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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2004 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 151
  • Magical News and reviews around the world
  • More Television magic and Walt discusses it
  • Henrique and a friendly council worker with a historic magical interest
  • Letters Brickbats, bouquets and observations
  • and the tale of a snotty, salty son
  • Magic event diary. Put your society on the map
  • Jim Breedon and the Spider and the Fly
  • Basic card technique continues with the Jordan/Siva count
  • Stephen Tucker must be dealing from a dodgy deck ... the 15 of clubs
  • Ian Adair with his Wallaby Wands
  • Barrie Richardson revisits the Mount Kenya Paradox
  • Bob Ostin is recounting the spots on...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2003 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 139
  • Geoff's News and Reviews
  • Magical Diary, Who, What, Where and When
  • Barrie Richardson's Final Ecstasy
  • Michael Factor tells how to tell your trade marks from your other ones
  • Paul Hallas with the simplest of collectors
  • Letters. Have your say by post or e-mail
  • AliCardAbra's Lubbly Bubbly Wand
  • Arun Bonerjee addresses Symbolism
  • Soumya Deb steals a dove
  • Alan Ward vanishes the lady the easy way
  • Werner Miller's Mysteries with cyclical courts
  • Competition Send your original material and maybe win a prize
  • Peter Duffie is miraculously impossible
  • Rex Stott reviews the 2002 Magi Cruise to the...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2002 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 128
  • News from Geoff
  • Jim Breedon prints money, but it's ok it's perfectly legal!
  • Barrie Richardson's Elegant Princess, a variation on an old theme
  • Peter Kane holds out with his Foldout. A new gimmick with many applications
  • Ian Adair slates his many pets
  • Alan Ward with a dangerous stunt
  • Gorra Datta baffles with his bangles
  • Letters page.
  • Al Smith bites back. Forthright musing through the back window
  • Paul Daniels and Debbie in USA
  • Eddie Dawes collecting cinematography
  • Peter Duffie Mixes Magically
  • JJ Resists a sale to the toffs and retains his integrity and gains their respect ...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2001 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 122
  • News and reviews with Geoff
  • Henrique as only he can be
  • Ian Adair presents Cartoon Capers for the children
  • Eddie Dawes once more collects his thoughts
  • Peter Duffie with a dark widow
  • ChiKANEry - this month Peter is courting Jokers
  • New Competition for year 2001 Your chance to win
  • Miller's Mysteries More cunning stunts from Werner
  • Table hopping for kiddies with Malcolm
  • The Year 2000 competition winners - are you there?
  • Al Smith considers losing the plot
  • A working pipe-dream from Malcolm Yaffe
  • J.J. wins with modesty
  • Ian Keable considers performing unpaid for the enemy ...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2000 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 113
  • Views and reviews with Geoff Maltby, Plus news around the studio
  • Walt Lees Editorial: What does the Millennium mean to you?
  • Double Design for Laughter with Kennedy Smith
  • The Eyes have it. Clever and Different Magic from Trevor Lewis
  • The Club 71 Magazine Competion to make you rich and famous
  • Magic Paint Tin by Roland Lumby for your picture painting routine
  • New for Old. Ali Cardabra with a Visaball Ghost Writer
  • Al Smith is philosophical as he ponders through the rear window
  • Peter Kane shows he is more than just a brilliant card man with his Linking Ring interlude
  • Prolific...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1999 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 104
  • News & Reviews in and around the Studio
  • Ian Adair with bits of balloon business for Children
  • Arun Bonerjee's Mental Birthday Card
  • So you still want to be a children's entertainer says Walt Lees
  • Henrique on the business of games to entertain the youngsters and fill in the time!
  • Letters. Your chance to tell it like it is
  • Balloonacy from Balloonatic Malcolm Malan
  • Eddie Dawes Collects his thoughts about things valuable.
  • Miller's Mysteries continues with a Flexible Number Force
  • Simon Lovell considers the Multiple Top Change
  • Alan Ward's Baffling Bycyclette will cross your...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1998 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 95
  • NEWS and Reviews with Geoff Mattby
  • STEVE JONES tells a story about High Society
  • BARRIE RICHARDSON with a clever, different and subtle card to pocket
  • JOHN RHODES with all the news that's fit to print, gleaned from around the world
  • ALAN WARD with Thaumatropic Trickery
  • ACE Children's entertainer Ian Adair with invaluable advice on using rabbits in for the children's performer
  • ALI CARDABRA with rope and silk magic for the trendy Trixter
