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Cedric Taylor
Omniscient by Cedric Taylor

[Note: This is part of the Fly On The Wall ebook.

Omniscient is a mentalism theory created by "The Urban Entity", Cedric Taylor that works as a Q &A. It unique in its approach because it:

  • allows the performer to do a mass reading while walking around in the audience without ever needing the stage.
  • can be performed for 5 or 5,000
  • billet-less. (Billets are used only for pre-show work. You will also need a deck of cards.)
  • can be performed at a "kisser's length" away from your spectator.
  • can be adapted and used for drawing duplications, predictions, direct mind reading, hellstromism reveals, warm and cold reading, automatic writing,...
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Mike Kempner
Mathematical Amnesia by Mike Kempner

A little math brain teaser turned into a mental effect...

Would you like to be able to make someone (even a Harvard graduate!) forget basic math? I'm talking math that even an elementary school student could do, like 545 + 5? Well, this manuscript is perfect to seemingly induce your spectator with mathematical amnesia.

After you "hypnotize" your spectator, he or she will forget basic math functions. For example, he or she won't even be able to figure out what 545 + 5 equals. We all know, it equals 550, but the spectator WILL be stumped. Your audience (you can perform this one-on-one...

★★★★★ $4
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Cedric Taylor
Fly On The Wall by Cedric Taylor

Fly on The Wall is Cedric's most ambitious work to date. What you are getting are 5 of Cedric's pet routines that he use everyday.

1. Omniscient: This is a mentalism theory created by "The Urban Entity", Cedric Taylor that works as a Q & A. It's unique in its approach because it:

  • allows the performer to do a mass reading while walking around in the audience without ever needing the stage.
  • can be performed for 5 or 5,000
  • billet-less. (Billets are only used for pre-show work. You will also need a deck of cards.)
  • can be performed at a "kisser's length" away from your spectator.
  • can be...
★★★★ $20
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Devin Knight
Magic Marketing Secrets for Magicians: all 8 volumes by Devin Knight

Devin Knight's Magic Marketing For Magicians series has been a big hit. There are 8 volumes in the series. Here is a chance to get them all at a 50% savings.

This series contains some of the best ways to use the Internet to get more gigs and most important, how to get your act on page one of Google searches. This information was written with the magician in mind, although it can be used to promote any business. You will also learn two proven ways to get big dollars for doing your magic show. Study the complete series and your shows and income will increase, if you follow the directions. ...

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Gordon M. Howatt
Let's Make Magic by Gordon M. Howatt

This is a compilation of three books:

  • Let's Make Magic (1st edition 1945)
  • Traveling Ghost
  • Restless Spook
Tricks to build in your home workshop. One big book tells you how to make all kinds of tricks, vanishes, productions, changes, liquid tricks, silk tricks, trick decks, levitation, jumbo card tricks, slate tricks, pocket tricks...Imagine! Fifty Tricks. Printed on large size pages to make it easy to study he plans. Simple tools are all you need to have all these new tricks for yourself.
  • The Art Studio Illusionette
  • Vibratory Deck
  • The Malcolm Blindfold
  • The Scintilating Spectre ...
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Devin Knight & Frank Velasco
Predictionary by Devin Knight & Frank Velasco

"Predictionary incorporates a very clever idea that I have not seen used in this way before. It is a great utility device that creates some fantastic mysteries. It should find great favor with many mentalists." - Richard Osterlind

This new utility gimmick will allow you to transmit your thoughts and make near impossible appearing predictions. You can do all of this without the aid of nail-writers or any other secret writing devices. If you saw Devin demonstrate this in his first lecture, you know it fooled all the magicians. However, Devin only showed the basic idea; this e-book gives...

★★★★ $9.95
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Devin Knight
Tell Tell Water by Devin Knight

Tell Tell Water is one of the most original card revelations ever released. The trick is topical, due to the research going on with water. A Japanese researcher claims that water reacts to emotions and sounds. He wrote a best-selling book about it called, Hidden Messages In Water. This effect is based on his research.

To buy this trick made up from a magic dealer would cost you about $75.00. Devin gives complete details on do it yourself (DIY) for a few bucks and tells you everything you need.

EFFECT: Performer talks of the research being done in Japan with water. He further comments that...

★★★ $4
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Mike Kempner
The Perfect Lotto Prediction by Mike Kempner

How would you like to be able to predict the winning lotto numbers, anywhere? The odds of being able to achieve such a feat are astronomical. With this devilishly simple approach, you will be able to create the illusion of having predicted the winning numbers in advance of the drawing, without ANY sleight of hand. In fact, this is a hands-off miracle that will allow your spectator to swear that you are truly psychic. Once you give your spectator your prediction, that's never have to touch it again. It will contain the winning numbers!

[Note: this effect requires an assistant and a smart phone.]

1st edition 2014, 2 pages....

