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Mark Weston
Effects with the Card Index by Mark Weston

The card index is an item that should be in the accessory department of every working magician; once the method of working has been grasped and the necessary practice acquired, a new field of card magic miracle effects is open to the practical performer.

  • Setting The Indexes
  • The Method Of Stacking
  • Actual Working
  • Position Of Indexes In The Pockets
  • The Cards From The Pocket
  • The Twins
  • Transposed Aces
  • Lone Ranger
  • The Invisible Card
  • The Last Card
  • Pairs
  • The Card In The Pocket
  • Six Cards In The Hat
  • Card Stab
  • Card In Wallet
  • Various Other Uses For The Index

1st edition 1982, 16...

★★★★★ $8
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Will Ayling
The Lilliputians by Will Ayling

An adventure into glove and rod puppet theatre.

From the introduction:

The need for a puppet show being established, the selection of type both of figures and presentation raised problems. The marionette string puppet, operated mostly from above, has an indirect application and limited movement in spite of considerable flexibility of joints. Rod puppets worked mostly from below, also suffer limitations, their movements restricted and stylised. Certainly both types require more than one hand to effectively operate one figure and are best suited to the traditional proscenium staging. ...

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Jeff Stone
Bingo Bango: A Brief History of the Bingo Shooting Device by Jeff Stone

This small spring-loaded Bingo Shooting Device causes a loud bang by exploding a gunpowder cap.

According to its creator, S.S. Adams, ". . . It goes off with a loud bang when moved or disturbed. This little fun-maker can be used for jokes in a hundred different ways. Place it in a napkin or magazine, under a plate, cigarette box, hat, etc. [it’s] entirely harmless and always creates a big laugh."

Adams himself was known to install them in decks of playing cards, cigar boxes, books with risqué titles, and a whole lot more. Many of the ideas originated by Adams are sprinkled throughout this...

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Unknown Mentalist
Mpeep by Unknown Mentalist

Mpeep is short for Mind Peep. It is also an acronym for all the routine names in this manuscript. Based on an innovative combination of classic methods, this novel principle enables you to quickly and deceptively plant a word and then divine it from a participant's mind. 5 routines and a bonus routine are explained. In fact, based on the method, you can create several routines yourself to suit your performance situation or customize for a particular audience or participant. You can perform this completely propless, in a virtual show, or use a couple of your business cards and perform in close-up,...

★★★ $12
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Ken Muller
Fold Cup by Ken Muller

An ingenious alternative to a Chop Cup where the 'cup' is constructed "on the fly" from a magazine sheet while spectators make paper balls, or crumple dollar bills. No gimmicks! The trickery is built into the cup itself and undetectable. There are moves not possible with a standard Chop Cup and ends with a transport to a spectator's hand who keeps the cup and ball. No difficult sleights or handling as the Fold Cup does its thing automatically. But, the special techniques taught moves the astonishment far above a traditional Chop Cup approach.

There are many suggested Effects with special...

★★★★ $10
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Charles C. Eastman
Inspired Magical Effects by Charles C. Eastman

Like the title says, this collection of excellent effects will inspire you to become a better magician. Magic author and dealer Chas. Eastman has compiled a dozen great magical mysteries that you will enjoy performing. There's something here for performers of all skill levels. Contributors include Bob Weill, Harry Valcarte, Will Ross, R. S. Bailey, James D. Taylor, and more.

From the introduction by T.A. Whitney:

Eastman has embraced his role as compiler by including only top-notch effects; there’s no filler here. While you'll no doubt have your own favorites among them, the ones that...

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Arthur Setterington
The Power of Perception by Arthur Setterington

PERCEPTIONISM - The recognition of audible or visible signals, transmitted voluntarily, or involuntarily, which reveal personal traits and idiosyncrasies. The interpretation of these signals may be used in a variety of ways by the receiver.

The majority of the effects described, are "mental" items, but the psychic approach has been eliminated in favour of the psychological, and the demonstrations appear to be based on natural, rather than supernatural happenings.

The person presenting this routine, is a demonstrator, not a magician, and the articles used should suit the style of the...

★★★★ $10
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Floyd Gerald Thayer
Thayer's Complete Bar Act by Floyd Gerald Thayer

The complete inside dope on the Magic Bar Act and Soda Fountain Act where you can pour a seemingly endless number of tasty drinks from a single bottle.

Here's a swell addition to your regular act - a routine that appeals to most any audience. For adults, you pour whiskey, beer, sloe gin fizz, a vodka martini - and other drinks - which are then served to your audience. And, unlike other inexhaustible bottle routines, this isn't colored water; the drinks actually have flavor and are refreshing. Perform it on a regular nightclub floor. Or do it behind the bar at your local watering hole. You'll...

