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Bob Malinchock
Just Five! by Bob Malinchock

Just Five! is a booklet containing only five card tricks. Its intent was to not overwhelm the reader with too many of the thousands of card tricks and all their variations. Presented is a variety of straightforward effects with little demand on one's skill in sleight of hand. Misdirection and presentation are the focus.

Included are:

  1. World's Fastest 2 Card Discovery - A trick without a middle.
  2. Snuggling-up to the Marker - Rather than the Joker.
  3. Real Mindreading Actor - Real telepathy, almost.
  4. True ACAAN - Close to the real thing.
  5. Memory Skills - Tests the magician's memory.


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Ken de Courcy
Danson's Diary Trick by Ken de Courcy

Danson's Diary Trick was first published in the New Pentagram Vol 2. It was an effect many magicians liked and subsequently several variations were published. Ken de Courcy compiles here several variations from Roy Johnson, from MUM magazine, including his own ideas, tips, and suggestions.

1st edition 1983, 20 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Burling Hull
How to Answer Questions for Crystal Gazing and Mind Reading Acts by Burling Hull

Explaining the Burling Hull method of reducing the subject to a system - by classifying questions in four divisions and rendering answers according to a set of prescribed principles for each classification.

This work provides a clear description of a highly practical method of how to answer questions, and how to avoid or answer difficult questions. It also includes information on how to construct the introductory talk. This was part of Annemann's Five Foot Shelf and is therefore required reading for mentalists. It does not explain how to get knowledge of the questions themselves but there are several ways to do that,...

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Ray Grismer
Loopy by Ray Grismer

Finger ring and rope

A borrowed ring is magically removed from one of several loops of rope and replaced on a different loop.

1st edition 1978, 6 pages.

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Steve Pellegrino
Your Card by Steve Pellegrino

An amazing twist to the Red Hot Mama/Chicago Opener routine.

A card is selected and placed back into the middle of the deck. The magician states the selected card will reveal itself to him. As he spreads through the deck, a card with a different colored back and a paperclip with a note attached to it is seen. The note reads "Your Card!"

The card is turned over, revealing the selected card. The paper-clipped card is set aside, facing down. A second spectator selects another card and an attempt is made to repeat the effect.

As the magician spreads through the cards, a second with an...

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Mago Marko
Forgotten by Mago Marko

This new eBook is a treasure trove of great and practical magic. Old magic books, magazines, and catalogs are full of wonderful tricks that are mostly unknown today. These tricks astonished audiences in the past and they can astonish them today. All the material contained in Forgotten is practical and will work today as well as it did in the past. In this new eBook by Marko (former admin of The Learned Pig Project), you'll find the following.

MAGICAL GERMINATION. Dip your empty hand into a round transparent fishbowl and it magically fills with flowers. Hand is seen empty at all times. You're...

★★★★ $12
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Wiljalba Frikell
Magic no Mystery by Wiljalba Frikell

Conjuring tricks with cards balls, and dice; magic writing, performing animals, etc.

This is a surprisingly interesting book edited by W. H. Cremer. It includes an early precursor of the Chop Cup. (See The Magic Dutch Balls.) It has interesting information on gambling, cheating, and scams. The chapter on 'Magic Writing' is a wonderful history of cryptography and steganography. The chapter on animal training is one of the most detailed I have encountered. It also includes a wealth of magic tricks, science experiments, and effects based on apparatus.

  • Part I. Modern Magic By Sleight Of Hand...
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Wolfgang Riebe
Sacred Sorcery: A Divine Prediciton by Wolfgang Riebe

Unlock the fascinating history of the magic wand with a captivating twist that appeals to both believers and skeptics alike. Ever faced skepticism from ardent believers questioning your tricks' origins? From the creative mind of Wolfgang Riebe, embrace a mind-bending prediction trick that seamlessly weaves together ancient history and modern entertainment.

Step into the realm of magic wands, from the miracles of Jesus to the staff of Moses, and even the Pope's sceptre. Our magician delves into the rich tapestry of wand lore, inviting the audience to scrutinise and verify every detail. With...

