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Aldo Colombini
Grasshopper Cards by Aldo Colombini

You place the Ace, Two, Three and Four of Clubs on the table in a square formation as is typically done with matrix-type effects. You cover two cards with two jumbo cards. One by one all the cards assemble under one jumbo card.

You try to repeat the 'assembly' without the jumbo cards but the regular cards do not move. You turn over three cards and they are seen to be all blank. The other card is the 10 of Clubs, the sum of all the cards!

[Note: Aldo originally included the three necessary blank cards and the two jumbo cards. This download does not include these cards. You will have to supply them yourself.]

1st edition 2010, video 7:47...

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Alan Thomas
The Death of Laurence Vining by Alan Thomas

An obscure masterpiece in the world of locked room mysteries with a meticulously planned-out crime that will delight the discerning detective story fan.

The original inside flap advert reads:

This brilliant first novel contains an original twist of plot that will be a tremendous relief to readers tired of the modern run of detective stories. They had found Laurence Vining, the famous criminologist, dead in the lift at the Hyde Park Tube station, a Malay kris buried in his back. The attendant swore no one had been in the lift with Vining. The skillful elaboration of incident and the...

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Günther Dammann
Karteizetteltasche Gebrauchsmuster by Günther Dammann

Diese Gebrauchsmusteranmeldung hat nur am Rande mit der Zauberkunst zu tun. Günther Dammann hat wahrscheinlich diese Karteizetteltasche für die Arbeit an seinem Buch Zauberkunst und Zauberkünstler entwickelt und sich seine Errungenschaft in 1934 schützen lassen.

Ein Gebrauchsmuster kommt einem Patent nahe. Es hat aber eine kürzere Laufzeit und die Bedingungen ein Gebrauchsmuster anzumelden sind geringer als bei einem Patent. Das Gebrauchsmuster wird daher manchmal auch das 'kleine Patent' genannt.

Erstausgabe 1934; PDF 4 Seiten.

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Sultan Orazaly
Cap and Ball by Sultan Orazaly

Transform a cap from a Sharpie pen into a sponge ball and back. The gimmick is easy to make, the rest are basic sleight-of-hand maneuvres.

1st edition 2023, video 9:30

★★★ $10
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William W. Larsen
Palm Reading for Magicians by William W. Larsen

This psychological reading allows most anyone to present a convincing demonstration of palmistry, even if they've never read palms before.

Thayer originally sold this Larsen title as a manuscript in their catalog (Item No. 1394). Now once again available in this expanded and updated book edition, the original content has been supplemented with new features to make it even more complete.

Understand, this is not a trick, but a stock reading that you can easily memorize and give to any person without further study. Use it to supplement, dramatically, your usual readings. Or if you're entirely...

★★★★★ $10
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Henry Hatton
Lessons in Magic by Henry Hatton

For the time this was published, in the middle of the 19th century, these twelve lessons in magic are probably one of the best instructions in conjuring published in the English language, even though the intended reading audience was young folks. Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic is still a decade into the future.

Henry Hatton, writing here under his real name Patrick Henry Cannon, describes a range of stage and parlor effects including some sleight-of-hand with coins and cards. His description of the pass is by far the best description I have read prior to Erdnase - almost 40 years prior that is! The accompanying...

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Henry Hatton
The Secret of Second-Sight by Henry Hatton

In this article from Scribner's Monthly Magazine Henry Hatton, writing under the pseudonym of an 'Ex-Conjurer' explains in detail the two-person code system used by Robert Heller. It consists of five different parts based on different methodologies to make detection by the audience impossible.

1st edition 1880, PDF 10 pages.

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Henry Hatton
The Secrets of Conjuring by Henry Hatton

In this article from Scribner's Monthly Magazine Henry Hatton, writing under the pseudonym of an 'Ex-Conjurer' explains in words and illustrations the Indian Box Mystery, the Spiritual Bench, the Inexhaustible bottle, including a funny accident that happened with it, and Marabout Mocca as performed by the elder Herrmann.

1st edition 1880, PDF 11 pages.

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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1956 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • Greetings...
  • Linking Rope Routine
  • Who Gets The Prize
  • The East India Card Trick
  • Impromptu (?) Rigid Hank
  • Cherchez La Rabbit
  • Miracle Necklace
  • Mrs. Murphy's Christmas Tree
  • Allessandro's Marksmanship Act
  • Divine Touch
  • Allessandro's Comedy Routine No. 1
  • Comedy Magic Routine No. 2.
  • Comedy Convention Skit
  • Allessandro's Cigarette Routine
  • Magic Quickies
  • Our Book-Within-A-Book-Feature (Leonard Austin)
    • Triple Transportation
    • No Beer
    • Sands Of Time
    • Production Box
    • Enchanted Cylinder
    • Aladdin’s Lamp
    • Silk Color Change
    • Novel Card Appearance
    • Sugar And Spoon Transportation
    • Seen In The...
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Will Goldston
Tricks that Mystify by Will Goldston

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this book I deal with the latest and best small tricks. The majority of the professional conjurers to-day are presenting small tricks in their programmes. I have been asked by subscribers not to include illusions requiring stage traps, but to confine myself to secrets of tricks that can be done by the average performer, and the apparatus not to be costly.

