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Mystic Alexandre
The Bookbearer by Mystic Alexandre

A presentation for any book test that uses the flashback method.

Have you heard of the Bookbearer? This is a storytelling, bizarre presentation to be used with any book with the "flashback" principle. If you own such a book, you could use this.

I see many performers using such books, some presentations are good, but most are not as they merely riffle the pages, tell the subject to stop them and remember the first word on the page, and then reveal it. Bah. Here you will tell the brief story of the Bookbearer, and in the end, either subtly suggest you're the actual Bookbearer. Or that you're...

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Dariel Fitzkee
The Card Expert Entertains by Dariel Fitzkee

A master class on card technique, giving the 19 possible effects in all of card magic, the 16 basic sleight-of-hand accomplishments, and details on what is required to become an expert with cards. The first six chapters alone are a "must read" for all magicians, as they will most certainly provide motivation and (hopefully) inspiration to improve their routines.

Also included is a completely rewritten and illustrated explanation of Buckley's Thirty Card Problems book, including explanations and illustrations of the necessary sleights, supplementary suggestions, presentation ideas, observations, comments and advice...

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Mystic Alexandre
A Bridge Between Realms by Mystic Alexandre

A performance guide for "Frozen in Time".

I've owned the original Frozen in Time by Masuda since it was first released in the 1990s. Sure, nowadays there are physical pocket watches or wristwatches controlled electronically that you can do this with, but to me what's astonishing about Frozen in Time is that it's a gosh darn photograph! That's just crazy! How can a photograph happen to be set to an hour the subject chooses?

To me, Frozen in Time is a storytelling piece, not a prediction effect. I go into more detail in the manuscript as to why. It's fair to say I initially struggled with...

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Unnamed Magician
Behind the Back Location by Unnamed Magician


The magician introduces a deck of cards; he spreads it face up to show that all the cards are different. Next, he places the deck on the table in front of a spectator. He says: "In a moment I am going to turn my back to you, and while I am turned away, I want you to make a free selection of any card. Simply cut off any amount of cards and look at the bottom card of the cut-off portion. Then, bury the cut-off portion somewhere into the middle of the remaining cards in order to lose your selected card. Once that is done, invite me to turn back around to face you."

So the magician...

★★★★ $20
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Liam Montier
Mojo by Liam Montier

12 card routines from totally self-working to average difficulty.

If you can do double lifts, Elmsley Counts, etc, then you are in luck. All of the tricks are explained with Liam's full handling, presentation, theory, extra ideas, and credits, including a lot of photos to make learning even easier.

01. Biddle Print - The Biddle Trick and the Finger Print Trick get together and have a sexy time, ending up with this crazy baby.

02. In-Decision - Sit back and relax as two spectators reveal their own thought of cards.

03. Hofferoon - Two classics combine to give the best mash-up since...

★★★★★ $12
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Peter Pellikaan
Card Monte by Peter Pellikaan

Show four ten-spot cards all with red backs. Showing them again reveals a four of Spades with a big black dot on its face. Then there are several four of Spades with a big black dot. Suddenly a card has a different back but also a huge hole cut in the middle. When this card is turned face-up it reveals yet a different card. It is madness. Best to watch the demo video.

1st edition 2023, video 4:07.

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MP4 (video)

Ian Baxter
Pocketheral Once Again by Ian Baxter

A new approach to the Stewart James classic Pocketheral.

Stewart James (1908 - 1996) was known not just for an immense output of published effects, but his deliberate, somewhat humorous conferring of odd titles to various tricks. Pocketheral was certainly no exception, attracting the attention of, among others, Edward Marlo.

The Cardician, Marlo's celebrated book released back in 1953, included two very worthwhile variations of PTR. Marlo, along with many others, would doubtless have been amused by the name chosen for this one. Marlo's approach involved not twenty but ten cards being dealt in a row, a spectator being asked...

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Dr. John D. Bain
Back Palming by Dr. John D. Bain

A detailed explanation and breakdown of how to back palm a playing card.

The author shows the aspiring card magician how to make playing cards appear and disappear from and into thin air using a sleight-of-hand technique known as back palming. Many photos assist in comprehending this at-first difficult-looking move. But with a bit of practice, it is within reach for any dedicated student.

This technique is typically used on stage but it can also delight in an impromptu setting close-up and it can be done with other thin flat objects besides playing cards, such as business cards, credit...

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Regardt Laubscher
Close-Up for Professionals by Regardt Laubscher

The following book is a complete breakdown of my own professional roaming set. You might not agree with everything I write, but I can honestly say that I have had much success over the past two decades in using ideas, tips and tricks shared in this ebook.