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John Henry Pepper
The True History of Pepper's Ghost by John Henry Pepper

John Henry Pepper took a projection invention of Henry Dircks, called The Ghost, with his permission, and made it practical so that it could more easily be performed. He earned a lot of money staging it. Even though Dircks did not want any payments from Pepper, there was a falling out between the two because the invention became known as Pepper's Ghost. Dircks wanted to have his name associated with it. This prompted Dircks to write The Ghost. Pepper's answer to that publication and dispute came almost 30 years later in this work The True History of the Ghost.

He also includes the history and working of Metempsychosis...

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Brick Tilley
Tenkai Buttons by Brick Tilley

You show two buttons, one in each hand, but magically one moves into your other hand despite your hands being separated.

The two short videos will explain to you a little preparation you will have to do to the buttons and the move to accomplish the deception.

This is essentially the same as Tenkai Pennies except here you will learn how to prepare the buttons to make it much easier to do.

1st edition 2024, video 1:18.

★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Ken de Courcy
Automentalism by Ken de Courcy

A complete man and wife telepathy act.

A nicely worked out two-person act that eliminates long memorization preparation and training. The basic idea can be adapted and extended to fit your needs.

(Originally this booklet was sold with an 'apparatus'. The 'apparatus' was a set of cue cards or cue stickers which could be pasted onto cards. These are not included in this digital reproduction. However, the ebook does include images of all the cue cards and you can therefore make them yourself.)

A truly sensational mental telepathy act with ordinary playing cards and other objects handed...

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Unnamed Magician
Move a Card: the 'Holy Grail' method for a classic plot by Unnamed Magician

"Pretty sure Moe would have been fooled by this." - Ryan Schlutz

"A clever method for a memory demonstration." - Christian Grace

Note: The effect described below makes up less than half of the entire e-book. The rest of the e-book contains several other methods for the "Move a Card" plot.


The magician asks the spectator for their own deck of cards as he wishes to use a borrowed deck for the routine. He invites them to thoroughly shuffle the cards in any way of their choosing. The spectator does that. (The magician also promises never to touch the cards at any point in...

★★★★★ $30
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Steve Pellegrino
Your Last Card by Steve Pellegrino

A lost Michael Skinner mystery, updated by Steve Pellegrino. Included is Michael Skinner's original handling and Steve Pellegrino's additions. Your Last Card is a triple revelation with two different predictions. You can reset it during performance and no sleight-of-hand is required.

You ask a spectator to cut off a small packet of cards, less than half of the deck. You turn away as they do this, so you don't know how much they cut, even an approximate amount. They pocket their cards. You also cut off a small packet of cards for yourself.

Before the presentation with the cards begins, you write a...

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Ray Grismer
Limey by Ray Grismer

A totally different and highly original concept for the Bill in Lemon. With this clean and baffling method three signed bills vanish and reappear within a gift-wrapped lime, in a flash. The lime is slowly and fairly cut open to reveal the bills resting within.

The unique and practical "no fuss" loading method will completely fool anyone familiar with other methods for the effect.

In addition, the lime may be carried for hours prior to the performance - it cannot leak or damage your clothing or props. And, of course, you can prepare as many as you like well in advance - the preparation...

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Henry Dircks
The Ghost by Henry Dircks

As produced in the spectre drama, popularly illustrating the marvellous optical illusions obtained by the apparatus called the Dircksian Phantasmagoria being a full account of its history, construction, and various adaptations.

Henry Dircks was the first who came up with the stage illusions that later became known as Pepper's Ghost. He had an arrangement with Pepper, they took out a patent in both their names, and Dircks did not want any monetary remuneration for it. John Henry Pepper improved the configuration to make it more practical and successfully staged it earning quite a lot of money with it. However,...

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Lulu Hurst
Lulu Hurst Writes Her Autobiography by Lulu Hurst

For the first time explains and demonstrates the great secret of her marvelous power.

In this autobiography, Lulu Hurst tells her rise to fame and fortune by performing acts of incredible strength on stage. She does this with personal recollections as well as quoting from various newspaper reports. At the time she performed many attributed her strength to some as of yet unknown or unexplainable force. But she had no unusual strength or the aid of any special force. She cleverly used mechanical principles as well as showmanship to make it appear she had super-human strength. In the second...

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Mark Leveridge
Four-Midable Coin Creations by Mark Leveridge

Four coin routines that do not require any gimmicks.

