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Harlan Tarbell
Tarbell Lezioni 10 by Harlan Tarbell

Il più organico corso mai pubblicato sulla prestigiazione, ora disponibile in pratiche lezioni singole !

La lezione 10 chiude simbolicamente il primo volume del Corso Tarbell Originale e la fa in maniera degna. Questa è una lezione inestimabile per chi vuole veramente fare spettacolo. Niente trucchi spiegati in questa lezione, piuttosto viene spiegato come mettere su vari numeri utilizzando il materiale delle lezioni precedenti e svelando i veri segreti di uno spettacolo . Un breve schema del contenuto della lezione dovrebbe bastare per farvi comprendere l'importanza del materiale trattato ...

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Harlan Tarbell
Tarbell Lezioni 9 by Harlan Tarbell

Il più organico corso mai pubblicato sulla prestigiazione, ora disponibile in pratiche lezioni singole ! Eccoci arrivati alla lezione 9 di questo stupendo e completissimo corso di Giochi di prestigio.

Se ci avete seguito fin ora sarete interessatissimi al contenuto della lezione 9

La lezione si apre con una serie di spiegazioni di mosse base usate negli effetti con le carte. Sono spiegate le versioni di Tarbell delle seguenti mosse:

  1. Il salto semplice.
  2. Il falso miscuglio.
  3. La doppia presa.
  4. Lo slip change.
  5. L'impalmaggio
Lasciamo la descrizione del contenuto del resto della lezione...
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Harry Baron
My Best Card Trick by Harry Baron

From the editor's note and foreword:

The ideas emanate from the brains of those who are among the top flight of card men to-day, and I earnestly commend them for your serious study, because apart from being original - and never before published - they are all absolutely practical and every one of them has been audience-tested.

Arthur Holland and I have been through this book page by page, with cards in our hands, and are convinced that there are no sleights which cannot with due diligence be mastered. And the mastering is well worthwhile for the contributors have given what they were asked...

★★★★★ $10
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
The Fastest Rope in the West by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This routine has multiple effects. You begin with a length of rope...showing it freely. Instantly a knot appears on one end. You clearly untie it, but a moment later another knot appears. You clearly untie it again but...yes you are right...another knot appears. You repeat this effect again and again. At the end you have snapped five knots in all.

Now you borrow a finger ring and execute Grant's "Poor Man's Monkey Bar" in which you tie three knots on the rope with the ring knotted to the one on the right. Then you put the rope behind your back and pretend that the ring "magically" pass...

★★★★ $3
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Ken de Courcy
Count Down by Ken de Courcy

Very easy to do, impromptu and with a big effect! What else would you ask? Count Down by Ken de Courcy is a card trick that you can present in several ways, all well explained in this little manuscript.

The basic effect is the following: A spectator shuffles his own pack (Yes! It can be his own pack of cards and he really shuffles it...), then counts ten cards in a reverse order. If a number of spots on a card happens to match the number he is counting aloud at the time, the card is thrown out face-up. If none match during the count, a card is dealt face down in front of the magician.


★★★★ $3
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Frances Marshall
Let It Go To Your Head by Frances Marshall

Get your wife, daughter, girl friend into the act! Here's a great comedy routine, very female, full of audience tested laughs, every bit of patter and business furnished - and any intelligent woman can learn to do it. Written pre-women's-lib era, but definitely a woman's routine for the felt chapeau. Owned by many magicians. If not, readily available. This material was used by Frances Marshall for most of her career. A big hit on women's club circuits, spring luncheons, P.T.A.'s, anywhere women congregate. Guaranteed laugh getter in female circles. Full explanation of all accessories used, all...

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Devin Knight
Paper Folding Stories for Magicians by Devin Knight

Clever paper-folding stories have always been popular with magicians. Such well-known magicians as Gene Anderson, Jay Marshall, Karrell Fox, Tommy Windsor and others have all featured paper-folding stories in their acts.

Devin Knight has always loved clever paper-folding effects. In this ebook, he has compiled four of his favorite paper-folding effects. He learned all four of these when he was a child and has used them for his entire performing career.

"Even though I'm a mentalist, I am a sucker for origami and puzzle effects. Devin has compiled a great collection of storytelling magic, using nothing more than...

