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Devin Knight
No Way! by Devin Knight

This is one of my all-time favorite card tricks (miracles); because after seeing it, most spectators say, "NO WAY!"

Imagine this; you spread a regular deck of cards face up between your hands. All the cards are seen to be different. You tell your spectator that you want him to remove one card behind your back so there is no way you can see the card he selected. You turn your back towards him and spread out the cards face up behind your back. He is asked to remove any card and not let you see what it is. Next he takes a Sharpie pen and puts his initials on the face of the card. He inserts...

★★★★ $3
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Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
Grant's Challenge Magic Act by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

Imagine being able to offer a challenge that you will do a trick with any object, any member of the audience might have on them. Yes, you can do just that and with complete safety and no fear of failure.

The advertising and publicity possibilities with this act are unlimited. Challenge your friends or family to stump you. Advertise that if someone in the audience stumps you, then they don't pay your show fee. This will give you a competitive edge over other magicians in your area.

HOW WAS THIS ACT CREATED: At a meeting of the I.B.M, Grant commented to another magician, "Wouldn't it be...

★★★ $8
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Ellis Stanyon
Stanyon's Serial Lessons in Conjuring by Ellis Stanyon

A kind of early Tarbell Course with its 21 lessons. However, it is obvious that Stanyon didn't put as much thought as Tarbell into it. It appears mostly a somewhat sorted and grouped list of magic tricks which were new back then.

  1. New Coin Tricks
  2. Bibliography of Conjuring
  3. New Coin Tricks
  4. New Handkerchief Tricks
  5. New Card Tricks
  6. New Miscellaneous Tricks and Memory Feats
  7. New Juggling Tricks
  8. New Card Tricks
  9. The Original Tricks of Clement de Lion
  10. New Miscellaneous Tricks
  11. New Fire Tricks and Chemical Magic for the Stage
  12. Great Paper and String Tricks
  13. Great Handcuff Tricks
  14. Stanyon's New Silent Thought Transmission ...
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Ray Gordon
ESP Error by Ray Gordon
"Top Routine. Bravo!" - Roland Henning, Zaubertheater Lübeck, and owner of

The mentalist hands out a prediction for things to come. Then a spectator mixes five envelopes, each envelope containing one of the five ESP cards. he places them next to each other on the table. He has full control over the order.

Five more envelopes with ESP cards are shuffled and placed on the table, each on top of one of the other envelopes. The spectator has a free choice, where to place the envelops and he can change the order again if he wants to. At the end there...

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P. K. Ilango
The Madras Paper Repeat Climax by P. K. Ilango

Effect: A quarter-size piece of newspaper is torn into six pieces. Two pieces are discarded. When the pieces are counted, there are again six pieces. This time four pieces are discarded. When remaining pieces are counted, there are again six pieces of paper. This time five pieces of paper are discarded. Now only one piece of paper is left in the hand. Suddenly the one piece of paper becomes a fully-restored paper.

1st edition 1987, 8 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, PDF 9 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Roy Baker
Baker's Brainwaves by Roy Baker

Baker was a funny and versatile performer who performed and contributed unique routines from mentalism to cards, from stage and parlor to close-up, including a hypnosis show.

Also check out Baker's Bonanza by Hugh Miller.

  • Publisher's Preface
  • Foreword
  • Section One: Card Chicanery
    • Spectator's 'Impossible' Divination
    • Chance-It!
    • Spot On!
    • Bewitched
    • Spooky Sunday
    • Flash Card
    • Betyatis
  • Section Two: Roy's Cunning Close-Ups
    • Non-Stop Stopper
    • Torn-Lit-Cig
    • The Match Fountain
    • Hokey Pokey
    • Condi-Mental
    • Sneaky Snake
    • The Missing Link
    • Spoonerism
    • A Date To Remember
    • Stamp-It
    • A Cheeky Cigarette Move
    • Crazy Coin...
★★★★★ $10
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Neal Elias
At the Table Tricks by Neal Elias

This quality volume contains 13 must-have card presentations and sleights, plus a no-sleight effect for the close-up entertainer. While not self-working, most rely on just one or two sleights. Easy-to-follow illustrations make the effects easy to understand and master.

Neal Elias was a confidant of Ed Marlo, Lin Searles, and other world class card experts. He also spent time as a demonstrator for George Snyder's magic shop in Cleveland, Ohio. No doubt several of Neal's creations will, after you read this ebook, find a place in your own routine.

Here's what's included:

  • Foreword
  • A Reverse Sleight ...
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Brian T. Lees
Conversational Negotiation by Brian T. Lees

Entertainment should not be a menu of prices set in stone. There are ways you can charge more for your performances. The power rests in the key elements of communication. Bringing the conversation to an ultimate "take it or leave it" conclusion may not be in the magician's best interest.

