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Nathan Kranzo
Kranzilla Unleashed by Nathan Kranzo

Clever, quirky, original, commercial, funny, different, practical - these are just some of the words that you can use to describe the magic of Nathan Kranzo.

In this collection of his ideas for stand-up and close-up, you will find magic to suit a wide spectrum of tastes and audience types. With effects ranging from visibly sliding a tan line up your arm, right through to enabling a spectator to cut to the four Aces, Nathan combines raw cunning with extensive magical knowledge to produce magic that is always interesting and usually totally baffling.

Running through all the material is...

★★★★★ $18
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Bob Farmer
The Bammo Gridlock Dossier by Bob Farmer

The Bammo Gridlock Dossier is a deep-dive examination into the use of matrices and grids in magic and mentalism. There has never been a book like this one and it is more than just a collection of methods: new and cutting-edge effects are included.

If you are a mentalist, you need this book.

If you are a magician looking for the latest mental effects, you need this book.

If strange effects with Tarot cards, mystical rune stones, pentagrams and playing cards fascinate you, you need this book.

If you find interesting the works of Max Maven, Karl Fulves, Simon Aronson, Sam Schwartz, John Bannon and others in the...

★★★★★ $35
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Jeff Stone
The Little Book of Halloween Magic by Jeff Stone

Everything you need for Halloween: effects, ideas, further resources on the Halloween theme.

This tome-let is broken down into three categories:

  1. Tricks that are fully fleshed out.
  2. Theme / Prop ideas and resources to customize your existing repertoire.
  3. A quasi-bibliography of sorts listing Halloween effects, books, etc. from other creators.

Included throughout will be some effects that I've published elsewhere. I've culled a few ideas and effects from several of my other works and brought it all together into one little resource. You'll find that the "scary" type of effects pull...

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Hal Saxon
Switcheroo by Hal Saxon

Invisibly switch a folded playing card (bill, cash, sugar pack, ...) against another right in front of their eyes.

Destined to be in your EDC (everyday carry). A real crowd-pleaser. A perfect close-up and table-hopping effect. A very fast, angle-proof, and up-close transformation with spectator involvement. Not a thumb-tip. This effect uses a homemade gimmick that most homes would have. The gimmick takes about five minutes to make. Both playing cards can be inspected.

You can also change bills, billets, cash a check, change sugar to sweeten low, etc.

Absolutely incredible misdirection...

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Graham Hey
Going GaGa by Graham Hey

Going GaGa is a new ebook by Graham Hey containing some brand-new material and a couple of little-known classics brought up to date. They're all easy to do and brilliantly effective. You'll probably have most things you need to do these tricks - cards, duplicates, envelopes, etc.

Going GaGa is a great mentalism effect and a total 'magician fooler'. It's clever and easy to do. The performer hands a prediction to a spectator. Two spectators are given a pile of cards each. The first spectator shuffles his cards and selects any one. He is handed a list of celebrities and counts down - if he...

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Michael P. Lair
Stage Cool by Michael P. Lair

A collection of cool magic effects to heat up your stage performance.

  • Dedication
  • Purple / Green Santa
  • Author
  • Sparkle Matches: Matches are produced lit in your magic act, with electrical sparks showering off them. The sparks accentuate the lit match productions.
  • Confetti Packets: Produce a burst of shiny mylar confetti at any time during your magic act.
  • Throw Streamer Packet: A colorful burst of throw streamers appears at any point in your act. This setup makes them easy to steal from any pocket, table, scarf, or any place you wish.
  • Funbrella: At the end of a scarf routine, an umbrella...
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Michael P. Lair
Standup by Michael P. Lair

A collection of visual magic to add to your standup act.

  • Dedication
  • Author
  • Foreword
  • Candle Shell
  • Candle Ring: With this setup, a Fantasio vanishing candle can be held at the middle and tossed from hand to hand, and then instantly vanished. This has been reprinted from my book Stage Cool.
  • Color Change: A white, lit candle changes quite spectacularly into a red candle. The color change is done openly and it is very startling to the audience.
  • Pocket Scarf Vanish: A red pocket scarf is placed in front of a red candle. The scarf magically adheres to the candle. In a flash, the pocket scarf...
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Michael P. Lair
Act 1 by Michael P. Lair
  • Jack-In-The-Box: A playing card is selected by a spectator and ripped into four pieces. The pieces are paper clipped and set on top of a jack-in-the-box. The handle is turned, the familiar tune played, and the clown pops up. When he does, the selected card appears fully restored in the clown's hands.
  • Silver Fire: When the magician lights a cigarette lighter, a half dollar appears. Light it again, and the coin vanishes. Light the lighter a third time, and the half-dollar reappears from within a cigar tube.
  • Les Fleurs: A bouquet of flowers magically appears in the magician's top hat. With...
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Michael P. Lair
Act 2 by Michael P. Lair
  • Safety Catch
  • Candle To Streamers: An 18” lit, white candle changes into a brilliant burst of white paper throw streamers.
  • Candle To Sword: An 18” white candle is lit. In a shower of sparks, it magically changes into a 36” gleaming Chinese sword.
  • Candle To Fan: An 18” white candle vanishes in a sparkle of light, turning into a 24” Chinese dragon fan that dramatically opens in a shower of confetti.
  • Invisiclip
  • Invisiclip: Torn & Restored Card: A playing card is selected and ripped into four pieces. The pieces are paper clipped together. A magical wave of the hand, and the pieces...
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Stewart James
Magic Mine No. 1 by Stewart James

