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Brian T. Lees
Disaster to Laughter by Brian T. Lees

As magicians we are hired to entertain. The show must go on is a harsh truth that we all accept responsibility for. The fact is performances do not always take place without problems. If you have ever found yourself standing in the lights, with a failed trick you know what I am talking about. The audience knows the magic was a complete flop. There is no one else on stage with you. When that happens, we all promise we will never put ourselves in that situation again.

Your magic may be "performance ready" but is it also "audience ready"? This text talks about conditioning for the unexpected....

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Devin Knight
The Red Hot Coin Revealed by Devin Knight
"This is perhaps, the greatest 'come on', or 'bally stunt' the world has ever known." - Floyd Thayer
This is a sadly forgotten effect that was a big hit back in vaudeville, but overlooked by today's magicians. It has been used by Thurston, Blackstone Sr., U. F. Grant, Tommy Windsor and other great magicians. This is one of the funniest routines in magic and you don't have to be a comedian or comedy performer to pull it off. It always results in hilarious laughter.

The premise is simple; the performer invites a boy up and shows him a half-dollar. The performer says, "This is the one and only RED HOT COIN. After years...

★★★★ $4
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David Gabbay
Noteworthy by David Gabbay

Inside these notes you will find routines, thoughts, and short essays on the art of magic. These effects range from quick fun effects to full blown formal close-up routines. There is something for every close-up performer in here. Lessons in misdirection are found throughout this ebook. Principles explored with in this magic lecture can be applied to many effects you already perform. The effects are straightforward and hard hitting for real audience. Simple workable routines and ideas.

Magic Effects

TacsMan: One by one, a dime, penny, and quarter penetrate a tic tac box.

Sweet: A truly...

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Ken de Courcy
Lucky in Love by Ken de Courcy

Here is another magical gem from Ken De Courcy. It is packed with mystery, humor and audience participation. This card effect is suitable for close-up, stage, cabaret-floor or where you want to present it. The totally unexpected (yet logical) climax really hits the audience between the eyes and cannot fail to gather applause.

EFFECT: A lady is invited to assist. She chooses one of four envelopes and the remaining three are left in full view. She is then handed a red-backed pack to shuffle while the magician shuffles a blue pack. Then the packs are exchanged and shuffled again if you want. ...

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Gerard Zitta
CANOE: Card at Any Name or Expression by Gerard Zitta

This effect is a variant of the Card at Any Number plot, but with a full routine and a very commercial and entertaining presentation, with gags, a prediction, or divination, with a puzzling final surprise revelation, and more potential. It can be adapted for any events like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, weddings, carnival, birthdays, conventions, etc.

It needs a one-time preparation that you can keep in your wallet or jacket, and can be used as an opener or a closer, for strolling, close up, parlor or stage.

1st edition 2017, 15 pages.

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Harry Blackstone
Spirit Dancing Handkerchief by Harry Blackstone

[This is an edited and abridged version of a manuscript originally released by Harry Blackstone Sr. as The Spirit Handkerchief.

A borrowed white handkerchief takes on a life of its own, it moves and dances around the stage as though it has become a real spirit.

Exactly as performed by the great magician (and his successor son)! All the masterful comedy touches. Learn this electrifying effect as only the Blackstone's can perform it. Every beautiful move. Every innermost thought that has made the Spirit Dancing Handkerchief famous. Learn: The handkerchief in the cabinet. Learn: The handkerchief in the bottle. Learn: The handkerchief in the hat. Detailed directions for every move.


★★★★ $4
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
The Invisible Man Effect by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is a very rare and seldom seen release of U. F. Grant. It was released in 1934 by Nelmar and was only available from him. In this short release Grant explains several methods for creating the effect of an invisible man on stage. The invisible man is heard walking out on stage and wearing a hat, but no visible body; which the performer removes. He is heard to converse with the performer and even rock in a rocking chair. The invisible man goes out into the audience and looks at cards selected by spectators and returns to the stage and whispers them in the performer's ear so the performer...

★★★★ $2
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Tom Phoenix
Best Trick Of The Year, So Far by Tom Phoenix

We all see those emails telling us about "the best trick of 2016".... even though we've received 10 of those emails this year. And it's only July.

Anyway, this effect amazes audiences, and fries the brains of spectators who try to figure it out.

You will learn:

  • My "Habanero Change", one of the most open and fair color changes out there
  • How to do this with a borrowed deck
  • How to do this with signed cards
Is it really the best trick so far? Well, probably not, but it's pretty good. And it's nothing compared to what's coming.

