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Kevin Parker
Kounted by Kevin Parker

An impromptu card divination.

Divine the amount of cards randomly cut off the deck by you or spectator without using stacks or gimmicks; you may be off by one or two cards; no setup, totally impromptu. Spectator even shuffles the deck beforehand. Borrowed deck.

Kevin Parker's system allows for this type of feat and many others.

  • you're not cutting to predetermined spots; you can cut anywhere or let spectator cut.
  • no insertion of a crimped, cut, shaven, or altered card into the deck to mark a location; no setup whatsoever.
  • no gimmicks or stacks or deck setup; borrow a deck, let them...
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #15: cut and restored ribbon by Larry Brodahl

A free e-manuscript that explores an age old method to show the power of scripting and analysis.

One of the joys of magic is going through old and dusty ideas and actually finding usable material. This is one of those.

An old, old trick - routined, and scripted - that will fit into a parlor or stage act with almost no difficulty. A trick that - while not a world-beater - will still fool and entertain your audience. A trick that you can keep in your act for those days where you need just a couple of minutes more material.

This ebook gives you every line, joke, piece of timing, setup,...

★★★★ $0
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 77 (Nov 2017) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 13, No. 5, November 2017; 60 pages
Cover: Young & Strange

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. Young & Strange - Can We Talk About the Boat Now? - cover article/interview - Graham Hey
  3. Letters - Have Your Say
  4. Masterclass - From Screen to Page
    1. The Hof - Liam Montier
    2. Aerial Splinter - Michael Kaminskas
  5. Tim Ellis - The Master of the Milkshake! - interview - Graham Hey
  6. Ask Christopher [T. Magician] - Part 2 - Mark Leveridge, compiler
  7. Comedy and Authenticity - Mel Mellers
  8. A Tribute to Eugene Burger - Jay Fortune, compiler
    1. The Curious Incident of the Curb Stone at the Convention - Jay Fortune
    2. David Berglas...
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Nick Conticello
The Cerebral Approach: Book Four by Nick Conticello

Two locations based on a unique method.

No Mean Card Trick

Effect: From an unprepared pack he has just shuffled and cut, a spectator counts out ten cards and thinks of one. He buries the packet in the deck himself. The performer cuts the pack and deals out a 5x4 face-up array. He asks the spectator to think "yes" if his card is in the array. The performer confirms the card is on the table. Next the performer asks the spectator to concentrate on which horizontal row his card is in. After some effort, the performer discards the other three rows correctly. Finally, the spectator is asked...

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Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
How To Make Santa Clause Appear by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

NOTICE: This is an expanded version of Santa Clause Arrives in Grant's Lost Illusion Secrets. There are more ideas in this PDF.

Yes, Santa Clause arrives - and in such a manner that any performer can bring about his appearance. There is no elaborate or expensive equipment required. Indeed, you can build the necessary items right in your own home without any difficulty. If desired, some of the items may be purchased at a very low cost. Yes, you can have a full stage illusion for less than you have to pay for many club effects.

Here is an illusion which has eye appeal, will mystify your audience and, most important,...

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Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair
Twenty Stunts with a Rubber Hand by Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair

In this rare manuscript you will find several gags and stunts (exactly 21) that you can use with a rubber hand, which you can insert into your show in many ways to create laughter and mystery. There are some very funny and entertaining ideas here. Have fun!

1st digital edition 2017, PDF 4 pages.

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Tom Phoenix
Long Lost Mates by Tom Phoenix

This is a completely clean, Mate-At-Any-Number routine, using 2 decks. Oh, and no forcing.

What you're getting:

  • A video explanation of the original "Long Lost Mates" routine
  • A deceptive card switch
  • Peeks
Both decks can be handled and shuffled by the spectators before and after the performance.

1st edition 2017, length 25 min

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Dai Vernon
Dai Vernon's Select Secrets by Dai Vernon

Paul Fleming wrote:

This little book contains 12 items in all. There are four tricks and one sleight with cards, two tricks with coins (including one by T. Nelson Downs, the late "King of Koins"), a close-up feat with matches (another Downs specialty, with which he greatly impressed the famous Buffalo Bill), a clever cigarette "switch," an improved method for passing a drinking glass through a table-top, one trick with silk handkerchiefs, and another with tissue paper.

Several of these feats (and particularly the card tricks) are hard to describe briefly, and we shall enlarge upon only three items which seem to...

★★★★★ $5
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Dominic Twose
The Sign of Five Telephone Test by Dominic Twose

One of the cleverest telephone tricks ever invented. You do not need a special phone or app. You only need an assistant, friend or colleague on the other end of the line to make this miracle possible.