★★★★★ $4
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Marconick's Original Magic 5 by Marconick
  • Lassoo A Silk
  • Playing Cards
  • Follow-Up Lassoo A Silk
  • The Talking Frog
  • A Card Vanish From The Table
  • A Card Turn Over
  • A Mental Effect
  • A Champagne Production
  • A Cigarette Production
  • Linking Silks
  • Rising Cards A La Svengali
  • A Silk Vanish Opening
  • Variation Triangle Silks
  • A Perfect Glass Balance
  • A Floating Record
  • Cutting A Rope In Three
  • A Folding Table Screen
  • Silks In Loop-Holes
  • Bottles To Doves Transformation
  • The High Light Of The Show
  • A Dove Or Rabbit Vanish
  • A Card Fan Production
  • Two Silks From The Air
★★★★★ $9.95
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Ronald Wood
Impossible by Ronald Wood

What is Impossible?

Impossible is a tried and tested workable effect that will stun your audience! (Especially if one of them asks you 'that' IMPOSSIBLE question!) "Can we shuffle the cards? Can we just cut to and look at a card? Can YOU find that card?"

Ronald Wood presents Impossible. A card effect that shows your audience nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

1st edition 2014, 11 pages.

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Ken de Courcy
Blue Spotitis and Other Oddities by Ken de Courcy

It is a children's is a great magic is a mystifying series of magic is SPOTITIS!

Do you remember the simple origami fold called "the salt cellar"? Well, Ken de Courcy in this manuscript teaches you how to use that simple fold for performing wonderful magic tricks. Ken says:

"In the 1956 edition of Robert Harbin's "Paper Magic" (beautifully illustrated by Rolf Harris) you will find an easily-made paper model titled "The Salt Cellar...Magic Colour Changer".

It's a paper-fold that goes back many years; in fact, in 1948, Ernie Kob marketed an amusing use...

★★★ $7
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John Lenahan
The John Lenahan Lecture by John Lenahan

[Note that due to the age of the recording there are occasionally problems with the audio and the video freezes. Despite these problems there are many very practical ideas, moves and routines being taught.]

On 31st March 1985 the American street magician John Lenahan gave his first ever lecture. The event was held in the Magic Lounge London and organized by Martin Breese. John calls his lecture "Taking it to the streets ... or the tables ... or the bars ... or wherever they will watch."

  • Miser's Dream with a surprise ending
  • Chats about working on the street
  • Vanishing handkerchief
  • Rope routine
  • Sponge ball bit
  • Tips on working on the street
  • Ambitious card routine
  • Working tables
  • Bullet card trick
  • Four ace routine
  • Rising cards

length 1h 20min...

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Erivan Vazquez
The Cards Will Back You Up 2.0 by Erivan Vazquez

The basic effect as seen by your spectators is that you can read minds and see through the cards as if you had X-ray eyes.

  • The deck can be shuffled
  • You never know the spectator's card
  • You never look at the faces of the cards after the selection is made
  • No multiple outs
  • No special decks or props required
This is an updated version of the first publication of The Cards Will Back You Up. In this new version you will find some corrections that were made due to the fact that the version described in the first edition did not work one hundred percent of the times. With the "new" (or corrected...
★★★★★ $2.49
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David Devlin
The Holy Dixie Cup by David Devlin

A deck is borrowed. It is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. The performer has any spectator think of any number between one and fifty-two, but not to reveal it to anyone until asked by the performer. Nothing is written down. The number is simply thought of. The performer now has a different spectator name any card. There is no force of any kind! After a very funny gag, the performer for the first time asks the spectator to reveal the number that he has merely been thinking of. Let us assume that the number is twenty three. Without any fumbling or manipulation of the deck, no cuts, no shuffles,...

★★★★★ $8
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Paul Voodini
Affinity: Cold Reading's 3rd Way by Paul Voodini

The very soul of cold reading and what it means to be truly psychic. A guide for mind-readers, mentalists, and psychic entertainers.

Affinity is a new way of looking at readings that takes the positive elements from both the esoteric world and the cold reading/mentalism world and molds them together into something new - a 3rd Way.

Being a mentalist and a magician who spent a large portion of his formative years believing in the esoteric and the paranormal, Paul Voodini has always carried with him elements from that world and these elements have often seeped (and in some cases crashed)...

★★★★★ $30
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Cameron Francis
Train Bricks by Cameron Francis

"Cameron's 'Creation' is worth the price of the download!" - Stephen Tucker

Get ready for six new new mental magic effects from the fertile and slightly deranged mind of Cameron Francis. All of these effects are well within the range of most magicians. No knuckle-busting sleights. No gaffs or gimmicks. All of the tricks use a normal deck.


B'WAVY GRAVY - The spectator takes five cards from a shuffled deck, shuffles them, and then discards all but one. The magician instantly knows which card was selected.

CREATION - A card is "created" by a spectator. The magician reveals the card...

