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Robert A. Nelson
How to Book Your Attraction by Robert A. Nelson

Even with a fine show, extraordinary talent and natural ability, you can still fail to be a financial success, simply because you don't know how to book your attraction.

This ebook will show you, as a clever mentalist, where and how you can book your show and work every day of the year. There's plenty of work for the psychic entertainer who wants to work, if he or she makes use of the information and knowledge contained in this ebook. Learn the ins and outs of working in theatres, night clubs, hotels, resorts, fairs and exhibitions. Discover the subtleties of working in radio and TV, including...

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Aldo Colombini
Carte alla Ribalta by Aldo Colombini

Meravigliose note di conferenza di questo grande Artista che ha lasciato a tutti noi una sconfinata eredità. Effetti sempre eccellenti, facili da eseguire e spiegati in modo chiaro. Ecco cosa trovi in queste note. Sono certo che sceglierai alcuni di questi effetti per stupire e divertire il tuo li sceglierei tutti....

Tre-mendo: Quattro carte scelte da altrettanti spettatori e disperse, vengono ritrovate. Un altra carta viene ritrovata con seguente apparizione dei 4 assi su quattro mazzetti ottenuti per ritrovare la scelta. Infine due carte sono sperdute nel mazzo e ritrovate...

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Aldo Colombini
Un Comico Taglio by Aldo Colombini

Eccola qui! Proprio quella che ti serve! Si tratta di una originale versione comica del classico gioco della corda tagliata e ricomposta, completa con tutte le battute comiche passaggio per passaggio per eseguirla divertendo il tuo pubblico,. L'effetto è che l'esecutore spiega ( manco a dirlo...) al pubblico il gioco della corda tagliata e ricomposta in maniera divertente con un finale inaspettato e comico!!! Un introvabile e agile volumetto del nostro caro Aldo, scritto quando si faceva chiamare ancora Fabian . Un "must" per i collezionisti, un eccellente effetto per chi lavora con un pubblico...

★★★★★ $3
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof January 2018 by Brian T. Lees
  • 2018 Goal Setting
  • E-Factor Volume 1
  • Conversational Negotiation
  • E-Factor Volume 2 Scheduled February Release
  • New Magic Shop Approach
  • Always on Stage/Marketing
  • Working Trunk

1st edition 2017, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 78 (Jan 2018) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 13, No. 6, January 2018; 60 pages
Cover: Bill Malone

  1. Editor's Letter
  2. Letters - Have Your Say
  3. Magic Lookalikes!
  4. Hooked on Classics - Mark Leveridge
  5. Opening Salvos - Mark Leveridge
  6. Gary Jones: The Festive Fooler! - interview
  7. Shout Outs - Special 'extra' announcements from a few regular advertisers
  8. Masterclass
    1. Thanks Mr. Hull - Paul Gordon
    2. 7 Keys to Paradise - Tim Ellis
  9. The Fabulous Bill Malone! - cover article/interview - Graham Hey
  10. Ask Christopher [T. Magician] - Part 3 - Mark Leveridge, compiler
  11. Paul Gordon: The Finished Article - interview by Graham Hey
  12. Product Reviews
    • Holey Change - SandsMinds - effect with...
★★★★★ $5
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Geoffrey Scalbert
Scalbert's Selected Secrets by Geoffrey Scalbert

From the foreword by Fred Castl:

He is a great student of Erdnase and I know of no one who knows more about "jog" shuffles than Geoff. He knows more forces than Annemann wrote about but he has also kept up with modern sleights and moves. The magician who wants long and involved routines will be unlucky when he reads this book, but what he will find will be tricks with a plot and methods simplified wherever possible to include the minimum of sleights but the maximum of effect, and I shall be very surprised if there is any magician who cannot find in this book something to use.

  • Publishers' Preface
  • Foreword ...
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Jeffery Atkins
The Magic Kettle by Jeffery Atkins

Any drink called for. If you have ever seen Steve Cohen perform it you will know how strong an effect this can be.

