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Gregg Webb & Doug McGeorge
Aether #4: Wild Chip by Gregg Webb & Doug McGeorge

Gregg Webb explains how to make several poker chips change color, then change back using sleight of hand and simple props. (Note: this is not the Sol Stone trick explained in Super Sessions #13.)

1st edition 2021, PDF 2 pages.

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Ken Muller
Twiddle by Ken Muller

A special secret approach for enhancing any coin routine using a very natural way of displaying a coin or passing it to the other hand.

Learn Twiddling, Twiddle Transfer, Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dum, Twiddle Dee Dum, Twiddle Switch, Twiddle Swap, French Twiddle. Twiddle Shift, Twiddle Count, and Twiddle Twaddle, all while showing both hands to be empty other than the known coin.

Only moderate skill is required and can be used with other small objects too.

This is so powerful you might add it to every coin routine just to establish a pattern. Then, when you need to switch in a gaff or...

★★★★★ $8
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Boyet Vargas
All Four Two by Boyet Vargas

"Brilliant" - Marc Salem

"I love the style of thinking in using your brain to the extra leg work to create something fun and engaging for your spectators!" - Ben Cardal

The spectator plays a "Charades" like game with the mentalist. And in every round of the game, the mentalist always gets it right. Lastly, the mentalist performs a mind-reading effect that identifies objects that the spectator is thinking of.

  • No force
  • Can be performed via video call
  • Can be propless
  • Can include a drawing duplication effect
  • Does not use truth-teller/liar plot
  • Can use different objects
Contents: ...
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Renzo Grosso
Synchronicity by Renzo Grosso

"Chance does not exist, and what seems to us casual springs from the deepest sources" (Friedrich Schiller).

Surely it has happened to you that a book or an advertisement gave you the answer to that doubt that was hammering you or you happened to call a person on the phone at the same moment in which he was calling you or to have had an unexpected meeting in an unexpected place or meeting just the person you needed at that exact moment. These are not randomness, but synchronicity, one of the most enigmatic and surprising aspects of this universe.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, the term...

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Peter Wilker
Peter Wilker in der Magie by Peter WilkerZehn gut durchdachte, vielemale erprobte und vorgeführte Routinen von Peter Wilker. Besonders praktisch sind Photos der original Requisiten.
  • Magischer Lebenslauf
  • Prolog
  • 1. Namentlich
  • 2. Brehms Tierleben
  • 3. Mutterliebe
  • 4. Die Schönheitskonkurrenz
  • 5. Weiblicher Instinkt
  • 6. Goldfinger
  • 7. Die Schwarze Hexe
  • 8. Ole José
  • 9. Der Wegweiser
  • 10. Im Hotel
  • Epilog

Erstausgabe Januar 1993 in der Magie; digitale Ausgabe 2021, PDF 35 Seiten.

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Eric Hawkesworth
The Art of Paper Tearing by Eric Hawkesworth

Old newspapers are the only raw material needed for paper tearing, and this ebook describes a number of ingenious and highly entertaining routines. The performer prepares the basic shapes beforehand and then tears out the figures before the eyes of the astonished audience, accompanying his actions with appropriate patter. The ebook provides full instructions and detailed diagrams for the whole process and includes enough material for several complete programmes.

  • Foreword
  • Preparing the Papers
    • Folding Long Paper Strips
    • Preparing Paper Rolls
    • Circles and Squares
    • Other Basic Folds
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Joseph B.
Just Absurd by Joseph B.

Just Absurd is an incredible effect halfway between an ACAAN and an impossible location. The magician shuffles the deck. The spectator cuts one third of the deck, he remembers the bottom card, and loses his packet somewhere into the middle of the deck. At the end the spectator himself will be able to find the position of the chosen card. Everything under impossible conditions, it will be the spectator who will find his own card.

The principle is diabolical, really impressive. Absolutely a fooler. Includes an in-depth explanation.

1st edition 2021, video 17 min 53 s.

★★★★★ $9
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MP4 (video)

Bob Hummer & B. W. McCarron
Come Fly With Me by Bob Hummer & B. W. McCarron

This was originally published under the title Hummer's Dial A Date Deal.

Where will you go on your dream vacation? Paris? London? Madrid? Come Fly With Me is a stunning psychic mystery using Bob Hummer's ingenious method to name a mentally selected vacation destination with no questions asked and nothing written down.

A spectator lays out a number of cards - some face-up, some face-down. The choice of cards and positioning is up to him. A second row of cards is also laid out. The performer does not at any time see the order of cards. The spectator then selects the name of one of a number...