★★★★ $8
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Stuart Cumberland
That Other World by Stuart Cumberland

A witty memoir-like debunking of all things paranormal.

Stuart Cumberland describes the fascination of European kings and queens with the occult. He gives a detailed analysis of how Rasputin participated in the fall of the Romanovs. He thoroughly skewers the German government of Wilhelm II. He describes the fake spirit photography, the false claims of clairvoyants, how folks fall for physical manifestations of the spirits such as table rappings. Overall a fun read and expose of human gullibility.

  • Chapter I: By Way Of Introduction
  • Chapter II: Monarchs And Mystics
  • Chapter III: Concerning...
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Graham Reed
Audience Tested Originalities by Graham Reed

Twenty-seven practical tricks which you, and your audiences, will enjoy. A whole host of laugh-grabbing gags is worth a fortune to the working performer. A valuable look at publicity and promotion. Graham Reed is a top advertising executive; don't miss reading his suggestions. A useful collection of games for children's parties. This section, alone, is worth the price of the ebook. A mixed grill of extremely interesting ideas, comments, thoughts, hints, and tips.

  • Hello...
    • Bingo 'Just Chance'
    • Joker Prediction
    • Publicity Spot Paddle
    • Postcard Brainwave ...
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Renzo Grosso
Remote Close Up 2 by Renzo Grosso

Due to the "fault" of the lockdown, I began to collect effects to present on the phone to my friends, using their deck of cards or the objects at their disposal, without any possibility for me to intervene, except by carefully checking the game instructions. Many are the mathematical principles used, some "old" of a few centuries, others revised over time, others, contemporary, just as original. I tried, for each of them, to invent a story, a suitable setting, which was unique and original, fantasy, and which was consistent with the operations that performer and spectator were going to perform,...

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Brick Tilley
Poor Man's Nest of Boxes by Brick Tilley

For centuries this classic has utilized elaborately crafted models that no longer fit into our performing style. Here is an up-to-date, inexpensive, suspicion-free version that you can construct with minimal skills that is perfect for any type of magical performance. Use your imagination to craft your own customized version that will separate you from other performers.

1st edition 2021, PDF 3 pages, video 1 min 9 s.

★★★★★ $10
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Joel Howlett
Magic from Joel and Jim by Joel Howlett

International award-winning Australian magician Joel Howlett was a very close friend to the late Jim McKeague. Jim was not only a magician but also a magic historian and author of The Best 200 Tricks With A Svengali Deck.

Joel has taken the time to describe three of the routines ('Jack And His Dog', 'Ten Card Poker' and 'The Three Card Trick') that he and Jim worked on together. Joel has also attempted to include some of the advice and tips Jim lovingly shared with him. The result was this PDF book.

PLEASE NOTE - The ebook is aimed at the intermediate magician as some of the more basic card moves are not described in detail.

1st edition...

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Wolfgang Riebe
Money in Champagne Bottle and Orange by Wolfgang Riebe

The magician borrows two regular money bills from two random spectators. These are torn in half and each spectator receives one half of their bill. The remaining two halves are vanished by the magician. One half reappears in an orange and the serial number matches the one bill of the one spectator exactly.

The magician struggles to reappear the second half bill and offers the remaining spectator a bottle of champagne of similar value as a consolation prize. However, the magician requests the spectator to pop open the champagne and pour him/herself a drink. When the bottle is popped, a half...

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Ken Muller
Single Stone: Found & F.U.N. Series by Ken Muller

How to use a single object like a walnut to perform astounding and entertaining illusions of transportations, penetrations, color-changes, productions and vanishes.

A blending of sway methods, innovative sleights, insightful stratagems, and the elements of performance using 'found' objects in a true impromptu setting.

FOUND - an object from the location: candy, pebble, nut, coffee creamer, etc. Nothing from your person, carried, prepared or gaffed. Just a 'stone' in reference.

IMPROMPTU - in response to a sudden request or chance opportunity.

SINGLE - 15 effects and several...

★★★★★ $12
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Leopold Figner
Offenbarungen aus dem Reiche der Kartenkunst by Leopold Figner

Eine Sammlung 100 auserlesener Kartenkunststücke.

Aus dem Vorwort:

Die außerordentlich günstige Aufnahme, die mein Werk Geheimnisse der Kartenkunst gefunden hat, veranlaßt mich, dem Drängen meiner Zirkelfreunde nachzugeben und in vorliegendem Werk meine bisher sorgsam gehüteten Geheimnisse, zum Nutzen aller Freunde der höheren Kartenkunst, zu veröffentlichen.