There are four elements that need to be covered through conversation. Quoting a price without knowing those elements is a problem that chips away at the magician's profits. Magicians who make more money deploy these elements. They are not hard. In fact, they are so simple to work with that no special training...

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Timo Dante
Steel Illusion by Timo Dante

Yet again a new and exciting illusion from the magic consultant and illusion designer Timo Dante.

Ever wanted to penetrate a steel plate? With "Steel" you can do this from now on. A brilliant illusion for great magicians. And that with a base variant that is hardly used.

Go head first through the steel plate and show your audience an extravagant illusion.

1st edition 2017, 20 pages.

★★★★★ $30
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Christian Scherer
Magicians in Action 1980 - 2015 (all three volumes) by Christian Scherer

A unique documentary containing photos accompanied by autobiographical and anecdotal texts, featuring 250 magicians from 28 nations.

The photos were taken by the author from 1980 to 2015 during performances of the magicians in Europe. The texts were contributed by the artists. Foreword by Eberhard Riese.

"A Special Book. An extraordinary book. A history of magic of a different kind." - Eberhard Riese

"These large, beautiful volumes provide an opportunity to spend time with hundreds of magicians who share - in their own words - anecdotes, philosophy, and a bit of themselves. This is...

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Christian Scherer
Magicians in Action 1980 - 2015: P-Z by Christian Scherer

A unique documentary containing photos accompanied by autobiographical and anecdotal texts, featuring 250 magicians from 28 nations. This third volume includes names from P-Z:

  • P
    • Pad Alexander
    • Pat Page
    • Pat Perry
    • Patrice Curt
    • Patrick Lehnen
    • Paul Gertner
    • Paul Harris
    • Pavel
    • Pedro
    • Pedro Lacerda
    • Peps Zoller
    • Perkeo
    • Perplex & Tiffany
    • Peter Honegger
    • Peter Löhmann
    • Peter Paul Merlin
    • Peter's Magic Show
    • Peter Woerde - De Valsspeler
    • Phantomas / The Magic Phantoms
    • Philius
    • Pierric
    • Pino Pan
    • Pit Hartling
    • Pop Haydn
    • Professor Dr. Bindli
  • R
★★★★★ $30
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Christian Scherer
Magicians in Action 1980 - 2015: I-O by Christian Scherer

A unique documentary containing photos accompanied by autobiographical and anecdotal texts, featuring 250 magicians from 28 nations. This second volume includes names from I-O:

  • I
    • Irina
    • Ivan Matveyevich Necheporenko
  • J
    • Jad
    • Jakob Mathias
    • Jan Logemann
    • Jean de Merry
    • Jean Olivier
    • Jean-Philippe Loupi
    • Jochen Zmeck
    • John Carney
    • Johnny Lonn
    • Jörg Alexander
    • Jörg Willich
    • José Carroll
    • Juan Carlos Rodarte
    • Julius Frack
    • Juno
  • K
    • Kovari
    • Kuli
    • Kurt Freitag
  • L
    • Lars Herren
    • L'Enchanteur
    • Lennart Green
    • Leo Nifosi
    • Lionel
    • Little Green
    • Lorenz Schär
    • Lou DeMilla
    • Lubor Fiedler
    • Lucca ...
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Christian Scherer
Magicians in Action 1980 - 2015: A-H by Christian Scherer

A unique documentary containing photos accompanied by autobiographical and anecdotal texts, featuring 250 magicians from 28 nations. This first volume includes names from A-H:

  • Foreword by Eberhard Riese
  • Introduction
  • About the Author
  • A
    • Adrian Guerra
    • Alan Shaxon
    • Aldo Colombini
    • Alexander Lehmann
    • Alexis
    • Alex Porter
    • Alfred Kellerhof
    • Ali Bongo
    • Almeico
    • Amos Levkovitch
    • Anatoli Kartashkin
    • Andreas Axmann
    • André Dubach
    • Andy Mayno
    • Arino
    • Arsène Lupin
  • B
    • Bagattello
    • Bellachini XIII
    • Bert Rex
    • Blake Eduarado
    • Bob Little
    • Bob Sheets
    • Boretti
    • Boris Wild
    • Buccini
  • C
    • Camilo Vásquez
    • Carlos Barragàn
    • ChaPeau ...
★★★★★ $30
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 8 by Werner Miller

Even more magic squares with playing cards.

1st edition 2017; 12 pages.

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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 7 by Werner Miller

Even more effects with magic squares.

1st edition 2017; 13 pages.

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Timo Dante
Steel Illusion (German) by Timo Dante

Wieder einmal eine neue und gute Illusion vom Magic Consultant und Illusions-Designer Timo Dante.