  • ARUN BONERJEE continues his mentalism
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE chapter 26 covers the Double Lift
  • EDDIE DAWES tells you what you have...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1997 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 87
  • News & Reviews around the studio with Geoff
  • Tanpari Touch Who's Joking'
  • All Rhodes lead to enlightenment. Magic news culled from the media
  • Patrick Page makes a welcome return to our page with a new routine and presentation for a Classic effect
  • Basic Card Technique, part 18 - The Pass
  • Subscription information
  • The Psychic Secrets of Alex Le-Roy part 2
  • Simon Lovell with a presentation for 'Vernon's Twisting the Aces'
  • Party Games. Steve Jones covers the area of entertaining the little sods, sans sorcery
  • Henrique continues to drop the dew in a humorous fashion
  • Donald Bostock...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1996 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 80
  • NEWS & REVIEWS Magic around the studio with Geoff Maltby
  • HEAVY & LIGHT: First Class magic for the childrens' entertainer from Malcolm Yaffe
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE: Basic Card Technique Part 9:- Add-on Switches
  • SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS, together with rates and renewal information
  • STEVE JONES with a well designed squiggle or Einstein's graphology!
  • SIMON SAYS: More from our very own expatriot!
  • MINOR MIRACLE: More Mental magic from Arun Bonerjee of India
  • AL SMITH MUSES on things Magical and things Star Trek!!
  • HOW TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER Part 15 - Age Groups and how to handle...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1995 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 74
  • Members Write. Your chance to have your say about anything on the magic scene.
  • Problem children. Part 7 of Walt Lees series on the entertainment of children.
  • Ring the Bell: New cabaret item from Jim Breedon
  • Variations on a theme by Katherine, including the cig through jacket.
  • The oh so simple nudist packet by Philip Sweeting
  • Phil Goldstein with a variation on a Peter Duffie effect.
  • Simon Lovell with a letter from America
  • News and reviews in and around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • David Copperfield at Earls Court London - Ali Cardabra reviews the show
  • Al Smith discusses...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1994 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 69
  • Entertaining Children Part 4 by Walt Lees - The choice of material
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION - How to keep the club magazine dropping through your letter-box!
  • Malcolm Yaffe with an intriguing variation on 'String & Bones'
  • Drama in Magic - Steve Jones with part 2 of his exciting new series
  • PRELOCATION - another ingenious winner from Phil Goldstein, alter ego of Max Maven
  • Simon Sayes - Simon Lovell with a nifty card miracle especially for flummoxing magicos!
  • News & Reviews. Geoff with the latest update on the forthcoming QE2 Magic Convention/Cruise
  • The Back Window and Al Smith...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1993 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 63
  • THREE BLIND MICE for Kids by Steve Jones
  • NIGHT WATCH by Maurice Phillips
  • LETTERS: Bouquet or Brickbat, your chance to have your say.
  • THAT ROPE & VASE AGAIN This time by Magini of Ipswich
  • HENRIQUE ponders
  • SIMON SAYS: This time Lovell's all new MTC
  • MENTAL MAGIC: This month Square Bashing from Stephen Tucker
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS Don't miss a single issue
  • HOW TO SUCCEED Part 14 of Steve Jones Get Rich Quick series
  • NEWS & REVIEWS around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • MISTAKE: A mental offering from Arun Bonerjee
  • WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Ponders Malcolm Yaffe
  • RIGHTING A WRONG: A Clever...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1992 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 57
  • MENTAL ECSTASY - A brilliant New Mental epic from Barrie Richardson
  • CEREAL SERIAL by Club Lunatic and all round nice guy Tony Richards
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS: Divulges the deepest secrets of how to do a Magic Lecture
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFO. Don't Miss out
  • PART EIGHT of Steve Jones series, How to Become Rich and Famous
  • FUNNIES, Cartoon Corner
  • THE HOLY JUMP: More pasteboard mutilation by Angelo Carbone
  • HENRIQUE tells it how it is straight from the shoulder
  • THE BACK WINDOW: Meditative Musings of Cardician Al Smith
  • SIMON LOVELL with thoughts and a wee trickette pour voo
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1991 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 51
  • BALLOON MODELLING. A comprehensive course for every entertainer by Walt Lees
  • KIDDIES COLUMN. The Diminishing Cards routined for Children with Jim Breedon
