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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 57 (Jul 2014) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

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Vol. 10, No. 3, no date [July 2014]; 60 pages

Cover: Sean Alexander

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. John Carey: From Hot Sales to Hot Soup! - interview - Graham Hey
  3. Readers' Letters
  4. In The News
  5. Comedy Time - Graham Hey
  6. The Kids' Show Minefield - How to avoid some of the worst problems - Mark Leveridge
  7. Masterclass
    • It's All in the Name - John Carey
    • Partly Right or Partly Wrong! - Arun Bonerjee
  8. Pros & Cons - It's All a Matter of Opinion - Mark Leveridge
    • Books v DVDs - Follow Up - Nick Jones
  9. The Secret Agent - re: Trevor George - Jay Fortune
  10. Dealer Shout Outs - Special...
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Sam Sharpe
The Magic Play by Sam Sharpe

Did you know that Doug Henning and his Broadway play, "The Magic Show", was not a new idea? Do you know about the hundred or more years of Magic Plays that preceded Doug's triumph? If you truly are a magician, you should know all about the background of your hobby or profession - and here's a very pleasant way to find out about it.

Sam Sharpe (M.I.M.C.) has done extensive research to produce this volume, The Magic Play. 150 pages of absorbing reading, all about the use of magic in dramatic plays, what tricks were used, what famous personages used them, where they were used, how they were...

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Jim Sisti
Jazzy Transposition 2 by Jim Sisti

Four Jokers mysteriously vanish from one place and reappear in another...

The cards certainly appear ordinary...but your audience will be rubbing its eyes as four bicycle-riding Kings disappear right off the faces of four Jokers one at a time and reappear on the faces of previously blank cards. It even happens when a spectator places their finger on one of the blank cards!

Here in more details what the spectators see:

Two packets of cards are introduced, one containing four Jokers, the other four blank-faced cards. One Joker is set aside as a "leader card" and the others are tabled....

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(Benny) Ben Harris
Quarks and Quirks by (Benny) Ben Harris
"Some of the most clever takes on the Torn and Restored Card in years, Ben Harris' Quarks & Quirks is an invigorating journey of topological twists and tears." - Richard Kaufman
A journey beyond the tear, inspired by the weird world of Quantum Physics. In this superbly produced book, filled with photographs Ben Harris shares seven routines. Includes:


A method for apparently tearing a card cleanly in half, while in reality, only tearing one quarter from the card. This sets you up as either a "quarter ahead" or a "quarter behind" depending upon the intended application....

★★★★★ $20
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Exit 51 by (Benny) Ben Harris
"A beautifully realized moment of astonishment ... the new gimmick is very clever indeed!" - Paul Harris

"A stunning vanishing deck that takes an original idea by Paul Harris and sends it to the moon." - Richard Kaufman

The remarkable effect shifts "the moment" in Paul Harris' amazing Vanishing Deck allowing for a card to be selected and signed.

This selected card is shuffled back into the deck which is then held in full view.

Upon command, the entire deck visually vanishes (that's right - it just blinks out of being) leaving only the chosen card as a poignant applause cue.

Exit 51 is...

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Gerard Zitta
Mimosa by Gerard Zitta

MIMOSA simply allows your smartphone to be smarter!

  • You can predict the future. You can predict virtually anything. You will now have a way to do it WITHOUT knowing or forcing the outcome.
  • Your phone can also become your memory. It can be a new type of crib sheet or index, but now, it can be huge, and access to the information will be instantaneous. There is a secret move that lasts a fraction of a second.
  • MIMOSA will also allow you to always carry with you a multiple and virtually unlimited number of outs.
  • It can be used as a safety exit for your existing routines. You can predict...
★★★★★ $30
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Gerard Zitta
Bluff by Gerard Zitta

This is a fantastic principle to know. You need nothing. Just your brain and some easy acting skills. You can improvise anytime anywhere. It is hands off, practical and the method is very simple. And most importantly, it is fun for the participants, for yourself and for the audience. What else do you want?

You will be able to detect liars in a group of people and identify which one has selected a specific card or ESP symbol for instance. You can show your psychometry skills with borrowed objects. There are tons of applications.

You just ask the same question to some of them.

It does...

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Jim Sisti
Magic on the Menu by Jim Sisti

Tips and tricks for the professional and aspiring restaurant magician.


  • Tips on Tips
  • The First Ten Seconds
  • Working the Room
  • Problem Patrons
  • Choosing Material
  • Choosing a Restaurant
  • Getting an Audition
  • Winning the Audition
  • Developing a Following
  • Dealing With Other Magicians
  • Changing Performance Modes
  • Keeping It Simple
  • Transmutation - Jim Sisti
  • Signature Transpo - Tom Ladshaw
  • Forget Me Not - David Acer
  • The Happy Birthday Card Trick - Al The Only
  • The Two-Card Trick - Bert Allerton
  • The Flushing Joker - Chris Hurlbert
  • Torn - Tabman / Tom Mullica

1st edition 2014,...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Jim Sisti
Mixed Symbols by Jim Sisti

The performer hands five ESP cards, each bearing a different symbol, to a spectator and requests that he remember one. The spectator is then asked to shuffle the cards. The magician takes the cards back and, after an apparently fair mixing procedure, correctly divines the selected symbol without even looking at the faces.

