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If you have seen a David Roth, Michael Rubinstein or Shigeo Futagawa perform with coins, you know what kind of miracles are possible with these shiny objects. You will find in this category must read classics like Bobo's Modern Coin Magic as well as the latest hot effects by Daniel Garcia or Michael Wild.

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    Capture the Coin by Dave Arch    The Impossible Coin in Bottle by Ray Roch    The Dime and Penny by Lloyd E. Jones    A Baker's Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer    Inspyring Coin by Unknown Mentalist    Kaps on Coins by Fred Kaps    The Best of Benzais by John Benzais    The Exodus: instant coins across by David Devlin    Coins by Roy 1 Bundle (PDF + download DVD) by Roy Eidem    Coins by Roy Volume 1 (download DVD) by Roy Eidem    Coins by Roy Volume 1 by Roy Eidem    Ghostly Pennies by Sam Hoang    Fingertip Fantasies by Bob Ostin    V-Coin by Ninh    Going Nowhere: dime and penny matchbox by Brick Tilley    It's Easier Than You Think Volume 2 by Geoffrey Buckingham    Coining Magic by Edward Marlo    Mojo Boogie Boxes by Bob Farmer    Sleeving by Vin Carey    Bowled Over by Brick Tilley    The Boston Tea Party by David Devlin    J. C. Coin Routines: Handle With Gloves by Jack Chanin    The Spider and The Fly by Brick Tilley    Comedy Coin Prediction by Devin Knight    Dr. Hekyll and Mr. Hype by Brick Tilley    European Close-Up Magic Symposium: Coin Magic Symposium Volume 2 by Giacomo Bertini    The Big Time: chip through table by Brick Tilley    Manly Matrix by Daryl Easton    Mysterious Cross of India by Daryl Easton    Casino Chip Miracle by Peki    Tenkai Pennies by Brick Tilley    Zella: copper and silver coin routine by Ulysses Frederick Grant    Michael Gallo: The Dynasty Continues by Michael Gallo    Mad Coin by Bao Ninh    Inthedark by Brick Tilley    The New Modern Coin Magic by J. B. Bobo    Psychic Money Sense by Devin Knight    Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks by Laurie Ireland & Edward Marlo    Aqua-Coin Flight by Devin Knight    Magic with Coin by Sam Hoang    Absorb by Sofl    Milestone in Coin Magic by Fred C. Baumann    Coin Glass and Coins Across by Jose Castineiras    Okito Coin Box Routines by Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz    European Close-Up Magic Symposium: Coin Magic Symposium Volume 1 by Giacomo Bertini    Grow Up Coin by Akira Fuji    Esencia del Vaso by Miguel Angel Gea    Inflation and Deflation by Shigeo Futagawa    Cylinder and Coins by Giacomo Bertini    Flash Dance by Eric Jones

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Capture the Coin by Dave ArchYou can almost smell the popcorn and hear the screams from the roller coaster as the magician unfolds the game board to demonstrate this seldom seen scam entitled Capture The Coin. With two coins placed on a checkerboard-like mat, the mark attempts to beat the game operator by moving in turn their coins one square at a time. If the mark successfully eludes the operator's coin from catching (moving into the same intersection of the lines as his), the mark wins. If the operator corners the mark's coin and then moves his coin into the same intersection of lines as the mark's coin, the operator...
2019 / 2 / 5
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The Impossible Coin in Bottle by Ray Roch

A very well constructed method and routine for the classic coin in the bottle effect which does use a solid coin.

Even though there are many good routines, they all seem to have flaws. Most detrimental is the fact that a folding coin’s elastic band can break at an inopportune time, and another problem is that whenever a performer has to access a pocket to retrieve or ditch a coin it becomes a suspicious move.

These problems are dealt with nicely during Ray Roch’s Impossible coin in the Bottle routine. The hands never leave the performance area and always remain in sight. A solid coin...

2019 / 2 / 4
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The Dime and Penny by Lloyd E. JonesTwenty-five excellent tricks are concisely explained by Lloyd E. Jones for this excellent piece of mechanical coin magic. Nicely illustrated, too. The Dime and Penny ebook makes an old trick modern and definitely establishes it as one of the classics of magic.

No difficult sleights are required, no bulky apparatus, every move is described. You'll deceive your friends for days on end with the excellent magic effects possible with this one piece of mechanical magic. It's doubtful that any book devoted to a single pocket trick has ever featured such good magic as is given in this book.


2019 / 1 / 14
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A Baker's Dozen Hummers by Bob HummerHere's a compendium of 13 of Bob Hummer's unique, mind-blowing stunts for magicians and mentalists. A baker's dozen mentalism and magic effects using cards and coins. Each one seems utterly impossible, yet they work every time.


