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Crispin Sartwell
The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards by Crispin Sartwell

"This is the best compilation of Color Changes to date. I know this because I've been collecting color changes for the last ten years myself. I applaud his research and thoroughness. It is well organized and coherent." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Crispin Sartwell has produced a well-written treatment of color changes that is the first of its kind. An important contribution to the art of magic and a must-have resource for every card handler." - Jerry Cestkowski (The Flourishman)

"As a professional magician for 36 years, I have been constantly told that my simply done but highly effective color change done at the outset of the one stage card...

★★★★ $30
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Daniel Macaluso
Tri-cycle: chair routine by Daniel Macaluso
"A nice combination of deceptive principles. The psychology and linguistic approaches help form a solid routine that I would use!" - Pablo Amira
This is a powerful three phase chair routine that involves the whole audience as well as three participants who are chosen to take a seat! Two different routines are provided.

Routine 1:

Three participants each choose a colored paper, ESP design card, and one of three numbered chairs. (No Forces). Each person then opens their colored paper to find that their freely chosen ESP design is on their freely chosen paper! It is then revealed that each chair...

★★★★★ $9.99
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Daniel Macaluso
Visions by Daniel Macaluso

This ebook contains hard hitting mentalism for the stage and parlor. A dozen fully routined and thought out effects that have been tested and perfected in real world performances. All the psychology and nuances have been included to provide full impact.

Part 1: “Visions”

  • The Art Show: 5 Masterpieces line the stage. One is selected by participant. The performer’s prediction is shown to match! A colorful and classy addition to any show!
  • Square Gift: Freely chosen spectator comes to stage thinking of a 2 digit number. Their square gift is presented. They then announce their number....
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Aldo Colombini
Triple Climax by Aldo Colombini

A routine by Peter Warlock - performed by Aldo Colombini. This is a reputation maker. A stunning routine for close-up or stage, using a regular deck (even jumbo size). In three phases; one stronger than the other.

A packet of cards is removed and a spectator moves a certain number of cards from top to bottom. You are NOT looking during this. You take back the packet, spread it and a card is face up indicating the amount of cards moved by the spectator. The spectator repeats the same action (maybe selecting a different number of cards) and you place the packet in HIS pocket. Remove one card from his pocket...

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Aldo on Trost Volume 4 by Aldo Colombini

The great Card Magic of Nick Trost. Nick was a master in creating amazing tricks and routines based on subtleties rather than difficult sleight of hand. Due to the amazing success of the three DVD set the Colombini's produced and the numerous requests, here’s another one, the fourth in the series. This is a humble tribute to a very creative magician. Most of these tricks are impromptu and they all use a regular deck of cards.


  • THE GATHERING OF THE COURT CARDS: A great nine-card assembly, with Jacks, Queens and Kings.
  • THE SLIPPERY ACES: The Aces are sandwiched between the two red Jacks....
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Michael Daniels
Trinities by Michael Daniels

Trinities is a two-phase mind-reading routine. In the first phase, the mentalist correctly divines attributes (colour, suit, value) of playing cards which the spectator has shuffled, dealt and covered with his hands while the mentalist has turned away. In the second phase, which can be performed alone, the spectator forms a page number by combining the values of freely selected cards from the deck. Without the mentalist seeing, the spectator then opens up and freely examines an eBook (standard PDF) from a collection of classic literary works stored on a computer, eBook reader or smartphone....

★★★★★ $10
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Stephen Tucker
Close Up Sorcery by Stephen Tucker

This is the very first publication Stephen Tucker ever released. For some this will be a good thing for others not. I personally always enjoy to see the early creations of a now famous magician.


  • Pegasus
  • Small Change
  • Music To My Ears'
  • The Polaroid Wallet
  • The Sound Barrier
  • The Thimble Thumble Vanish
  • Sealed Future
  • S.H.C.
  • Faster Than The Eye Can See

1st edition 1978; original 18 pages; PDF 26 pages.

★★★★ $12.50
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John Gelasi
Making Waves by John Gelasi

Young magician John Gelasi presents another experiment in a classic plot: “B’wave”.

This new two-packet “B’wave” effect called Making Waves combines all of the best elements of countless variations into one stunning packet trick. Best yet, you end completely clean, and all the cards can be examined immediately at the conclusion of the trick!

Here’s the basic effect:

Two packets of cards are used: one blue, and one red. The audience is asked to imagine that the red cards are the four aces, and that the blue cards are the four Queens. An ace is touched (free choice), say...

★★★★ $2
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Aldo Colombini
Top Ten by Aldo Colombini

Ten more card tricks using regular cards.


