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Anatomy of Gaming by Nimrod

This multi-part article starts with some historical perspectives and then is largely about the evils of gambling. However, it has a section on crooked play which is interesting for historical reasons. The topics covered in the section are:

  • Reflectors
  • The Longs and Shorts
  • Convex and Concave Cards
  • Pricked Cards
  • The Bridge
  • Skinning
  • Shuffling or Weaving
  • The Gradus, or Step
  • Palming
  • The Telegraph
  • Dice and Dice Boxes
  • Unequal Dice
  • Loaded Dice
  • Cogging, now called Securing
  • Scratched Dice
  • The Doctored Dice-Box
  • Sauter La Coupe (the pass or shift)

1st edition 1837, PDF 73 pages.

★★★★★ $15
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Ian Baxter
Three Rapid Spellers by Ian Baxter

To all magicians, amateur and professional - here is a loaded question:

Have you ever been bored silly watching a magician perform a spelling trick?

This is contentious and very obviously axiomatic. Quoting from the Preface of his new manuscript, Australian card man Ian Baxter comments: "Unfortunately, spelling effects in card magic hold the onerous title of being the most laborious, boring presentations imaginable."

This is the point at issue - boredom setting in, thanks to the tedium of endless counting and spelling, usually propped up with trivial patter. Such effects are simply...

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Koo Hu
Worker's ACAAN by Koo Hu

ACAAN without Pain, Tear, Sweat or Fear

  • Involve upto 4 participants.
  • Nothing to memorize.
  • Clear and concise method.

Worker's ACAAN is one ACAAN that will leave your audience speechless. Its method enables seamless execution which in turn delivers unparalleled mystery. Once you understand the method, it will be impossible to forget. This is the only ACAAN you'll depend upon the rest of your life.

  1. Four people decide on the colour, suit, value and the number between 1 and 52
  2. You invite the fourth person to join you.
  3. Unpack a deck that has been in full view, get rid of ad cards...
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Floyd Gerald Thayer & Glenn G. Gravatt
Thayer Quality Magic Volume 3 by Floyd Gerald Thayer & Glenn G. Gravatt

Volume Three of the Thayer Quality Magic Instruction Sheets brings you over 200 more explanations of magic sold by the leading dealer of the Golden Age of Magic, Floyd Thayer. Choice, exclusive magic in eighteen categories, the secret and presentation explained in nearly the exact words as furnished purchasers of what are now real treasures. This, together with the first two volumes, constitutes a veritable encyclopedia of magical knowledge, as you can readily see.

  • Ball Magic
    • No. 115—Patriotic Billiard Balls
    • The Ball and Vase
    • No. 102—Billiard Ball Holder
    • No. 104—Fortune...
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Sorcar: Maharajah of Magic by All-India-Magic-Circle

This is a celebration of Sorcar's success as a magician. Several authors, reviewers, and commentators write about Sorcar and his performances. This is followed by cartoons by Alias and photos depicting Sorcar in various places.

  • Preface
  • John Booth - Sorcar: Greatest Illusionist in Indian History
  • Arthur Leroy - It Can't Be Done
  • Krishan H. Gandhi - Sorcar: The Master Magician
  • Gasho Ishikawa - Sorcar In Japan
  • Goodliffe - Sorcar: The World's Greatest Magician
  • Burns Scandrett - Sorcar in Australia and New Zealand
  • Jay and Frances Marshall - He Really is the World's Greatest Magician
  • Ronald Murray Shanik - The Great Sorcar:...
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Gagsterisms by Ali

An ebook of visual gags and other fun bits.

There are many types of comedy. Visual, verbal, straight, burlesque and pantomimic are but a few, and numerous off-shoots spring from them. Best of all, by far, is the visual gag. This has no language barriers and can be understood by young and old alike.

There was the classic visual gag of the famous musical clown, Grock. He would sit down at a grand piano, only to find the stool was too far away for him to reach the keys. To remedy this, he would rise from the stool, go to the other end of the piano, and laboriously start to push the heavy...

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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Chronologue by Unknown Mentalist

There will be no one who is not aware of the Chronologue diary effect by the great Bob Cassidy. This is a propless version of the same effect.

There are 2 pure propless versions of Chronologue which are explained where no diary or datebook and no physical deck or playing cards are in play. The process is quick, direct, and purely propless between the performer and a participant. The whole process takes about 2 minutes approx.

Using an imaginary diary and an imaginary deck, the lucky card of a participant for her birthday is nailed by the performer accurately. There are also 2 almost propless versions...

★★★ $30
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Ray Grismer
Foxiest by Ray Grismer

For many years, Ray has worked on the problem of developing an impromptu version of the Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick. After testing and discarding several earlier handlings, he has come up with a stunning version that is a reputation-building demonstration of mass mentalism.

It can be done anytime, anywhere, totally impromptu, with a borrowed deck of cards which is first thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. The cards are handed out to several spectators - between five and twenty if you wish - and they are each asked to just think of a card. The cards are gathered and once again shuffled. You...