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Dibya Guha
Awesome 3 Some by Dibya Guha

The three routines described in the PDF are:

JASPER, THE MYSTICAL SNAKE: A cute effect involving a bunch of cards with different colored circles and a card showing a picture of Jasper, the mystical snake. The card having Jasper's picture on it is initialed on both front and back by the spectator and the circle cards are also thoroughly mixed by him. The spectator after mixing the different colored circle cards selects 2 of them and Jasper is able to reveal the chosen colors but in a dramatic manner. As a climax, all the other cards having other varying colored circles on them turn blank....

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Unknown Mentalist
Propless Vaccine by Unknown Mentalist

The effect as perceived by the participant: The participant freely chooses a vaccine mentally from among several options. The participant also decides on a country that will get the vaccine doses first from among a dozen competing countries. The mind reader plucks out the country from the participant's mind effortlessly. This can be repeated several times with different outcomes.

At its core, this is a quick, high-impact propless piece that you can deploy in almost any situation like on a voice call, video call, in a virtual show, face to face close up, parlour, street etc. The performer...

★★★★★ $18
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Ken Muller
F.U.N. Magic: Coin Production Inspirations by Ken Muller

An in-depth exploration into four innovative approaches to coin production methods.

Swidle - the continuous concealment of a coin during other actions so that it is available for production when needed. The coin is idled with both hands shown empty using natural hand movements.

PileUp - adding a magical spin to the normal process of picking up three coins from the table. This plays with audience attention, expectations and sets several patterns of performance for later productions or coin effects.

OnceLoad - a method of supporting multiple coin productions without repeated trips to...

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Doug McGeorge
Aether #3: Rimm Ramm Ree by Doug McGeorge

Doug MacGeorge presents a fast-paced packet trick based on "Dr. Daley's Last Trick." A packet of four Jokers are cleanly shown - they suddenly transform into four Queens of Hearts before your spectators' eyes. This highly visual trick uses sleight of hand and ordinary playing cards.

1st edition 2021, PDF 3 pages.

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Renzo Grosso
Free Will by Renzo Grosso

Leonardo Pisano known as Fibonacci (Pisa, ~ September 1170 - Pisa, ~1242) was an Italian mathematician, and is known above all for the sequence of numbers identified by him and known, in fact, as the "Fibonacci sequence" - 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 ... - in each term, apart from the first two, is the sum of the two preceding it.

A peculiarity of the Fibonacci sequence is that the ratio between the successive pairs of terms tends very rapidly to the number 1.61803 ..., known as the golden ratio or golden section. The applications are innumerable: in chemistry, botany, the human...

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Warren W. Wiersbe
Action with Cards by Warren W. Wiersbe

A great book of card tricks, written by magic technician and noted theologian Warren Wiersbe. The accent is on simplicity, quick results, minimum of skill, and audience appeal. Forward by Ed Marlo.

  • Introduction
  • This Card Gets Around!
  • What A Coincidence!
  • Back Up
  • Tell How It's Done
  • New Ace Control
  • The W.W. Color Change
  • Military Mixup
  • Miracle Discovery
  • Delayed Discovery
  • Numerical Discovery
  • The Hindu "Slop Shuffle"
  • Instantaneous Four Ace Transposition
  • The Perfect Card Prediction

1st edition 1944, 18 pages; PDF 22 pages.

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Joseph B.
The Amazing Routine by Joseph B.

This effect is one of the most powerful ones that I still perform. A truly exceptional prediction. The magician is able to predict how many cards the spectator has in his pocket a long time before the routine starts.

This is what happens:

The magician places 3 predictions on the table long before the routine begins. The predictions are always in view. The spectator shuffles the deck of cards and freely cuts the deck, he remembers the card he cut to and puts a portion of the deck in his pocket. The magician cannot absolutely know how many cards the spectator has put in his pocket. Despite...

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MP4 (video)

Al Koran
New Jackpot Coins by Al Koran

Routine by Harry Stanley, updated by Ken de Courcy, edited by Barry Laymond.

This was one of Al Koran's popular routines, and a hit on T.V. and during his cabaret and stage performances. It is baffling yet easy to do and, more important, it employs apparatus with immediate appeal to everyone ... money! Al worked the effect continuously and this is the professional presentation he used. The apparatus consists of cloth bag looking like those used by banks and several coins. The effect develops in three stages as follows:

1) A spectator reaches into the bag of money and grabs any number of coins. Miraculously you...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Mulling Over Mexican Joe by Jon Racherbaumer

'Mexican Joe' refers to a specially crimped card or deck, one that is crimped at diagonal corners in opposite directions.