  • INDICATOR SUIT (Max Maven) A freely selected card is found using the values of three other cards.
  • TRIPLE CLIMAX CLOCK TRICK (Nick Trost) Three unique climaxes in an amazing routine.
  • ITALIAN OPENER (Aldo Colombini) A freely selected card is the only blue-backed card in the deck and then it changes into another selected card.
  • CHEAT FEAT (Karl Fulves) Two selected cards are replaced. They are the only cards of the opposite color in two packets of cards.
  • THE CHOSEN FEW (Peter Duffie) A card randomly created by a spectator matches a card selected by another spectator....
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Rope Classics by Aldo Colombini

Ten stunning rope routines. ALL ROUTINES ARE PERFORMED WITH REGULAR ROPES and they are:

  • ROPE-EN-KNOT (U. F. Grant): A spectator ties knots on a rope. You drop the rope in a paper bag leaving the end protruding. The spectator pulls on the rope and the knots are gone.
  • ROPE THROUGH (Marconick): A piece of rope mysteriously penetrates your neck.
  • SILK ON ROPE (Hans G. Witt): You show a length of rope and tie a knot on it. Suddenly a silk appears in the knot.
  • LOOPED (Aldo Colombini): You tie several loops on a piece of rope. You then pull one of the loops removing it, while all the others disappear. ...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Kyle MacNeill & John Gelasi
2 Can Play At This Game by Kyle MacNeill & John Gelasi

Kyle MacNeill and John Gelasi are two innovative and young creators, that live, breathe and sleep magic. With over 15 Ebooks between them, they decided to create an Ebook that is jam-packed with old tricks, new tricks, sleights, and theory. And everything went to plan...

2 Can Play at This Game contains a total of 16 (predominantly card) effects - (10 old, 6 new), 5 sleights (4 old, 1 new) and a previously published essay. Think of it as a best-of (hopefully!) with seasoned with some new effects. Hopefully a blend you will dig!

From the Intro:

"Kyle and I realized that we were both...

★★★★ $12.50
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Aire Allegro
Brain Busters For The Intermediate Mentalist by Aire Allegro

Staple Gun Roulette

Four staple guns are shown to be laid on a table in front of the audience, everyone watching is asked to think of a number from 1-4. A random member of the audience is then asked to come onto the stage and the guns are numbered 1-4 by the participant. The participant is then told to imagine that the number they chose is the loaded gun and is to leave the gun with that number on the table at all times. He/she picks up one of the other guns and holds it to the mentalists eye and is told to pull the trigger...Click the gun is safe. The participant is then asked to repeat...

★★★★★ $15
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1970 - 2007 (all issues) by Geoff Maltby

Club 71 magazine ran from 1970 to 2007, with a break from 1978 to 1984, and was produced by Geoff Maltby the owner of Repro Magic (UK). [The name 'Repro' comes from the fact that Maltby started out selling REPROductions of magic posters, at a time when posters were hard to come by and very expensive.] For most of the time Walt Lees was the editor. In its later years it changed its name to The Magician. The total run consists of 193 issues, almost 14,000 pages, plus a parody of Abracadabra magazine.

Due to its irregular publishing schedule, name change, format change and five year publication pause early in its existence, it was impossible to find someone with a full run. This digital version was assembled from three different partial collections. This also means...

★★★★★ $99
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: Abracadabra Parody by Geoff Maltby

This is a biting parody of the famous weekly UK magazine Abracadabra. The parody was published by Geoff Maltby of Repro Magic. It was a supplement to one of the Club 71 issues in 1988. To understand all the fun they are poking at you will have to have read some of the Abra issues.