★★★★ $10
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Koo Hu
Burn Down by Koo Hu

Find their card with an inferno on your palm.

A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck. And then ... you take a burning match and shove it into the deck, burning one card at a time going deeper and deeper and eventually the match extinguishes itself. You spread the cards and find that the match burnt through each and every card but it couldn't go beyond one particular card, their signed card.

  • Quick Reset: Instantly repeatable up to 15 times.
  • Easy Build: Only takes the skills of a 10-year-old.
  • Quick Setup: Under 5 minutes to build from scratch to performance ready.
  • Economical:...
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MP4 (video)

Ian Baxter
BIRT: Baxter's Indian Rope Trick by Ian Baxter

A lovely print-and-perform trick.

Who in magic, beginner or expert, has not purchased, watched, or performed that perennial "Gone To Lunch" or as it is sometimes called, "The Indian Rope Trick"? This magic shop favourite has been making the rounds for decades and is still a consistent best-seller for dealers all over the world.

Would you believe, Australian card man Ian Baxter has for years been performing his own version that tops the original? Baxter put this together back in the 1990's and sold it through limited dealerships. Yes, the 'Gone To Lunch' theme is fully intact, but there...

★★★★★ $8
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Michael Jorden
The Assistant's Revenge by Michael Jorden

A new take on Harbin's "Aztec Lady" and "Assistant's Revenge".

Excerpt from the introduction:

For some time now I have been wanting to build an illusion act and, for me, Harbin seemed to be the place to start. Unfortunately Zig-Zag had been performed so many times on television that I felt it would serve no useful place in my act. However, I did want a "torture" illusion and after reading "Harbincadabra" decided to attempt to make "Aztec Lady" based on the photographs in the book, as well as the brief information given in the Appendix "Letter to New Zealand".

I had seen Harbin perform this illusion...

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Robert Kaldy-Karo
Magische Magnete by Robert Kaldy-Karo

Viele Ideen und Tricks mit Magneten. Damals, als diese Publikation zum ersten Mal erschien, war es schwierig an starke Magnete heranzukommen. Heute sind Neodym-Magnete leicht in allen Größen und Varianten zu bekommen. Die Ideen von Kaldy-Karo sind aber nach wie vor effektvoll.

  • 1. Einige Magnetisch Einführende Worte
  • 2. Unmöglich Nahe
    • 2.1. Die Magnetischen Goldringe
    • 2.2. Bluff
    • 2.3. Time Flies
    • 2.4. Automatik
    • 2.5. Uri Geller - Zerfallender Löffel
    • 2.6. Magnetdaumen
    • 2.7. Psychokinetik
    • 2.8. Coffee Time
    • 2.9. Körpermontagen Für Die Magneten
    • 2.10. Impossible
    • 2.11. Empty Hands ...
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Michael Breggar
The No Tears Tear by Michael Breggar

Straight from the mentalism act of award-winning Linking Ring author Michael Breggar comes The No Tears Tear.

The No Tears Tear is an easy-to-execute center tear that provides a peek in real-time. Do we all need another center tear? Nope. You only need one. And this is the one.

The manuscript is loaded with text and photos depicting each action and step in detail. The rationale for each move is also discussed which makes learning the method a snap.


  • Real-time
  • Real deceptive
  • Real easy

You will be using this approach in your mentalism routines shortly after reading...

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Floyd Gerald Thayer & Glenn G. Gravatt
Thayer Quality Magic Volume 2 by Floyd Gerald Thayer & Glenn G. Gravatt

  • Ball Magic
    • No. 700. Thayer's "Perfection" Multiplying Billiard Balls
    • No. 701. Special Ball Sets (Cheaper Grade)
    • No. 702. Thayer's "Clingo" Billiard Balls
    • No. 703. Thayer's Super Ball Set
    • No. 520—Unique Rainbow Billiard Ball Trick
    • No. 112—Bingo Billiard Ball Vanish
    • No. 105 The Ball and Handkerchief
    • No. 721. The Diminishing Billiard Ball
    • No. 727. Peerless Billiard Ball Stand
    • No. 487—Reyaht’s Eccentric Tube
    • No. 978. The Floating Ball
  • Tricks with Birds, etc.
    • No. 193—The Chafing Dish
    • No. 713—Magical Shot and Enchanted Cage
    • No. 261—The Birds From...
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Jack McMillen & Judson Brown
Take a Card by Jack McMillen & Judson Brown

This hard-to-find book of eleven clever card effects was ahead of its time and still plays well to today's audiences. While not self-working, magicians with ordinary card ability can do them all.

The effects include:

  • An Instantaneous Detection
  • The Haunted Whisper
  • The Hazy Pips
  • From Another Deck
  • A Joker Location
  • Another Joker Location
  • Blowing the Pips
  • A New Reverse Location
  • Upside Down
  • The Phantom Pips
  • Topsy-Turvy Location

Acclaimed by close-up masters including Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller, McMillen and Brown were known as the most skillful card performers on the Pacific coast. Those who knew...

