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Albin Allan & E. Sprung
Korrigiertes Glück (gebraucht) by Albin Allan & E. Sprung

Buch mit Schutzumschlag der an den Kanten etwas beschädigt ist. Das Buch selbst ist in sehr gutem Zustand. Zum Inhalt siehe die digitale Ausgabe.

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Stewart James
Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 2 (used) by Stewart James

Hardcover without dustjacket in very good condition. It has an exlibris of Leslie C. Smith. For the content see the digital edition.

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Lawrence Scaife
Spotlight on the Card Sharp (used) by Lawrence Scaife

This is the Gambler's Book Club reprint version. It has a price sticker on the cover. Stapled softcover booklet in very good condition. For the contents see the digital edition.

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Liam Montier
The 16.43 from Upminster by Liam Montier

The 24 routines from the 2022 Kaymar Advent Calendar.

The Contender - A sure bet where you put £1000 on being able to read the spectator's mind - and you are right every time. With a kicker!

Coinkydink - A self-working 'Do As I Do' with two regular, shuffled decks.

Locked Room Mystery - a secret so baffling it needs to be kept under lock and key for the sanity of your spectators. They open it at their peril.

Make Your Own Luck - Fortune Telling meets 'The Signed Card' as a reading ends with the revelation of a signed card from an impossible place.

Off-Colour Hummer - A spectator...

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Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney
The Talking Skull Book by Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney

It talks, it answers questions, it floats, etc. The most complete treatise on the talking skull ever published. The Talking Skull is an entertaining and versatile effect that will find a place in any magician's act. It's as much at home in a Midnight Spook Show as it is in a straight magic routine. It plays as well on a nightclub floor as it does on television. The Talking Skull can be performed as seriously as the occasion requires, or it can provide much-needed comic relief in between the more serious effects in your show.

There have been a number of methods for the Talking Skull released...

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Peter Pellikaan
Color Queens by Peter Pellikaan

You show four blank cards. Progressively their backs become blue, then faces of queens appear, then their backs become red, and finally all their backs change to yet another new back.

1st edition 2023, video 3:30.

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MP4 (video)

Lawrence Scaife
Spotlight on the Card Sharp by Lawrence Scaife

An instructive warning to those who must play for stakes. Interesting amusement for those who do not.

Excerpt from the Foreword:

This book is an explanation of the fundamental principles upon which all card sharping is based. Once the main ideas are thoroughly understood, it becomes a comparatively easy matter to detect any subterfuge no matter how intricate.

This book is nicely illustrated by Charles Remmers from photographs by the author. It contains a description of cheating at the popular Australian game of Two-Up which makes it unique.

  • Foreword
  • Spotlight On The Card-Sharp ...
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Professor Hoffmann
Baccarat Fair and Foul by Professor Hoffmann

Being an explanation of the game, and a warning against its dangers.

Excerpt from the preface:

A good deal of public curiosity has been of late aroused respecting the game of Baccarat. The present work is designed, in the first place, to satisfy such curiosity by giving an explanation of the game and a statement of its laws. But it has also a second object. There is perhaps no game which so lends itself to the arts of the card-sharper as Baccarat, and if it be true that "in vain the net is spread in sight of any bird," an exposition of the frauds to which the honest player is liable should...

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Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & Professor Hoffmann
Card Sharping Exposed by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & Professor Hoffmann

A translation of Les Trickeries des Grecs by M. Robert-Houdin, one of the most valuable and interesting works on the subject of card sharping.

Excerpt from the preface:

Meanwhile, the march of science has continued, and the arts of deception, like other arts, have received many new developments. There are fashions in fraud, as in more innocent matters. I have endeavoured in the present pages not only to offer a faithful translation of Robert-Houdin's text, but by the aid of notes to bring down his work, so to speak, to present date. In so doing I have to acknowledge special obligation...

★★★★★ $12
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E. W. Bud Morris
More Magic with Electronics by E. W. Bud Morris
  • "S.O.S." Triangle
  • Dance Of Death
  • How's Your Bird?
  • The Tattle-Tale Heart
  • Return To Boggart’s Inn
  • The Laughing Skull
  • Train To Nowhere
  • A.K. Cassette - Improved
  • Electronics In Mentalism
  • Source Section
  • Final After-Thoughts

Note that this digital edition does not include the reprint of the first volume. The first volume is available separately here.