  • Dress Code
  • Table
  • Opening Lines
  • First Effect: Chop Cup
  • Second Effect: Male, Or Female
  • Third Effect: Ambitious Card
  • Fourth Effect: Body Language
  • Children
  • Awareness
  • Use Your Time And Present!
  • Your First Table/Group
  • Following You Around
  • Extra Content For My Set
  • Cellphone App Magic
  • Balloon Animals
  • Last Performance
  • Review
  • Who...
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Eric F. Impey
Original Card Mysteries by Eric F. Impey

Excerpt from the Foreword:

The majority of the effects described in this book are absolutely new, and require a minimum amount of skill. I have been using many of them for a considerable time, and they are all original with me, except one. So I sincerely hope that others will not "invent" them in a few months time.

In this publication, Impey describes how to wax together pairs of cards, a technique that Dai Vernon would later refine with rough-and-smooth to create his famous Brainwave deck. Judson Brown is generally credited with inventing the basic brainwave-type effect using Impey's waxed cards...

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Henry Meyer
Life Staked at Cards by Henry Meyer

A sketch of the life of Henry Meyer a converted gambler.

Henry Meyer was by his own account a very successful gambler who would play predominantly in Europe. One day he played against a young man and won all his money. Subsequently, that young man took his own life. At that point, Meyer realized that the young man was his younger brother. This charring experience made him give up gambling completely.

While I don't doubt that Meyer was a professional gambler who would later reform and give up gambling, the story with his brother rings a bit too fantastic. It is hard to believe that he and...

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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 2 No. 11 (November 2023) by Scott Baird
  • Slop Shuffle Triumph - Kyle Leon
  • Anti-Triumph - Scott Baird
  • Peeked Key Triumph Control - Scott Baird
  • FUJ-ed Triumph - Scott Baird
  • Triumph's World - Chiam Yu Sheng
  • A.K.A. Triumph - John Carey
  • Trium-Fanned - Brandon Sheffield
  • Corsican Monte - Andy Choy
  • Sankey Says - Jay Sankey
  • A Dedication to Michael Vincent - James Mollenkamp
  • Kufflydini - Patrik Kuffs
  • 4Fly - Jim Turnpaugh
  • Double Undercut Reversal - Biz
  • #hermitmagicchallenge

PDF 54 pages.

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Biagio Fasano
Super Powered X-Ray Vision by Biagio Fasano

An impromptu effect of mentalism, which, making use of a few playing cards and coins, can be performed remotely and even over the phone.

The title suggests the idea behind this impromptu effect of mentalism in which, by letting a spectator (even from home) simply use four or five playing cards and two or three of his/her coins, the illusionist is allowed to perform an impromptu effect at a distance, even over the phone, or in the presence but with eyes closed (while blindfolded, without any trick, or otherwise remaining turned to one side for the entire duration of the experiment).


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Biagio Fasano
Super Powered X-Ray Vision (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Un Effetto Impromptu di Mentalismo che, facendo uso di poche Carte da Gioco e Monete, può essere eseguito a distanza e pure al telefono!

Il titolo di questo eBook suggerisce suggerisce l’idea che sta alla base di questo effetto impromptu di Mentalismo nel quale, lasciando che una spettatrice (anche da casa propria) utilizzi semplicemente quattro o cinque carte da gioco e due o tre delle sue monete, si permette all’illusionista di eseguire l’effetto impromptu e a distanza, persino al telefono, oppure in presenza ma ad occhi chiusi (da bendato, senza trucco alcuno, o comunque rimanendo...

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Ian Adair
Mind Blowing Mentalism by Ian Adair

A selection of 40 unpublished mentalism routines from the fertile mind of Ian Adair.

  • Foreword / Steve Short
  • All Because of a Toy Box of Magic!
  • Introduction
  • Fourtell
  • Winner/Loser Challenge
  • Breaking News!
  • Calendar Calculation
  • Chinese Post Prediction
  • Digging For Gold
  • Rings & Ropes 'Just Chance'
  • Birth Date-Data
  • B-Line Prediction
  • Baby Gag Key-Ring Fob
  • Happy Holidays
  • A Choice Between Two
  • Any Page Number Book Test
  • Easy-To-Make Thumb 'Pen' Writer
  • Comedy Thought Transference
  • IncREDible PREDiction
  • Star Selection
  • Dead & Alive Revised
  • Heads Or Tails?
  • Mind-Boggling Balloons
  • Stamp...
★★★★★ $18.50
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D. Angelo Ferri
Don Alan Tribute by D. Angelo Ferri

Dennis applies the Slydini method of magic to various effects by Don Alan. It is an intriguing combination. If you are a purist you will probably not be much interested in it, but if you are searching for effective and commercial magic tricks then this is a very interesting melding of ideas and techniques.

1st edition 2023, video 36:53.

