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Paper folding, paper tearing and tricks with paper money are at the heart of this section. I am fascinated by paper. I consider it one of the most important inventions. You might not see it that way, but paper is a hightech product. Paper machines are pretty much the largest and most complicated manufacturing installations in use by humankind. Paper comes in all shapes and sizes and is ideal for customization with a slogan for your next corporate gig or a personal message. Vanishing a dollar bill or changing it into a hundred dollar bill will always garner respect and admiration. It is human nature.

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Pocket Riser by Ralf (Fairmagic) RudolphYou may have seen something similar in a stage version from Martin Lewis. Ralf got his inspiration from Martin's effect and worked out a pocket version of it that uses a sticky note pad.

Effect: Draw a wrong prediction of a playing card on a sticky note pad. The chosen card rises out of the same picture. Give it away as an impossible souvenir.

1st edition 2014, length 28 min 26 sec.

2014 / 11 / 3

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Ravi Mayar

R.C.M. (Real Counterfeit Money) by Ravi MayarA superb in your face money change! Ask the spectator if they have seen your Real Counterfeit Money. Show them a copy of a bill then right in front of them ink the bill into REAL MONEY with your bare hands.

2013 / 3 / 17

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Alan Rorrison

Real Pen-Etration by Alan RorrisonBorrow a bill, borrow a pen, fold the bill in half and shove the pen right through the center of the bill and all the way through. Miraculously the bill, after folded open is completely unharmed. No hole can be found.
  • No gimmicks of any kind
  • Everything is borrowed and everything can be returned right after
  • Completely impromptu
  • Extremely visual
This is identical to the first phase of Misleading Mislead. If you want to buy only this first most visual phase then Real Pen-Etration is the right product for you. Otherwise get Misleading Mislead.
2009 / 3 / 12

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Devin Knight

Repeat Bill in Lemon Effect (Version 1) by Devin Knight
"REPEAT BILL IN LEMON is simply PURE SIMPLE GENIUS and to think that 2 years ago I invested $250 dollars in Doug Malloy's THE LEMON GAME. I paid less than $10 for Devin's method and I can do it twice!" - Carl de Rome, Norway
Here is something that Devin Knight kept under wraps for more than 25 years. Imagine doing the bill in lemon with a borrowed bill and immediately repeating it with two lemons that have been in full view on the table at all times. The lemons are NOT concealed in a bag. Both lemons can be examined before the effect begins and there is NO SWITCHING of the lemons. No fancy...
2013 / 5 / 10

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Bao Ninh

Rich by Bao NinhPlease note that this video is in Vietnamese with English interpretation.

Instantly change a stack of paper money into a stack of different bills. The gimmick can be made for any paper money.

1st edition 2018, length 21 min

2018 / 7 / 3

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MP4 (video)

Steve Pellegrino

Rippin' on Leipzig by Steve PellegrinoThis is a signed torn and restored cigarette paper, where the spectator's initials are visible throughout the tearing process!

The magician removes a cigarette paper from a cigarette paper package. The paper is initialed by the spectator. Slowly the magician starts to tear the paper into four separate pieces. Each piece is displayed, including the torn piece with the spectators initials. The pieces are balled up and when the small paper ball is open, the paper is restored.

This is a great stand-alone piece of magic or as a convincing follow-up to a standard cigarette paper tear.


2014 / 1 / 13

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Rupert Howard

Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 02: Presentation and Paper Magic by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content


  2. Natural
  3. Comedy
  4. Mysterious

    Paper Magic

  5. The Torn and Restored Paper
  6. The Blotting Pad Mystery
  7. The Phantom Rings
  8. The Torn and Restored Newspaper
  9. Ching Ling Foo's Paper
  10. The Snowstorm

    The History of Magic (part 2)

  11. Magic in the Middle Ages

1st edition 1931; 26 pages.

2010 / 3 / 22

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Larry Brodahl

Scripted #31: Clippo by Larry Brodahl

A script and methodology for doing the classic Clippo trick that will make you and your audience appreciate the beauty and mystery of a small, easy to carry trick.

Clippo is a trick that is wonderful on paper, and useless in reality. For such a clever trick, there never seems to be an appropriate reaction. And frankly, the trick has no ending and occasionally fails.

In this manuscript, you'll learn:

  • why Clippo fails to get a good reaction
  • how to make Clippo
  • the script
  • even some of the script writing and design process followed
This trick is suitable for parlor or stage.


2020 / 3 / 27

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Serial Flasher by KannonSerial Flasher is a demonstration of how a method and effect can become a training wheel for real skills. It's a look at the Serial Divination effect as vehicle for your own development.

The manuscript details the handling and routining for three currencies UK (arguably the quickest and cleanest) and US and EURO banknotes.

NOTE: This an effect designed and constructed to achieve a greater personal goal, and as such there are easier ways to divine a serial. But if you can look beyond merely revealing some numbers printed on a piece of paper this essay and lesson may be for you.


2012 / 12 / 31

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Penny Ante Jim

Short-Changing by Penny Ante JimThe classic 1941 treatise on the grifter's short-change con, now available again. Don't let it happen to you!

Short-changing is is used by unscrupulous ticket takers, food vendors, carnival workers, clerks, cashiers - anywhere that money changes hands. This ebook contains the "inside dope" on how it works and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Described are various short-changing techniques, including the Bar Room Clip, Carnival and Circus Take and the Bill Slip-Over.

Original copies of this privately printed book are extremely hard to find. A recent copy sold at auction...