1st edition 1975, 59 pages; PDF 54 pages.

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Georg Stark
Magie und Elektronik by Georg Stark

Elektronische Zauberkunststücke aus den Bereichen Mikro-, Salon- und Mentalmagie.

  • Zauberstab mit Glühzünder
  • Die Stanleykassette
  • Die Edison-Box
  • Salzstreuer mit Musik
  • Pirouett
  • Mein Karten-Roboter
  • Tuch durch Kerzenflamme
  • Vom Devano- zum Förderband-Kartensteiger
  • Gedankenübertragung mit Disco-Antenne
  • Elektronischer Würfel
  • Riesenpointkarten Mental
  • Lügendetektor

Erstausgabe 1986, 31 Seiten; PDF 33 Seiten.

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Dustin Marks
Cheating at Blackjack Squared by Dustin Marks

The dark side of gambling.

"Loaded with rare, inside information." - Darwin Ortiz

"Absolutely fascinating and enlightening! Ingenious methods that boggle the mind." - Daryl

"Inside techniques exposed for the first time in print." - George Joseph / Director of Surveillance, Bally Entertainment Co.

It may be shocking and it's certainly dangerous. Nevertheless, this unique ebook represents the definitive resource on how professional con men cheat at Blackjack and other card games. The author, a former high-stakes cheater, explains an amazing array of specific moves with clear, understandable text and...

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Dustin Marks
Cheating at Blackjack: and advantage play by Dustin Marks

"Must reading for all card magicians!" - Allan Ackerman

"Outstanding!" - Darwin Ortiz

"This book should be on your shelf alongside The Expert at the Card Table, The Man Who Was Erdnase, The Annotated Erdnase, and Loaded Dice." - William P. Miesel

His name is not "Marks," but when you buy this ebook you will learn why he had to write under an alias. The ebook covers advantage play, cheating, and the moves that get the money.

"Exceptional. Controversial. Highly recommended." - Michael Dalton / Blackjack Review

"WOW! The real world of cheating and the plays that get the money." - Bob Snyder / Gaming Consultants

  • Introduction
  • My Credentials
  • Casino Organization ...
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Amedeo Lecture by Amedeo

It isn't what you do but the way that you do it.

A lecture on magic featuring all the original, unusual methods of handling, which have been applied to standard tricks, and, for the first time, revealing the secrets of sixty years, performing original effects that have proved enduring with audiences.

  • A Cigarette
  • Ed Mishell's Cut And Restored Rope
  • Ribbon Production From A Handkerchief
  • A Ring On A Ribbon
  • The Impossible Bill Tube
  • The Animated Match Box
  • A New Slant On Three Ropes
  • Handkerchiefs Produced From Ribbons
  • The Coin That Vanishes
  • The Cut And Restored Ribbons

1st edition...

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Bobby Bernard
Magic in Miniature by Bobby Bernard

A lecture in the art of close-up magic.

Excerpt from the introduction by Val Andrews:

One of the most interesting "characters" in the London Magic Scene, as well as being one of the most good-natured men I've ever met.... that's Bobby. A great magical enthusiast, a great talker, the centre of every gathering he attends (though not of his own choosing).... that's Bobby.

Always he has retained this keeness for what he calls "Magic in Miniature" and this has been the one anchor of an otherwise erratic young man.

His great enthusiasm, for practically everything, and his willingness to perform his...

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Glenn G. Gravatt
Gold Mine of Magic by Glenn G. Gravatt

After 70 years in the magic business Glenn Gravatt compiled this wealth of effects and tricks, all are provided with presentation. They are generally speaking easy to do and do not require exotic gimmicks or apparatus.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Some Unique And Unusual Wonders
    • Chameleon Spots
    • Gravatt's Instantaneous Triple Penetration
    • Crazy Colors
    • Color Spots Get Together
    • Punctured Poker Chip
    • Crystal Tube And Patriotic Blocks
    • Block And Cord Escape
    • The Wonderful Thingamajig
    • Stab-A-Ring
    • String Loops Entwined
    • Color Changing Cards
    • New Floating Ball
    • Visible Penetration
  • Chapter...
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Liam Montier
Shenanigans by Liam Montier

Note: In order to perform these tricks you will need some standard bicycle gaffs.

