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Mystic Alexandre
Numbers: a direct memory test by Mystic Alexandre

A simple and direct memory demonstration.

The professional-looking chart (meant to be on your phone but could be printed out) is handed to the subject in order to help test your memory ability with numbers. You mention that attempting to memorize the 51 seven-digit numbers, enhances your ability to ask questions, find insights, solve problems, critically think, and inspire creativity.

You hand them your phone with the chart, or a copy of the chart, and the subject chooses a section, say No. 45, and you begin calling out the 7-digit number in that section. Feel free to repeat the test...

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TC Tahoe
Collected Re-Thinks by TC Tahoe

This is an updated best of selection of TC's re-Think series. Effects included:

  • Razor Blade (Swallowing)
  • Colour Changing Knife
  • Salt Pour
  • Seven Keys to Baldpate (un-gimmicked version)
  • Chair Test
  • Out to Lunch, with a bonus OTL routine.

"This fantastic little eBook contains TC's thoughts on some classic premises in magic ... Lots to read, study, and learn. Bargain of the week." - Mark Elsdon

"Fantastic routine, so much magic with just one knife!" - Michael Ammar

"Finally a razor blade routine that makes sense !!!" - Paul Romhany

"I have always been a fan of TC's thinking. TC knows how to entertain and shares...

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Hal Saxon
Pocket Magic Show Bundle by Hal Saxon

  • The starting point for beginners
  • Pocket Magic Show Video and eBook Bundle
  • The Thumb Tip 101 Magic Learning Series
  • The definitive beginner thumb tip magic course
  • 7 downloadable videos 1 hour and 48 minutes of pure gold
  • 3 amazing eBooks with 191 pages and links to 13 additional private videos

What people are saying...

"Hal, this is by far the most comprehensive beginner training for the thumb tip ever! Thank you." - Darrel, Davenport Iowa, USA

"Very well done. I have watched the videos over and over. This is awesome." - Kendall Johnson, California USA

"If you are new to magic,...

$45 $35
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Jacoby Harms
Illustrierte Zauber-Soiree by Jacoby Harms

Privat-Aufführungen im Salon. Nebst zugehörigen Erklärungen.

Auszug aus der Einleitung:

Die Reihe der im gegenwärtigen Büchlein dargestellten Zauberunterhaltungen gibt dem Laien eine ansprechende Auswahl zur Zusammenstellung eines wechselnden Programms für zwei oder drei Abende. Hierbei hat der Verfasser im Interesse mancher Liebhaber zugleich darauf Bedacht genommen, einige durch den modernen Spiritismus eingeführte Täuschungsstücke, nämlich eine Geistersoiree und eine Bindeproduktion, einzuflechten. Desgleichen hält der Verfasser die am Schluß des Werkes gegebene Anweisung...

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Bob Malinchock
It's Just Numbers by Bob Malinchock

Some lesser-known math-based tricks.

I always liked numbers. Numbers yes, math maybe not. What I have attempted to accomplish with this small book is to document some of the more unusual effects I have found and presented that rely on some mathematical principle, sometimes an obscure principle, as its underlying method. Generally, such methods offer the performer a relatively simple and often almost foolproof self-working guarantee of success.

Ah, but only success in the method. Anyone with any experience soon realizes that it isn’t the method so much as the presentation that truly makes...

★★★★★ $0
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J. C. Cannell
100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives by J. C. Cannell

Based on actual crimes and mysteries investigated at Scotland Yard.

This is a fun read if you like short problems of deduction and observation. While most of them are not locked room problems, there are two of them in this collection, #34 and #88. One of them states that on an express train, a girl was found dead in a third-class compartment. Her head was badly injured. A violent blow had caused her death. The train had not stopped during the journey and the girl had occupied the compartment alone all the way.

Magicians will be able to solve some of the mysteries more easily because they...

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Roberto Bombassei & Biagio Fasano
Vanni Bossi: the man and the artist by Roberto Bombassei & Biagio Fasano

The biography of a great artist and creative of the Italian and international magical world.

Fifteen years after his death, the artist, magician and writer Roberto Bombassei, through a work of research and study, pays tribute to his mentor by publishing for the first time his biography: his beginnings, his path, his studies, his thoughts, his creations.

Foreword by Tony Binarelli. English translation and additional notes by Biagio Fasano.

  • Foreword By Tony Binarelli
  • A Few Words From The Author
  • The Birth
  • The Meeting With Fred Kaps
  • Parapsychology: A Bit Of Truth And A Lot Of Scams
  • Parapsychology...
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Unnamed Magician
An Unfathomable Premonition by Unnamed Magician


A prediction deck is removed from its box by the magician. The magician spreads out the faces of the cards towards two spectators as he tells them "I've isolated one card in this deck as my prediction. I won't tell you what it is just yet. I am going to try to signal it to your subconscious for now. Look carefully." After this, he places this deck face down in front of the two spectators and tells them he will return to the prediction at the end. The magician also promises never to touch that deck again.