"I am fascinated by such thinking - your method is extremely devious. Congratulations on a great idea." - Paul Daniels

"It's incredible!" - Stephen Fry

"This telephone test of yours is the cleverest idea that I have encountered in years." - Peter Duffie


You tell the spectator of the importance of character in reaching decisions. You explain that recent studies have shown that a couple...

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Robert A. Nelson
Hypno-Trix by Robert A. Nelson

Not real hypnotism, but "Hypno-Trix," in which the subject actually believes that he or she has been hypnotized.

Here is a brilliant series of 12 pseudo-hypnotic stunts that, unknown to the audience, rely on subtle bits of trickery instead of actual hypnotic methods. In fact, the subject's reactions to these tests are so positive that they are convinced that they were truly under hypnotic control. By employing certain known natural laws, the desired susceptibility is easily and positively obtained.

Hypno-Trix can be used as stepping stones to genuine hypnotism. Once the subject is convinced...

★★★ $6
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Dr. Spencer Thornton
Secrets of Mental Magic by Dr. Spencer Thornton

Mind-bending mentalism for psychic entertainers who demand the best.

Dr. Thornton reveals 30 effects, psychic principles, ruses and ideas in this must-have mentalism how-to ebook. These are effects and devices that you will use.

If the name sounds familiar to you, Thornton's ideas have been used, vetted and praised by the likes of Robert A. Nelson and David Hoy, to name a few. After reading the contents of this amazing work, you, too, will be singing his praises.

Here's a partial look at the contents:

  • Introduction
  • Thorntonism
  • Other Thorntonism Ideas
  • Pulse Control
  • Thornton's Impossible Book Test
  • Direction...
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Salto Mortale by Aldo Colombini

Aldo ci regala un eccellente numero di apertura per una seduta micro cartomagica che lascerà i vostri spettatori a bocca aperta e con la convinzione di avere davanti a loro un vero Artista!

Ruotine: U Una carta scelta si gira due volte nel mazzo. Le carte sono poi mescolate a dorso in alto e a faccia in alto. Una carta qualsiasi si trasforma nella carta scelta. Il mazzo viene steso sul tavolo e tutte le altre carte dello stesso seme della scelta si sono girate a faccia in alto e in ordine numerico tra le altre carte tutte a dorso in alto.

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Aldo Colombini
Evoluzioni by Aldo Colombini

Fantastiche lecture notes di una delle innumerevoli conferenze del grande e compianto Aldo. Ben NOVE routines davvero molto di effetto! Eccoti una breve descrizione del contenuto:

SETTIMO PIANO: Sei carte sono scelte. Una carta viene firmata. Le carte vengono perdute nel mazzo e ritrovate a partire da quella firmata. Infine la carta firmata ,in maniera incredibile, viene ritrovata in tasca!

FUOCO SOTTO LA CENERE: Tre carte vengono scelte e messe nell'astuccio. Si mostrano i quattro fanti. Uno viene messo nell'astuccio. Improvvisamente l'esecutore si ritrova le tre carte scelte in mano...

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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof December 2017 by Brian T. Lees
  • 2018 Planning
  • Coming Soon ...
  • Confusion Crayons Without A Volunteer
  • 2018 Conventions
  • Do As I Do - Not As I Say
  • Multiplying Balls with a Twist
  • Performance Failure

1st edition 2017, 10 pages.

★★★★ $0
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Hugh Miller
A Pocketful of Miracles by Hugh Miller

The Handbook for Impromptu Magic

  • Preface
  • At The Dinner Table
    • Coin Through Saucer
    • Coin Vanish
    • Coin And Glass Of Water
    • Inflation
    • Coin Tester
    • Balancing Coins
    • Phoenix Matches
    • Smokeless Cigarettes
    • Multiplying Matches
    • Musical Cutlery
    • Telepathic Tapping
    • Psychic Steam
    • Burning Sugar
    • Production Of A Glass Of Wine
    • Bending A Spoon
    • Salt Transposition
    • Seven-Cornered Napkin
    • Surprise Penetration
    • Vanishing Shaker
  • Impromptu Magic ... Anywhere!
    • Evaporating Scent
    • Disappearing Pen
    • Drink Cards
    • Horrific
    • Telekinesis
    • Vanishing Ring
    • Maxwell's Miracle
    • Coin Penetration
    • Optical Change ...
★★★★★ $15
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Eddie Joseph
Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar by Eddie Joseph
  • Baffling At The Bar
  • Remaking A Cigarette
  • Fun With Cigarettes
    • Self-Lighting Cigarette
    • Stretching A Cigarette
  • Visible Elongation
  • The Writing On The Palm
  • Three In One
  • Levitation
  • Vanishing and Appearing Lit Cigarette
  • Lighting A Cigarette By Magic
  • Tossing A Cigarette
  • The Invisible Influence
  • Penetrating and Rising Lit Cigarette
    • Working
    • The Penetration
    • The Rising Effect

1st edition 1983, 12 pages; PDF 15 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Alexander Patuzzi
Magie nach dem Tagebuche J. N. Hofzinser's by Alexander Patuzzi

Dieses Buch beinhaltet zwei Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Geschichten (Effekte), und eine Sammlung von Zeitungskritiken und Schilderungen von Hofzinser Vorstellungen.