★★★★★ $20
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MP4 (video)

Mystic Alexandre
Secrets of a Vaudeville Mind Reader by Mystic Alexandre

In the dimly lit chambers of an old book store, tucked away in the heart of an antiquated town, I stumbled upon a handwritten booklet that would alter the course of my journey as a mentalist and psychic entertainer. The booklet, tattered and cloaked in mystery, beckoned to me like a siren's call, promising revelations of an enigmatic world that had long faded into obscurity - the world of a Vaudeville Mind Reader. As a seeker of esoteric knowledge and a student of the arcane arts, I would unearth in this dusty place a small treasure of wisdom that transcended most of what I had encountered...

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Jon Racherbaumer
On the Tabled Reverse by Jon Racherbaumer

A finessed examination of a unique technique.

This manuscript is about a basic card technique that is sui generis, although it remains a limited application. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing because it's been cleverly used to perform one of the best short versions of "Triumph" extant.

The basic move permits you to secretly reverse a card while the deck is tabled and simultaneously riffle shuffled. This manuscript also reveals the how, when and who worked on it. The first Tabled Reverse appeared in Marlo's Off the Top in 1945, credited to Russell Barnhart. Therein it was sparsely explained,...

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Pete Biro
Son of Greater Magic 1.5 by Pete Biro

Original ideas across the spectrum for magicians.

A collection of magical ideas, most of which have been tested on genuine living audiences. Pete Biro has been performing and lecturing, as well as dropping juggling props here and abroad since 1966 - plus a bunch of time in the early 50's. "Most original tricks and ideas" he says, "come from having a creative memory!"

  • Greetings
  • Philosophy Of Magic
  • Simplicity
  • Stealing Material
  • Here 'Tis - The Jumping Cigarette
  • Card Control & No-Palm To Pocket
  • Invisible Hair
  • Severn/Biro Impromptu Rising Cards
  • Inspected By Number 27
  • Sock Purse ...
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Unnamed Magician
Three Pile Location: on steroids by Unnamed Magician


The magician introduces a deck of cards. He spreads it face up to show that all the cards are different. Next, he invites a spectator to thoroughly shuffle the deck. Once the spectator is done shuffling, the magician takes the deck to demonstrate what they are to do. He cuts off some cards from the top of the deck as he tells the spectator "I want you to cut the cards from the top of the deck like this in order to make some piles." He then reassembles the deck and hands it back to the spectator as he says "Let's do 3 piles. So cut the deck into 3 piles." Furthermore, he promises...

★★★ $20
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Ken de Courcy
The Systematic Seer by Ken de Courcy

A simplified system of fortune telling.

One of the most effective ways of entertaining informally is by Fortune-Telling and, as a magician, you must have been asked many times if you can "tell fortunes". To do this properly requires much study and memory work, time you can probably not afford. So here is a new, simplified system that can easily be applied to Palmistry, the Tarot, Sand Reading, and almost every other form of divination. Apart from anything else, it's a great way to make friends.

The problem has always been to obtain sufficient 'cues' with which to give a 'reading'. Whilst...

★★★★ $7
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Hugh S. Fullerton
American Gambling and Gamblers by Hugh S. Fullerton

This is an excellent series of articles on the history of gambling in America. Excerpt from the introduction:

These articles are the result of long travels in many parts of the United States. They are real contributions of human and public interest.

  • Preying Upon the Wage Earners
  • How They Prey Upon One Another
    • Where Every Boy Had to Learn Poker
    • Gambling "Commercialized" and Organized
    • "Square" Gamblers all "Broke"
    • The Story of Hot Springs
    • Politics and "Business" Worked for "the Game"
    • The "Open" Season of 1912-13
    • Something Bound to Happen
    • As the "Straight" Gamblers Saw It
    • Why...
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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 113 (November 2023) by Phil Shaw

Vol. 19, No. 5, November 2023; 60 pages
Cover: Marc Kerstein the App Man

  • Readers' Letters
  • Fraser Parker
  • Masterclass
  • The greatest trick that magic forgot
  • Cube magic origins
  • Marc Kerstein
  • Bochord Club
  • Quick guide to magic apps
  • What will happen to book tests?
  • Card Foolers
  • Darwin Ortiz
  • Product Reviews
  • Stewart Francis one-liners
  • Readers' Tips & Advice
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Bob Farmer
Bammo Mind Control by Bob Farmer

This is a routine for those who want to elicit screams from their female spectators at the final revelation. They are thinking of a card, the only card in the deck with a secret message, a message so profound and emotionally connecting that a scream of disbelief is the only reaction possible. At least that's what road tests of the routine have shown.

Also included, is a bonus routine with magic eyeglasses, invisible writing made visible, and a kicker ending that will baffle all.

1st edition 2023, PDF 7 pages.

★★★★★ $7
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