  • Foreword (B. W. McCarron)
  • Introduction (Martin Gardner)
  • 1. The Magic Separation
  • 2. Face-Up Prediction
  • 3. Lite-Ning Addition
  • 4. Two Card Transpo
  • 5. Two Card Location
  • 6. Card and Ribbon
  • 7. The Four G-Men
  • 8. The Card on the Window Pane
  • 9. Double Thought
  • 10. A Rare Coin Stunt
  • 11. A Possible...
2018 / 12 / 15
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Inspyring Coin by Unknown MentalistThis includes just the physical coin(s) only. For routines you must already own any of the ebooks In-spy-ring or Con-spy-ring or 1089 Refreshed & Reloaded.

The Inspyring Coin comes in two finishes – Glossy and Antique. You can either buy any one of them or both of them as a set. Make your selection above on the right.

Inspyring Coin is specially created for the purpose of performing coin mentalism routines -- zero sleights involved. Most of the routines are self-working. Yet the routines are easy to learn and perform so that you can focus fully on your presentation.

Just pop your Inspyring Coin into your wallet or pocket, learn...

2018 / 12 / 8
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Glossy Coin

Antique Coin

Glossy & Antique Coin

Kaps on Coins by Fred KapsCoin routines and moves explained in video and text.
  1. Edward Victor's Color-Changing Coins (Spellbound)
  2. Okito Box Routine
  3. Coin Across
  4. Silver And China Transposition
  5. Hoo Coin Routine
  6. Coin Through Hand
  7. Coin Vanish Under Card
  8. Ring Off String
  9. Coin Through Handkerchief
  10. Twin Coin Production From Card
  11. Coins Through Table
  12. Another Coin Vanish Under Card
[Note: The video is silent (no audio track).]

Similar product from Fred Kaps but on cards is: Kaps on Kards.

PDF 10 pages; video length 20 min

2018 / 10 / 6
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The Best of Benzais by John BenzaisA classic publication with wonderful coin magic, some card tricks and cut and restored rope. Slydini adopted some routines from Benzais.
  • The "Coins Through The Table"
    • First Effect (For One Coin)
    • Second Effect (For Two Coins)
    • Third Effect (For Four Coins)
    • Han Ping 'Benzais'
    • With Six Coins
    • Something Extra The Benzais Grip
    • Again With Six Coins
    • It Doesn't Belong Here
    • One Handed Method
  • Just A Few More "Coin Tricks"
    • 5c For Your Thoughts
    • The Benzais Concealment
    • Transit Dime
    • Follow-Up For Transit
    • A Simple Vanish
    • Another Simple Vanish
    • Not So Simple
  • Different Types Of Card Tricks ...
2018 / 9 / 1
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The Exodus: instant coins across by David DevlinEffect: A collection of coins of different denominations is displayed on the table. The right hand is kept well away from the coins, which are then gathered up one at a time by the left hand. The left and right hands are closed into fists. A magical gesture is made, and all of the coins vanish from the left hand and appear in the right hand…but wait…one of the coins failed to go across. The coin is picked up with the left hand, the hands are closed into fists, a magical gesture is made, and the final coin travels from the left hand to the right hand.

This “Instant Coins Across” routine...

2018 / 9 / 1
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Coins by Roy 1 Bundle (PDF + download DVD) by Roy EidemThis bundle consists of both the PDF and the one hour download video.
2018 / 8 / 24
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Coins by Roy Volume 1 (download DVD) by Roy EidemInner secret coin magic after decades revealed. Detailed written instructions with dozens of photographs to assist in the learning of all the moves and new coin sleights. A full workers routine which may be performed in part of in whole depending upon the performance environment. Honed and refined in the underground over decades to its fundamental entertainment and performance simplicity. Promises kept for decades that portions of this material would never be performed before magicians and only performed before laymen so as to keep the exclusivity of the methods underground. Only now available...
2018 / 8 / 24
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MP4 (video)

Coins by Roy Volume 1 by Roy EidemThis coin magic was instrumental in Roy's invitation and multiple performances at the by invitation only FFFF convention, as well as for his 2017 combined IBM/SAM close-up competition act.


  • Multiple Productions of Coins from a Coin Purse Frame (An Elegant Miser's Dream)
  • The Twisted Finger Palm
  • One-half Jumping Shuttle Pass
  • The Reverse Shuttle Pass Drop (RSPD)
  • Vanish of Multiple Coins into a Coin Purse Frame
  • Flash Production of Coins out of a Purse Frame
  • Modified Goshman Coin Pass
  • Click Pass - a Subtle Variation
  • "The 360 Cloak"
  • Flying Han Ping Chien & One Ahead
  • Retention...
2018 / 8 / 24
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Ghostly Pennies by Sam HoangNote that the instructions are purely visual with some captions.