I have taken care to meet with the wishes of all subscribers to this book. I have omitted complicated tricks and combinations likely to fog an audience. The magician to-day understands that he must be...

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Gregg Webb
Triplets 8 by Gregg Webb

This edition features a completely different routine for MacDonald's Aces and a simple way to make the gaffs yourself. This is more of a platform or parlor version and not a close-up trick. The patter and presentation are also completely different from MacDonald's Aces. This is also different from the version in Hilliard's Lost Notebook. Gregg performed this on TV in 1968 long before Hilliard's notebook was even found. If you pride yourself on being different from the crowd, you'll love this. A very catchy storyline and premise is included.

Next follows many updates on a trick of Gregg's,...

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Arthur Conan Doyle
The Sign of the Four by Arthur Conan Doyle

Plot: While Holmes escapes boredom to a cocaine-induced haze sitting in his apartment on Baker Street, a beautiful but distressed young woman, Mary Morstan, asks for the help of Holmes and Watson. Her father vanished ten years ago. Starting six years ago she received every year from an anonymous benefactor a large precious pearl, totaling six pearls today. Now she received an invitation to meet the anonymous sender of pearls. It is an intriguing case that Holmes and Watson happily accept...

The most exciting scene of the novel is what could be called a 19th-century version of a high-speed...

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Red Nist
Pendulum Intuition by Red Nist

A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The deck is spread on the table. A pendulum is passed over the deck and begins to move over a group of cards. These small numbers of cards are then spread separately on the table. The pendulum is passed again over the cards and the pendulum begins to move clearly over one card. The card is revealed: it's the card of the spectator. This is a good magic trick right?

One day, I dreamed that this trick was done totally by the spectator, thanks to his intuition. I never touch the deck. I never touch the spectator. I never touch the pendulum. I never touch...

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Jack Flosso
Close-up Magic of the Masters by Jack Flosso

Pet secrets of some of the most celebrated close-up magicians of all time.

  • Preface: Close-Up Magic by Bert Allerton
  • What Makes a Trick by Al Baker
  • Bottoms Down by Al Baker
  • Mobilizing the Aces by Dai Vernon
  • Ball, Cone and Handkerchief by Dai Vernon
  • Convening Kings by Francis Carlyle
  • The Squeeze-Away Coin by Ross Bertram
  • And the Part of a Garment by Emil Jarrow
  • Card Effect With Two Packs by Nate Leipzig
  • The Disconcerting Coins by Cliff Green
  • Precognition by Cliff Green
  • Scarne's Power of Thought by John Scarne
  • The Coin Roll Vanish by Paul LePaul
  • The Revolving Pass by Slydini
  • Jacob's Ladder by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • The Salt Trick by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • Pop-Up Coins by S. Leo Horowitz ...
★★★★ $12
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David J. Lustig
Vaudeville Hypnotism by David J. Lustig

You, too, can be a stage hypnotist!

A monumental work devoted to the performance of stage hypnotism, written by a close confidant of Dunninger. Contains not only individual tests, but a complete two-hour show, as well. Written by an experienced operator (and owner of a stage hypnotic show), this course provides authentic instructions for performing a complete evening's entertainment.

The libraries of many seasoned professionals are incomplete, as they do not have this book in their collection. With this new revised edition, it's priced so reasonably that now virtually any interested magician, mentalist...

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Raphaël Czaja
CAN 21 by Raphaël Czaja

The magician spreads a shuffled deck in front of two spectators. Spectator 1 selects one card and remembers it. Spectator 2 does the same. Both of them thoroughly shuffle the deck and cut it in two halves. The magician loses one card in each pile and gathers the deck. While the spectators cut the deck multiple times, the magician writes a prediction and tables it face down, in full view. For the first selection, the magician says he was inspired by the 21-Card Trick. He deals the cards in three piles and asks Spectator 1 to give him the pile where his card lies. The magician removes one card...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini Concepts by D. Angelo Ferri