Now the first spectator is given another deck and the second spectator...

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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 112 (September 2023) by Phil Shaw

Vol. 19, No. 4, September 2023; 60 pages
Cover: Carisa Hendrix

  1. Welcome to Issue #110 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. Reader's Letters
  5. Pete Firman - Tricktok - Interview by Phil Shaw
  6. Enigma - Interview with Christian Grace
  7. Masterclass
    1. Ultimate Payoff - Andrew Normansell
    2. Cut-Up Cards - Ian Adair
  8. Cubeography - Kev G
  9. The Bochord Club - Iain Moran
  10. The Satisfaction of Creativity - Matthew J. Downen
  11. Carisa Hendrix - Lucid Dreaming - cover article by Andi Gladwin
  12. A Miscellany of Mischief and Magic - book by Tom Adams and Jasmine Floyd
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Renzo Grosso
Mentalism with Banknotes by Renzo Grosso

Until a few years ago it was possible to propose an interesting effect, using a euro banknote (any), which the spectator took out of his wallet. The serial number consisted of a letter, which identified the country, and a series of numbers; the essential feature was that each country had its own control code; by removing a number it was possible, through a procedure that we will see later, to identify it.

Then new banknotes were printed, with a new type of serial number (before it had a letter, which indicated the country; now it has two letters, the first identifies the country, the second...

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #39: The Chain Game by Larry Brodahl

A quick routine for the Chain Game, Endless Chain, Loopy Loops, etc. that entertains your audience, and gives them a feel for the con game without taking too long. They are even given a consolation prize, which is immediately taken back, and they are left with "something to think on".

This ebook gives you every line, joke, piece of timing, setup and nuance of the routine. The ebook also takes you through an overview of some of the steps of script writing and routine design used to create the script.

NOTE: Part of this routine relies on wordplay that may not work outside of the English...

★★★★★ $10
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Mago Marko
The Great Eyeless Vision Act by Mago Marko

Are you ready to astonish and captivate your audience like never before? Look no further, as we present to you the most awe-inspiring and mind-boggling act you can perform: The Great Eyeless Vision Act! Imagine a performance that defies the very laws of perception, where your eyes are blindfolded, yet you effortlessly identify and describe any object offered by the audience.

The grand finale of this extraordinary act involves duplicating the signature of an unknown spectator - a feat that seems utterly impossible. Unlock the closely guarded techniques to pull off this mind-bending climax...

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Ian Baxter
Princess on the Move by Ian Baxter

Who among us has not heard of, seen, or performed The Princess Card Trick? For the record, it was conceived by Henry Hardin and was first made available way back in 1903. Mahatma magazine carried advertising for it and in the decades that followed, countless 'improvements' ended up in print.

It seems that not too many of these ideas were ever celebrated by the magical fraternity, and no wonder - with crazy fakes and gimmicks being introduced that almost drowned its popularity.

Fortunately, the original idea has remained unchanged which is why today, it is still regarded as a classic of card...

★★★★ $8
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John Hamilton
Eyes of the Gods by John Hamilton

An exceedingly clever location of two cards using the Free Cut Principle by the inventor of this beautiful principle.

Effect: The performer hands a deck of cards to one of two spectators with the request that he shuffle it, and then divide it equally with a second spectator. While this is being done, the performer turns his back.

Now each spectator is instructed to select a card from his respective half. Next they each exchange a number of cards so that the performer doesn't know how many cards each man holds, or which cards were selected (and he doesn't). Now the performer tells them...

★★★★★ $6
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Abhinav Bothra
Reflections 6 by Abhinav Bothra

Insights from within delves into the transformative power of self-reflection and inner wisdom.

In a world filled with distractions, this eBook invites you to explore the depths of your own consciousness and uncover profound truths of the Art of Magic. It is both thought-provoking and a path to self-discovery that can help you to cultivate clarity, resilience, and authentic growth.

Let's embark on a soul-stirring journey that will awaken your innermost insights and unlock your true potential.

In this sixth i.e., the last volume of Reflections I talk about :

  • Once a Magician, Always...
★★★★★ $0
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Rudolf Marian
Das Buch der Kartenkünste by Rudolf Marian

Enthaltend die besten Kartenkunststücke neuerer und älterer Zeit oder die Kunst, kleinere und größere Gesellschaften durch leicht erlernbare Kunstgriffe in der angenehmsten Weise zu unterhalten, zusammengestellt für Dilettanten und Vorgeschrittenere und durch eigene vieljährige Erfahrung bereichert.

Ein tolles Werk über Kartenzauberei das einen größeren Bekanntheitsgrad verdient als es derzeit hat. Es deckt einen großen Bogen der Kartenzauberkunst ab. Das Buch beginnt damit die Vorzüge der Kartenkunst für gesellschaftlich Unterhaltung aufzuzeigen. Rudolf Marian erklärt im Ersten...