Originally available only as a limited edition booklet, Shenanigans was a complete sell-out at Blackpool Convention a few years back. In it are the full explanations of three of Liam's most commercial routines. These aren't for the 'move monkeys', these tricks are for those who like to get out and actually do the magic for their friends, or for their profession.


"This is a shockingly cool trick. Plays so strongly to a large crowd or amongst friends. It's just a brilliant trick and in the current...
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Peter Pellikaan
Ready 2 by Peter Pellikaan

You show four cards with blank faces and red back except one card has a blue back. Suddenly and magically the blue-backed blank card changes to a point card with a black back and a big hole right in the center of the card. How did that happen?

1st edition 2023, video 2:49.

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Hen Fetsch
Chinatown Quarter Magic by Hen Fetsch

At long last this booklet of seven new routines for use with your Chinatown Quarter (they also work with the Chinatown Half and Chinatown Dollar) is once again available. Leave it to the fertile mind of "Hen" Fetsch to come up with these clever money mysteries with which you can enchant most any audience. Get that Chinatown quarter, half or dollar coin you already own out of your magic drawer and put it to use.


  • Foreword by T. A. Whitney
  • Chinatown Finale
  • Chinatown Flip
  • Chinatown Surprise
  • Chinatown Letter
  • Chinatown In-Out
  • Chinatown Buddha
  • Chinatown Monte
  • Additional References ...
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Unnamed Magician
Totally Impossible Location by Unnamed Magician


The magician introduces a deck of cards; he spreads it face up to show that all the cards are different. He then gives it to a spectator and asks them to thoroughly shuffle it. After they are done shuffling, he asks them to cut off about a third of the deck. The spectator does that. The magician then sets aside the remainder of the deck and tells the spectator to just focus on the third they cut off.

The magician tells the spectator that they can shuffle the third if they want (not that it's necessary because moments ago, before cutting off the third, they shuffled the entire...

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Toni Koynini
Derby (Italian) by Toni Koynini

Siete invitati alla gara più emozionante del secolo: Il Derby degli Assi! Quattro impavidi assi, che per l'occasione svolgono il ruolo di cavalli da corsa, gareggiano verso il traguardo su un percorso segnato su una qualsiasi superficie - sia essa un bancone da bar, un pavimento o un semplice foglio di carta. Tre spettatori scelgono LIBERAMENTE tre Assi che rappresentano 3 cavalli. L’esecutore prende quello che è rimasto. Il mazzo viene mescolato GENUINAMENTE dagli stessi spettatori e, man mano che le carte vengono scoperte, gli assi avanzano muovendosi verso la linea di arrivo in base...

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Magic From Wherever I'm At Bundle 1 by Dartagnan

The first forty (1-40) episodes of my podcast Magic From Wherever I'm At.

These episodes contain the following nuggets:

  • The two (2) things every performance must have (Episode 40).
  • The one thing you cannot sacrifice in performance - This is the biggest factor that makes bad magic bad (Episode 39). 
  • The "notes" I got on my show from another performer... and the one throw-away comment that actually mattered (Episode 38).
  • An obvious mistake magicians make every day that a Chicago police officer even noticed (Episode 37). 
  • The "silk scarf snafu." The misunderstanding a new street performer...
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Unknown Mentalist
Future Test 2024 by Unknown Mentalist

The previous version of this routine, Future Test 2021 was very well received. This routine can also be performed in almost all performing situations - one-on-one, close-up, parlor, street, virtual show or even on a basic video call.

Future Test is a 'packs small plays big' kind of effect. Actually packs very small in your wallet and plays very big to a full room or in a virtual show or even over a video call. This effect is done on the back of your business card which you can later leave with the participant as a souvenir or send over to the participant's phone as a virtual image as a 'digital souvenir'. ...

★★★★★ $18
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Doctor X
Fascinazione by Doctor X

La Perduta Arte dell’Ipnosi con il Solo Sguardo

Si parla tanto di ipnosi, verbale, non verbale, da spettacolo o da scena, ipnosi medica, ipnosi conversazionale, ecc e riguardo questi temi si trovano tante informazioni, materiale formativo, libri, corsi ma c’è un particolare tipo di ipnosi, detta Fascinazione che è più sfuggente, si trova meno materiale formativo, ci sono corsi, pochi che promettono di insegnarla ma spesso i partecipanti ne restano delusi, che è conosciuta dall’antichità ma sostanzialmente non viene divulgata ma viene trasmessa da maestro ad allievo per conoscenza...

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