A coin magically penetrates an empty cigarette package.

1st edition 2018, length 10 min 15 s

2018 / 7 / 13
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MP4 (video)

Fingertip Fantasies by Bob OstinA collection of wonderful coin routines.
  • The "Sky Hooks" Routine
  • The Vanishing Biro
  • A Coin From Two Cards
  • Perfection Penetration
  • Card-To-Wallet
  • The "One Cup, One Ball, One Move" Routine
  • The "Four-In-One" Routine
  • The Coin On The Pipe Cleaner
  • Name Spelling
  • Copper To Silver
  • Reading Cards - Behind Your Back
  • Coin Through Ring
  • The "No Load" Dice Stack Climax
  • A Novel Penknife Routine
  • The Cigar Tube Mystery
  • The "Good Company" Penetration
  • The Lie Detector
  • A Routine For The "Pencil Through The Penny"
  • A Clean Finish For The Coins Across
  • The "Swivel Up" Card To Top
  • Adding A Stack...
2018 / 7 / 12
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V-Coin by NinhYou borrow a coin from the audience, then tell them to sign the coin. Next you put the coin on the floor. You then step on the coin and immediately slide your foot from your shoe, revealing that the coin is totally inside the shoe.
  • The gimmick is simple and easy to implement
  • Use a borrowed coin from the audience
[Note that the explanation is purely visual (no sound) and a few lines of text inserted in the video.]

1st edition 2018, length 9 min 36 s

2018 / 7 / 2
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MP4 (video)

Going Nowhere: dime and penny matchbox by Brick TilleyA totally self-working mystery that can be constructed for very little time and expense that leaves your audience completely puzzled.

Display a penny. Cover it with a matchbox. The penny has changed into a dime. Open the matchbox. The penny has traveled into the matchbox.

1st edition 2018, 3 pages + video

2018 / 5 / 29
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It's Easier Than You Think Volume 2 by Geoffrey BuckinghamThis famous book, now republished in three easy to handle ebook volumes. Illustrated with dozens of line drawings by Eric Lewis. The finest coverage of billiard ball work in print, excellent material on coins, and a large number of variety tricks in the Buckingham style and tradition.

  • About Geoffrey Buckingham
  • Chapter Nine
    • Loading And Stealing
    • Direct Loads From The Body
    • Pick-Up Loads From The Body
    • Substitution Loads
  • Chapter Ten
    • Holders For The Manipulator
    • Coin Holders For A Single Coin
    • For A Number Of Single Coins
    • For A Stack Of Coins
    • The Elastic Belt
    • Billiard Ball Holders
    • The...
2018 / 4 / 23
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Coining Magic by Edward MarloMarlo's coin magic has a wonderful imaginative quality. He does things with props you've had around for years and you wonder why you didn't think of it.
  • Note
  • Paper And Coin
  • The Dealer's Pitch
  • For Enthusiasts
  • The Spider Vanish
  • Further Ideas
  • The Spectator Wraps It Up
  • Shrinkage
  • Copper-Silver Paper
  • Solid-Soft-Solid-Gone
  • Hand Penetration
  • A New Method Of Handling The Flip Move
  • Sans Duplicate
  • Flutterless
  • Unprepared
  • Ed Marlo's Personal Routine
  • S.O.C.
  • Technique For Visible Coin Change
  • The 1050 Transposition
  • Impromptu S.O.C. Routine
  • Marlo One Hand Turnover
  • Coin Box Turnover
  • Concluding...
2018 / 4 / 3
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Mojo Boogie Boxes by Bob FarmerA three-phase, coin box routine with no difficult sleights. Perfect for the magician who doesn't do coin magic but wants to add an astounding effect to the repertoire. Can be performed close-up and surrounded. Included is Bob's "Beat the Devil" bizarre patter story.

You will need one Boston Coin Box and two Okito Coin Boxes to perform this routine.

M.D. "A blast to play with ... I have been having so much fun ...."

R.R. "... (The routine is) a classic, down to professional quality patter."

D.S. "A real nice piece of work ... great ideas and routines ... I ... was quite impressed...

2018 / 3 / 25
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Sleeving by Vin Carey

PDF 14 pages.

2018 / 3 / 12
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Bowled Over by Brick TilleyProduce three coins from two empty rice bowls.

1st edition 2017, 4 pages.

2017 / 10 / 31
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