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Mark Leveridge
ESP Match Up Plus by Mark Leveridge

Two sets of five ESP cards are freely displayed, one set with red backs, the other with blue. The red set is given to the spectator who shuffles them, the magician mixing the blue set. One at a time the performer places his cards face down onto the table and each time the spectator then places one of his cards at random next to the performer's. When the pairs of cards are turned face up, all five sets are seen to have been put down in matching pairs!

This is a streamlined version of my card matching routine which has extra subtleties and a cleaner handling than earlier versions.


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MP4 (video)

Ray Grismer
What's Your Sign? by Ray Grismer

A letter-by-letter revelation of somebody's birth sign that produces at most two No. Here is an example:

"What's your sign? Don't tell me! I'll read your mind. Here's a list of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Concentrate on yours. Now, mentally print it in big block letters. Look at it in your mind. Concentrate. I'll try to see what you see. When I make a statement please answer with a Yes or No. I see an R. Yes. I see an I. Yes. I see an A. Yes. I see an S. No. My error - it's an L. Yes. We're looking at Libra. Yes!"

1st edition ~1987, 3 pages; PDF 2 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Magic From Wherever I'm At Bundle 4 by Dartagnan

Episodes 121-159 of my podcast Magic From Wherever I'm At.

These episodes contain the following nuggets:

  • What Eugene Burger thought almost every magician missed out on completely (Episode 121)
  • One thing performers do all the time that results in their performances becoming trivial without them even knowing it (Episode 122)
  • The one-sentence description my performer friend Joel gives that nails his "brand"... and how Eugene Burger did exactly the same thing (Episode 123)
  • Does this time machine determine your magic sensibilities? An insight into how tricksterism begins, takes hold and...
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Unknown Mentalist
Synergium Wallet by Unknown Mentalist

As an early bird offer, a special toolbox of physical gimmicks containing 11 "Killer Tools" worth $45 is included absolutely free.

A special early bird bonus of 9 impossible "Synergy" routines is included free.

Two extra surprise bonuses are also included, along with a massive PDF.

For example, in one of these routines, a participant never writes down her birthday and yet by using the peek function, the performer can divine her exact birthday.

In another of these routines, a participant thinks of a different color or shape each to represent his past, present and future. And secretly...

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gimmick & PDF

Fraser Parker
Noah's Ark by Fraser Parker

A propless animal guess.

"Do you like mentalism that is propless, fun, quick, and animal-related? Then get Noah's Ark by Fraser. It provides all the above. It is a great method and effect to have in your arsenal, as it can be performed in isolation, or embedded within a larger routine or set." - Ross Bartels

"Noah's Ark is a fun animal guess that makes you feel like a kid again when you perform it. The fun and playfulness of the method will blow the minds of your participants" - Perna

"When Fraser performed his animal guess on me it took me by surprise. It's so casual and the reveal...

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Raphaël Czaja
Emergency Prediction by Raphaël Czaja

The magician can't find the spectator's card but his prediction can.

In short:

The spectator cuts to a card, removes it from the deck and remembers it. Then, the magician shuffles the deck and divides it into two halves. The spectator shuffles both parts, loses his selection between them, and shuffles even more. At the end, the magician runs through the deck and removes a card, but it is not the spectator's. Fortunately, the magician has an "emergency out", a message on a piece of paper inside a red envelope, in full view from the start. The spectator reads it out loud:

"If I was...

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Unnamed Magician
ACAAN: another approach to an age-old plot by Unnamed Magician

Note: For those of you who own ACAAN: A Fresh Approach to an Age-Old Plot, this uses a totally different principle.


The magician introduces a special deck of 52 cards, where each card is seen to have a number 1 through 52 printed on it. The spectators (two of them) are asked to verify that all the numbers are indeed different, that there aren't any duplicate numbers. The magician hands one spectator this special deck (in a face-down position) and says, "I want you to select a number 1 through 52. But instead of just thinking of a number 1 through 52, I want you to randomly select one. Like that, even you don't know...

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Dave Arch
A Proven Junior Magician's Curriculum by Dave Arch

As Executive Director of The Omaha Magical Society and author of a magic club leaders resource blog, Dave Arch saw the need for a low-cost junior magician's curriculum that could be taught by someone with even an entry-level knowledge of magic as long as they had a passion for growing kids in their personal confidence and social skills.

What you now have is the result of a two-year effort to build the curriculum, create the videos, and field test the project - fine-tuning it based on what was discovered out in the field.

Our hope is that you find it a resource that will be of use to...

★★★★★ $0
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George B. Anderson
You, Too, Can Read Minds by George B. Anderson

The sequel to It Must Be Mindreading, this ebook reads like a novel - fast-paced, exciting, and with powerful effects.

Excerpt from the introduction:

And I suddenly realized that here was another book - a book with a different and daring concept of mental magic - workable mental magic.