1st edition 2017, length 13 min

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Mark Weston
Weston's Ways With Cards by Mark Weston

From the Foreword:

It has always been my aim to perform close-up magic impromptu, and with unprepared cards. This I do most of the time. Occasionally I find it is better to use the odd special card to enhance a particular routine, and as a commercial performer I have no qualms about this. In my view, the performer's personality should override all else, the props being the tools of his trade. When the blend of personality and props is exactly correct, the performance becomes an entertainment ... this is the aim.

The routines in this book are designed to appeal to those using card magic...

★★★★★ $15
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Lewis Ganson
Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket by Lewis Ganson

Like ghosts they pass up the sleeve and into the pocket.

From the introduction:

This routine has all the ingredients to delight the discerning performer, the effect is excellent and although it conforms generally to the classical version of "The Cards to Pocket", it has that dash of variation that makes it novel. The method is easy to perform, so easy that one wonders why many more have not thought of obviating the palming just as Patrick Page has done. It's a fine example of using subtle moves in place of sleight of hand; indeed only one simple move is used throughout and yet the effect...

★★★★ $7
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L. De Bevere
Mnemodexterity by L. De Bevere

Use lexicon or any 26 alphabet cards to present an astonishing display of mentalism and memory.

Effect: The mentalist thoroughly shuffles a set of 26 letter cards (the complete alphabet). One unidentified card is removed from the deck. Then three members of the audience divide the rest of the pack among themselves, shuffle their hands and call out in turn the letters they are holding.


  1. the performer correctly names the single card originally removed from the pack.
  2. he recites the sequence of the cards held by each of the helpers.
  3. the deck having been reassembled, he tells from...
★★★★★ $5
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Tom Phoenix
Reign of Groans by Tom Phoenix

Here's an open prediction effect, which requires no gimmicks, no convoluted setup, and very few sleights.

You will learn several applications of the method, including, but not limited to:

  • A Mates Prediciton
  • A Summation Prediction
  • A Predicted Card at Any Number
  • A Selection Prediction
It's an extremely simple method, and the power lies in the versatility.

1st edition 2017, length 20 min

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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
The Wandering Queens by Devin Knight

A card trick that is flashy and plays big, it is suitable for parlor or stage and requires no skill.

Four Queens are each seen in four glass tumblers facing outward. Each Queen is then turned back outward and returned to its glass. Three indifferent cards are placed in each glass with the first three Queens. The fourth Queen is left by herself in the fourth glass.

The performer waves his hands and the magic happens. The cards are removed from the first glass. There are only three cards, the Queen has vanished. This is repeated with the next two glasses. Finally, the card is removed from...

★★★★ $3
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Fake Gambling Act by Ulysses Frederick Grant

EFFECT: A ten-minute routine or act as a demonstration of how the gambler cheats. Great for close-up work or a club act. In this new act; no sleights are required. Still, you apparently deal bottoms, seconds, four aces, winning hands, etc. For example, anyone shuffles the deck, cuts it and hands it to you; still you can deal yourself 4 aces.

It's a fake, that requires no practice, but they will never know it. Demonstrate your skill without lengthy practice. Appear to be a card expert, instantly. Yes, practically every magician has wished that he could present a good gambling demonstration....

★★★ $4
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Michael Kociolek
In Between by Michael Kociolek
"Not only this routine (and its variations) will badly fool people, but you will also badly fool yourself the 1st time you do it. Welcome to the very clever magic of Michal Kociolek." - Jean-Jacques Sanvert

"My seething hatred for Michal's genius can be best explained by the contents within these pages. This trick is just way too clever - you will fool yourself doing it the first time, and actually every time after that as well." - Harapan Ong

"Michal Kociolek specializes in incredibly clever stacked deck effects which always possess methods of labyrinthian beauty. His manuscript,...

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Robert A. Nelson
How to Book Your Attraction by Robert A. Nelson

Even with a fine show, extraordinary talent and natural ability, you can still fail to be a financial success, simply because you don't know how to book your attraction.

This ebook will show you, as a clever mentalist, where and how you can book your show and work every day of the year. There's plenty of work for the psychic entertainer who wants to work, if he or she makes use of the information and knowledge contained in this ebook. Learn the ins and outs of working in theatres, night clubs, hotels, resorts, fairs and exhibitions. Discover the subtleties of working in radio and TV, including...

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Aldo Colombini
Carte alla Ribalta by Aldo Colombini

Meravigliose note di conferenza di questo grande Artista che ha lasciato a tutti noi una sconfinata eredità. Effetti sempre eccellenti, facili da eseguire e spiegati in modo chiaro. Ecco cosa trovi in queste note. Sono certo che sceglierai alcuni di questi effetti per stupire e divertire il tuo li sceglierei tutti....

