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Jon Racherbaumer
Robert Walker's Hyper Twist by Jon Racherbaumer

Effect: Four blue-back cards are shown. One at a time each card - the Ace, Two, Three, and Four of Diamonds - turn face up. Their backs then change to red and then one at a time the backs change back to blue. Finally, the cards change to four Fours of Diamonds.

1st edition 1975 in Paul Diamond Presents Magical Masterpieces #2, updated 2018, PDF 15 pages.

★★★★ $8
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof March 2018 by Brian T. Lees
  • Your Best Asset
  • Free Shows
  • Your Show/Your Responsibility
  • Famous Failures
  • Magicians in Parade
  • I Don't Trick / I Entertain

1st edition 2018, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Devin Knight
Psychic Envelope Divination by Devin Knight

Here is an act that I sincerely concede as being the best all-around modus operandi ever offered to the profession. The strong point is that this effect is done in real time. The original effect was sold in the Sphinx for $50.00 back in the 40s. By today's standards it would be almost $800.00. It was later improved by psychic Jason Michaels and used during his career. The effect is as follows: The performer passes out small cards on which spectators are requested to write their questions and sign their full name. This completed, cards are collected by performer, placed in small envelopes and sealed. ...

★★★★★ $12
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Ralph W. Read
One Man Mind Reading Secrets by Ralph W. Read

From the introduction:

In general, the effects produced by a person working alone are the same as those presented by performers employing one or more assistants. While there are many tests, such as divining the names of chosen cards, numbers, names, etc., the large majority of these acts consists in the performer's revelation of facts concerning questions secretly written by the spectators. Of course, the performer must, in all cases, ascertain through some secret means what has been written in order to play the role of mind reader, and it is these secret methods that are disclosed in the...
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Brick Tilley
Spirit Glass by Brick Tilley

Cause a glass hanging from a string to mysteriously chime whenever and how often you wish, with nothing to see for the spectators. It is a wonderful audiophile effect.

Here is the chiming again with clearer audio.

1st edition 2018, 4 pages + 2 videos

★★★★★ $10
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Jon Racherbaumer
Hierophant 7 by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Introduction
  • Contributors
  • The Hamman Twist (Brother John Hamman)
  • Krenzel's Tunnel Change (Ken Krenzel)
  • Dingle's Tunnel Change (Derek Dingle)
  • No Force Vanish & Recovery (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Off-Sho Ot (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Jump-Jump Aces (Edward Marlo)
  • The 999 Miracle (Edward Marlo)
  • Pineapple Twist (Bruce Cervon - Dai Vernon)
  • Sober Slop Poker (Edward Marlo)
  • Breakless Curry Change (Edward Marlo)
  • The Four Ace ... Er ... Queen Trick (Edward Marlo)
  • Flash Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Fair On All Points (Edward Marlo)
  • The Missing Hour (Edward Marlo)
  • The Viet Nam Trick (Bruce Cervon - Dai Vernon)
  • A Quickie (Edward Marlo)
  • Exhibitionism (Edward Marlo) ...
★★★★★ $10
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Ian Baxter
Strands ... by Ian Baxter

Five of Baxter’s best with cards – all impromptu, all straightforward, all within reach of the average card man. Included is Easy Going Triumph, which puts the famous Vernon effect into an even more convincing mode and not a sleight in sight.

Direct and clean effects achieved by simple methods. With an introduction by Charles Gauci.

  • Shared Sandwich
  • Staying In Touch
  • Rag
  • Coin Spell
  • Easy Going Triumph

1st edition 2018, 16 pages.

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Rob Chapman
You Can Do It - Hypnosis by Rob Chapman
"A great introduction to the art of hypnosis, I even learnt something new!" - Phil Naylor, Magician
You Can Do It - Hypnosis is the latest release in the micro read range from Rob Chapman.

A concise guide to starting out in hypnosis, designed to get you practising within an hour of reading. This guide gets straight to the point. With ideas that are good for magicians as well as hypnotists, whatever your reason, this ebook will be a great starting point to begin your journey into this amazing art.

Looking at ways of using hypnosis without mentioning the word, you will learn a great...

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Howard P. Albright
With Two Decks by Howard P. Albright

This ultra-rare manuscript from magic author-dealer Howard Albright, features a trio of effects that each use two different-colored decks. These are audience-tested effects that will leave the spectators talking, long after the performance.

RED AND BLUE EN RAPPORT - You exhibit a red-backed deck of cards and a blue-backed deck. A spectator is handed one of the decks and shuffles them. You do likewise with your deck. A suit is chosen. Both of you remove the 13 cards of the selected suit from your deck. Each 13-card packet is then placed in its own houlette or wine glass. One at a time, the...

