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Jim Cellini
Streetmagic Lecture 2005 by Jim Cellini

A fantastic lecture by the king of street magicians, Jim Cellini. While you will learn a number of wonderful routines, the really special stuff is everything else, the equipment he uses, the way he performs, etc.

  • Hank Routine
  • Coin Routine
  • Cigarette Routine
  • Rope Routine
  • Cups and Balls Routine
  • Color, Sound and Movement
  • The Pitch
  • Costumes
  • The Pouches
  • The Rope
  • The Table
  • How to Get a Crowd?
  • Working in Restaurants
  • Inside the Costume and Topit
  • The Hats
  • Keep It Simple - The Gypsy
  • Passing the Hat
  • Slydini's Thumb Tip
  • Coin Magic
  • Vanishing Coins
  • Cigarette Magic
  • Cigarette Eating ...
★★★★★ $17.50
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MP4 (video)

Hörbi Kull
Das Becherspiel by Hörbi Kull

Seit Jahrhunderten fasziniert das Becherspiel die Zuschauer und lässt sie an ihrer Wahrnehmung zweifeln. die Bälle durchdringen solides Kupfer, wandern unsichtbar von einem Becher in den anderen oder verändern am Schluss gar ihre Grösse. Unglaublich, unbegreiflich! Nicht ganz, denn dieser Videofilm bringt Ihnen das Becherspiel bei, Schritt für Schritt.

Jeder Schritt ist nummeriert. Werfen Sie während der Vorführung einen Blick unter die Becher. Der Glastisch macht's möglich! Einblick dank Videotrick. Der "Röntgenblick" zeigt die Bälle auch, wenn sie trotz Glastisch nicht sichtbar...

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MP4 (video)

Hörbi Kull
Seil Schneiden Und Wieder Herstellen by Hörbi Kull

Erlernen Sie mit Hilfe diese download Videos eine der verblüffendsten und ausgeklügeltsten Seilschneide-Routinen. Begreifen und verstehen Sie die Geheimnisse dieser mehrfach international ausgezeichneten Darbietung.

Jeder Griff wird aus verschiedenen Perspektiven gezeigt und in Bild und Ton erläutert. Wo nötig kommen Zeitlupen zum Einsatz. Hörbi Kull legt nicht nur Wert auf die einzelnen Griffe, er erklärt auch, welche dramaturgischen Überlegungen nötig sind und wie der Kontakt zum Publikum optimal vorbereitet wird.

Laufzeit 28 Minuten

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MP4 (video)

Will Dexter
Sealed Vision by Will Dexter

From the Foreword by Peter Warlock:

Within it you will find not only worthwhile ideas (ideas which can so easily be tested) but also suggestions for presentation, and, in fact, almost everything that an intelligent conjurer could require in making use of a fake blindfold for the purpose of one effect or a series of effects.

Illustrated by Jack Lamonte.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part One Transparent Blindfolds
    • Unprepared Silk Foulard
    • The Divided Bag, (1)
    • The Divided Bag, (2)
    • The Felt Mask
    • The Leather Mask
    • The Perforated Coin
    • Painted Goggles
    • Magnetised Goggles
    • Polarised Goggles
    • Clear Spot Goggles ...
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Scott Xavier
Signed Card to Bottle by Scott Xavier

This is one of my dream effects. This takes the card to impossible location theme and stands it on it's head. A signed card is found inside a sealed bottle of liquor, wine, beer, or water. The choice is yours. It leaves the audience with a moment of real magic that they can keep forever. You will create a keepsake that will leave your name on the audience's minds. I have used this method to guarantee repeat performances for Fortune 500 companies from Kellogg to Harley-Davidson. This is a reputation maker!

1st edition 2018, 8 pages.

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Edward Marlo
The Faro Shuffle: Revolutionary Card Technique No. 6 by Edward Marlo

This ebook describes Marlo's techniques for the Faro Shuffle. It contains methods for executing a faro, such as The First Technique, Faro Riffle Shuffle, and The Butt Shuffle, as well as Faro Aids, such as the Fourth Finger Table and the Rock and Reweave. It also contains more complex variations, like the Off Center Faro, Above Crimp Faro, and 26th Card Faro Check.