The method uses an old mathematical ploy but it is dressed up differently here.

This effect was featured in the May 2005 issue of Magic Magazine.

1st digital edition 2014, 2 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Ken de Courcy
A Case For Cards by Ken de Courcy


In this short thesis I'm going to discuss a fairly well-known plot ... "The Card in the Card-case". If you think about it, there's more 'logic' in this effect than in, for example, "The Card in Matchbox"; the card-case is already there because the cards were in it. Unless you smoke while performing, there is little reason for introducing a matchbox into the equation.

"The Card in Wallet" is a good, well-tried effect, but I submit the "Card in Card-case" is more "impossible" because it's in view all the time. This last point, obviously, creates difficulties which I'll...

★★★★★ $5
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Cedric Taylor
Danielle's Heart by Cedric Taylor

[Note: This is part of the Fly On The Wall ebook.]

Danielle's Heart is Cedric's interpretation of a direct mind-reading system. When he say system, don't think this is some sort of psychological, one trick pony. What kind of things can you guess? ANYTHING!

With Danielle's Heart, here's what it doesn't happen:

  • No Writing
  • No Pre-Show
  • No Electronics
  • No Assistance
The possibilities are endless.

1st edition 2014, 8 pages.

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Cedric Taylor
Omniscient by Cedric Taylor

[Note: This is part of the Fly On The Wall ebook.

Omniscient is a mentalism theory created by "The Urban Entity", Cedric Taylor that works as a Q &A. It unique in its approach because it:

  • allows the performer to do a mass reading while walking around in the audience without ever needing the stage.
  • can be performed for 5 or 5,000
  • billet-less. (Billets are used only for pre-show work. You will also need a deck of cards.)
  • can be performed at a "kisser's length" away from your spectator.
  • can be adapted and used for drawing duplications, predictions, direct mind reading, hellstromism reveals, warm and cold reading, automatic writing,...
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Mike Kempner
Mathematical Amnesia by Mike Kempner

A little math brain teaser turned into a mental effect...

Would you like to be able to make someone (even a Harvard graduate!) forget basic math? I'm talking math that even an elementary school student could do, like 545 + 5? Well, this manuscript is perfect to seemingly induce your spectator with mathematical amnesia.

After you "hypnotize" your spectator, he or she will forget basic math functions. For example, he or she won't even be able to figure out what 545 + 5 equals. We all know, it equals 550, but the spectator WILL be stumped. Your audience (you can perform this one-on-one...

★★★★★ $4
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Cedric Taylor
Fly On The Wall by Cedric Taylor

Fly on The Wall is Cedric's most ambitious work to date. What you are getting are 5 of Cedric's pet routines that he use everyday.

1. Omniscient: This is a mentalism theory created by "The Urban Entity", Cedric Taylor that works as a Q & A. It's unique in its approach because it:

  • allows the performer to do a mass reading while walking around in the audience without ever needing the stage.
  • can be performed for 5 or 5,000
  • billet-less. (Billets are only used for pre-show work. You will also need a deck of cards.)
  • can be performed at a "kisser's length" away from your spectator.
  • can be...
★★★★ $20
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Devin Knight
Magic Marketing Secrets for Magicians: all 8 volumes by Devin Knight

Devin Knight's Magic Marketing For Magicians series has been a big hit. There are 8 volumes in the series. Here is a chance to get them all at a 50% savings.

This series contains some of the best ways to use the Internet to get more gigs and most important, how to get your act on page one of Google searches. This information was written with the magician in mind, although it can be used to promote any business. You will also learn two proven ways to get big dollars for doing your magic show. Study the complete series and your shows and income will increase, if you follow the directions. ...

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Gordon M. Howatt
Let's Make Magic by Gordon M. Howatt

This is a compilation of three books:

  • Let's Make Magic (1st edition 1945)
  • Traveling Ghost
  • Restless Spook
Tricks to build in your home workshop. One big book tells you how to make all kinds of tricks, vanishes, productions, changes, liquid tricks, silk tricks, trick decks, levitation, jumbo card tricks, slate tricks, pocket tricks...Imagine! Fifty Tricks. Printed on large size pages to make it easy to study he plans. Simple tools are all you need to have all these new tricks for yourself.
  • The Art Studio Illusionette
  • Vibratory Deck
  • The Malcolm Blindfold
  • The Scintilating Spectre ...
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Devin Knight & Frank Velasco
Predictionary by Devin Knight & Frank Velasco
"Predictionary incorporates a very clever idea that I have not seen used in this way before. It is a great utility device that creates some fantastic mysteries. It should find great favor with many mentalists." - Richard Osterlind
This new utility gimmick will allow you to transmit your thoughts and make near impossible appearing predictions. You can do all of this without the aid of nail-writers or any other secret writing devices. If you saw Devin demonstrate this in his first lecture, you know it fooled all the magicians. However, Devin only showed the basic idea; this e-book gives you...
★★★★ $9.95
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Devin Knight
Tell Tell Water by Devin Knight

