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Alexander Shulyatsky
Romano Vanish by Alexander Shulyatsky

You take a playing card and with one finger slowly and visually evaporate the back of the card, leaving the frame of the card, and develop it back. Easy to make from any white-framed playing card. No black art. No CGI.

1st edition 2021, video 13:38.

★★★ $1
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MP4 (video)

Henri Garenne
The Art of Modern Conjuring Magic and Illusions by Henri Garenne

From the introduction:

I have written this work not as an exposure of the art of Conjuring and Magic, but simply to act as a guide for amateurs and young beginners; therefore I shall enumerate many tricks and illusions that my young friends can perform at home amongst their numerous friends. In addition to this, I shall also enumerate those tricks and illusions which demand a larger amount of room, and also require specially constructed apparatus; such tricks the amateur would do well not to attempt, as they are only suitable for performance on a stage. I shall give a description of most...

★★★★★ $8
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Edward Marlo
Action Palm: Revolutionary Card Technique No. 2 by Edward Marlo

Palming cards while the cards are in action of being shuffled.

  • The Action Palms
  • The Shuffle Palm
  • Delayed Action Palm
  • The Count Cop
  • Count Cop For A Number Of Cards
  • Count Cop For Small Packets
  • Count Cop And Transfer
  • Count Cop Exchange
  • Count Cop For Left Hand
  • Action Palm - One Hand
  • The Clip Steal
  • Turn Down Palm
  • Misdirection Palm
  • The Cull Palm
  • Cull Palm Replacement
  • Pressure Fan Palm
  • One Hand Palm As Action Palm
  • Take Techniques For Action Palm
  • Square Up Drop Palm
  • Drop Cut Palm
  • Double Action Palms
  • The Table Edge Palm
  • Pivot Bottom Steal
  • Brush Palm
  • Bits Of Misdirection
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Joseph B.
Faro Miracle by Joseph B.

This effect is a masterpiece of mathematical engineering with a sophisticated and devilish method. If you are a fan of the Faro shuffle you will not regret having acquired this gem. This effect is an exception because it requires skill and sleight of hand compared to tricks published by joseph B. in the past. Despite this, if you are familiar with the Faro shuffle this is the effect for you.

Effect: The magician places a prediction card on the table indicating his lucky number. The spectator thinks of a number from one to ten, cuts the deck in two, and takes a number of cards equal to the...

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MP4 (video)

Boyet Vargas
The Four Card Mystery Presents: Remote Viewing by Boyet Vargas

The Four Card Mystery Presents: Remote Viewing is a two-phase four-card mentalism routine. It enables you to see the locations of four cards through your participant even after the cards are mixed.

  • No force involved
  • No secret markings
  • No gimmicks
  • You don’t need to see how the cards are mixed
  • The participant has freedom on the mixing process
  • The effect can also be performed via video call

This effect uses a newly developed method that enables you to have the participant mix the cards and yet, the mentalist is still able to determine and control the possible outcomes.

"4CS deal...

★★★★★ $10
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Gregg Webb
Aether #10: Slydini Touches by Gregg Webb

Gregg Webb presents ideas based on Slydini's use of Classic Palm and dropping coins to the cupped hand instead of lapping. Here, you will learn subtleties:

  • How to vanish a coin by dumping it from your palm to your other hand.
  • Tips for retaining and releasing coins from Classic Palm when standing or sitting.

1st edition 2021, PDF 3 pages.

★★★★★ $4.95
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Biagio Fasano
Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #1 by Biagio Fasano

The first part of a new card project including 3 new A.C.A.A.N. effects requiring no sleight of hands: C.O.C.A.I.N. ACAAN, Touchless C.A.D.N. ACAAN and X-MEN ACAAN. A new series of self-working card magic effects that will happen in your viewer's hands. No particular skill is required, just the ability to instruct and pay attention to what the viewer is doing...

In this first eBook you will find a PDF that will allow you to perform amazing simple and self-working "Any Card At Any Number" Effects.

These are the simple rules that all my effects obey in this project:

  1. The deck in use...
★★★★★ $15
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Biagio Fasano
Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #1 (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Costituisce la prima parte di un mio nuovo progetto con lei carte e che include 3 nuovi effetti A.C.A.A.N. (Carta al Numero) che non richiedono alcuna tecnica di manipolazione: C.O.C.A.I.N. ACAAN, Touchless C.A.D.N. ACAAN e X-MEN ACAAN. Una nuova serie di effetti cartomagici automatici che avverranno nelle mani dello spettatore! Non è richiesta alcuna abilità particolare, solo la capacità di istruire e prestare attenzione a ciò che lo spettatore sta facendo…

In questo primo eBook troverete un Pdf che vi permetterà di eseguire stupefacenti effetti "Any Card At Any Number" semplici...