  • The Faro Shuffle
  • - The First Technique
  • Faro Aids
  • - 26th Card Faro Check
  • - The 4th Finger Table
  • Faro Riffle Shuffle
  • - Variations In Technique On The Faro Riffle Shuffle
  • - In The Hands
  • The Butt Faro
  • Partial Faro Check ...
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Edward Marlo
Coining Magic by Edward Marlo

Marlo's coin magic has a wonderful imaginative quality. He does things with props you've had around for years and you wonder why you didn't think of it.

  • Note
  • Paper And Coin
  • The Dealer's Pitch
  • For Enthusiasts
  • The Spider Vanish
  • Further Ideas
  • The Spectator Wraps It Up
  • Shrinkage
  • Copper-Silver Paper
  • Solid-Soft-Solid-Gone
  • Hand Penetration
  • A New Method Of Handling The Flip Move
  • Sans Duplicate
  • Flutterless
  • Unprepared
  • Ed Marlo's Personal Routine
  • S.O.C.
  • Technique For Visible Coin Change
  • The 1050 Transposition
  • Impromptu S.O.C. Routine
  • Marlo One Hand Turnover
  • Coin Box Turnover
  • Concluding...
★★★★ $9.95
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Mark Elsdon
Hidden Gems by Mark Elsdon

The best magic that you're not doing. This brand new eBook is a road map to great magic you already own...

For several years, the last item in my occasional Newsletters was a 'Hidden Gem' - a killer, overlooked trick that's already published somewhere; a book, magazine, eBook, blog or very occasionally a commercial release. Never from a DVD or video download. These are tricks that define the very concept of 'hidden in print'. In each entry I list the trick, where you can find it, why I love it and why you should look it up. I always describe the effect, occasionally the presentation, but never...

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Cara Hamilton
Storytelling for Magicians by Cara Hamilton

This PDF encapsulates Cara's practise on storytelling and how to turn a trick into a piece of theatre. It encompasses setting, attitude, sound, crafting a tale, inspiration, hints, tips, getting the most from your verbal presentation and much much more. It also includes essays by professional storytellers revealing facets of their art. This is not a work for someone looking for tricks. It is however a work that will take your Magic to the next level.

Chapters include:

  • Isn't storytelling just for children?
  • Storytelling is a 5 pointed star
  • Finding a tale
  • Scripting your tale
  • Words from...
★★★★ $20
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B. W. McCarron
The Nelson Enterprises Master Catalog Index by B. W. McCarron

Robert Nelson and his brother Larry ("Alla Rageh") started the Nelson Enterprises in 1921. This Master Index cross-references by title, catalog issue and page number every effect, book and manuscript issued by Nelson from 1927 through the last catalog in 1972. This Master Index represents a summary of:

  • 45 years of Nelson Enterprises catalog offerings.
  • 21 Nelson catalogs.
  • 5846 total items appearing in those catalogs.
  • 2476 total pages are summarized in this Master Index.
  • 1276 separate effects, books, appear in this Master Index.
  • 125 pages are in this Master Index.
  • 36 months in preparation. ...
★★★★★ $25
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David J. Lustig
Stage Hypnotism by David J. Lustig

Daring! Sensational! That's what audiences say who witness the act of a stage hypnotist. Now you can learn the inside secrets of the professional stage hypnotist, in this fascinating book by Dunninger's "behind the scenes man," David J. Lustig.

Learn the secrets behind:

  • Needle Test
  • Murder Test
  • Cataleptic Trance
  • Human Anvil
  • Fire Test
  • Window Sleeping Test
  • Pseudo-Hypnotic Stunts
  • Hypnotism Tests from the Orient
  • The Blood-Stopping Test
  • and other valuable and instructive chapters, plus
  • Lecture for a stage hypnotic act
Not a clinical book full of theory, Lustig's light, breezy style lays bare...
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Solomon Stein
Patriotic Magic by Solomon Stein

Show love for your country, audience or corporate sponsor by adding one or more patriotic effects, tips or suggestions to your program.