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Daniel Madison
Deceptions by Daniel Madison

Deceptions by Daniel Madison contains his personal favourite offerings to the world of sleight-of-hand and deception, from his infamous work on pocket and table indexes (Advocate and Tyrant) to deck-switching devices and techniques and routined demonstrations designed to boost your perceived level of skill in close-up deceptions with a deck of playing cards.

The ultimate, full-deck, single-pocket, playing-card-index that allows you to be secretly within possesion of ANY needed playing card within a moments notice...

Construction. Mechanics. Locating Cards. Retreiving Cards. Wedge....

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Dee Christopher
Linguistic Deceptions by Dee Christopher

Anate: The full work on Dee Christopher's Anate force, many routines and other techniques that will allow you to force a number, card, or other object by using your words alone. Also featuring work from Titanas, Chris Lafferty, Lloyd Barnes and more. (Anate has been released as individual ebook before.)

Linguistic Bending: The full work on using linguistic techniques to strengthen or create metal bending and psychokinetic effects. Also featuring work from Ireland's Sean McCarthy. (Linguistic Bending has been released as individual ebook before.)

Falling Coins: An amazing effect that shows your powers of influence over matter...

★★★★★ $30
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Devin Knight
The Power to Dominate Google by Devin Knight

#8 In Devin's Knights Magic Marketing Secrets For Magicians

Government backlinks can put your magic website at the top of page one for Internet searches. That means you can be in position one or two! This eBook gives you the power to dominate Google.

It is the goal of every entertainer to have their website on the first page of a search engine's results. The biggest search engine of all is Google, and if your website is not on either the first or second page of Google, then you might as well not be in business, because few people will find you.

Here are the current click-through statistics...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Solyl Kundu
The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 3, Issue 6 (Jun - Aug 2014) by Solyl Kundu
  • EDITORIAL - Let's have a chat

    SPECIAL FEATURES - TGM's tribute to Aldo Colombini

  • Homage to Aldo Colombini from All at TGM, All admirers of Aldo in India and from Solyl Kundu
  • Aldo Colombini - Bio by Rachel
  • Remembrances/Admirations by Al Albert, Tom Craven, David J. Connor, Geoff Williams, Ian Adair, Donald Clancy and John Alexander


  • Past Glory of India - B.N. Sarkar
  • Magic As Entertainment by Harold Taylor
  • Indian Occultism: The Rope -Trick And Other Phenomena by Major G.H. Rooke


  • Confirmed Prediction by John Teo
  • Indiana Monte by Guy Townsend
  • Come Along...
★★★★★ $2
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Val Andrews
Floor Show Fun and Fantasy by Val Andrews

Here is another comedy magic book by Val Andrews. In this one you can find all sort of magic and comedy material suited for cabaret of floor shows. Let's have a look at the introduction...

This is not my first book of cabaret and floor show material and will probably not be my last, because the demand for this type of magic and comedy far exceeds the supply - but don't worry - I'm still working on it night and day!

In this modest volume will be found bits, tricks, patter and routines for every type of cabaret performer, magician, compere, comedian, ventriloquist, comedienne or layabout!...

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Ken de Courcy
Rink Goes Loop La-La by Ken de Courcy

From the introduction:

"Rink (van Rinkhuyzen) of Holland has a keen trick brain. Like most of the great magical inventors, he individualises every effect he obtains and, if he likes it, he continues to work on it. The result; a string of often unbelievable variations that astounds everyone, including the man who invented it.

Some time ago, Supreme marketed Tommy Talbot's "Loop La-La", an amusing little thing with two unfaked rope loops. As it stood, it was basically a compere gag. It could be repeated over and over again, but there was no build-up, and no end.

Rink took "Loop La-La"...

★★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Matte da Legare by Aldo Colombini

Ancora una volta il nostro beneamato Aldo ci sorprende con la sua versione routinata di un classico in tre fasi.

L'effetto della routine spiegata con la consueta chiarezza da Aldo è il seguente:


Quattro Jolly sono messi sul tavolo in una formazione a T e tre carte sono poste su ciascun Jolly. Un mazzetto è designato come 'leader' e i quattro Jolly appaiono tutti in quel mazzetto.


Lo stesso effetto viene ripetuto una seconda volta dopo che il mago mostra i Jolly uno dopo l'altro prima di metterli nei rispettivi mazzetti. ...

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Abhinav Bothra
Behind My Back by Abhinav Bothra

Another version to the classic Card Calling Trick but this one is on steroids.

The spectator selects 4 cards while the performer is facing away. After selection, the performer turns his back toward the spectator. The spectator shuffles the 4 cards and holds 2 in each hand. With performer's back turned towards the spectator - he is able to call out the sum of the values of the card in each hand. He proceeds to identify the cards. And even calls out which card is in which hand.

  • Uses no marked cards.
  • Can be done with a borrowed deck.
  • Do it for 1 person or a 100. Great reactions every time. ...
★★★★★ $4.95
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