  • STAGE TABLE. Easily made when you follow Brian Eden's Sound and Practical Advice
  • SHARP PRACTISE. More Serious Card Work collected by Justin Higham
  • PUNCH SWAZZLE FOR TABLE-HOPPERS? Graham Clarke shows you when and where!
  • VENTRILOQUISM. Len Belmont continues this issue with Chapter 11 in the Series
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS: Coaching at the Spaghetti Acadamy
  • SIMON SAYS. Cute n Clever Colour Changing Cards!
  • NEWS In and Around the Studio...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1990 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 45
  • Kiddies Column: Brian Eden continues his series, entertaining the modern child, Part six - assistants
  • OOOOH AN' 'E WAS STRONG: A Kids routine from Walt Lees
  • Open Competition Big Money Prizes
  • Basic Card Technique continues with the Kosky Switch Change
  • Letters. Your chance to say exactly what you want
  • Letters Writs and Court Cases arising from 'The Bodgit'
  • Magic of the Mind: Steve Jones contributes a smashing, intimate mental effect
  • Snoop's Scoops: Magic's only soap continues with Saucy Sausage secrets and Mr McCulture's box
  • Coin in Balloon: A clever variation on a theme...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1989 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 39
  • Walt Lees Editorial
  • Variations on a Theme: The Monte Christo Card Continues
  • Subscription Information: How to keep it coming
  • Competition: You chance to win big prizes
  • Basic Card Technique: Another Top Change by Tony Jackson
  • Kiddies Column: with Richard Stupple's routine for Giant and Dwarf
  • Computer Magic: Part two of Walt's Quick on the Draw
  • Juggling Jottings: Bob Menary continues this useful series
  • Pronto Card To Wallet: Our serialisation of Hugh Miller's 'Al Koran's Legacy'
  • Punch and Judy: musings by Ron Denton
  • The Sword of Fate by James Breedon
  • Funny Fings that persist...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1988 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 33
  • Editorial by Walt Lees
  • Letters: Your chance to have your say
  • Let's Take A Closer Look: Space Cups by Magical Matt
  • Variations on a Theme by Malcolme Yaffe
  • Micro (Computer) Magic: The Data Base
  • Kiddies Column: Sucker Blendo by Walt Lees
  • Funny Fings that continue to happen to Len Belmont
  • Optical Delusions by Sebastian Cody
  • Magic at Work: a new series
  • Poet's Corner
  • Bar Magic: Squash Caught
  • Competition: your chance to win big prizes
  • All's Well That End's Well: a pause for thought by Walt Lees
  • Subscription Info: Don't miss a single issue
  • Mental Magic: Barrie Richardson...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1987 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 27
  • Editorial: Walt tells it as it is
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy, sell or swap
  • Blackpool Convention last minute news
  • Magic of the Mind by Len Vine
  • The Egg Bag: Variations on a theme by Gerard Mallon
  • Kiddies Column: The Fantasio Candle routined by Walt Lees
  • Mental Magic by Barrie Richardson
  • Card Sessions by John B. Wolf
  • Psycholour Plus by Norman Wilcox
  • Basic Card Technique: The Ascanio Spread
  • Children's Magic: Pranky Plaque
  • Close UP Card Magic by Stuart Colligan
  • That's The Way To Do It: Our series on Punch and Judy continues
  • Character Analysis by Harold Long
  • Magical Diary:...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1986 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 22
  • Editorial by Walt Lees
  • Hints and Tips by Marc Weinstock
  • To Thine Own Self Be True: Thoughts on television magic
  • Fred Robinson: An appreciation
  • A Die-Abolic Mystery: A New Kids Routine from Tevor Lewis
  • Letters: Club Members write
  • That's the Way To Do It: Walt continues the series on Punch and Judy
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy, sell, swop, trade with other Club Members
  • Card Sessions by John C. Mournier
  • Magical Diary: What's happening and when
  • L. of a Card Trick: Card magic from Ian Rowland
  • Bar Magic: Geoff continues this popular topic
  • Let's Take A Closer Look: Penny Fortunes...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1985 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 18
  • Competition: Last Call
  • Editorial
  • Kiddies Column: Complete new routine by Walt Less
  • Card Session
  • Cabaret Time by Peter Kane
  • Close-Up Magic: An intriguing effect from Charles Pemberton
  • Basic Card Technique: The Double Lift
  • Blackpool Convention (Special Offer for Club Members)
  • Patrick's Page: A novel new Silk routine
  • Society Roundup
  • 1985 Catalogue Supplement
  • Mental Magic: A clever prediction from 'Scrivante'
  • Peanuts Monkeys and the Devil: A controversial article about fees
  • Stunts and Tricks: More bar foolers
  • News and Reviews
  • Bar Magic
  • Computer Conjuring: Conducted...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1984 by Geoff Maltby

