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Brick Tilley
The Birdcage Vanish by Brick Tilley

A playing card held between both hands vanishes in an instant. It does not use a thread or pull or topit.

1st edition 2021, PDF 3 pages, video 17 s.

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J. F. Orrin
The Conjurer's Vade-Mecum by J. F. Orrin

From the foreword by Will Goldston:

Although in writing this book, the author's thought has been mainly for the beginner, I feel confident that advanced magicians will find a good deal of very useful material in "THE CONJURER'S VADE MECUM." Mr. Orrin writes clearly and concisely, and in doing so draws upon a store of knowledge acquired by practical experience. He gives many a useful little hint as to the choice of tricks for different occasions, and in describing each trick he comes straight to the point and explains, first the effect and then the method of working, and finally adds suggestions for...

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Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano
A CAAN Duel (Italian) by Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano

In A C.A.A.N. Duel troverete una coppia di effetti incredibili di CARTOMAGIA a tema: Carta al Numero. - Nel primo effetto, che dà il titolo all'eBook, un mazzo completo di 52 carte, eventualmente anche preso a prestito, viene mescolato a piacere da uno spettatore che parteciperà ad uno sfida. Si tratterà di indovinare quale carta si trovi ad un numero indicato a scelta tra 1 e 52. Dopo aver fornito un primo esempio, si passa alla sfida vera e propria: inizia il mago che, a dimostrazione delle grandi capacità acquisite in materia, annuncia (e scrive su un biglietto) la carta ancor prima...

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Eckhard Böttcher
Magische Wunder by Eckhard Böttcher

Eckhard Böttchers letzten ausgewählten Routinen.

In diesem EBuch finden Sie 20 Routinen mit ca. 120 Farbfotos bzw. farbigen Abbildungen und 12 s/w-Zeichnungen. Nicht alle Routinen sind von Böttcher selber, aber wie Jochen Zmeck zu sagen pflegte, er hat daran "gedreht".

  • Vorwort
  • 3-Becher-Vorhersage
  • 9 minus 8 mit Karten
  • Ägyptisches Orakel
  • Auge des Götzen
  • Büchse der Pandora
  • Das Modell
  • Der Zigarettenfang
  • Der Diamant
  • Ein Mentalexperiment
  • Hexenalphabet
  • Jeder kann gewinnen!
  • Die magischen Tafeln
  • Mozart oder Haydn
  • Regenbogen-Wunder
  • Die sprechende Uhr
  • Tarot-Mirakel
  • Tue, was ich tue! ...
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Eric Hawkesworth
Conjuring by Eric Hawkesworth

This ebook gives directions for a number of conjuring tricks that depend on skill rather than costly apparatus for their magical effect. They include examples of mind-reading, escapology, ventriloquism, and stage illusions, and each section of the ebook is devoted to a particular type of act.

The success of any show depends on coordinating the movements with the patter. It is important that the two should be practiced together, so an outline script is provided with each trick.

  • Foreword
  • A Complete Conjuring Act
    • Effect
    • Accessories and Apparatus
    • Presenting the Routine: What to Say and...
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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1942 by Laurie Ireland
  • A Different Kind Of Penetration
  • Routines For Clippo
  • Matchless Magic
  • An Alka Seltzer GAG
  • A Pick Pocket Gag
  • Ideas For Wiztax
  • Cigarettes - Cigars - Pipe
  • A New Deal In Poker
  • Douglas Kelly's Telephone Trick
  • A Suggestion For A New "Levitator"
  • A Bit Of Patter
  • New Routine For The Quarter In The Beer Mug
  • Making The Most Of The Newspaper Tearing Trick
  • The Health Magician
  • Black Jack Magic
  • The Card In The Mirror
1st edition 1942, 23 pages; PDF 27 pages.
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Unknown Mentalist
Pretty N Propless by Unknown Mentalist

At its core, this is a quick, high-impact propless piece that you can deploy in almost any situation like on a voice call, in a virtual show, face-to-face close up, parlor, street, etc. The performer divines a word being thought of by a participant.

But the true power is in its mind-boggling range of possibilities. You can literally plant about 48000 different possible words in a participant's mind and seemingly read their mind to exactly divine that word. The combination of principles is so flexible that you can again literally apply it to any theme of presentation you may want. If you...

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Mental Meanderings by Collosini

An ebook of clever mental magic. Here are some of the effects explained:

CLEARLY CHANCE - This is the usual effect, using a tray, but what a refreshing difference. The tray is made of transparent plastic (perspex). Three sealed envelopes are handed out to a spectator. The performer says that one of the envelopes contains a treasury note (e.g. £10) but the other two contain slips of paper only. The spectator mixes the envelopes and offers one of them to another nearby spectator. He then takes one himself and offers the remaining one to the performer. The performer places his down on a small...

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Audley V. Walsh
Rackets are my Racket by Audley V. Walsh

We are proud to reintroduce this rare manuscript of Audley Walsh's gambling exposé, which also includes a number of the author's card effects that make a perfect ending to the lecture.