Wollten Sie schon immer einmal eine Stahlplatte durchdringen? Mit "Steel" können Sie dies von nun an tun. Eine geniale Illusion für große Magier. Und das mit einer Base Variante die kaum genutzt wird.

Gehen Sie mit den Kopf durch die Stahlplatte. Und zeigen Sie ihren Publikum eine Illusion der Extraklasse.

Erstausgabe 2017, 20 Seiten.

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Floating Chopsticks Mysterium by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Inspired by famous magician Cyril Takayama. After eating some noodles you make the chopsticks levitate above the cup!

  • No threads.
  • No wires.
  • No magnets.
  • No loops.
Gimmick is easy to build. You can place the gimmick in almost any noodle cup to perform it with any chopsticks. And yes, you also can eat the noodles.

1st edition 2017, length 38min

★★★★★ $12
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MP4 (video)

Geoff Williams
Aronson Stack for Everybody by Geoff Williams

In 1979, Simon Aronson gave the world of magic an incredible tool - A Stack To Remember - which has come to be known as the "Aronson stack," a seemingly random arrangement of cards that has amazing miracle properties built into it.

Many magicians have avoided adding memorized deck work to their repertoires because of the daunting task of committing a stacked deck to memory. Struggling to grasp the associations of the cards and their locations within the stack, most quit after a few hours or days. I was the same way... until a Harry Anderson manuscript got me to thinking about how to make...

★★★★ $15
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Paul A. Lelekis
The Magic of Michael Skinner by Paul A. Lelekis

Nine effects from the repertoire of Michael Skinner. Forward by John Carney is very informative. (John was one of Michael Skinner's dearest friends.) Michael gave John his "Notebook of Magic" before he passed.

The introduction provides a "deep insight" into the career, life, friends, and "thinking" of this very special man. Michael Skinner is considered to be the greatest magician of all time. His sleights, subtleties, nuances, misdirection, patter, trick selection, and pace were impeccable...and the size of his repertoire was profound. Skinner could perform over 600 different effects at his prime - and...

★★★ $12
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
AirCap by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

With this prepared bottle you can twist off the cap, and place the cap literally in the air - it floats - while pouring the liquid into a glass.

Any plastic bottle can be prepared. At the end you can hand out the bottle and the cap for examination!

This effect was designed for stand up and parlor magic.

1st edition 2017, length 18min 20s

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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
Magician, Ghost and Girl Illusion by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

NOTICE: This is an expanded version of an illusion described in Grant's Lost Illusion Files. It gives you far more information.

Although this illusion can be done year-round, this makes a great illusion for spook shows or Halloween shows. For those affairs, it is the perfect illusion and it would be hard to find an illusion more suited for those occasions.

EFFECT: The magician shows a three-fold screen with a black interior. He forms the screen into a three-sided cabinet with opening at the front. The performer says that he is going spook hunting. As the saying goes, it takes a thief to catch a thief.

The performer...

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Wolfgang Riebe
Magic as a Million Dollar Business by Wolfgang Riebe

Do you want to take your magic career to the next level?

From whom would you like to learn the real secrets of success in the magic business? Someone that has a little theoretical knowledge and lives in one-bedroom apartment and claims to know it all? Or someone that started with nothing and today has the global hands-on experience, lives in the dream mansion, drives the big cars, walks the talk and has actually done it all?

As a magician, you may not have heard of Wolfgang Riebe. Why? He never focused on the 'magic scene' - instead he focused on the 'layman out there' and building a mega...

★★★★★ $399
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B. W. McCarron
Magic Miracles You Can Do (Pitch Book Publishing Kit) by B. W. McCarron

Sell this pitch book at your performances to double your performance income!* Now with color cover.

If you're not selling "back of room" books and merchandise at every show, you're leaving money on the table - money that should be in your wallet. All the pros are doing it. Now you can, too. And it costs so little to get started.

This package enables you to become an instant author, with full reprint rights for making and selling printed copies of the Magic Miracles You Can Do book. Charge as little or as much per copy as you want: it's up to you. Your audiences will flock to the sales...

★★★★★ $49
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Eric Hawkesworth
The Legend of the Willow Pattern by Eric Hawkesworth

This charming act tells the story of the Willow Pattern plate design and the performer first shows how two sheets of ordinary newspaper have been glued together and pleated to make the basic paper fold. A variety of different figures is then produced by fanning, folding and twisting the pleated paper strip to illustrate the story of the Willow Pattern legend; they include a giant fan, double fan, bridge, pagoda door, sun, boat of dreams and twin stars. With a little practice, each figure flows into the next with almost magical effect and the complete routine is a good example of stage origami. ...

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