel genere di effetti che rafforzano nella mente del pubblico l’idea che il mago ha il completo controllo sulle...

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Grace Sartwell Mason & John Northern Hilliard
The Bear's Claws by Grace Sartwell Mason & John Northern Hilliard

An exciting adventure and game of espionage featuring among others Judy Gray from New York, a typist who writes imaginary adventure novels in her spare time, John Savidge from Chicago, employed by the Eastern Securities Company to secretly survey and plan a trans-Persian railway, Serge Wolkonsky an agent of the Russian Secret Service, and Tom Jaggard from America, a magician who travels the Middle East under "The Great Jaggard, the World's Master Mage of Magic".

The backdrop is Persia at the beginning of the 20th century. All the powerful nations, first and foremost Russia, want to build...

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Al Stevenson
75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck by Al Stevenson

Excerpt from the preface:

It is my hope that my efforts will give many hours of pleasure to those who like to do card tricks but have neither the time nor the patience required to practice intricate sleight of hand. But: Don't sell the stripper short! Once you learn to handle it well, you may find the necessary time and patience and - combined with sleight of hand - a stripper deck will make it possible for you to do apparent miracles.

  • Preface To Second Edition
  • Introduction
  • The Tapered Deck
  • #1 The Coincidence
  • #2 The Perfect Count
  • #3 The Shuffled Setup
  • #4 Mixed Up Miracle ...
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Gaston Tissandier
Half Hours of Scientific Amusement by Gaston Tissandier

Practical physics and chemistry without apparatus.

A collection of simple science experiments that anybody can conduct in their own home. In part based on the column "physique sans appareils" (physics without apparatus) in La Nature. Translated by Henry Frith from the French.

Excerpt from the preface:

Young people of both sexes, and persons of all ages who have leisure and a taste for that which is ingenious as well as instructive and amusing, may be commended to this remarkably interesting collection of experiments, nearly all of which can be readily performed by an unskilled person...

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Houdini Takes Magic Secrets to His Grave by unknown

This is the article that ran in The Sun on November 1st, 1926 after Harry Houdini's untimely passing.

  • Friend of Ingersoll
  • Body Coming Here
  • Born in Wisconsin
  • Tricks of Every Kind
  • Mediums Interest Him
  • Investigated 'Margery'
  • Deny Injury in Montreal

1st edition November 1st, 1926, PDF 5 pages.

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Mystic Alexandre
Miss Taylor's Wish and Desires Postcard by Mystic Alexandre

Well gee Alex what is it? It's a dead easy and simple wish and desire reading experience.

You'll get a digital download of a double-sided vintage style postcard you may carry on your phone/tablet or print out to place on a small easel on your table, just like I do. You'll also get a PDF with all the juicy details.

It's all very simple. You let them try the card, which is a cool little experience, then as a bonus, you tell them Miss Taylor always liked to follow up by looking deeper to see what the energetic makeup of the journey towards that wish or desire has been. For that you'll need...

★★★★★ $14.95
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Will Goldston
Great Magicians' Tricks by Will Goldston

This is an interesting compilation of material - a mix of short portraits and Goldston's personal recollections of various magicians - some famous, some not, as well as some of their tricks and secrets. The result is a fairly extensive collection of tricks of all kinds and denominations. Includes many illustrations and photos of the contributors.

The first edition was issued in the same style as Goldston's famous Locked Books series, but without the clasp.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Great Magicians' Tricks is divided into two complete parts, "Magicians of the Past" and "Modern Magicians."...

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Liam Montier
The Boof by Liam Montier

"The Boof is the goods. The most fun and interesting card tricks I've seen in a long time. Nicely done." - John Bannon

"Ridiculously awesome material!" - Cameron Francis

"The Boof! contains solid, practical card work that is the Montier hallmark. Liam has a gift for stripping down handlings without losing impact. There is truly something for everyone in this latest collection. Boof boof bang bang!!!" - John Carey

The Boof collects together over a dozen of Liam Montier's strongest card tricks and routines to date. If you haven't experienced Liam's card magic before, then you are in for a real treat. This is efficient,...

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Arthur Conan Doyle
The Lost Special by Arthur Conan Doyle

The word 'special' in the title refers to a special train - a privately hired train. This is a train a railway company inserts into its regular schedule when somebody pays for the expenses of the locomotive, wagons, and staff to operate the train. It is essentially the equivalent of chartering an airplane at a time when there were no airplanes.