No one person could have invented so many effects. Solomon Stein, the author of Magic, Maestro, Please, reached out to the best minds in magic to bring you this fine collection of audience-pleasing magic.

As B. W. McCarron notes in the introduction, audiences like to feel that they are involved in a performance. By showing your audience that you care, you are going the extra mile that will result in more and better paying shows for you.

Patriotic effects make excellent photo opportunities...

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H. F. C. Suhr
Mephisto-Scherze by H. F. C. Suhr

Eine Sammlung effektvoller Zauberkunststücke welche ohne die geringste Fingerfertigkeit, Übung oder Vorkenntnisse in der Magie von jedermann ausgeführt werden können.

  • Vorwort
  • Erster Teil. Mechanische Kunststücke
    • 1. Die in freier Hand erscheinende Rose
    • 2. Die springenden Karten
    • 3. Das Blumenkartenspiel
    • 4. Die Aufhebung der Schwerkraft
    • 5. Die verschwindende Flasche
    • 6. Der Blumenstrauß im Teller
    • 7. Der Apfel des Paris
    • 8. Die neue Bonbondüte
    • 9. Schwarz, weiß, rot
    • 10. Das magische Aquarium
    • 11. Die kluge Ente
    • 12. Die bezauberte Glocke
    • 13. Das wandernde Licht
    • 14. Der gefesselte...
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Jon Racherbaumer
Processean Princess by Jon Racherbaumer

Henry Hardin's plot has been around for 107 years and his initial three methods are explained in The Art of Magic (1909). Card tricks of this kind were atypical when Hardin devised his trick. During his time, spectators physically picked cards. They seldom, if ever, mentally selected them. Because only five cards are used in "The Princess Card Trick," Hardin strengthened the challenge by finding the mental selection by tactile means while the five "possibilities" were in his pocket.

This is how the his trick appeared to audiences: Five cards are shown to a spectator who is asked to think of one of them....

★★★★ $12
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Bob Farmer
Mojo Boogie Boxes by Bob Farmer

A three-phase, coin box routine with no difficult sleights. Perfect for the magician who doesn't do coin magic but wants to add an astounding effect to the repertoire. Can be performed close-up and surrounded. Included is Bob's "Beat the Devil" bizarre patter story.

You will need one Boston Coin Box and two Okito Coin Boxes to perform this routine.

M.D. "A blast to play with ... I have been having so much fun ...."

R.R. "... (The routine is) a classic, down to professional quality patter."

D.S. "A real nice piece of work ... great ideas and routines ... I ... was quite impressed...

★★★★ $9.50
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Brick Tilley
At Last: card index by Brick Tilley

A practical card index that is optimized for fast withdrawal of any card from a standard 52-card deck.

1st edition 2018, 4 pages + video

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Brian T. Lees
Stage Fright by Brian T. Lees

Everyone gets nervous before they begin their performance. Those who say they don't are lying. The degree of stage fright is different, but everyone experiences it. There are tips of the trade that many professionals use to work through it. Some are physical and others mental. Combined they can help you control the pressures stage fright can have on you. This text shares a few of those tips. It provides a detailed description of the elements of stage fright, and ways you can calm yourself and focus on your magic.

  • Preface
  • Stage fright and its impact
  • Working the pressure meter
  • Confront the...
★★★★★ $15
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #18: A Study in Scarlet and Sable by Larry Brodahl

3 scripts - 3 different effects - 2 impromptu - for all performing venues. A fun exploration of the GILBREATH principle that not only entertains, but also hides the methodology.

For all performing venues.

Most mathematical tricks suffer from a multitude of challenges, and the Gilbreath principle is no different.

Issues include:

  • why you can't examine the deck/packet
  • why the cards aren't shuffled
  • what the point of the trick is
  • how to hide when the cards change columns
Well, the author of How To Write A Script shows how he used his methodology to write 3 different scripts that successfully explains...
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David Devlin
More Optical Openers by David Devlin

There is no routine supplied with this extension pack. These are 25 more images that can be printed and used to perform David Devlin's Optical Opener.