This two-hour lecture will teach you a heightened awareness of how Slydini thought, moved, constructed, and achieved his magic. You will learn many of the underlying principles and concepts Slydini used to misdirect and apply sleight of hand. Dennis Barlotta demonstrates and explains the various ideas with examples mostly taken from Slydini's routines. No entire tricks will be taught. While it is helpful to be familiar with some of Slydini's tricks, their knowledge is not necessary to understand the various concepts taught.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • stance, attire, performing conditions...
★★★★★ $35
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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1969 - 1972 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

After releasing M.I.N.T III through VI, and Annotated M.I.N.T 1963, 64, 65, 66, 67, and 68, the articles of this volume depart. It includes the years 1969-1972 - there were no articles in 1971. As Wesley moves toward completing the full run of Marlo In New Tops material, plus his extensive annotations, observations and Bonus material, he wanted to be fair to Marlo fans, and to his readers. This is the first installment in the Annotated M.I.N.T series that includes a four year span of articles. These seven major articles provide multiple innovative and ground-breaking sleights, plots, and subtleties...

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Biagio Fasano
Cape Canaveral Ritual ACAAN by Biagio Fasano

The title of this eBook contains the well-known acronym for Any Card At Any Number, and illustrates my latest original and self-working version of the famous David Berglas' card magic effect, here featuring an original presentation and a devastating final surprise for the audience. Following is the presentation...

Some recurring rumors would report that NASA's delays with the launches of new rockets intended for planetary exploration are justified by problems with the "Countdown." Referring to this, the illusionist tells the audience how their engineers have recently allowed themselves to be convinced...

★★★★ $9.90
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Biagio Fasano
Cape Canaveral Ritual ACAAN (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Il titolo di questo eBook contiene l'acronimo di: Any Card At Any Number, che significa "qualsiasi carta ad un qualunque numero", e illustra una mia versione originale ed automatica del famoso effetto di carta al numero di David Berglas, qui caratterizzata da una presentazione originale e da una sorpresa finale devastante per il pubblico! Di seguito la presentazione...

Alcune voci ricorrenti riporterebbero che i ritardi della NASA con i lanci di nuovi missili destinati all'esplorazione di pianeti siano giustificati da problemi con il "Countdown" (conto alla rovescia). Facendone riferimento,...

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Will Goldston
Who's Who in Magic by Will Goldston

There are not many short biography compilations in magic and this one by Goldston is still one that is being consulted frequently. The most extensive one is by Bart Whaley (Who's Who in Magic) but while Whaley covers many more magicians he does not include portraits. Goldston includes many portraits of magicians and his biographical sketches can sometimes be much more extensive than in other such compilations. Goldston groups magicians as professionals, semi-professionals, and amateurs. He covers 90 professional magicians, 50 semi-professional magicians, and 69 amateurs.

1st edition 1934, 114 pages; PDF...

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Mark Leveridge
Four-midable Mental Mysteries by Mark Leveridge

Psychic Selection - a parlour routine in which a spectator cuts to a card that he has in his mind

A pack of cards is shuffled by a spectator, replaced in its box to prevent it from being tampered with, and then handed back to the spectator for safekeeping.

An important member of the audience is then invited on stage. This person could be a principal guest at a party, the function organiser, or a CEO/owner/director at a business event.

The performer explains that before the show he approached this spectator and invited him to decide on a card, any one of the 52. He asks the volunteer...

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Abhinav Bothra
Reflections 5 by Abhinav Bothra

Insights from within delves into the transformative power of self-reflection and inner wisdom.

In a world filled with distractions, this eBook invites you to explore the depths of your own consciousness and uncover profound truths of the Art of Magic. It is both thought-provoking and a path to self-discovery that can help you to cultivate clarity, resilience, and authentic growth.

Let's embark on a soul-stirring journey that will awaken your innermost insights and unlock your true potential.

In this fifth volume of the six planned installments I talk about:

  • How to be an original...
★★★★★ $0
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Günther Dammann
Zauberkunst und Zauberkünstler by Günther Dammann

Dieses mit Abbildungen versehene Lese-, Lehr-, und Nachschlagewerk über Zauberkunst und verwandte Gebiete gibt als einziges Buch Auskunft über viele tausend einschlägige Fragen. In zahlreichen kleineren und größeren Studien wird ein sehr umfangreicher Stoff allgemeinverständlich und doch wissenschaftlich fundiert dargestellt. Der Verfasser hat mehr als tausend Bücher, Broschüren usw. in vierzehn verschiedenen Sprachen durchgearbeitet. Das Ergebnis ist eine Auslese des Wertvollsten und Interessantesten.

Der Inhalt des Buches ist geschichtlicher, psychologischer, bücherkundlicher,...

★★★★★ $15
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