Cash Withdrawal - a spectator marks one of five coins with his initials and the chosen coin is dropped into an envelope and left in view. The other four coins are held in a spectator's closed fist. Instantly the envelope is torn up and the vanished signed coin is found in amongst the other four coins in the onlooker's closed hand.

Seeker Coin - a freely selected (and signed if you wish) card is shuffled back into the deck which is boxed. A coin, which is marked with a spectator's initials, vanishes and when the pack is removed from the...

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Albert Deane Richardson
Beyond the Mississippi by Albert Deane Richardson

Life and adventure on the prairies, mountains, and Pacific coast.

Beyond the Mississippi is a travel log of Albert Richardson from a few years before and after the American Civil War. As the title suggests, he traveled west of the Mississippi through states and territories such as Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, Oregon, California, Nevada, etc. He describes nature, people, politics, and commerce. It includes exciting adventures as well as fairly dry facts such as how many bushels of grain a particular area produces. Overall it is quite readable and the...

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Aldo Colombini
Fai Ridere Il Tuo Pubblico by Aldo Colombini

L’arte di combinare “magia” e umorismo


“Mi sono sbellicato dalle risate leggendo questo libro! Ho pregustato quella che sarebbe stata la reazione del pubblico applicando le tecniche descritte dal caro Aldo in queto volumetto ed eseguendo le routines descritte. Sono convinto che piacerà molto anche a te, caro lettore, e che considererai veramente prezioso il suo contenuto.

In questo scritto Aldo ci spiega quello che è il grande segreto per eseguire una routine che intrattenga veramente il tuo pubblico. Non si tratta di fare semplicemente magia comica...

★★★★★ $5.90
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Koo Hu
Haunted by Koo Hu

A haunted deck that needs no body hook-up or props attached to the body.

1st edition 2024, video 6:41

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MP4 (video)

D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini Encores Companion by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini Encores is a great book with many photos, but despite the genuine efforts by the author and editor to capture Slydini's magic and teach it, it is tough to learn the details and the exact timing from the book. This is particularly true for students who have not experienced Slydini live. Dennis Barlotta, aka D. Angelo Ferri, who studied under Slydini for several years, provides in this video lecture the missing details and demonstrations so that you can actually learn and perform these miracles.

Dennis demonstrates and discusses almost everything from the book, Prediction in Red, Alladin Purse,...

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MP4 (video)

Leon Nathanson & Tony Slydini
Slydini Encores by Leon Nathanson & Tony Slydini

This volume can be considered the continuation of The Magic of Slydini. Here, Slydini reveals for the first time two devilish sleights the Imp-Pass and the Revolve-Vanish. These enable some of his most characteristic routines.

Excerpt from the editor's preface:

Slydini is a superb performer not only because he has an inspired imagination and the infinite patience to practice until he can perform automatically - one could say by reflex - but because he is a first class psychologist, a student of human nature. The knowledge he has acquired of how and why people think, feel and react, he has applied to his...

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Hereward Carrington
Side-Show Tricks Explained by Hereward Carrington

Sword swallowing, fire eating, feats of strength, juggling secrets,...

In this Little Blue Book I have described and explained most of the tricks which are to be seen in the typical Side-Show, whether in the circus or elsewhere. The historical side of this subject has already been dealt with quite fully by Houdini, in his book Miracle Mongers and Their Methods, but very few actual explanations are therein given, despite the title and I feel assured that the present little book covers the subject in a more complete manner than any other single volume which has so far appeared. Animal Tricks, and the tricks of professional gamblers,...

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Ray Grismer
Impromptu Mentalism by Ray Grismer

Impromptu mentalism is usually improvised but certain effects may be prepared in advance if they are presented as impromptu ideas. Somewhat like the comic who memorizes thousands of one-liners and seems to create them off the top of his head.

  • Bold Shots
  • Cold Reading
  • Contact Mind Reading
  • Pendulums
  • Basic Equipment
  • Center Tear
  • Billet Switch
  • Stooges
  • Forces
  • Equivoce
  • Hobson's Choice
  • Memory
  • Magic Squares
  • Higher Math
  • 1089
  • A B C D
  • 3 - 34 Follow-Up
  • Words
  • Wallet Acts
  • Magic
  • The Occult
  • COP Out
  • Finally

1st edition ~1980, 14 pages; PDF 8 pages.

★★★★ $10
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