★★★★ $9.95
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William W. Larsen
Genii Volume 14 (Sep 1949 - Aug 1950) by William W. Larsen

September 1949 - August 1950
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Larsen, Editors

441 pages (7 double pages)

  1. Genii - Volume 14, Number 1 - September 1949 - 32 pages
  2. Cover - Ron and Thelma Greenwood
  3. Facing the Facts - Bill Larsen
  4. Fun with Firebowl and Flowers - "Dr. Chang" Sherman Ripley
  5. By George! It's Sandsational - George Sands
  6. Master Balls and Cigarettes - Al Sharpe
  7. The Invisible Man - William W. Larsen
  8. Double Daring - Frederick M. Shields & Bascom Jones, Jr.
    • re: a card trick
  9. Results of the Genii-Orben Poll - Robert Orben
    • Article Four
  10. Odd Magical Facts - Frank Fewins ...
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William W. Larsen
Genii Volume 13 (Sep 1948 - Aug 1949) by William W. Larsen

September 1948 - August 1949
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Larsen, Editors

376 pages (8 double pages)

  1. Genii - Volume 13, Number 1 - September 1948 - 32 pages
  2. Cover - Arthur Buckley
  3. Facing the Facts - Bill Larsen
    • The Welcome Mat
    • Loot
    • Things I Like
    • Things I Don't Like
    • Dollar Value
    • Editors
    • Teletrixters
  4. All Change - Len J. Sewell
  5. What? Another Square Circle? - Mike Zens
  6. Odd Magical Facts - Frank Fewins
  7. Original Coin Sleights for Experts - Arthur Buckley
  8. Arthur Buckley - by Theo. Bamberg "Okito"
  9. Comedy Technique - First Article of a Series - Robert Orben ...
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William W. Larsen
Genii Volume 12 (Sep 1947 - Aug 1948) by William W. Larsen

September 1947 - August 1948
Including Magigals
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Larsen, Editors

369 pages (7 double pages)

  1. Genii - Volume 12, Number 1 - September 1947 - 32 pages
  2. Cover - Frank Clinton
  3. Facing the Facts - Bill Larsen
    • Square Deal for Dealers
    • Keeps Your Hands in Your Pockets
    • The Great Leon Denies
    • Too Many Trophies
    • Bickering
    • Tribute
    • Big Business
    • On the Set at Paramount
    • George Boston
    • Too Good!
    • Framed!
    • It's Hot
  4. Rope of Quong Hi - Alan Wakeling
  5. Surprise!! - John J. Crimmins, Jr.
  6. cartoon - Tom Lawless
  7. One-man Blindfolded Psycho Act -...
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Terry Seabrooke
The Videot: The Comical Approach to Magic by Terry Seabrooke

This was the first magic video Martin Breese released. While it was not the first instructional magic video tape (that honor goes to a 1971 video featuring Dai Vernon), it was certainly among the very first ones to appear and find relative wide distribution both in the US and UK.

This instructional video is designed specifically for the Cabaret entertainer. An hour long with full explanations of each effect. Terry Seabrooke gives away some of his cherished secrets and more important the reasons why and how. Also includes a pretty clever unpublished mentalism routine by Al Koran. Terry's versions of the Chinese...

★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Ian Kendall
Proof by Ian Kendall

Proof is a collection of strange mathematical proofs where you can show, convincingly, that things are not always what they seem. To most people, the idea that 'minus one' is equal to 'one' might sound barmy, or that Pi=2, or 4, or that 4=5, but that is what you will be able to prove with this video.

Ian has been using some of these diversions for well over thirty years, and he can attest to how much fun they are to demonstrate. They are not 'performance pieces' - by that he means that they would not fit into a traditional magic show, but as an impromptu moment of strange, they are perfect....

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon Bundle 2 by Paul Gordon

A 30% price reduced bundle of card magic ebooks.

★★★★★ $57.90
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Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon Bundle 1 by Paul Gordon

A 30% price reduced bundle of card magic ebooks.

★★★★★ $55.90
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Devin Knight & Al Mann
The Incredible Feats of Jason Michaels by Devin Knight & Al Mann

Jason Michaels was an extraordinary psychic during the 80s. (Jason was actually a pseudonym of Devin Knight.) He shot to national stardom almost overnight with his headline predictions that appeared to be the real thing; even to top mentalists such as Al Mann. He stunned reporters nationwide with his ability to levitate in newspaper offices. Yes, before self-levitations became popular Jason Michaels was doing it. That is because he was one of the early innovators of the effect. It did not stop there; he made himself invisible, caused clouds to vanish from the sky and outdid other mentalists...

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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 3 by Mark Leveridge

The third volume of this quality card magic set features a further 12 of Mark's highly workable card routines. There is a lot of variety offered here, and the standard of the magic is high.

There is magic for close up shows, for mentalism, for parlour shows and also for commercial walkabout work. Here is a run down of the contents:

Aces Under Control - this is a perfect way to produce the four Aces in that it looks skillful yet is easy to do

Co-inci-mental - a you-do-as-I-do card matching effect that cuts out all the unnecessary packet exchanges plus adds a kicker finish


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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 2 by Mark Leveridge

The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 2 features material for close up, stand up and even children's shows. Here is a run down of the contents:

1-2-3 Jumbo Cards Across - great version of the classic trick for stand up adult shows or children's work. Easy to do.