  • Introduction
  • The Origin of the Effect
  • Hit or Miss
  • The First Magic Kettle
  • Devant's Drinks!
  • Chris Charlton
  • Woodward's Wonder Bar
  • The Properties
  • The Bar
  • The Kettle
  • Tankards
  • The Glasses
  • The Set-up
  • Double Check
  • The Presentation
  • A Preface to the Effect
  • A Quick Drink!
  • Drinks from the Kettle
  • An Advantage
  • Pace!
  • Beer Here!
  • Ready for the Switch
  • Drinks for All!
  • Something for the Children!
  • Notes and Observations
  • Another 'Out'
  • Economy! ...
★★★★ $12
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Tricks For Kid Shows by Ulysses Frederick Grant

25 new, good and unusual tricks plus ideas, gags, and advice. Text has been updated. This is a vintage release by U. F. Grant in the early 50s. Admittedly, a few of the tricks are dated; but, on the other hand, there are some excellent ideas suitable for today's audiences. In this release, you will find kid tricks not seen today. Your chance to be different from all the other kid show performers. The 'No Batteries' effect is novel and worth the price of this release alone. This release also contains a supplement of ideas and advice. An interesting read for Grant fans. Here is what you get.

★★★ $5
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Gregg Webb
SOHO: Sleight of Hand Only: Book 1 by Gregg Webb

This ebook includes innovative sleight of hand routines for the modern magician. A familiarity with basic sleights is required. This is book one of a trilogy. The other two titles are The Shade and The Lizard Wizard's Diary.

From the Foreword by Doug MacGeorge:

Gregg is a professional artist and teaches very high-level courses on drawing and animation, always coaxing the best from his students and instilling an appreciation of nuance and - this is important - helping them unleash their own individual styles. As you read this collection of tricks, you'll see the same level of encouragement as he guides you through his thinking...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Piano Roles by Jon Racherbaumer

Jon loves to collect, compare, and organize tricks into themes and plots. This is his latest work on the piano trick.


A spectator places his hands palm down on the table in the same way a pianist places his hands on a keyboard. Then pairs of cards are placed between the spectator's fingers to set the stage. These pairs are then fairly removed to form two equal piles. An extra or "odd" card is added to one of the piles. Then, without any further movements or fanfare, the "odd" card inexplicably travels to the other pile.

  • Introduction
  • At The Beginning
  • Thoughts...
★★★ $10
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T. Hayes
Killers and Strippers by T. Hayes

This ebook focuses on the use of killing cards and the stripper deck to gain an advantage in the popular game of Texas Hold’em. The first part of the ebook is a short investigation into the art of using the cut to take cards out of play. Initially, the mathematics of killing cards is presented along with an assessment of probabilities when all the aces, tens and five value cards are killed. After highlighting the fact that very few cards are exposed during a round of Hold’em, the second part of the book looks at some different types of stripper deck that are available. This covers multiple...

★★★★ $0
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Louis Lam
Be Deceived by Louis Lam

Intended by the author as "Card magic that is different," here are a baker's dozen card effects that your audience will enjoy. Card discoveries, mental mysteries, and audience participation effects are all included in this gem of a book. The author, a recognized card expert, shares these effects that rely on subtlety instead of "knuckle-buster" sleights. The routines described in this ebook can be performed by most any magician of average ability.

Here's what's included:

  • Introduction
  • El-El Telephone Test (with additional presentations)
  • Lady Be Good
  • El-El Bluff Force
  • El-El Four Ace...
★★★ $8
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Robert A. Nelson
Psychological Reading by Robert A. Nelson

NOTE: This reading is also contained in the Nelson book, Confessions of a Medium.

Amaze any spectator, even one whom you've not met before, by giving an in-depth character reading that reveals psychological insights your client hasn't shared with anyone.

Spectators are more readily convinced by fortune tellers, and the like, if the reader begins the reading without first asking a lot of questions. In other words, the psychic gives the reading "from the cradle to the grave," as though the spectator's life were the pages of an open book.

No sooner does the client enter the room, then immediately the reader...

★★★★ $5
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Paul Voodini
Victorian Seance and the Birth of Mentalism by Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents Victorian Seance and the Birth of Mentalism, recounting the rise of Spiritualism in the 1800s, the antics, tricks, and techniques of the fraudulent mediums, and how this led directly to the birth of that branch of the magical arts known as 'mentalism.'

This detailed manuscript outlines and explains such techniques and methods as mesmerism and hypnosis, table-tipping, slates, automatic writing, book tests, 'reading' techniques and Q&A, spirit manifestations, the Ouija board, and much, much more. The text also touches on escapology, quick change, and other magical techniques. ...

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Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
Foolzum Newspaper Tear Revisited by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

A full size sheet of newspaper is handed for examination; both the magician and a spectator sign their names on the front of the newspaper. Without adding anything, the newspaper is openly and deliberately torn-up with the audience plainly seeing the signatures being torn.

After the newspaper is torn into small pieces, the magician blows on the pieces. The rough edges of the paper are seen to get smooth, and upon opening the newspaper out, it is restored. But wait, only half the paper is there. The other half falls to the floor.

The audience thinks they are the torn pieces. The packet...