The first person to publish anything on this crimp was Victor Farelli when he published Farelli's Card Magic. Several years passed before another mention is made. This time it was explained in Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic. Racherbaumer collects a number of routines and ideas with this crimp. In so doing he weaves his way through some interesting nooks and crannies of card magic history.

  • Prologue
  • Introduction
  • Origins
  • The Double Crimp
  • Mexican Joe's Crimp: Dai Vernon
  • Applying The Work
  • Marlo Dead...
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Ken Muller
Full-On Mystique by Ken Muller

The ebook details the history, theory, psychology, and techniques of the 'Full-On' coin production approach developed over many decades.

Four different methods are explained, each slightly different to accommodate different settings/framing, but each remembered as Full-On.

There are no effects in this ebook. Check out Eminent Coin Production as one way to combine all four methods. Each method can be a 'stand-alone' production mixed with other favorite methods.

The search was for the perfect coin production of one or several coins from thin air where both hands are displayed as completely empty. The standard...

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Brian T. Lees
Sponsored Shows by Brian T. Lees

Businesses have to promote themselves, even through the pandemic. Media today is extremely expensive and sponsorship is a very attractive alternative for them. The impact and long-range potentials are a win/win situation for both the business and the magician. This ebook gets you started with sponsors and identifies the "hot spots" you need to mention as you speak with them.

  • Business Basics
  • Basic Marketing
  • Sponsors
  • Sources to Consider
  • Approaches
  • Calendar and Files
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2021, PDF 20 pages.

★★★★★ $20
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Unknown Mentalist
Psycho Path by Unknown Mentalist

The mind reader begins by saying "Let's play an interesting game. Imagine you are a 'psychopath' on the run and I am a 'psychic detective'. We will use 4 continents and 4 directions...." And ends the effect by absolutely stunning the participant with an impossible-looking divination.

At its core, this is a quick, high-impact propless piece that you can deploy in almost any situation like on a voice call, in a virtual show, face to face close up, parlour, street etc. The performer divines the exact personality trait of a psychopath. The entire routine can be performed in about a minute. ...

★★★★ $12
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Gregg Webb & Doug McGeorge
Aether #2: Bank Night 1 Handed by Gregg Webb & Doug McGeorge

Originally written for Genii Magazine as a "one-handed Wild Coin," this effect is direct, startling, and fast-paced. It requires the following props:

  • Three Chinese Coins
  • A Copper/Silver coin
  • One odd coin. (Gregg uses an Israeli Shekel, but any coin will work)
  • An ordinary cup

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages.

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Lloyd E. Jones
The Bat Numbers 51 - 86 (1948 - 1951) by Lloyd E. Jones

Issues run from March 1948 thru February 1951 and include an index. Numbers 51 to 86.

  1. The Bat - Numbers 51 to 86
  2. Index - Numbers 51 to 86

  1. The Bat - Number Fifty-One - March 1948 - 8 pages
  2. Darn Clever These Chinese! - Frank M. Chapman
  3. Bat's Belfry - editor's comments
  4. Gag Bag
  5. Reverse Magic - Johnnie Murray
  6. Psychic Slate Mystery - Frank M. Chapman
  7. Puzzle Corner
  8. What This Country Needs - James Kolocotronis
  9. Great Card Tricks - Glenn G. Gravatt
    • The "Nine" Coincidence
    • The Prophetic Pair
  10. The Key Mysterious
  11. Keeping TAB
    • Maurice F. Raymond obituary
    • Open Sesame...
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Lloyd E. Jones
The Bat Numbers 1 - 50 (1943 - 1948) by Lloyd E. Jones

The Bat was the house organ for Magic Limited published by Lloyd Jones that ran from No. 1, Feb. 1943 until No. 86, Feb. 1951 for a total of 86 issues. (This PDF includes numbers 1 to 50. See the second volume for the remaining issues.) It is filled with close-up and stage effects of every kind, and brings you magic by top names like Charlie Miller, Dr. Jaks, Bert Allerton, Charles Jordan, Frank Chapman, T. Page Wright, and many more prominent pros of the era. It was also for a time the Official Organ of the Magic Dealers Association.

Issues run from February 1943 thru February 1948 and include an index. Published irregularly, then monthly starting with Number 13.

  1. The Bat...
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August Roterberg
Catalogue of New Card Miracles by August Roterberg

From the introduction:

The clever creations in the following pages are the result of the great demand for card tricks which has swept the magical world. A few years ago practically all card tricks depended upon skill in sleight of hand. There were few, if any, real good tricks which the inexperienced could successfully perform without previous practice. The sudden demand of tricks for this nature has resulted in the invention of many clever and puzzling effects by some of the masterminds of the Magical Profession.

In the following pages are offered, for the first time, a collection...

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