Tre-mendo: Quattro carte scelte da altrettanti spettatori e disperse, vengono ritrovate. Un altra carta viene ritrovata con seguente apparizione dei 4 assi su quattro mazzetti ottenuti per ritrovare la scelta. Infine due carte sono sperdute nel mazzo e ritrovate...

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Aldo Colombini
Un Comico Taglio by Aldo Colombini

Eccola qui! Proprio quella che ti serve! Si tratta di una originale versione comica del classico gioco della corda tagliata e ricomposta, completa con tutte le battute comiche passaggio per passaggio per eseguirla divertendo il tuo pubblico,. L'effetto è che l'esecutore spiega ( manco a dirlo...) al pubblico il gioco della corda tagliata e ricomposta in maniera divertente con un finale inaspettato e comico!!! Un introvabile e agile volumetto del nostro caro Aldo, scritto quando si faceva chiamare ancora Fabian . Un "must" per i collezionisti, un eccellente effetto per chi lavora con un pubblico...

★★★★★ $3
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof January 2018 by Brian T. Lees
  • 2018 Goal Setting
  • E-Factor Volume 1
  • Conversational Negotiation
  • E-Factor Volume 2 Scheduled February Release
  • New Magic Shop Approach
  • Always on Stage/Marketing
  • Working Trunk

1st edition 2017, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 78 (Jan 2018) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 13, No. 6, January 2018; 60 pages
Cover: Bill Malone

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. Letters - Have Your Say
  3. Magic Lookalikes!
  4. Hooked on Classics - Mark Leveridge
  5. Opening Salvos - Mark Leveridge
  6. Gary Jones: The Festive Fooler! - interview
  7. Shout Outs - Special 'extra' announcements from a few regular advertisers
  8. Masterclass
    1. Thanks Mr. Hull - Paul Gordon
    2. 7 Keys to Paradise - Tim Ellis
  9. The Fabulous Bill Malone! - cover article/interview - Graham Hey
  10. Ask Christopher [T. Magician] - Part 3 - Mark Leveridge, compiler
  11. Paul Gordon: The Finished Article - interview by Graham Hey
  12. Product Reviews
    • Holey Change - SandsMinds - effect with...
★★★★★ $5
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Geoffrey Scalbert
Scalbert's Selected Secrets by Geoffrey Scalbert

From the foreword by Fred Castl:

He is a great student of Erdnase and I know of no one who knows more about "jog" shuffles than Geoff. He knows more forces than Annemann wrote about but he has also kept up with modern sleights and moves. The magician who wants long and involved routines will be unlucky when he reads this book, but what he will find will be tricks with a plot and methods simplified wherever possible to include the minimum of sleights but the maximum of effect, and I shall be very surprised if there is any magician who cannot find in this book something to use.

  • Publishers' Preface ...
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Jeffery Atkins
The Magic Kettle by Jeffery Atkins

Any drink called for. If you have ever seen Steve Cohen perform it you will know how strong an effect this can be.

  • Introduction
  • The Origin of the Effect
  • Hit or Miss
  • The First Magic Kettle
  • Devant's Drinks!
  • Chris Charlton
  • Woodward's Wonder Bar
  • The Properties
  • The Bar
  • The Kettle
  • Tankards
  • The Glasses
  • The Set-up
  • Double Check
  • The Presentation
  • A Preface to the Effect
  • A Quick Drink!
  • Drinks from the Kettle
  • An Advantage
  • Pace!
  • Beer Here!
  • Ready for the Switch
  • Drinks for All!
  • Something for the Children!
  • Notes and Observations
  • Another 'Out'
  • Economy! ...
★★★★ $12
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Tricks For Kid Shows by Ulysses Frederick Grant

25 new, good and unusual tricks plus ideas, gags, and advice. Text has been updated. This is a vintage release by U. F. Grant in the early 50s. Admittedly, a few of the tricks are dated; but, on the other hand, there are some excellent ideas suitable for today's audiences. In this release, you will find kid tricks not seen today. Your chance to be different from all the other kid show performers. The 'No Batteries' effect is novel and worth the price of this release alone. This release also contains a supplement of ideas and advice. An interesting read for Grant fans. Here is what you get.

★★★★★ $5
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Gregg Webb
SOHO: Sleight of Hand Only: Book 1 by Gregg Webb

This ebook includes innovative sleight of hand routines for the modern magician. A familiarity with basic sleights is required. This is book one of a trilogy. The other two titles are The Shade and The Lizard Wizard's Diary.

From the Foreword by Doug MacGeorge:

Gregg is a professional artist and teaches very high-level courses on drawing and animation, always coaxing the best from his students and instilling an appreciation of nuance and - this is important - helping them unleash their own individual styles. As you read this collection of tricks, you'll see the same level of encouragement as he guides you through his thinking...

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