  • Vorrede
  • Zwei weiße Rosen
  • Gedanke und Bild
  • Kritiken
  • Miscellen
(Dieses Buch erschien original in Fraktur. Dieses Ebuch verwendet keinen Fraktur Font und ist damit für die meisten leichter zu lesen.)

Erstausgabe 1857, 54 Seiten; PDF 41 Seiten.

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Andy Cannon
Mtangulizi by Andy Cannon

An ebook for anyone who wants to improve the way they are received by their audience whether onstage, in the bar or in casual settings and we cover a few simple things we can do right off the bat to see this change.

Many people are struggling and not getting suggestion to work. This ebook will change that! We look at what the majority of people are NOT doing that is preventing them from seeing success in their use of suggestion and normally its just one simple thing.

If you're interested in being seen as unique and different and above all look and feel real - you'll find the approaches...

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N.I. Pectus
A Nice Choreography by N.I. Pectus

This nice choreography utilizes some basic moves and concepts to create an appearance of something real. It feels that the implications of the effect are real.

First the spectator examines a card, a Joker lets say, and it remains face up on the table. Afterwards the deck is spread face up in front of him and he is asked to move his finger, pointing always vertically towards the cards, from one end to the other. The spectator stops where he wants. The selection is determined - the four of clubs.

Not knowing what the reason for it might be, the spectator is advised to examine the Joker from...

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Brian T. Lees
Audience Entertainment Factor by Brian T. Lees

Audiences rate magicians based on their entertainment experience. One can have the best of everything: magic, manipulation, etc. and still fail in front of an audience. This material is not new. It has been taught in the theater industry and at schools for a very long time. However, there are not that many materials written to bring these skills into the hands of a magician.

This ebook will identify key elements that the magician must follow, and be aware of as he/she performs. Suggested materials might seem unimportant or a waist of time. But those same elements could be the factors that...

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Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
U. F. Grant's Lost Illusion Secrets Revealed by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is the largest collection of U. F. Grant illusions and illusionettes every assembled. It took Devin Knight several years to compile this collection. Grant wrote a few books on illusions such as: 15 Great Illusions, Chinese Magic and Illusions, Modern Levitations, Victory Carton Illusions, Grant's Illusion Secrets, and many others. However, most of the illusions in this PDF were not included in those manuscripts.

Over the years, Grant sold many manuscripts that just contained one illusion along with building plans in most cases. (Some of these were released by Percy Abbott in his catalog without credit to U. F. Grant.) This compilation is a collection of those plans released by Grant and also in the early...

★★★★ $35
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Eckhard Böttcher
Magic Info Pool by Eckhard Böttcher

Magic Info Pool war eine Hauszeitschrift für Kunden der Zauber-Butike. Sie finden darin Routinen, Tips, Anregungen, hin und wieder Sonderangebote und Informationen. Die Zeitschrift erschien immer gleichzeitig mit einem Zauber-Brief oder einem Zauber-Programm.

Diese digitale Reproduktion beinhaltet alle 18 Ausgaben des Magic Info Pool.

Erstausgabe 1994 - 1997, 216 Seiten.

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Impossible Foldings Volume 7 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Ten completely new impossible bill foldings by Ralf Rudolph. You will get a video that describes how each and every bill is correctly folded. And you also get a PDF (download from your digital shelf), which gives you the cut pattern and shows a photo of the finished folded bill.

1st edition 2017, length 41 min, PDF 10 pages

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Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon
Dai Vernon in Britain 1958 by Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon

A silent film record of Dai Vernon's visit to Britain in 1958.

If you have only read about the Professor Dai Vernon but never seen him in real life, then here is your chance for a glimpse into what he was like. You will see him sightseeing and you will see him perform several of his feature routines such as the Symphony of the Rings, card production, color change, wand spin vanish and more.

  • Portsmouth: H.M.S. Victory and Dicken's Birthplace
  • Polo at Cowdrey Park
  • Stratford-on-Avon
  • Fellow Magicians
  • Leipzig's Card Levitation
  • Card Production
  • The Symphony of the Rings
  • Colour Change
  • Wand spin Vanish
  • Jumping Jack
  • Charlie Miller's Diminishing Cards ...
★★★★★ $20
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MP4 (video)

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