2017 / 1 / 27

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Jack Lamonte

Stunts with Stage Money by Jack LamonteFrom the introduction:
Every magician will have many ideas for the use of Imitation Notes with his Magic ... Notably the ever popular apparent destruction of a borrowed bank note. Such an effect is a traditional one in Magic ... only a magician is crazy or skillful enough in the eyes of the audience to burn or tear a treasury note ... it is direct in appeal and one which always registers with an audience. It is the magic ... or miracle in the eyes of some ... which they expect from a Magician. It is up to the magician to make the most of his effects and the use of Imitation Notes in Treasury...
2015 / 5 / 8

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Jack Lamonte

Susy and the City Slickers by Jack LamonteThis is a close-up novelty that you can print yourself and which can be done anywhere at a moment's notice, a cute bar stunt with comedy, plus a touch of mystery. You can do it as a table trick, or in fact anywhere you can get an audience. An ideal pocket trick. Or you can print the provided sheet as large as you want and perform the trick for a larger audience or on a stage.

An illustrated square of paper is shown and the pictures of "City Slickers", "Susie" and "The Wolves" are described with amusing patter as the sheet is folded into a small package. With one single cut the folded paper...

2018 / 8 / 7

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Tangled Cards by Ralf (Fairmagic) RudolphRalf teaches how to make seven impossible looking cards. He came up with a better way to teach these folds by using colored templates. You can download all templates from your digital shelf.
  • Braid Card Variation
  • Circled Triangle
  • Double Locked
  • Locking Squares
  • The Square
  • Tower Braid
  • Triangles Thru

1st edition 2020, video 26 min

2020 / 5 / 24

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MP4 (video)

TC Tahoe

TC Tahoe Re-Thinks Vol. 4: Bill Switch by TC TahoeRe-Thinks is a new series of eBooks from TC Tahoe.
"When I first started doing stage magic many years ago it was difficult to find or create a solid 5-minute performance piece. Having used a slight variation of T.C's Bill in Tomato routine for 5 years is strong testimony to its impressive entertainment value." - Gregory Wilson

"I cannot believe you can do the bill switch for a crowd of over a thousand people and make it play! Only you TC" - Paul Romhany

"A great series full of practical ideas on familiar magic routines. From razor blades, to salt pours, to vanishing bottles, TC's wonderfully warped mind tweaks...

2011 / 8 / 28

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Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney

The "Gee Whiz" Combination and Encore by Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. WhitneyHere's a terrific, family-friendly, comedy bill in lemon effect that your audiences will love. A genuine dollar bill is borrowed from a spectator (no stooge) and signed or marked. Anyone wraps it in a borrowed handkerchief. Two lemons are then shown and one is selected (no force). The spectator himself places the lemon in his coat pocket. The borrowed bill vanishes from the hanky while the spectator is holding it. The man with the lemon cuts it open and finds the bill inside. You do not touch the lemon.

And now for an encore, you decide to mark the handkerchief so the owner will recognize...

2020 / 4 / 6

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Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair

The Bank Note in Lemon Trick Plus by Edwin Hooper & Ian AdairA borrowed bank note, of any denomination, is marked with the initials of the owner, and wrapped in a handkerchief. A borrowed and examined lemon is placed under a tumbler. The bank note is commanded to leave the handkerchief, and is found inside the lemon.

1st edition 1983, 8 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 7 pages.

2018 / 7 / 12

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Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman

The Blue Bug by Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney FleischmanA manual of sorcery with cigarette papers. No matter whether you're a magician, a mentalist, or land somewhere in between, there's something for you in this brilliant ebook. Intimate, indetectable, close-up magic giving the appearing of great skill but requiring a minimum of sleight of hand. Over a dozen illustrations and a score of effects and methods.

Illustrated by Bob Gunther, former Disney animator, the moves are cleanly and clearly depicted, as if the authors were teaching them to you over drinks at their favorite watering hole.

Partial contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Basic...
2019 / 10 / 13

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Wilton Moore Tucker

The Change Raisers by Wilton Moore Tucker

Reveals the inside story on how the con artist forces you, or a store, or even a bank teller to hand him too much change.

This bit of larceny gains the criminal five, ten, or more dollars each time -- and that from a $2 purchase. Also shows how to keep from being shortchanged. Almost defies detection, and practically works itself. This is no pie-in-the-sky con. Newspaper and TV stories report that victims of every age and ethnicity are taken in by this technique.

Audiences are hungry for this information, to avoid being "taken." Makes an excellent lecture to provide to banks, stores, senior...

2020 / 6 / 20

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Howard A. Adams

The Chinaman's Paper Caper by Howard A. Adams

A prize winning paper folding and cutting routine with only a double sheet of newspaper and a pair of scissors.

The routine utilizes all the paper producing a whole succession of objects while you are telling an amusing story. In the introduction Ken de Courcy writes:

THE CHINAMAN'S PAPER CAPER is a most satisfying trick. To begin with, it is unusual because it utilises all of the paper. Second, it requires just one 'double' sheet of newspaper, and a pair of scissors. Third, in case you think our enthusiasm has run riot, it has already won two awards in America; "The Magic Dungeon Academy Trophy for...
2019 / 8 / 20

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Mark Strivings

The Dakota Miracle by Mark StrivingsA spectator is asked to take out a $1 Bill. The performer divines the city the bill was printed in and the serial number.

runtime: 15min 31s

2009 / 12 / 9

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MP4 (video)

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