Again, as in my first book, these are all one-man effects - but the emphasis is on audience participation. The general premise is, "You, too, can read minds," and you prove the statement. In each case, the volunteer from the audience will know how you conveyed information to him, but he shouldn't have any idea how you got...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1960 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • Mentalissimus
  • Patter Presentations
  • The Reading Mind Book Test
  • Two New Magical Accessories
  • Pipe Dreams! (That Work)
    • Smoking Empty Pipes
    • Stretching A Pipe
    • Comedy Climax For Pipe Production
    • Hola Havana!
    • Acrobatic Cigar
    • Card In Cigarette
    • Climax For Cigarette Thru Handkerchief
    • New Penetration Of Handkerchief By Cigarette
    • Production Of Giant Cigarette And Holder
    • Cigar Rises Out Of Tube
    • Tobacco Jar Fantasy
    • Tobacco Bowls
  • Rice Fantasia
  • Mutilated Parasol In Miniature
  • Menta Ad
  • How I Vanish Milk
  • Botania Finale
  • Production From Foil
  • Coin Fan
  • Milk Carton Dove Bottle
  • Paper Tear...
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Unnamed Magician
Behind the Back Divination by Unnamed Magician


The magician introduces a deck of cards. The spectator can thoroughly examine it, after which they can freely shuffle it for as long as they want in any way that they want. Once they're done shuffling, the magician invites them to spread through the deck face down and select any two cards that they like. They leave these face down on the table. The magician then instructs them to turn one of them face-up - let's suppose it is the JS. As for the other one, the magician tells the spectator not to look at this card yet - it will be a mystery for the end.

The spectator is then...

★★★★★ $20
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Mago Marko
More Masterful Mysteries by Mago Marko

A new book full of practical and highly effective magical routines. I have been a professional magician for 55 years and I have performed all of the routines I describe in this eBook so you can be sure they are 100% practical.

Some of the routines include videos of myself performing before real live audiences so you can see the strong effect these have upon the spectators.

Here's a list of what you'll find in this fantastic ebook:

THE TRAVELLING KNOTS: A streamlined version of the "Sympathetic Knots" effect using six colorful silks. This is very fast, showy, and has a very strong...

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Arthur Prince
The Whole Art of Ventriloquism by Arthur Prince

A great book by the World's greatest ventriloquist. The author deals with the whole subject of ventriloquism, introducing several original dialogues.

The book includes physical advice and diagrams of the important organs and description of the parts they play in correct ventriloquial use of the vocal chords, tongue, throat diaphram, etc., the proper care of mouth, gums and teeth, throat care and nasal douching. Strengthening exercises for the body, neck, throat, and tongue, vocal exercises, production of the colloquial and distant voices, ventriloquial work and dialogue, both with and without...

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Ray Grismer
Shorty by Ray Grismer

A short change routine.

"Mr. Grismer is one of the nice guys in magic who is also talented and has the gift of working out startling tricks that require little in the way of 'work' ... 'Shorty' is a short change routine and the best of its kind ... once made up you will use it constantly. Brilliant routine and handling ... the best short-change routine to come along in years." - Karl Fulves

Clear Plot: You have $10, then $9, then $10, then $5.

Entertaining: You show skill but lose money.

Natural: No unusual-looking counts.

The other day I asked a bartender if he could break a ten-dollar...

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Magic From Wherever I'm At Bundle 3 by Dartagnan

Episodes 81-120 of my podcast Magic From Wherever I'm At.

These episodes contain the following nuggets:

  • Why are you showing anyone your tricks and why should anyone care? Tune into The School of Wonder station WIIFM to find out (Episode 81)
  • Tommy Wonder delves into "Palpatine Syndrome." Are you also afflicted by this trickster disease? Get a diagnosis (Episode 82)
  • The "procedural process puzzlery" of most co-called magic performances... how to strengthen and move beyond "weak sauce" (Episode 83)
  • The School of Wonder way to punch up your performances. Sage creative advice that can make your performances...
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Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 114 (January 2024) by Phil Shaw

Vol. 19, No. 6, January 2024; 60 pages

Cover: Jack Rhodes

  1. Magicseen Issue #114 - Editor's comments
  2. The Team
  3. What's Inside
  4. Reader's Letters
  5. Magic Amanda [Lindsey]: Spinning to Success - interview by Phil Shaw
  6. Masterclass
    1. Make Love Not War - Vinny Sagoo
    2. Comedy Card Prediction - Ian Adair
  7. How to Create Magical Moments at Every Table - Gary Jones
  8. News - Renowned Las Vegas Mentalist Paul Draper Elected to Leadership Council of the Magic Circle
  9. Promote Yourself
  10. Jack Rhodes: The Future of Magic - cover article
  11. The Bochord Club - Iain Moran
  12. Approaching the...
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Wiljalba Frikell
The Parlor Magician by Wiljalba Frikell

100 tricks for the drawing room.

