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Geoff Williams
Mnemonica for Everybody by Geoff Williams

Mnemonica for Everybody is a streamlined, graphical method for easily and quickly learning the Tamariz stack.

It's the same Peg Memory System (PMS) I developed that I used to learn the Aronson Stack in an hour while driving. BTW, this same technique works great for every memorized stack out there including the Aronson Stack, The Six-Hour Memorized Deck by Martin Joyal, the Nikola stack and others.

Even though there are no actual tricks taught in this manuscript, it does contain links to several free memorized deck tricks and other resources (including a free e-book from Simon Aronson).

Please refer to the writings...

★★★ $15
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Karrell Fox
Goodies by Karrell Fox

From the Foreword by Harry Blackstone, Jr.

The strongest possible effects achieved with the simplest possible methods has always been the Fox' formula. He has applied it to all of his magical activities in the field, from comedy magic to mentalism, to being one of the most successful of all trade show magicians.

  • Dedication
  • Thank Yous ...
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Watch Closely
    • Gulliver's Nickel
    • The "Slaphappy" Coin
    • Floating Foam
    • The Write Word
    • Confuscious Say
    • Changing The Change
    • A Mouse In The House
  • Chapter 2: Card Concepts
    • E.Z. Bridge
    • A False Swinger
    • The...
★★★★★ $15
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Richard Himber & Ken de Courcy & George Blake
Linking Finger Ring by Richard Himber & Ken de Courcy & George Blake

Routines with the Himber type linking finger ring.

  • The Original Himber Routine
  • Richard Himber's StaggeRing
  • The K de C Triple Link (Ken de Courcy)
  • About Rings and Things (George Blake)
  • Ring, Pin and Cord
  • Chinese Coins and Rings
  • A Ring and a Loop o'String
  • Sefalaljia-By Hand
  • BewildeRing

1st digital edition 2018, 19 pages.

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Unknown Mentalist
Klean Force by Unknown Mentalist

Klean Force is a simple self working principle which can be used to build interesting routines with different themes. In this manuscript, two killer routines are explained which you could very well use as 'gig getters'. One routine is based on the theme of 'countries' and another on the theme of 'famous quotes'. A five minute preparation is all you need to start performing these routines.

The participants make absolutely free choices and yet the 'force' hits cleanly and cleverly. There are no sleights, no pre show, no stooges. It is mostly self working and there is nothing to reset. The performer...

★★★★★ $18
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Ken de Courcy
You'll Get The Point by Ken de Courcy

If you like a real card baffler, look no further. This is a sort of 'One-Deck Do-As-I-Do' but it works on a very different principle.

Cards are shuffled and cut both by the spectator and the performer (really!). The spectator mentally chooses a card (free choice) and the performer does the same. Then the cards are shuffled again. Unbelievably, the magician and the spectator get cards of the same value and colour. It almost works itself.

Effect: The performer cuts a portion off the pack, hands it to a spectator and asks him to do exactly as he does. First they both shuffle their packets,...

★★★★★ $4
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Gerard Zitta
Touchy by Gerard Zitta

This ebook is an exploration of a clever principle rarely used by mentalists or magicians, and probably known by just a few. It can use four to a dozen of flat objects (that can be borrowed): cards, jumbo cards, business cards, index cards, coasters, postcards, banknotes, photographs, billets, lottery tickets, coupons, poker chips, etc.

Effect (Example)

You can have your back turned:

You show a number of postcards, for instance, with different cities or countries. The spectator mixes them and puts the one she prefers, on the table. Then, she is instructed to put the other ones on top...

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Wm. Ravetta & Otto Waldmann
Up-To-Date Magical Ideas by Wm. Ravetta & Otto Waldmann

Here's an ebook of clever and original ideas and routines for standard parlor and club effects.

Originally published as a limited edition booklet by the manufacturer of the Mysto Magic Set, the authors have contributed several excellent performance ideas that will delight your audience.

In addition, the authors have supplied instructions for creating updated fekes and gimmics to perform popular tricks, such as producing a rabbit from an empty hat or performing the Aerial Treasury effect. An excellent ebook of audience-tested magic.

Here's an example. Imagine if a magician walks up to you and asks...