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TC Tahoe
Magic and Storytelling by TC Tahoe

Using storytelling to not only effectively enhance effects, but also your show.

As a performer, I generally prefer the methods of the tricks I choose to be simple, the plots clear, and the magic...well, magical. I use stories to draw the audience in. To find interest in not only the effect I am presenting but also in me.


The Why and Way - How I use Stories, that help ensure my audiences remember Me and not just the effects.

Kiss Me Fate - a Tarot effect

Till’ Death Do Us Part - A haunting effect with an old letter, two wedding rings, and a string.

Soul Fate -...

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Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone 2024 Lecture Notes by Jeff Stone

A New Year, and new set of lecture notes from Jeff Stone. Dive into 14 effects and ideas ranging everywhere from gags to stunts to powerful, baffling, and visual magic. Everything in this set of lecture notes has been in Jeff's repertoire for several years, and in most cases, over two full decades.

Included is access to over a dozen video clips to create (as closely as possible) that in-person live lecture experience, plus multiple QR codes / links to other resources along with nearly 50 footnotes to get your history and resource juices flowing. It's time for you to "attend" the 2024 Stone...

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Ray Grismer
Handy by Ray Grismer

A method for Edmund Rowland's "An Impromptu Torn Newspaper Test" that was modified and popularized by Al Koran.

Effect: The spectator is handed a sealed prediction. Someone chooses a number less than 33. The performer quickly tears a double newspaper page into 32 pieces and they are handed to the person who chose the number. This person counts to the piece at his number. The envelope is opened and the details of the prediction match the contents of the newsprint.

1st edition 1978, PDF 2 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
Exact Birthday by Unknown Mentalist

This intro price will go up to $30 from May 6, 2024.

This is a physical product which will be shipped to you. The accompanying PDF can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf.

Exact Birthday is exactly that, a novel and fantastic birthday divination tool where you can divine the exact birthday of a total stranger in under 45 seconds. A specially printed business card is all you use to achieve this. A second card with general information like zodiac signs, their date ranges, and lucky playing cards is also provided as a reference card. Pop these 2 business-card-sized cards into...

★★★★★ $18
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gimmick & PDF

Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1 (January 2024) by Scott Baird
  • Patrik Kuffs presents some Billiard Mastery in Two Acts
  • Boyet Vargas shares his mentalism routine, Person of Interest
  • Landon Stark explains a tea time trick with Mentalitea
  • Werner Miller returns with the Three of Diamonds Trick
  • Joe Rindfleisch shares his Computerized Deck 2.0
  • Andy Choy and Yathunandh teach their Corsican Closer
  • CJ snaps your portrait in Copper Silver Camera
  • Claudio Imperiale gets Two Birds [with] One Stone
  • Adam Socha has a Threesome In The Box
  • John Carey goes Topsy Turvy Carey

PDF 46 pages.

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Koo Hu
Artifact by Koo Hu

A unique suspension of 1 and 1/2 cards that can be installed anywhere and serves as a great conversation starter. There is absolutely nothing attached to it left, right, up, or down, all around. Make it look regal by placing a glass bowl on top completely isolating it and letting the conversations begin.

1st edition 2024, video 5:13.

★★★★★ $4.95
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MP4 (video)

Koo Hu
B4 Haunted by Koo Hu

Give logic and reason to your haunted deck to make it reach deeper levels of the subconscious.

I have always disliked how most magicians perform the haunted deck as an added phase to an Ambitious Card routine or worse just a single-phased find a card trick. Some use the presentation of ghosts, but I also don't like it as well. It is too dark for some of the audiences around the world and also doesn't suit every occasion/event.

Here are the 2 phases that I use to lead into the Haunted Deck.

1st edition 2024, PDF 4 pages.

★★★ $0
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Floyd Gerald Thayer & Glenn G. Gravatt
Thayer Quality Magic Volume 1 by Floyd Gerald Thayer & Glenn G. Gravatt

Many years ago by a stroke of good luck, a fortunate combination of circumstances, I acquired a complete file of Thayer instruction sheets designed to accompany the apparatus. This just may be the only complete collection of Thayer secrets in existence. Recently I happened to mention this to Lloyd Jones who urged me to compile these instructions in book form, stressing the tremendous value of such a collection to magicians. This I consented to do but found there was too much material for one book. It was therefore decided to issue these secrets in several volumes, of which this is the first.


★★★★★ $24.50
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Michael Elliott
Children's Showtime by Michael Elliott

Excerpt from the introduction by David Hemingway:

The plum of the book is undoubtedly the 'Parade of the Firemen.' This will surely be seen in the acts of many leading children's entertainers.

Michael Elliott has at last been persuaded to go into print with his wealth of experience in entertaining children. His approach is, in my opinion, completely new and his knowledge of commercial script writing shows through in many ways.

Many of his basic ideas may seem old, but are presented in a new and telling way. Atrocious puns may seem corny to you and me, but they are the very essence...

★★★★★ $10
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