★★★★ $6
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Jack Yates
Jack's Pack by Jack Yates

Jack Yates was a very clever and innovative magician who has somehow stayed below the radar and is completely unknown - undeservedly so - to many particularly in the US. Jack's Pack is a clever stacking method for finding any card in a deck by way of using numbers, names, words, etc.

Edited and with additional notes by Ken de Courcy.

1st edition 1978, 8 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, PDF 10 pages.

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Horace Bennett & Hugh Miller
Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic by Horace Bennett & Hugh Miller
  • Foreword
  • Bennett's Silken Sorcery Routine
  • Perfected Silk Production
  • Take Five
  • Eight Ball Routine

1st edition 1978, 80 pages; 1st digital edition 56 pages.

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Sean Waters
Not Just A River In Deutschland by Sean Waters

In Sean Waters release solely devoted to ESP demonstrations with Zener symbol cards, you will acquire the ability to ascertain the right time and place for predictions to come true, along with intuiting when people intend to do you harm. You will learn numerous techniques for duplicating the enhanced abilities of "psychics". The secret of how to implant the thought of a single Zener shape in your participant's mind is detailed as well. With the help of a Zener pack, you will aid your onlookers exploration of determinism, the weight of foreknowledge and a litany of impossible seeming demonstrations....

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Simon Caine
Razorsharp by Simon Caine
"This ebook is full of practical and highly interesting ideas in mentalism. Great explanations with photos that make reading fun and flowing. I will be mixing Meridian in with my own work with ESP cards!" - Pablo Amirá
Razorsharp is a collection of practical, powerful and entertaining mentalism routines using the simplest, most direct methods. With not a center tear in sight, these routines are designed to be easy to perform whenever, wherever, and whatever the circumstance and deliver the hard hitting moments of mystery your audiences deserve. Crammed with audience tested effects, fooling subtleties...
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José Prager & Peter Turner & Luke Jermay
Ahead by José Prager & Peter Turner & Luke Jermay

3 Mentalism Masterpieces.

Two Very Secret Digits By José Prager

The mentalist is able to divine the first digit of his participants PIN and the first digit of his card without looking at it at any moment and without them writing anything down.

The Weekly Forecast By Peter Turner

The performer leaves his client with a sealed envelope to hold claiming it is a prediction that will be of the utmost importance during the show in a week's time.

He leaves the client with this set of instructions: The client is to choose any paper or magazine that week, to look at any headline and to...

★★★★ $12
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Tom Phoenix
Peeks of Chaos by Tom Phoenix

Two devious peek devices for mentalists.

Every mentalist needs an arsenal of peek methods, be that a device, or a folding peek. The Peeks of Chaos contains two peek devices, each using the card box: the "Mockra Peek", and the "Meanas Peek". Each method is very deceptive, and the peek happens at a natural moment, with no funny movements.

1st edition 2017, length 30 min

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MP4 (video)

Robert A. Nelson
Technique of the Private Reader by Robert A. Nelson

Nelson reveals the special techniques that enable psychics and mentalists to give spectacular private readings.

Successful operators are able to astound and bewilder clients with apparent facts and reason, though unbeknownst to them. Where does this strange and uncanny power come from?

It's easy to "give readings," to apparently read the innermost thoughts of your subject and to chart their life from "cradle to grave," if you possess the technique - the knowledge of how to judge your client. What to tell him or her and how to accurately read their reactions. Such is the true secret. ...

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Arthur W. C. Brumfield
Perfection One-Man Mindreading Act by Arthur W. C. Brumfield

This is the act that duplicates the effects of Dunninger, perhaps the world's most famous mentalist. And best yet, no assistants are required.

EFFECT: Performer offers $1,000 to anyone who will prove he uses assistants or confederates. He states that he will pass among them slips of paper and envelopes on which they are to write phone numbers, dates, addresses, questions, etc. He states he will allow them to keep the slips in their own possession and nevertheless be able to tell what was written. He then passes the slips and envelopes and returns to the stage, asking them to place the envelopes under...

★★★★ $8
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Timo Dante
Illusions for Beginner by Timo Dante

Timo Dante has published in this e-book a small compilation of illusions that can be accomplished with little effort and budget. From appearing to hovering and sawing up to swords and escapes, one can use the book to present his first little illusion show, or take one or two illusions as an enrichment to a possibly existing show. For beginners who would like to present illusions with little budget, it is a small entry into the world full of magic.

The e-book does not contain any dimensioned blueprints but only simple concept illustrations. The following illusions are explained

  • Mystery...
★★★★★ $25
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