Tell Tell Water is one of the most original card revelations ever released. The trick is topical, due to the research going on with water. A Japanese researcher claims that water reacts to emotions and sounds. He wrote a best-selling book about it called, Hidden Messages In Water. This effect is based on his research.

To buy this trick made up from a magic dealer would cost you about $75.00. Devin gives complete details on do it yourself (DIY) for a few bucks and tells you everything you need.

EFFECT: Performer talks of the research being done in Japan with water. He further comments that...

★★★★★ $4
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Mike Kempner
The Perfect Lotto Prediction by Mike Kempner

How would you like to be able to predict the winning lotto numbers, anywhere? The odds of being able to achieve such a feat are astronomical. With this devilishly simple approach, you will be able to create the illusion of having predicted the winning numbers in advance of the drawing, without ANY sleight of hand. In fact, this is a hands-off miracle that will allow your spectator to swear that you are truly psychic. Once you give your spectator your prediction, that's never have to touch it again. It will contain the winning numbers!

[Note: this effect requires an assistant and a smart phone.]

1st edition 2014, 2 pages....

★★★★★ $4
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Marconick's Original Magic 5 by Marconick
  • Lassoo A Silk
  • Playing Cards
  • Follow-Up Lassoo A Silk
  • The Talking Frog
  • A Card Vanish From The Table
  • A Card Turn Over
  • A Mental Effect
  • A Champagne Production
  • A Cigarette Production
  • Linking Silks
  • Rising Cards A La Svengali
  • A Silk Vanish Opening
  • Variation Triangle Silks
  • A Perfect Glass Balance
  • A Floating Record
  • Cutting A Rope In Three
  • A Folding Table Screen
  • Silks In Loop-Holes
  • Bottles To Doves Transformation
  • The High Light Of The Show
  • A Dove Or Rabbit Vanish
  • A Card Fan Production
  • Two Silks From The Air
★★★★★ $9.95
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Ronald Wood
Impossible by Ronald Wood

What is Impossible?

Impossible is a tried and tested workable effect that will stun your audience! (Especially if one of them asks you 'that' IMPOSSIBLE question!) "Can we shuffle the cards? Can we just cut to and look at a card? Can YOU find that card?"

Ronald Wood presents Impossible. A card effect that shows your audience nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

1st edition 2014, 11 pages.

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Ken de Courcy
Blue Spotitis and Other Oddities by Ken de Courcy

It is a children's is a great magic is a mystifying series of magic is SPOTITIS!

Do you remember the simple origami fold called "the salt cellar"? Well, Ken de Courcy in this manuscript teaches you how to use that simple fold for performing wonderful magic tricks. Ken says:

"In the 1956 edition of Robert Harbin's "Paper Magic" (beautifully illustrated by Rolf Harris) you will find an easily-made paper model titled "The Salt Cellar...Magic Colour Changer".

It's a paper-fold that goes back many years; in fact, in 1948, Ernie Kob marketed an amusing use...

★★★★★ $7
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John Lenahan
The John Lenahan Lecture by John Lenahan

[Note that due to the age of the recording there are occasionally problems with the audio and the video freezes. Despite these problems there are many very practical ideas, moves and routines being taught.]

On 31st March 1985 the American street magician John Lenahan gave his first ever lecture. The event was held in the Magic Lounge London and organized by Martin Breese. John calls his lecture "Taking it to the streets ... or the tables ... or the bars ... or wherever they will watch."

  • Miser's Dream with a surprise ending
  • Chats about working on the street
  • Vanishing handkerchief
  • Rope routine
  • Sponge ball bit
  • Tips on working on the street
  • Ambitious card routine
  • Working tables
  • Bullet card trick
  • Four ace routine
  • Rising cards

length 1h 20min...

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Erivan Vazquez
The Cards Will Back You Up 2.0 by Erivan Vazquez

The basic effect as seen by your spectators is that you can read minds and see through the cards as if you had X-ray eyes.

  • The deck can be shuffled
  • You never know the spectator's card
  • You never look at the faces of the cards after the selection is made
  • No multiple outs
  • No special decks or props required
This is an updated version of the first publication of The Cards Will Back You Up. In this new version you will find some corrections that were made due to the fact that the version described in the first edition did not work one hundred percent of the times. With the "new" (or corrected...
★★★★★ $2.49
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