The Blankety-Blank Pack - a striking blank deck routine that finishes with the entire deck printing backs and faces.

Diary Of A Nobody - a neat variation on the Danson Diary trick which only uses one diary and one deck plus has a twist at the end.

Corrector - a nice use of an old idea using a window envelope...

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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 1 by Mark Leveridge

For over 30 years Mark Leveridge has gradually been creating a portfolio of card effects and routines where the accent is on practicality and entertainment value. In the first of four projected volumes The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 1 offers the reader 15 commercial effects, all of which should be within the capabilities of everyone except the total beginner.

Instead of padding out this ebook with minor technical variations, or with descriptions of esoteric card sleights and moves, Mark has chosen to provide a range of varied, interesting and above all individual tricks...

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Ronald Wood
Queens Quartet by Ronald Wood

Queens Quartet is a 4 part routine that uses the Queens to find selected cards in different and novel ways.

The routine can be performed as three individual effects (the fourth effect doesn't work itself) or as a whole. In performing the routine as a whole, you will find that each effect has been created to lead automatically into the next one, producing an act that "flows" from start to finish.

You will need to be able to do the following techniques:

  • Magicians Choice force
  • Mock Pass
  • Braue Add On Move
  • Bro. John Hamman's Packet Switch

1st edition 2014, 9 pages.

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Alexander de Cova
New Avantgarde Magic 18 by Alexander de Cova

Die legendären Becherspielroutine des Wiener Zauberkünstlers Kurt Freitag.

Auf diese Rou­tine haben viele Zau­ber­freunde schon sehr lange gewar­tet. Nun ist sie end­lich da: Die Becher­spiel­rou­tine von Kurt Frei­tag aus Wien. Seit vie­len Jah­ren eine legen­däre Vor­füh­rung, die Erin­ne­run­gen an BOSCO, Döbler und Gosh­man wach wer­den lässt. Für mich per­sön­lich ein sehr wich­ti­ges Pro­jekt, weil ich end­lich nach Jah­ren mein Ver­spre­chen Kurt Frei­tag ein­lö­sen konnte, seine Rou­tine in allen Details zu beschreiben.

Kurt Frei­tag hat...

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Tony Shiels
It's Alive: The World of Tony 'Doc' Shiels by Tony Shiels

This is not your typical magic video. While Tony Shiels demonstrates a few bizarre magic effects, it is for the most part a human interest piece. Tony invites us into his home as well as into the woods where we see him talking, walking, pointing at leaves and stones, giving performance advice and pondering the past - all done in his weird and unique way.

If you want to learn more about the personality behind Tony Shiels you will love this video. If you are after the next best effect you will certainly be disappointed.

Includes a five minute intro with Martin Breese talking about his foray...

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Foresee the Future: How to See Newspaper Headlines In Your Dreams by Devin Knight

DISCLAIMER: This ebook will teach you proven methods to remember dreams. It will teach you how to have lucid dreams and how to remember the content of those dreams. It will show you techniques that the author and others have used to see actual newspaper headlines in their dreams. Although the author and others have had success with some of these headlines coming true, there is no guarantee the newspaper headlines you dream will come true. This ebook will show you the proper technique for seeing newspapers in your dreams. The material in this ebook may be considered controversial by some readers....

★★★★★ $6
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Milton Kort
Kort Is Now In Session by Milton Kort

One of America's finest close-up men has written a fine book on his work. Illustrated with excellent line drawings by Steranko. Makes all the tricks clear and easy to follow. Additionally there are a couple of photos of Milt demonstrating certain moves.

You will enjoy:

  • Kortially Yours (card revealment)
  • Homing Pigeon (a boomerang card)
  • You Got Nothin' Poker Deal
  • Cup Hola (paper cup and coin routine)
  • Sheer Brute Strength (bending a penny by magic)
  • Half From One (bill routine)
  • Miser's Dream in Reverse
  • Kort Coin Star
  • Gone Again Coin Routine
  • Miniature Cups and Balls
  • Chromo Cups and...
★★★★★ $9.95
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Van Cleve
How To Win A Magic Contest by Van Cleve

Written by a man who has won many magic contests and who has the trophies to prove it! They illustrate this ebook.

  • Introduction
  • Why Enter A Magic Contest
  • How To Win...Before The Contest
  • Deadlines
  • Time Limits
  • Contest Categories
  • Standard of Judging
  • Learn the Situation
  • Plan the Act as a Contest Winner
  • Consider What Works Best in a Contest
  • Rehearse a Winning Act
  • How To Win...During the Contest
  • Make the Most of the Audience
  • Make the Most of the M.C.
  • Make the Most of Your Act
  • Make the Most of the Judges
  • How To Win...After the Contest
  • Win With the Magic Award
  • Win With or Without...
★★★★ $6.95
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