★★★★ $6
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Brian T. Lees
Confusing Crayons: One Person Routine by Brian T. Lees

The Confusing Crayons is a well known classic. Two crayons and two cylinders are introduced. A volunteer gets one cylinder and selects a crayon. The magician takes the other cylinder and crayon. Instructing the volunteer to follow along the cylinders are turned over, back again and then over. The magicians crayon is right side up and the volunteers pointing down. This is a class that, up to this point, requires the use of a volunteer.

Confusing Crayons, 1 Person Routine is done without the need for a volunteer. Communication takes place with the magician's audience interaction. The audience...

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Bob Cassidy
I Trentanove Gradini del Mentalismo by Bob Cassidy

In "39 gradini del mentalismo" Bob Cassidy ci accompagna per mano attraverso 39 testi fondamentali nella biblioteca di qualsiasi mentalista che si rispetti.

Cassidy offre la sua visione e le proprie preziose raccomandazioni circa i testi di grandi maestri del Mentalismo, tra cui Annemann, Corinda, Thompson, Bernstein, Banacheck, T.A. Waters e molti altri.

Perché proprio 39 e non 40 ad esempio? Sarà Bob stesso a spiegarvelo ...

Traduzione italiana a cura di Matteo Filippini

★★★★★ $5
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Bob Cassidy
Pseudomentalmente Vostro by Bob Cassidy

Continua la serie italiana di Bob Cassidy con Pseudomentalmente Vostro, il primo libro pubblicato da Cassidy nel lontano 1977 come supplemento n.2 della rivista Invocation (fondata dall'intrattenitore del mistero Tony Raven e dedicata principalmente a mentalismo e bizarre magick).

La quarta di copertina della prima edizione recitava:

"Una raccolta di inganni psichici originali creati per i mentalisti semi-professionisti o professionisti. Cercando di soddisfare il bisogno di potersi esibire virtualmente in qualsiasi condizione, l'autore ha sviluppato dei principi che rappresentano l'approccio...

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Ian Baxter
Pointless! by Ian Baxter

Here is a fall-over-easy card trick that has taken in well-informed magicians. Based on Ken de Courcy’s ‘You Do As I Do’ approach called [lp=922355You’ll Get The Point], Baxter rises to the occasion with a baffling presentation using a cleverly concealed, ancient principle. Totally impromptu, no gimmicks, set up or sleights.

Why the extraneous procedure of changing packets? To Ian, this seems totally unnecessary, although (obviously) the mechanics of the trick, as is, necessitate it. This effect is almost exactly the same as the de Courcy contribution, but the method is altogether different.

1st edition 2018, 2 pages....

★★★★★ $4
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Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair
The Electric Chairs by Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair

This is probably one of the most ancient of all comedy effects and yet strong enough and entertaining enough, still to be a part of the performance of many leading entertainers.

This ebook tells you everything you need to know. It requires showmanship and command of the stage, because you will have to make spectators instant stooges and get them in on the act.

1st edition 1982, 8 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 7 pages.

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John Palfreyman
Magic in a Game by John Palfreyman

From the Foreword by Ali Bongo:

So the telephone rings and the client says ... "Can you provide two hours entertainment?" ... "Of course!" ... you say, doing a quick bit of mental arithmetic to double your normal fee. Having confirmed the booking, you make a bee-line for the book-shelf to search for this book. Because this book ... plus a few bits and bobs ... will furnish the wherewithal for that extra hour of entertainment.

Think of the advantages! You need only do one show in an afternoon instead of two ... no mad dash when the first show runs late ... less packing ... less wear and tear on...

★★★★★ $5
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Robert A. Nelson
Manual of Publicity and Exploitation by Robert A. Nelson

This revised and updated handbook is Nelson's answer to your insistent demand for vital information on publicity and exploitation.

The Manual tells you a score of ways how to get free front page publicity - effective newspaper and magazine tie-ups - question and answer columns - merchant tie-ins - radio and TV guest appearances - publicity and exploitation stunts that mean more and better bookings at higher fees.

Learn how to properly sell your act to the Public - The Bookers - The Theatres Clubs and All Buyers of Entertainment. After all, without proper advertising, publicity, exploitation...

★★★★★ $8
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Paul Curry
Paul Curry Presents by Paul Curry

Paul Curry has achieved world wide fame in magic with his wonderful "Out of this World" effect. Many consider the original still the very best version, despite numerous variations that have been published over the decades. But Paul Curry was not a one trick pony. He came up with a number of great plots, effects, and card moves, most of which are included in this ebook.