Images include:

  • Aleister Crowley (great for bizarrists)
  • Bride of Frankenstein (Elsa Lancaster)
  • Dracula (4 Images Lugosi & Lee)
  • Ernest P. Worrell
  • Harpo Marx
  • Herman Munster (2 images)
  • The Joker (Heath Ledger)
  • President John F. Kennedy
  • Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins)
  • Lucille Ball
  • Mork (2 Images Robin Williams)
  • Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins)
  • The Phantom of The Opera (2 images Lon Chaney)
  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Tim Allen
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Willy Wonka...
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JPEG (digital image)

David Devlin
Presidential Optical Opener by David Devlin

When David released The Optical Opener he had no idea that it would be so wildly popular. It is an effect that David has used for quite a long time, but it is not his first application for the Thatcher Illusion. David released the effect as he did because it is a great opening effect for any show. But that is kind of the issue. It is for a show. It is not something that can be apparently done impromptu (unless, of course, you put the images on your electronic device).

This is the original application that David came up with for this great optical illusion: The magician removes a Dollar bill from his wallet....

★★★★★ $10
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David J. O'Connor
A Journey Through A History of Magic by David J. O'Connor

A Journey Through a History of Magic traces the lives and times of famous magicians throughout history through to many popular present day performers. With pictures and photos that introduce you to many almost forgotten performers who have gained fame.

Featuring a few of the performers who have shaped the art and craft of magic through the ages.

  • The History of Magic
  • The Conjuror Painting
  • Dedi the Magician
  • Matthias Buchinger
  • Hieronymous Scotto
  • John Nevil Maskelyne
  • Joseph Pinetti
  • Louis Hasselmayer
  • Robert Houdin
  • John Henry Anderson
  • Chung Ling Soo
  • Charles Dickens
  • Fox Sisters
  • Annie Abbott
  • Great Lafayette ...
★★★★★ $10
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Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster
Der Kartenkünstler im XX. Jahrhundert by Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster
  • Kartenschule
    • Die Schleifvolte
    • Die Wurfvolte
    • Die Drehvolte
    • Die Kippvolte
    • Das Laufen der Karten
    • Die unter das Spiel gedrehte Karte
    • Das Rauschen
    • Das Filieren mit einer Hand
    • Das Filieren par excellence
    • Das Wurffilieren
    • Das freihändige Filieren
    • Das Forcieren mit einer Hand
    • Das wiederholte Forcieren ein und derselben Karte
    • Das Eskamotieren der Karten
    • Das Eskamotieren der untersten Karte im Spiel
    • Die natürliche Eskamotage mehrerer Karten
    • Die wiederholte natürliche Eskamotage
    • Die französische Eskamotage mehrerer Karten
    • Die deutsche Eskamotage
    • Die Conradi'sche Eskamotage mehrerer...
★★★★★ $10
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H. F. C. Suhr
Der Kartenkünstler by H. F. C. Suhr
  • Vorwort
  • Erster Teil. Kartenkunststücke ohne Apparate
    • 1. Die Karten in der Brusttasche
    • 2. Der magische Degen
    • 3. Gerade oder Ungerade
    • 4. Das Gedankenlesen
    • 5. Das verwandelte As
    • 6. Das Vorherbestimmen menschlicher Gedanken
    • 7. Einen Thaler durch ein Kartenspiel wandern zu lassen
    • 8. Die Gedankenübertragung
    • 9. Die Macht des Fluidums
    • 10. Die Springkarte
    • 11. Die Volte
    • 12. Ein ganzes Kartenspiel durchzureißen
    • 13. Die verwandelte Karte
    • 14. Dasselbe Kunststück in anderer Ausführung
    • 15. Das Forcieren
    • 16. Das Aufspießen gezogener Karten auf einen Degen
    • 17. Das Hellsehen
    • 18. Die...
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof April 2018 by Brian T. Lees
  • Answer the Phone / Text / Email
  • Everything Old/New Again
  • Failure To Read Drive C
  • Your Reputation Walks In First
  • To Good To Be True
  • Don't Lose That Idea
  • Reward Your Volunteers
  • Entertainment Factor

1st edition 2018, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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