Twelve tried, tested and proven, practical tricks that you will delight in using in your club and stage shows.

The apparatus requires no complicated mechanical ability to produce. Nor is great skill required to perform. Previously sold for the equivalent of more than $16.00 in today's money.


Silversion: A borrowed coin is passed into a hermetically sealed bottle. Both may be examined.

Cheerio Glass: A complete disappearance of a 4-inch tumbler. No trick tables or tubes.

Squaring the Square: A unique effect with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Count of Monte...

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Xenon Levitation by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

With this tool, you are able to gently float small objects such as matches, feathers, playing cards, sponge balls or rubber bands, etc. a few centimeters above the table.

Easy to build. Not for live performances! Use the gimmick for Zoom, Instagram, or similar. Also very suitable for demo videos to let business cards gently lift off the table. Don't use it as a magic trick. Rather as a science experiment.

1st edition 2023, video 23 min.

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George Johnson
Fifty Fakes by George Johnson

Hints, aids and appliances for the professional and amateur magician.

These small "aids" to the magician appeared in early numbers of The Magic Wand. Covering many branches of the art, it is hoped that the various gadgets may prove of service. The publisher again expresses his thanks to the contributors who devised, and used, the appliances.

  • Cards
    • Wire Stands and Supports
    • Card Indicator
    • Card Discovery
    • Card Standing on Edge
    • Card Reading
    • Quite an Old Trick
    • A Card Vanish
    • A Card Trick
    • An Easy Card Trick
  • Coins
    • A Coin Producing Fake
    • Vanishing Penny
    • Coin Box
    • A Coin Move
    • A Coin and a Tumbler ...
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Alexander Herrmann
Herrmann's Wizards' Manual by Alexander Herrmann

From coin tricks to card tricks, black art, mindreading and even ventriloquism, this work is meant as an introduction for the budding magician and showman.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Magic naturally separates into two divisions: One, as performed by pure sleight-of-hand with ordinary objects; and the other, which depends upon apparatus or mechanical appliances; and these are called respectively Drawingroom, and Grand or Stage Magic. The former is made up of feats depending upon manual dexterity, chemical combinations, and arithmetical problems. Grand magic, likewise, consists of...

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Michael P. Lair
Journey by Michael P. Lair

In February-March 2020, Pascal Marc sent Michael P. Lair on a 13-city magic lecture tour of Europe. Michael created his lecture notes Journey for this tour. They include 10 of Michael's standup magic routines featuring a mix of old favorites and brand-new effects.

If you enjoy standup magic with a poker chip, sponge ball, Red Bulls, a Jack in the Box, Fantasio candles, matches, a Fortune Teller Fish, rope, a ring, dimes, big coins, and a torn and restored 24 x 36" map, then you will love Journey. The notes are fully color photo illustrated.

  • Sponge Poker
  • Red Cola
  • Jack in the Box
  • Candle...
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7x Petrick: Purple by Petrick

The "Seven times Petrick" series was released in seven volumes, each with seven tricks covering a different subject, and each with a different color cover. This is the purple one.

  • Lipstick Levitation: Selected card placed against the outside of the filled card box rises over the deck.
  • Balloon Penny-Tration: Penetration of a penny into an empty, blown-up balloon.
  • The Shrinking Card: A card is selected from a regular deck which transforms into a miniature deck. The selected card is replaced in the miniature deck only to transform into a random card.
  • Strange Change: A card is selected,...
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Wilfred Huggins & Frederic Culpitt
Secrets of the Street Conjurer by Wilfred Huggins & Frederic Culpitt

A collection of conjuring secrets for magicians who entertain when surrounded by spectators.

Excerpt from the preface:

The compilation of "A Street Conjurer's Secrets" is the outcome of many years of observation in this country, Australia, America, France and Germany. That the effects are well-known is not to be denied, but it is extremely doubtful if many conjurers are aware of the actual method used by the street entertainer.