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Walter S. Masterman
The Wrong Letter by Walter S. Masterman

The crime: The Home Secretary Sir James Watson was found shot in the head inside his study which was locked from the inside. There was no apparent way in or out for the murderer to have been able to get into the room to commit the crime, nor a way to escape unnoticed. Further, the housekeeper Mrs. Simmons did not hear any shot which she certainly would have. What is going on here? How was the crime committed and by who?

It will be the task of Superintendent Sinclair from Scotland Yard and his amateur sleuth friend Sylvester Collins, a barrister, to unravel the mystery.

The inside cover...

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Chris Wasshuber
Crymp: the RFID-blocking Origami Wallet with Closure by Chris Wasshuber

Crymp is an origami wallet (no gluing or sewing) that you can fold in a matter of a few minutes. With some practice, one can do it in under a minute. The unique feature of the wallet is that it has a closure. A specially designed plastic piece, roughly the size of a credit card, is inserted in such a way that it locks in place so that it cannot fall out or be pulled out during normal usage. It allows a rubber band to be semi-permanently linked to the wallet. This makes opening and closing the wallet very easy because the rubber band can't be lost. One can let go of it and it remains attached...

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gadget & PDF

Bob Farmer
The Bammo Full-Deck False Shuffle by Bob Farmer

J.C. Wagner's "Super Closer" is one of the most impressive routines you can do with a deck of cards. Ricky Jay knew this and only was told the workings after Wagner held out for one of Jay's inner secrets.

The deck is shuffled and cut and then divided into four packets. The magician and the spectator shuffle the four packets.

Effect #1: The top cards of each packet are turned over to reveal the four Aces.

Effect #2: The spectator buries the four Aces in the deck. The magician spells each Ace to find all four and, as he does so, four packets are created.

Effect #3: The four Kings are spelled...

★★★★★ $7
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David Regal & Dartagnan
A Regal Exchange by David Regal & Dartagnan

David Regal is a television writer and producer (Carbonnaro Effect) by profession, with a background in live comedy. But you likely know his work in magic, either through the tricks he has created like "Sudden Deck", or the books he's authored such as Approaching Magic, or his own performances at the Magic Castle or on video.

  • What his process entails for coming up with engaging presentations.
  • The difference between inspiration and attendance.
  • How television writing informs his magic.
  • Why a magic secret is only a beginning.
  • Why being original (or not) is a decision.
  • The differences...
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Christian Cagigal & Dartagnan
El Encantador by Christian Cagigal & Dartagnan

Christian Cagigal is a highly decorated performer who splits his time between New York and San Francisco. His one-man shows "Now and at the Hour" and "Obscura" (among others) have received critical acclaim. He's a theatre consultant as well as the owner of the "San Francisco Ghost Hunt" walking tour.

  • Why he's never fully codified his creative process.
  • The restrictions he has had to deal with from the beginning.
  • Who inspired him? Where does he discover ideas?
  • The elements that pushed him into "implicit magic."
  • Why the coolest tricks aren't the best tricks for a show and why magicians...
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Whit Haydn & Dartagnan
The Coyote by Whit Haydn & Dartagnan

Whit "Pop" Haydn is a decorated performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. His "expatriate con man and medicine show huckster from the early 20th century" character, "Pop", is beloved throughout the world and all its venues, be it festivals, private events or in the past, the streets.

Though he's always been a character, Whit Haydn decided to become a new manifestation of himself named Pop. Listen as I interview Pop and dig into such topics as...

  • Is character important?
  • The "Pop Haydn" backstory.
  • What Billy McComb, one of Pop's mentors, said about character arc.
  • Why character can become...
★★★★★ $10
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Will Goldston
Magical Hints and Valuable Information by Will Goldston

Programmes, ventriloquial dialogues, juggling, cartooning, paper folding, care of animals and birds.

Excerpt from the introduction:

The suggestions for suitable programmes for different occasions form a unique feature of this book. Many books of magic give away secrets of tricks but leave the reader to judge for himself which tricks should be shown to children, which to adults if children are present, which to an audience of adults, and so on. By suggesting the right tricks for different occasions I trust I have helped some readers along the difficult road to success. After all, if the road...

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Mago Marko
Masterful Mysteries: Professional Magic Feats by Mago Marko

Within these pages, you will find seventeen performance-tested routines picked from my professional repertoire. Some of these I perform in almost every show, others are special items I have performed on television and special shows.

I have been a professional magician for 56 years, having performed in many Spanish-speaking countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Spain. In Spain, I remained for sixteen years and performed hundreds of shows, including national television. I have also been on cruise ships in the Mediterranean several times. ...

★★★★★ $12
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