Meine Leser finden eine große Anzahl von mir erdachter oder wesentlich verbesserter Kartenkunststücke und wird jeder, sei er Berufskünstler oder Amateur, sehr viele effektvolle, für die große Menge unerklärliche Piecen finden, womit er sein...

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Bob Hummer
Mathematical Three Card Monte by Bob Hummer

An entertaining monte effect where the spectator, not the performer, switches the positions of the cards (which may be borrowed).

Here's another mental stunner by Bob Hummer and it's one of the most baffling he's ever released. Briefly, it can be done with any deck, and only three cards are used - any three cards. The performer does not switch the cards around, as in the regular monte. It's the spectator who mixes the position of the cards - while the performer's back is turned. After the cards are mixed as much as desired, the spectator peeks at one card, remembers it, and then makes a...

★★★★★ $6
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Brian T. Lees
Promote Your Magic Show by Brian T. Lees

Use local free or economical sources to promote your magic and get hired. This text gets you started on listing sources and using a tracking system to track your results. You refer to that system as you adjust your goals into areas that generate more opportunities to get hired.

  • Marketing 101
  • Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Plan
  • Tracking System
  • Wrapping It Up

1st edition 2021, PDF 20 pages.

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Ken Muller
Magic Awareness: F.U.N. Presentation Series by Ken Muller

A collection of stories, poems, and reflections about magic - inexplicable phenomena in life that impact our audience, or you as the performer. This can be inspirational or focusing for novices, amateurs, collectors, or professionals. I wrote this a decade ago as a Christmas gift for magic friends around the world, but it could be an ideal gift to others or self at any time.

"This book is written for those who have chosen to make of performance magic something more than an onlooker or student - those called magicians, conjurors, mentalists, illusionists, and magical entertainers (and their...

★★★★★ $6
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Regardt Laubscher
One-Liners and Jokes for Kids Parties by Regardt Laubscher

Over 40 one-liners and jokes. Comedy should be used to enhance your magic, as you are not a comedian, but rather an entertainer. But by saying that; can you imagine any performance more entertaining than a comedy magician? I don't think so. This ebook will surely add value to your performance.

One-liners and jokes for:

  1. Arrival
  2. Sit down
  3. Warm-up
  4. Performance
  5. Goodbye

1st edition 2021, PDF 19 pages.

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Joseph B.
Automated ACAAN by Joseph B.

A new strategy to perform the legendary ACAAN effect. A fascinating principle that will allow you to perform a surprising effect without sleight of hand, completely self-working. A deck of cards with some numbers written on the back. One spectator chooses any card, another spectator chooses any number! Joseph B has received excellent feedback from the magic community for this effect.

  • You have all the material at home to construct the deck
  • Easy to reset (5 seconds reset)
  • No gimmick
  • No memory work (no memorized deck)
  • No rough and smooth
  • No sticky stuff

1st edition 2021, video...

★★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Paul A. Lelekis
The Drawing Room by Paul A. Lelekis

6 beautiful effects that are stronger than The Hulk!

When I was a kid, I purchased magic books from the 1800s by Prof. Hoffman, Herrmann, Jean Robert-Houdin, and a host of other magicians who I've never heard of before ... these books were old, with very yellowed, brittle pages, with artwork that was quite intricate and very Victorian.

But what stood out most to me, were how many times these books would mention performing in, or retiring to "the drawing room" ... this term really intrigued me.

These stellar effects within, will "spark" those magical times in your lives that have lasted us for so many years.

Effects: ...

★★★★ $12
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Doug McGeorge
Aether #7: Doug's Streamlined Memorized Deck by Doug McGeorge

Here, Doug MacGeorge presents a streamlined version of his famed "30 Second Memorized Deck." Demonstrate to your audience that you can memorize a deck of cards in about 30 seconds:

  • This all-new version is a perfect mentalism piece for close-up or standup.
  • It uses only half the deck, so it's faster and easier, and it amazes audiences of any size.
  • Required: a deck of cards, which can be borrowed. Also required is the ability to perform basic arithmetic.
NOTE: You will need to mentally add the values of a few cards on the fly. (The arithmetic is basic and fun.) The ability to perform...
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Renzo Grosso
Remote Close Up 1 by Renzo Grosso

During the first lockdown period, we lived separated from the world, connected to friends only with the phone; to please my friends I started looking for effects to be presented remotely to people connected, without phone videoconferencing, so that they can use their deck of cards or objects at their disposal, without my possibility to operate, except by checking the game instructions.

I searched for automatic effects and found principles that in some cases were a few centuries old; others, more recent, often conceived by famous and illustrious names; many of these, when they were published...

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