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Geoff Maltby
The Magician (Club 71): 2007 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 186
  • Magical News and reviews around the world with Geoff Maltby
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the magazines.
  • John Rhodes keeps us up to date with who has been doing what and where.
  • Al Smith suggests some magical consignees to Room 101.
  • Alan Ward discusses a special form of line art.
  • Magical diary—put your club on the map.
  • Your contributions can win prizes
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, sell, swop or announce.
  • Ian Keable and Walt discuss the good professor Hoffman
  • Alexander Allen adds yet another novel card revelation to the cannon.
  • Peter Duffie presents an easy to do 'Lie Detector' that...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
The Magician (Club 71): 2006 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 175
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Peter d'Arcy discusses the business of negotiating with bookers on the telephone
  • Malcolm Yaffe asks why bookers on the telephone can be so blessed awkward
  • Henrique tells it as it is — about backstage fiddlers, twiddlers and tinklers!
  • John Rhodes keeps us updated on magic in the newspapers
  • Eddie Dawes recounts the 9th Los Angeles Conference on Magic History
  • Patrick Lindley's historical diary
  • Letters — Your chance to have your say
  • Unclassified Ads. Buy Sell, swop or exchange
  • Magical event diary. Put your society on the magical map
  • JJ and...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
The Magician (Club 71): 2005 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 163
  • A different perspective—a spectator's nightmare is related by Amanda R. Hyatt
  • Malcolm Yaffe makes a record for future reference
  • Magic Moments as Walt applies the psychology of Tommy Wonder
  • Eddie Dawes reports on the New England Magic Collectors' Association and discovers a rare postage stamp
  • JJ's wagon rolls into view and he tell two salutary tales of regret
  • Fred Castle explains the use of the Ascanio Spread with jumbo cards to perform a four queen transformation
  • Ian Adair again treats us to a double dose. Firstly with a version of magic painting and secondly with a tick...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2004 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 151
  • Magical News and reviews around the world
  • More Television magic and Walt discusses it
  • Henrique and a friendly council worker with a historic magical interest
  • Letters Brickbats, bouquets and observations
  • and the tale of a snotty, salty son
  • Magic event diary. Put your society on the map
  • Jim Breedon and the Spider and the Fly
  • Basic card technique continues with the Jordan/Siva count
  • Stephen Tucker must be dealing from a dodgy deck ... the 15 of clubs
  • Ian Adair with his Wallaby Wands
  • Barrie Richardson revisits the Mount Kenya Paradox
  • Bob Ostin is recounting the spots on...
★★★★★ $10
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2003 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 139
  • Geoff's News and Reviews
  • Magical Diary, Who, What, Where and When
  • Barrie Richardson's Final Ecstasy
  • Michael Factor tells how to tell your trade marks from your other ones
  • Paul Hallas with the simplest of collectors
  • Letters. Have your say by post or e-mail
  • AliCardAbra's Lubbly Bubbly Wand
  • Arun Bonerjee addresses Symbolism
  • Soumya Deb steals a dove
  • Alan Ward vanishes the lady the easy way
  • Werner Miller's Mysteries with cyclical courts
  • Competition Send your original material and maybe win a prize
  • Peter Duffie is miraculously impossible
  • Rex Stott reviews the 2002 Magi Cruise to the...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2002 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 128
  • News from Geoff
  • Jim Breedon prints money, but it's ok it's perfectly legal!
  • Barrie Richardson's Elegant Princess, a variation on an old theme
  • Peter Kane holds out with his Foldout. A new gimmick with many applications
  • Ian Adair slates his many pets
  • Alan Ward with a dangerous stunt
  • Gorra Datta baffles with his bangles
  • Letters page.
  • Al Smith bites back. Forthright musing through the back window
  • Paul Daniels and Debbie in USA
  • Eddie Dawes collecting cinematography
  • Peter Duffie Mixes Magically
  • JJ Resists a sale to the toffs and retains his integrity and gains their respect ...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2001 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 122
  • News and reviews with Geoff
  • Henrique as only he can be
  • Ian Adair presents Cartoon Capers for the children
  • Eddie Dawes once more collects his thoughts
  • Peter Duffie with a dark widow
  • ChiKANEry - this month Peter is courting Jokers
  • New Competition for year 2001 Your chance to win
  • Miller's Mysteries More cunning stunts from Werner
  • Table hopping for kiddies with Malcolm
  • The Year 2000 competition winners - are you there?
  • Al Smith considers losing the plot
  • A working pipe-dream from Malcolm Yaffe
  • J.J. wins with modesty
  • Ian Keable considers performing unpaid for the enemy ...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 2000 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 113
  • Views and reviews with Geoff Maltby, Plus news around the studio
  • Walt Lees Editorial: What does the Millennium mean to you?
  • Double Design for Laughter with Kennedy Smith
  • The Eyes have it. Clever and Different Magic from Trevor Lewis
  • The Club 71 Magazine Competion to make you rich and famous
  • Magic Paint Tin by Roland Lumby for your picture painting routine
  • New for Old. Ali Cardabra with a Visaball Ghost Writer
  • Al Smith is philosophical as he ponders through the rear window
  • Peter Kane shows he is more than just a brilliant card man with his Linking Ring interlude
  • Prolific...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1999 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 104
  • News & Reviews in and around the Studio
  • Ian Adair with bits of balloon business for Children
  • Arun Bonerjee's Mental Birthday Card
  • So you still want to be a children's entertainer says Walt Lees
  • Henrique on the business of games to entertain the youngsters and fill in the time!
  • Letters. Your chance to tell it like it is
  • Balloonacy from Balloonatic Malcolm Malan
  • Eddie Dawes Collects his thoughts about things valuable.
  • Miller's Mysteries continues with a Flexible Number Force
  • Simon Lovell considers the Multiple Top Change
  • Alan Ward's Baffling Bycyclette will cross your...
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Geoff Maltby
Club 71: 1998 by Geoff Maltby

Issue 95
  • NEWS and Reviews with Geoff Mattby
  • STEVE JONES tells a story about High Society
  • BARRIE RICHARDSON with a clever, different and subtle card to pocket
  • JOHN RHODES with all the news that's fit to print, gleaned from around the world
  • ALAN WARD with Thaumatropic Trickery
  • ACE Children's entertainer Ian Adair with invaluable advice on using rabbits in for the children's performer
  • ALI CARDABRA with rope and silk magic for the trendy Trixter
  • ARUN BONERJEE continues his mentalism
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE chapter 26 covers the Double Lift
  • EDDIE DAWES tells you what you have...
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