★★★★★ $2
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A. C. Gilbert
Gilbert Handkerchief Tricks by A. C. Gilbert
  • Foreword
  • Practice
  • Misdirection
  • Important Warning
  • If Something Goes Wrong
  • Essential Apparatus for an Evening's Entertainment with Handkerchief Tricks
  • The Opening Trick
  • Dyeing a Handkerchief
  • The Conjurer as a Dyer
  • The Handkerchief Vanisher
  • The Mirror Glass
  • The Disappearing Handkerchief from a Lamp Chimney
  • Herman's Vanishing Knots
  • Stretching a Handkerchief
  • The Instantly Knotted Handkerchiefs
  • The Vanishing Ring from Goblet of Water by Means of a Handkerchief
  • The Burnt Handkerchief Restored
  • Juggling
  • Producing a Handkerchief in Full View from a Glass
  • Handkerchief Casette
  • Drum...
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Devin Knight
The Ultimate Psychic Secret by Devin Knight
"I do a lot of Q&A act in my shows and I have different ways to get people info. This for sure is another tool I will have at my disposal when I can. Thanks Devin for releasing this." - Luca Volpe

"This is a shocking book. I will never use it, but every mentalist should own it to know what is going on. It is a valuable reference, but do not use it. Like a modern-day nightmare alley, it exposes the dark underbelly of the art. It should be in your library, but much feels immoral, and you must be hip to it. Treasure it, like a radioactive isotope, but keep your distance." - Marc Salem


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La Ville
Free Choice by La Ville

Out of 52 cards the spectator names any card. The magician opens a deck of cards and shows all the cards are blue, except for the spectator's card. Its the only card with a red back.

This a another handling on the old "Invisible Deck - Brain Wave" card trick.

Features of Free Choice:

  • No rough and smooth
  • No tape
  • No double cards
  • The spectator can name any card.
  • The card can be checked out by the spectator
Skill level: Intermediate

1st edition 2018, length 23 min

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MP4 (video)

David Jonathan
Arbitrium by David Jonathan

Why do ACAAN with one deck when you can up the apparent impossibility with two decks? That's the beauty of Arbitrium.

Imagine removing a prediction card and placing it in your pocket. You then bring out two decks, one with numbered cards and one standard deck. The spectator makes an actual free choice from each deck, selecting one number and one playing card. The performer removes his prediction to show it not only matches the freely selected card, but it also has the chosen number boldly drawn on it. A double prediction and ACAAN combined.

The 50-minute video download covers multiple...

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MP4 (video)

Michael Jay
Top Hat Volume 2 Issue 14 (Jan 2018) by Michael Jay
  • A Letter from the Editor by Michael Jay
  • The Art of Reading Magic by Gary Scott
  • The Magician's Notebook by Zero Jones
  • Four (Self Working) Card Tricks by Werner Miller
  • Visions of Vernon by Mark Williams
  • The Magician by Michael Jay
  • The Magic of Love - A Valentine's Trick by Jon A. Hand
  • Bizarre Bursary
  • Ned by Weepin' Willie
  • End Page

46 pages

★★★ $0
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Dariel Fitzkee
The Only Six Ways to Restore a Rope (Rope Eternal) by Dariel Fitzkee

Create your own custom versions of the popular cut and restored rope effect.

Dariel Fitzkee applied his world-renowned Trick Brain method to completely analyze and dissemble the Cut and Restored Rope effect into its basic components. Fitzkee's patient explanations and diagrams examine the six basic principles of all rope, cord and string effects, allowing the clever performer to pick and choose the methods that best fit his or her performing style to develop diabolically clever and unique rope routines.

Along the way, you'll learn the secrets to several past and present commercial rope effects that...

★★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
Lucky Deck by Unknown Mentalist

This is a combo of 2 ebooks. Lucky Deck and Suit Order Systems Vol. 5.

Lucky Deck is a very special stack. Because this arrangement of the deck can be used both as a memorized deck and/or as a cyclical stack. Both the values and suits look fairly random. Just by learning 3 simple and easy rules, you will be able to pick up the entire stack within no time. Probably by the time you finish reading this manuscript, you should be able to pick up this stack.

Given any position, you will be able to name the card and vice versa. Also given any card, you will be able to get the next card as well....

★★★★★ $12
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Wilfrid Jonson
Mr. Smith's Guide to Sleight of Hand by Wilfrid Jonson

This guide is written in an unusual style, a conversational style, where each lesson starts with "Dear Mr. Smith", like a letter to a fictional student. This feature makes it a very readable and valuable course. In the introduction Jonson writes:

The guide is presented to the reader in the form of a course of personal instruction and the majority of the sleights and tricks are described according to the manner in which I have myself performed them. A number of individual touches and personal inventions have been introduced which I consider to be improvements on previously published methods....

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Walter Gibson
After Dinner Tricks by Walter Gibson

This is a lovely collection of simple tricks, puzzles, brain teasers and other similar items. Each one is explained with text and an illustration.

  • Tricks With Matches
    • Strike Safety Matches Without Box
    • Levitation of a Match Box
    • The Leaning Match
    • A Light That Failed
    • Which End Burns First?
    • Balancing a Match
    • The Mystic Matches
    • A Puzzle With Matches
    • A Square by Moving One Match
    • Self-Serving Match Box
  • Tricks With Coins
    • Mysterious Sounding Money
    • The Changed Coins in Hand
    • Chosen Coin Picked Out
    • Coin Appears in Empty Box
    • A Puzzle With a Coin
    • Coin Balanced on Tumbler ...
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Matteo Filippini
Tarot Magic by Matteo Filippini

Tarot Magic is an ebook about ... you guessed it, magic with tarot cards. (Several effects use marked tarot cards.)