This impossible crime story concerns the baffling disappearance of a special from the London and West Coast Railway Company on its journey from Liverpool to London on 3rd June 1890. Besides the train crew of driver, fireman, and train guard the only...

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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Trick Talk by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall

This was the house organ of Ireland Magic Co. which later became Magic Inc. It started in 1957 with a regular bimonthly publishing schedule but then became irregular. The last of 45 issues, volume 4 number 9 was published in 1988. Being a house organ there are of course lots of product advertisements but it also includes news, interesting photos, comments, trick patter and presentations, reviews, quips, tips, and other things about tricks and magicians.

In the first issue, Frances and Jay wrote:

It has been our desire, for many years, to convert the Newsletter into a small company magazine,...

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Andy Cannon
404 by Andy Cannon

The ebook starts with a strange story, a neuroscience-biology lesson, and an unconventional cunning opener; the cunning in which lies in our body's response to this opener as we explore the how and why of "exploiting" our natural biology. An underlining theme in this book is about setting ourselves apart from other performers, disguising our methods, and breaking down preconceived beliefs - and that is exactly what this opener, which requires strong audience management, does.

Disconnecting Doodles - My Closer

This is the explosive double drawing duplication and energetic surprise kicker...

$42.50 $39.50
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Liam Montier
Henry Sugar by Liam Montier

"Henry Sugar is an incredibly clever effect and one that I will actually perform. I don't say that for many effects. As far as I'm concerned, Liam Montier is one of the most original magicians I've ever met and he is my main inspiration to create new magic. Pretty much everything he touches has a big hint of creativity and an even bigger hint of "I'll kick you where it hurts!" - Andi Gladwin

Liam Montier presents a stunning easy to do mentalist card trick based on a well-known short story by Roald Dahl, called "The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar".

The basic plot of the story is that...

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Graham Hey
Head to Head by Graham Hey

One helper reads the mind of another.

A brilliant, simple self-working mentalism effect. Includes bonus effects.

Different cards with drawings on them are shown to a spectator and genuinely mixed. A spectator selects any one of them - it's a free choice. All she has to do is then think of the image and try to send her thoughts to another spectator who is going to draw an image on a pad. After a few seconds, the second spectator sees an image and draws it on to a pad. The lady reveals the image she was trying to send, and then the spectator shows his pad - they have both been thinking of...

★★★★★ $10
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Unnamed Magician
Spectator Locates Magician's Card by Unnamed Magician


The magician and the spectator are seated together at a table. The magician hands the spectator a deck of cards and asks them to examine all of the cards (making sure that they're all different, etc.) and to shuffle them thoroughly. After this is done, the spectator is asked to cut the deck into two approximately equal piles and to keep one for themself and to give the other to the magician.

The magician now says that each of them will bring their respective half under the table and spread through the faces of the cards in order to select (and remove) one, which will then be...

★★★★★ $20
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Jason Hice
How to Stimulate Humans - in all kinds of ways by Jason Hice

Have you ever wondered how the biggest names in entertainment are able to get such powerful reactions from their audiences? You probably have. One of their tactics is what I call the "stimy". Contained within this ebook is an explanation of the stimy, and how you can implement this concept in your own routines. Whether you're a professional, are looking to be one, or you just perform socially, I believe this information might help you perform stronger entertainment. For this reason, I am offering it to you completely free.

BONUS: includes my personal routine "the bubble bag" to demonstrate...

★★★ $0
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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1958 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
    • The Demon Dollar
    • A Cigarette Routine
    • Number Divination
    • Lie Detector
    • Four Ace Control
    • Magic Sum
    • Transposition Cards
    • Allessandro's Gag Kit
    • The...
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Gregg Webb
Triplets 9 by Gregg Webb

This issue will begin with an essay called "What a Place for a Mission Statement!" by Gregg Webb. Indeed, 9 issues in and a Mission Statement? Anyway, it should make Gregg's position on magic even more clear for any newcomers.

The next section is about ideas for mentalists. Here is how to revamp your entire lifestyle to make it easier to convince others that you are a mentalist ... before you even begin. You don't even have to change your name (although in some cases it may help). Other ideas include having your business card re-printed differently. And, looking through your wardrobe....

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Mystic Alexandre
The Wayfinder Amulet by Mystic Alexandre

A tool for readings.