  • Preface
  • Publisher's Note
  • Preparation For The Hands
  • A Table Tip
  • The Guinea-Pig
  • Card Change
  • Flap Disposal-Single Slate
  • Cap And Pence
    • I. The Load ...
★★★★ $5
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Magic Ian
Best Dam Tricks: 25 Rubber Penetration Tricks by Magic Ian

Lubor Fiedler's famous dental dam illusion principle is applied to a variety of tricks and routines, not just the penetration of a coin through a rubber sheet. The only sad part here is that the name Lubor Fiedler cannot be found anywhere in this publication. No credit was given.

Excerpt from the introduction by Walter Gibson:

When the rubber penetration came into popularity several years ago, it represented something really new in magic. Here was a trick that was actually accomplished before it began, leaving onlookers baffled by a visible penetration of a coin through a sheet of solid rubber, with no clue whatever...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini Concepts by D. Angelo Ferri

This two-hour lecture will teach you a heightened awareness of how Slydini thought, moved, constructed, and achieved his magic. You will learn many of the underlying principles and concepts Slydini used to misdirect and apply sleight of hand. Dennis Barlotta demonstrates and explains the various ideas with examples mostly taken from Slydini's routines. No entire tricks will be taught. While it is helpful to be familiar with some of Slydini's tricks, their knowledge is not necessary to understand the various concepts taught.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • stance, attire, performing conditions...
★★★★★ $35
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MP4 (video)

Jack Flosso
Close-up Magic of the Masters by Jack Flosso

Pet secrets of some of the most celebrated close-up magicians of all time.

  • Preface: Close-Up Magic by Bert Allerton
  • What Makes a Trick by Al Baker
  • Bottoms Down by Al Baker
  • Mobilizing the Aces by Dai Vernon
  • Ball, Cone and Handkerchief by Dai Vernon
  • Convening Kings by Francis Carlyle
  • The Squeeze-Away Coin by Ross Bertram
  • And the Part of a Garment by Emil Jarrow
  • Card Effect With Two Packs by Nate Leipzig
  • The Disconcerting Coins by Cliff Green
  • Precognition by Cliff Green
  • Scarne's Power of Thought by John Scarne
  • The Coin Roll Vanish by Paul LePaul
  • The Revolving Pass by Slydini
  • Jacob's Ladder by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • The Salt Trick by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • Pop-Up Coins by S. Leo Horowitz ...
★★★★ $12
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Gregg Webb
Triplets 8 by Gregg Webb

This edition features a completely different routine for MacDonald's Aces and a simple way to make the gaffs yourself. This is more of a platform or parlor version and not a close-up trick. The patter and presentation are also completely different from MacDonald's Aces. This is also different from the version in Hilliard's Lost Notebook. Gregg performed this on TV in 1968 long before Hilliard's notebook was even found. If you pride yourself on being different from the crowd, you'll love this. A very catchy storyline and premise is included.

Next follows many updates on a trick of Gregg's,...

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Will Goldston
Tricks that Mystify by Will Goldston

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this book I deal with the latest and best small tricks. The majority of the professional conjurers to-day are presenting small tricks in their programmes. I have been asked by subscribers not to include illusions requiring stage traps, but to confine myself to secrets of tricks that can be done by the average performer, and the apparatus not to be costly.

I have taken care to meet with the wishes of all subscribers to this book. I have omitted complicated tricks and combinations likely to fog an audience. The magician to-day understands that he must be...

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Henry Hatton
The Secrets of Conjuring by Henry Hatton

In this article from Scribner's Monthly Magazine Henry Hatton, writing under the pseudonym of an 'Ex-Conjurer' explains in words and illustrations the Indian Box Mystery, the Spiritual Bench, the Inexhaustible bottle, including a funny accident that happened with it, and Marabout Mocca as performed by the elder Herrmann.

1st edition 1880, PDF 11 pages.

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Henry Hatton
Lessons in Magic by Henry Hatton

For the time this was published, in the middle of the 19th century, these twelve lessons in magic are probably one of the best instructions in conjuring published in the English language, even though the intended reading audience was young folks. Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic is still a decade into the future.

Henry Hatton, writing here under his real name Patrick Henry Cannon, describes a range of stage and parlor effects including some sleight-of-hand with coins and cards. His description of the pass is by far the best description I have read prior to Erdnase - almost 40 years prior that is! The accompanying...

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Mago Marko
Masterful Mysteries: Professional Magic Feats by Mago Marko

Within these pages, you will find seventeen performance-tested routines picked from my professional repertoire. Some of these I perform in almost every show, others are special items I have performed on television and special shows.

I have been a professional magician for 56 years, having performed in many Spanish-speaking countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Spain. In Spain, I remained for sixteen years and performed hundreds of shows, including national television. I have also been on cruise ships in the Mediterranean several times. ...

★★★★★ $12
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