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Renzo Grosso
Remote Close Up 6 by Renzo Grosso

Numbers have tremendous power. They rule life and the universe. There is no living being, molecule, event, evolution that cannot be described with an algorithm, a mathematical formula. Numbers, everywhere. From the speed of light to the circumference of the earth, to the inhabitants of the world, to the ATM pin. And then your lucky number, the number of destiny, bad luck, infinity ...

In my methodical (and obstinate) search for effects to be proposed on the phone, numbers are the absolute protagonist. Except for a few small tricks, they are all a consequence of one or more mathematical...

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Brick Tilley
Hofzinser Ghost Card by Brick Tilley

A modern version of this classic gaffed card. Detailed are the two methods: splitting cards and printing them yourself to achieve this mysterious effect. Included is a self-printed example. This card has a matte finish that is enhanced by the candlelight used to effect the transformation. This is a remarkable illusion that takes no skill and differs greatly from Hofzinser's original construction. As seen in the video, the image seems to melt from one card value to another. Simple in construction.

1st edition 2021, PDF + gimmicked card

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gimmick & PDF

Unknown Mentalist
Kryptic Force by Unknown Mentalist

The Kryptic Force is an easy yet powerful force but very little known in the field of magic or mentalism. As with any force, here too the applications of the force are limited only by your imagination. A few interesting routines and effects are shared here. But you can surely come up with many of your own routines using this beautiful force.

The actual process to force is very fast and direct. Maybe, depending on your presentation, it may take all of fifteen seconds to perform the force. Or you can stretch it for as long as you want. This is not a psychological force. The Kryptic Force...

★★★★ $12
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Giuseppe Pinetti & Philip Breslaw & Gustavus Katterfelto
The Conjuror's Repository by Giuseppe Pinetti & Philip Breslaw & Gustavus Katterfelto

The Conjurer's Repository or the Whole Art and Mystery of Magic Displayed by the following celebrated characters; Pinetti, Katterfelto, Barrett, Breslaw, Silbley, Lane &c

This is a compilation of tricks lifted from other conjuring books. William Bradford writes in his review in Genii:

It contains general magic, mostly of the close-up variety, a lot of mathematical mental magic, a lot of chemical effects, one trick called "How to show the Hen and Egg Bag, and out of an empty Bag to bring above an hundred eggs, and afterwards a live Hen", and even some pages on calculating probabilities...

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Ken de Courcy
Mistress of Pentertain by Ken de Courcy

Fiddling with figures.

More along the lines of Pentertain and Son of Pentertain. The fact that there is so much material here is due to the efforts of Geoffrey Lamb, Ralph Erlewine, Dr. Bernard Juby, R. C. Buff, Peter Rees and, in particular, Leslie May who sent in pages of figure oddities.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • The Power of the Pentagram
  • The Seven Dwarfs
  • The Charlie Chronicles
  • A Sanguinary Rise
  • In the Good Old Days
  • Tricky Crosswords
  • Discount Coffee
  • The Alternative Prediction
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Three-Way Prediction
  • F.T. Publicity
  • Medical Magic
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Grandfather's Gimmick
  • 1089 and...
★★★★★ $10
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Ken de Courcy
Son of Pentertain by Ken de Courcy

The sequel to Pentertain. As before, these oddities can be shown wherever you have pencil and paper. For larger audiences a chalkboard, whiteboard or flip-chart is better; you can even do them in sand on a sea-shore.

  • Introduction
  • A Timely Legend
  • No Time For Work
  • The Cure For Insomnia
  • Sheik A Leg
  • Sheik Another Leg
  • Cross Check

1st edition 1975, 17 pages; PDF 22 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Ken de Courcy
Pentertain by Ken de Courcy

Fifteen minutes impromptu entertainment with pen and paper.

From the introduction:

Here is a short, entertaining act that can be worked impromptu anywhere you have a pen, paper and audience. For larger shows it can be done with chalk and blackboard. I have even done it on an Overhead Projector during a break in a Training Course.

  • Introduction
  • Only Heaven (and Einstein) Knows!
  • Everything is Relative
  • A Not-so-Proper Charlie
  • The Chinese Check
  • The Forgotten Phone Number
  • A Question of Degree
  • A Last Word

1st edition...

★★★ $10
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #35: Picto Transpo by Larry Brodahl

The trick PictoTranspo by Gene Anderson is a wonderful reframing of a Roy Johnson trick. In the trick, two large pictures - one drawn by the volunteer - swap places, even though the pictures are marked on the back with the volunteer's and magician's names.