Matteo Filippini, Italian musician and mystery artist, provides his view about it. Between the pages you will find suggestions, hints and tips to include this magical tool in your performances. The second part of the ebook features several routines with a tarot pack from Matt and a bunch of friends. Whether you are a magician, a mentalist/mindreader, a bizarre magick performer, you will find something for you.

From the Foreword:

"Tarot Magic, a collection of routines and...

★★★★★ $15
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R. A. Hummerston
Magical Mysteries by R. A. Hummerston

Sixty simple conjuring tricks that you can do without apparatus or sleight-of-hand. This ebook contains coin, card, second-sight, balancing, mathematical and miscellaneous tricks.


  • The Balanced Coin
  • Coin And Ring
  • Counting The Coins
  • The Disappearing Penny
  • Fifteen Instead Of Twelve
  • It's There, Then It Isn't
  • Juggling With Coins
  • The Obedient Sixpence
  • The Perforated Penny
  • Piercing A Coin With A Needle
  • Reversals
  • Sixpence And A Bottle
  • Vanishing A Penny
  • Vanishing A Penny From A Borrowed Handkerchief
  • The Dimidiated Card
  • Happy Families
  • It's There, Then...
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Steven Palmer
Glitch by Steven Palmer

A streamlined approach to the thought of Card in Wallet / pocket idea. Fans of this type of plot are sure to enjoy this.

The work and ideas involved in this could be easily adapted to your current version of the routine and maybe streamline or inspire you to rethink your current handling of the plot.

1st edition 2018, 5 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
How To Do The Electric Chairs by Devin Knight

This is probably one of the most ancient of all comedy effects, yet strong enough and entertaining enough to be part of the performance of many leading entertainers. The late mentalist Maurice Fogel made a big hit with this in his show.

The basic effect is that five to six spectators are invited to the front and sit in chairs. In a few moments, they jump up and scream, saying that their chair shocked them. The chairs are examined and found to be ordinary; the moment they sit down, they jump up again, saying they were shocked again. This is repeated as often as the performer wishes. The performer...

★★★★ $6
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Aldo Colombini
Una Serie die Comiche Previsioni by Aldo Colombini

Una serie di esilaranti previsioni con una sorpresa finale!

Effetto : Il performer vanta le sue doti di "Lettura del pensiero..." e dice che ne darà una serie di dimostrazioni...Detto fatto, l'esecutore mostra una busta che contiene, lui dice..., una serie di previsioni. Inizia, così, una divertentissima serie di rocambolesche previsioni, tutte su un unico foglio che estrae dalla busta e che va mano a mano dispiegando, in cui dimostra di aver "previsto (?) " prima una parola di un dizionario e poi in un crescendo di difficoltà ( e risate) un animale , il nome dell' attore preferito, il...

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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof February 2018 by Brian T. Lees
  • What Makes Magic Work?
  • Do Not Take It With You
  • Distribution
  • 20 Minute Set, Empty Handed
  • E-Factor Volume 2
  • Gather Sponsors
  • Support the Market
  • Performance Investment

1st edition 2018, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Ken de Courcy
Genial Improbabilities by Ken de Courcy

From the Foreword:

A word about the tricks themselves. As far as I personally am aware, every item is original in some way, either in effect or method.

  • Introduction ...
  • Foreword ...
    • Reggie the Rattlesnake
    • Ri-Ki-Ki Poker
    • Silken Card Discovery
    • The Travelling Phoenix
    • The Snake Charmer
    • Eve v Adam
    • "Hail, O Swami"
    • Tangled Thoughts
    • The Devil's Key
    • No Knot
    • The Sympathetic Note Trick
    • The Jeweller's Dream
    • Which Witch?
    • The Chinese Picture
    • The Fiddled Furniture
    • The Ju-Ju...
★★★★★ $10
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Samuel Berland
Tricks with Watches by Samuel Berland

Tricks, sleights, and routines with watches.

Paul Fleming wrote:

No one who has seen Gus Fowler's vaudeville act with timepieces will doubt that magic with watches can be both interesting and mystifying. We cannot guarantee that Tricks with Watches will enable its readers to duplicate the financial and artistic success won by Mr. Fowler, but it will acquaint them with sleights and tricks which they will almost certainly be tempted to introduce into their programs.

Of the four chapters into which Mr. Berland divides his book, Chapter I is devoted to sleights with watches; Chapter 2, to complete tricks...

★★★★ $8
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