Containing an extensive and miscellaneous collection of conjuring and legerdemain; sleights with dice, dominoes, cards, ribbons, rings, fruit, coins, balls, handkerchiefs, etc. All of which may be performed in the parlor or drawing room. Without the aid of any apparatus; also embracing a choice variety of curious deceptions which may be performed with the aid of simple apparatus.

    • Preliminary Observation
    • Palming Coin
    • The Magic Coin
    • To Untie a...
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Lu Brent
Fifteen Star Card Effects by Lu Brent

Fifteen excellent pasteboard effects, all easy to perform, as they require little or no skill.

The contents include "Unbelievable Coincidence" which in itself is worth more than the price of the entire book; "U-Find-Our-Cards," a chapter wherein spectators unknowingly discover their own selected cards in a puzzling fashion; and "Auto-Graphic Minds," which will never fail to bewilder the closest observer. Plus additional tricks of a professional caliber.

Here is a collection of the very smartest magic, devised and used in his own act by Lu Brent, the top-notch Philadelphia professional...

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Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
Ireland's Year Book 1959 by Frances Marshall & Jay Marshall
  • The Magician Of The Yearbook - Ron Urban
  • The Princess And The Royal Rope (A Patter Story)
  • Trickities II (The First Trickities Is In The 1958 Yearbook)
  • Phantom Tube And Candle Routine For Children
  • Routine For A Rubber Dove
  • Seek A Peek Plexiglas Clip Board
  • "Coo Coo" Savon
  • Idea For A Lota
  • A "Refreshing" Lecture
  • Make Safety A Habit
  • A Day At The Races
  • Counterfeiter's Dream
  • Yeow!
  • Old Glory Be!
  • Hypo Phoney Routine
  • The Fantastic Bill Transposition
  • Presto Coin Stand
  • New Multipurpose Card Exchange Folder
  • Magic Roulette
  • Chinese Symbol Gag
  • The Miser's Dream
  • Variation On The Soft Soap Trick
  • Rope...
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Ray Grismer
Thirty by Ray Grismer

Cards across

The Thirty Card Trick is a magical classic that can be done on stage as well as close up. It is entertaining to all types of audiences. The classic method (Magicians' Tricks by Hatton and Plate) used sleight of hand and math chicanery. Zens used envelopes. Crandall used roughing fluid. You should find this method one of the best because instead of making the passing of three cards an arbitrary choice it offers a logical reason for using three. Also, there is very strong misdirection. Each step is clearly explained along with the reasoning.

The moves are well covered by misdirection and by having unbalanced...

★★★★★ $4.50
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Mark Leveridge
3 Card Con by Mark Leveridge

Three pre-folded cards are tipped from a card box and displayed as being a QH and two blank cards. The three cards are folded to conceal their faces and arranged in a row on the table ready for the classic Find The Lady. Having mixed the positions of the three cards, the one that should be the QH is opened to reveal it is in fact one of the blanks. That’s surprise no. 1. Surprise no. 2 comes when the other two cards are unfolded to reveal they are both blanks as well! The QH has completely disappeared. Surprise no. 3 is revealed when the QH is found folded inside the card box that has been...

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Unnamed Magician
ACAAN: a fresh approach to an age-old plot by Unnamed Magician


The magician introduces a special deck of 52 cards, where each card is seen to have a number 1 through 52 printed on it. The spectators (two of them) are asked to verify that all the numbers are indeed different, that there aren't any duplicate numbers. The magician hands one spectator this special deck (in a face-down position) and says, "I want you to select a number 1 through 52. But instead of just thinking of a number 1 through 52, I want you to randomly select one. Like that, even you don't know what number you'd end up with, thereby eliminating any psychological influence....

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Fu Manchu & Mago Marko
Satan's Daughter by Fu Manchu & Mago Marko

For the first time in the English language one of the most highly successful magical plays of all time. From the pen of Fu Manchu (David Bamberg) comes Satan's Daughter, a lost treasure of the history of magic, until now unknown in the English-speaking world of magic.

Fu Manchu (David Bamberg) was the son of the great Okito and the sixth generation of magicians, originally from the Netherlands. He toured for decades with one of the finest full-evening magic shows, mostly in Latin America but also in Spain. Fu Manchu wrote and performed several magic plays of which Satan's Daughter is among the...

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The Champion Pig of England by unknown

This is a lovely old-school children's story about a pig named Grunter Growler, his life on a farm, his animal as well as human friends, and his success winning 1st prize as the most beautiful pig in the country.

The interesting part for conjurers is that Grunter meets Toby the Learned Pig which includes a description of a typical performance of Toby. Those who study and research learned pigs might find it interesting. All learned pigs in England were named Toby. It is therefore not clear which Toby was the model for this description.

  • Preface
  • Chapter I. Introductory
  • Chapter II. Our...
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