NOTE: The purchase of this manuscript does not include the physical coin. You will need to purchase this coin separately. The coin featured on the cover and in the manuscript costs around $20, but there are other options online for less. It's cool, you should have it, so go get one.

Gee Alex, What Is This? We like to carry around unique things, yes?

Well, I've known about this historical Icelandic coin for a long time and I've been doing brief readings with it for more than 10 years. I hand the coin over to the subject to hold and connect with ... I then have them...

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Max Rittenberg
The Invisible Bullet by Max Rittenberg

... and four other Magnum, the science consultant, detective stories.

Each story has a scientific bend or aspect to it. Magnum is not the typical detective who takes on any interesting case. He only engages when there seems to be a scientific aspect to the case. He doesn't involve himself with the law or right or wrong. His primary interest is to figure out the modus operandi as a scientific consultant. Superbly eccentric, Magnum lives up the Thames at Plumstead Marshes and travels to his laboratories via a high-powered motor launch named "Fifi". He has a brilliant but intensely shy assistant,...

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Geo DeLawrence
Perfection Crystal Gazing Act by Geo DeLawrence

A rare book for the stage mentalist that originally sold for the equivalent of $88.00 in today's money. When we say rare, it was no longer listed after its appearance in the Nelson Enterprises Catalog No. 6 in 1927.

Covers the best equipment for psychic entertainers to use in their act, seven psychic tests for stage performers, the namesake Perfection Crystal Gazing Act itself and how to perform it, requirements for presenting the act, a sample Q&A reading, and a good amount of professional advice.

Also includes the all-important introductory lecture that sets up the act and gets the audience in a receptive mood for...

★★★★★ $10
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Red Nist
Out of the Fuck by Red Nist

"Red Nist is a formidable cartomagic strategist. In his routines, every move is justified. And the magical principles involved are baffling. Who's going to find them?" - Jean-Pierre Hornecker

The spectator takes the deck, chooses a card and loses it himself in the pack. He shuffles the deck to lose the card. Up to this point, you haven't touched the cards. You then take the deck and distribute the entire pack into two piles. Without any manipulation, the cards can be turned over immediately: all the reds have been separated from the blacks, except for one - the spectator's card!


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Liam Montier
Brainz by Liam Montier

Brainz is a fantastic compilation of the 24 tricks from the 2019 Kaymar Magic Advent, all gathered in one collection and now illustrated with over 50 brand-new photos to make learning the routines a breeze. You will find anything from self-working to more challenging routines with playing cards, and even some non-card tricks.

You will learn…

Highest Bidder - A backfire ending for the classic Biddle Trick that nobody will see coming.

Steele Yourself - One of the easiest four-of-a-kind productions from a shuffled deck you can imagine.

Linda's Sign - A 'Stunnin' zodiac revelation...

★★★★★ $25
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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1957 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • Safety Cut
  • Passee Egg Vanish
  • Arizona Quickie Mental Routine
  • Tie And Untie
  • Dove Production And Vanish
  • Doll Production And Levitation And Vanish
  • Patter Presentation And Set Up For Mr. & Mrs. Green
  • Musical Telepathy With Add-A-Number
  • Comedy Finish For Slydini Paper Tear
  • Rate Of Exchange Routine For Coin Capers
  • Patter Presentation For The Milk Pitcher
  • Brainwave Number
  • Idea For Mr. Skunk Trick
  • Ultra Citation
  • Penny And Nickel Transposition
  • Color Divination
  • Three Lights On A Match
  • Hubert, The Undernourished Rabbit
  • Modern Club Act With Patter
    • Only A Roomer
    • The Scotchman's Pocketbook ...
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Will Goldston
Tricks You Should Know by Will Goldston

This book is the trick section of Sensational Tales of Mystery Men. Goldston felt that the trick section was the part that magicians would be most interested in and thus made it available as a separate book.

And a very good title too! The magician who does not know the contents of this volume will soon be behind the times.

  • Introduction
  • The Newest Chinese Bat
  • The Thought Reader
  • Performing Matches
  • The Best Penetrating Coin
  • A Borrowed Handkerchief Burned
  • A Mysterious Match
  • Swallowing A Solid Wand
  • Which Cigarette?
  • The Vanished Egg
  • The Expanding Egg
  • The Newest Card Changing Box
  • The G. W. Hunter Pull
  • Cigarettes...
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