Issues 14-17

Issue 14
  • Inside Information
  • Let's Take a Closer Look: TYRED by Ron Escott
  • Kiddies Column: Fatuous Fatima by Walt Lees
  • Flying Spots by Tony Chaudhuri
  • Magic of the Mind: Satan's Checkmate by Gardi
  • News and Reviews
  • Cabaret Time: Hints and Tips
  • Blooming Cheek?

Issue 15
  • Inside Information
  • Let's Take A Closer Look: Matchaskill by Gerald Kosky
  • Kiddies Column: Going Dutch by Walt Lees
  • Bar Magic: The Card on the Window
  • Computer Conjuring by Peter Rendle
  • Card Sessions: Spot Repellant by Tony Chaudhuri
  • Patrick's Page: The Square Circle Production
  • Packet Jumping...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1970 - 1978 by Geoff Maltby

14 issues, the first period of Club 71 before its 6 year hiatus.
[Note: There is one small error in the numbering of issues which started later in the life of Club 71. When we trace back issue numbers we see that we have to start with issue #0 rather than #1 to make everything consistent.

Issue 0
  • Inside information
  • Curious about Curios?
  • Made to Match
  • Collector's Corner
  • Are you an Individual? or do you run with the pack?

Issue 1: Special Robert-Houdin Centenary issue
  • Inside information
  • Treasured Play-bills
  • Let's Take A Closer Look
  • Robert-Houdin Centenary Portfolio
  • Insight on Robert-Houdin
  • Collector's Corner
  • Tributes to the Greats
  • Spotlight on Etchings
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Paul Voodini
Pure Q and A by Paul Voodini

Imagine a full two hour Q & A show for the stage or parlour that involves no sleights, no gaffs, and no gimmicks. A two hour show that will be perceived by your audience as the real thing as opposed to a "magic trick"! This is Pure Q & A - questions are answered, futures are divined, telepathy is demonstrated, and the audience are enthralled.

This is a manuscript that has been born out of true life performance - all ideas and scripts included are lifted directly from Paul's stage and parlour show. This is real world mentalism at its very best. Although the Pure Q & A show is designed for...

★★★★ $22
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Dee Christopher
Dichotomy by Dee Christopher

An Out Of This World variation, streamlined and ready for performing situations without a table.


The performer talks about intuition, chance and that little feeling we get when we know something is right, or wrong. A deck of cards is introduced and legitimately shuffled. Half the deck is put away to streamline the demonstration. The other half is then handed to the spectator and the performer offers his/her outstretched palms as a surface to deal on to. The spectator deals the cards into two piles about equal amounts of cards in each, but in no specific order. Once all the...

★★★★ $21
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