  • First - a few apologies ...
  • The Problem Of Card 13
  • A Swindle Of Sorts
  • Mission Incredible
  • Houdini's Legacy
  • Missing Link
  • IOU
  • Cider!
  • Kissing Cards
  • The Drawback Double Lift
  • The Time Change
  • The Drawback Vanish
  • Turnabout
  • Don't...
★★★★ $20
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Edward T. Bennett
The Society for Psychical Research by Edward T. Bennett

The Society for Psychical Research its rise and progress and a sketch of its work.

  • CHAPTER I. Its Rise and Progress
  • CHAPTER II. Thought-Transference or Telepathy
  • CHAPTER III. Suggestion - Hypnotism - Psychic Healing
  • CHAPTER IV. The Subliminal Self
  • CHAPTER V. Apparitions and Hauntings
  • CHAPTER VI. Evidence of the Existence of Intelligences other than "The Living," and of the Reality of Inter-communication

1st edition 1903, 57 pages; PDF 50 pages.

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Arthur Conan Doyle & Joseph McCabe
A Public Debate on "The Truth of Spiritualism" by Arthur Conan Doyle & Joseph McCabe

This is a verbatim transcript of a public debate between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, representing Spiritualism, and Joseph McCabe, representing the Rationalist Press Association. It is a back and forth, pro and con, mentioning examples and counter examples.

The debate was held at the Queen's Hall, Langham Place, London, on Thursday, March 11, 1920, and was chaired by Sir Edward Marshall-Hall.

1st edition 1920, 57 pages; PDF 31 pages.

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Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & Professor Hoffmann
The Secrets of Stage Conjuring by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & Professor Hoffmann

Translated by Professor Hoffmann.

  • CHAPTER I. The Theatre Of Robert-Houdin
  • CHAPTER II. A Conjuror’s Stage Arrangements
  • CHAPTER III. Handkerchief Tricks
  • CHAPTER IV. The Light And Heavy Chest
  • CHAPTER V. The Hundred Candles Lighted By A Pistol Shot
  • CHAPTER VI. The Ghost Illusion
  • CHAPTER VII. The Indian Basket Trick
  • CHAPTER VIII. Spiritualistic Manifestations
  • CHAPTER IX. The Bust Of Socrates
  • CHAPTER X. A Curious Effect In Acoustics
  • CHAPTER XI. The Decapitated Speaking
  • CHAPTER XII. The Protean Cabinet
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Feats Of The Davenport Brothers
  • CHAPTER XIV. The Enchanted...
★★★★★ $5
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Unknown Mentalist
1415AD by Unknown Mentalist

This year, 2018, marks the 100th anniversary of a fantastic principle which was first proposed in 1917. Although, many performers are unaware of this today, here are a few hard hitting card mentalism routines based on this fantastic principle combined with what I would like to call "Multiple Ins" principle (as opposed to the well known Multiple Outs principle). Well, the intention is to continue the suspense about what this principle is, into the first few pages of this ebook.

There are 3 stunning routines, several variations and a secret bonus.

All the routines are mostly self working....

★★★★ $12
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David Devlin
Optical Opener by David Devlin

A good opener that is intriguing, has a huge visual impact, quick, easy, and can be performed regardless of the size or the style of the show is not always easy to come by. The Optical Opener from David Devlin fits all of those conditions. It is an opener that requires no technical skills, is visually mystifying, entertaining, and will have even you saying, "Whoa! That is so cool!"

This routine employs an optical illusion that creates a photo that visually changes as it is turned over. David has created not one, but nine different illusion photos that you can use to perform this routine....

★★★ $10
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Billy McComb
McComb's Magic: 25 Years Wiser by Billy McComb

From the introduction:

Billy's approach requires a boldness which some may find rather disconcerting but, if you learn the routines and approach them confidently and assuredly, your hesitancy will soon disappear. Nothing has been kept out of this book. Here you will find the cream of Billy's own routines, each one polished to a thing of beauty by a great deal of study and thought, and then by repeated performance before the paying public.

  • Dedication
  • Publisher's Introduction (by Edwin)
  • Foreword
  • The Dark Side of the Moon (Ken de Courcey)
  • Extension to MIKO: A twist on a standard pocket effect to give...
★★★★★ $20
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #17: Ognib by Larry Brodahl

Stage, parlor and impromptu scripts, handlings, and a spreadsheet calculator for the Magic Matrix. A devilishly clever was to force numbers.

"Ognib" is "Bingo" in reverse, is a method also known under the name "Magic Matrix" (see Martin Gardner).

A complete script, handling, and a spreadsheet calculator. Handlings included for stage, parlor and impromptu.

The magician shows a handful of printed numeric grids. The magician then has 4 spectators decide on one of the grids. Using the chosen grid, they then pick 4 numbers from the grid. The 4 numbers that were chosen - when added together - totals up...

★★★★★ $12
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