A logical and funny script is included that covers why the trick is being done, and even allows you to pick any volunteer.

Note: This trick is not fully explained. You must own the trick to be able to perform it.

1st edition 2021, 17 pages.

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Sultan Orazaly
Ant Card by Sultan Orazaly

Make a mini-sized playing card instantly change into a regular-sized one

No flaps or creases on the card that changes. A great way to show perspective illusion both live and in your Zoom shows. Simple to build. Easy to perform.

1st edition 2021, video 28 min.

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MP4 (video)

Gregg Webb
Aether #9: Sponge Balls to Box by Gregg Webb

Gregg Webb presents ideas using sponge balls and a folding box based on Slydini's "Paper Balls to Hat." The trick uses sponge balls and a folding cardboard box. Here, you will learn:

  • How to vanish several sponge balls one at a time
  • Cause the sponge balls to reappear from a small cardboard box

1st edition 2021, PDF 2 pages with illustrations by Gregg Webb.

★★★★ $4.95
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Unknown Mentalist
Pocket Numerology by Unknown Mentalist

Pocket Numerology is a physical product that will be shipped to you and comes with PDF instructions that can be downloaded immediately from your digital shelf.

What you get: Along with the instructions PDF, you also get a set of 4 specially designed and beautifully produced plastic wallet cards which are about the size of a regular credit card. With reasonable care, these cards should last you a lifetime, if not more.

With absolutely zero knowledge of numerology, you can perform an entire act of apparent numerology with Pocket Numerology in your pocket. With Pocket Numerology, you can...

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gimmick & PDF

Ken Muller
Ghost White by Ken Muller

A simple but dramatic magic effect just for Halloween. A paper sack is blown up and popped for aloud Bang! A second sack has a multi-colored scarf dropped in by a spectator, then inflated and popped. Bang! But this time there is a shower of colored specs in the air as a ghostly white silk floats to the ground.

1st edition 2021, PDF 1 page.

★★★ $6
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Ulrich Rausch
Das Punx Projekt Band 1 by Ulrich Rausch

Ludwig Hanemann - Punx (27. Oktober 1907 - 4. Februar 1996) gehört zweifelsfrei zu den bedeutendsten deutschsprachigen Zauberkünstlern des 20. Jahrhunderts. Auch wenn er in der Öffentlichkeit vielleicht nicht so bekannt war wie mancher Kollege, hat er mit seiner Art, die Zauberkunst zu zelebrieren, generationsübergreifend Impulse für Kollegen gegeben. Darüber hinaus war er der erste TV-Zauberer, der an die 50 Mal regelmäßig im Fernsehen auftrat.

Was bisher fehlte: Eine Biographie, die das weit verstreute Erbe des Menschen Ludwig Hanemann wie auch des Zauberkünstlers Punx zusammenträgt...

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S. W. Erdnase
Article Series: Estimating for Printers by S. W. Erdnase

This series of 14 articles was written by Edward Gallaway, aka S. W. Erdnase. It is a compact but thorough introduction to estimating for printers. For many years, Gallaway taught estimating to printers at the then largest privately held printing company, R. R. Donnelley. He was an instructor in their apprentice school and was at the same time the chief estimator of the company. He would later found his own School for Print Estimating in Chicago, the only such school solely dedicated to teaching this subject. He wrote the textbook for his school Estimating for Printers as well as other works...

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Patrik Kuffs
Thought Swiper by Patrik Kuffs

"Thought Swiper is fantastic! I wish I'd thought of this! There is no faster way to get to the thought-of card. Absolutely wonderful!" - Bob Farmer

"I think it's so damn clever and honestly I've been having so much fun with it. It's an amazing little device and once magicians find out about it will carry it with them at all times." - Paul Romhany

"Patrik abhors memory work and mental arithmetic on stage. In "Thought Swiper" a fiendishly clever print gimmick strips a powerful principle older than Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic (1876) of all its fussy calculations and memorization. The prop visually integrates all the...

★★★★★ $12
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Biagio Fasano & Renzo Grosso & Davide Rubat Remond
Bending Minds 1 by Biagio Fasano & Renzo Grosso & Davide Rubat Remond

What is "Bending Minds"?

In this ebook, which will be structured in three volumes, you will see us use cards and simple pieces of paper, to develop mentalism effects that can be conducted live in person, or proposed at a distance, with a video connection or just audio (Zoom, Skype, Meet, etc., or even just on the phone), without the performer being able to see the cards, which are always handled by the viewer.

All descriptions come with a presentation, which is also original, very detailed, and inspired by movies, games, books, or just a simple emotion. A precious dress to be worn whenever...

★★★ $12
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