Contains the "meat" of his now-famous lecture, including a brief biography; how he developed and organized the lecture; gives an excellent summary on the origin and history of playing cards; plus six excellent, illustrated card effects and sleights to present:

  • The Mystic 32 Card Trick
  • Any Name Called For
  • Rubber-Fingered Charlie
  • Use My Deck!
  • Blackjack Peek
  • Three Card Monte with Paper Clip
  • The Magnetic...
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Mark Leveridge
Keeping Control by Mark Leveridge

The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused eooks which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key magical areas. The eooks are written in an easy-to-understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

Volume 5 sets out to discover whether there is one key element that contributes more than any other to making a performer a success. The conclusion is that CONTROL is a factor that if properly harnessed can exert a huge influence on the life of any performing magician.

With this in mind, I examine...

★★★★★ $14
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Ken Muller
Cup of T by Ken Muller

Unique magical effects and routine ideas made possible by the handle on a tea, demitasse or christening cup. Dozens of new moves, sleights, and subtleties beyond traditional cups and balls and chop cup routines.

Descriptions and definitions of T-cups and objects suitable for producing minor miracles and new feats of conjuring with free and ungaffed materials – simple teacups and small, common objects.

Explanation of more than sixty (60) moves using T-cups.

Detailed patterns of performance with T-cups using these moves.

A complete description and identification of 57 cup and ball...

★★★★ $20
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Gregg Webb
Super Session #14: The Return of the Ball and the Big Fat Wand by Gregg Webb

Gregg Webb teaches a routine for causing a ball to appear in his hand and vanish multiple times, using an oversize magic wand. The routine uses one ball, and a simple-to-make wand: this is a great family-oriented trick for children's shows.

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages hand lettered text with illustrations.

★★★★★ $4.95
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Biagio Fasano
Virtual Revelations Triumph by Biagio Fasano

Virtual Revelations Triumph is a new and incredible hands-off card magic effect, which is also possible from a distance (in a video chat, e.g. on Zoom, Skype or Google Meet), in which a couple of people in the same room, even if they are connected to the illusionist miles away, will take part in an experiment in which two cards freely chosen from about half the deck, distributed in various piles and shuffled between them, turning some of them face up and others face down, depending on the free choices of the two participants, will end up being the only two cards left face down and which, once...

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Biagio Fasano
Virtual Revelations Triumph (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Virtual Revelations Triumph é un incredibile effetto inedito di cartomagia self-working, possibile anche a distanza (in una video chat, ad es. su Zoom, Skype o Google Meet), in cui una coppia di persone presenti nella stessa stanza, anche se collegati con l’illusionista a km di distanza, parteciperanno ad un esperimento in cui due carte scelte liberamente tra all’incirca metà mazzo, distribuite in vari mazzetti rimescolati tra loro, voltandone alcuni di faccia e altri di dorso, a seconda delle libere scelte dei due partecipanti, al termine si ritroveranno ad essere le UNICHE due carte...

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Jochen Zmeck
Enzyklopädie der Rau-Glatt Kartentricks by Jochen ZmeckDies ist die letzte und damit aktuellste Ausgabe. Jochen Zmeck hat die drei Teile die zuerst einzeln erschienen sind in einem Werk herausgebracht, und gleichzeitig stark erweitert. Damit gibt es noch mehr Ideen und Routinen mit Rau-Glatt Karten.
  • Vorwort zur ersten Auflage 1962
  • Vorwort zur zweiten stark erweiterten Auflage
  • Kapitel 1: Die Präparation
    • Standard-Tinktur
    • Kolophonium-Lösung
    • Mastix-Lösung
    • Speziallösungen
    • Anwendung
  • Kapitel 2: Forcierspiele
    • 2.1. Das J. Z. Forcierspiel
    • 2.2. Schneller als das Auge
    • 2.3. Der zerrissene Gedanke
    • 2.4. Al Bakers Nummer-Force
    • 2.5. Die...
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Tomoyuki Shimomura
Zirkus Illusion by Tomoyuki Shimomura

Dieses PDF ist nur die Anleitung dieses Tenyo Tricks (T-151) den Eckhard Böttcher für die Zauber Butike verfaßt hat. Sie bekommen kein Mäppchen und keine Karten.

Sie präsentieren Ihren Zuschauern ein kleines Mäppchen. Wenn es aufgeklappt wird, befindet sich auf einer Seite ein durchsichtiges Fach, in das Sie eine Karte mit der Abbildung eines leeren Käfigs schieben. Dann zeigen Sie den Zuschauern vier weitere Karten. Auf einer befindet sich der berühmte Illusionist "Ecardo", auf den übrigen sind drei verschiedene Tiere, ein Elefant, ein Löwe und eine Giraffe, zu sehen. Ein Zuschauer...

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John Wade
Do Get The Name Right by John Wade

The pro guide to better compèring.

From the introduction by Billy McComb:

He's written a leaflet ... I shall not call it a book ... on Compering ... this bearded idiot. I've read it and regrettably he seems to know what he's talking about. I have written a bit to make the omissions less glaring ... but blast me cups and balls, he does appear to know what he's on about. And he does get booked to do it ... and at good money too. Forgive me. I must leave you ...

1st edition 1984, 13 pages; PDF 14 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Eric Hawkesworth
A Magic Variety Show by Eric Hawkesworth

This ebook describes a number of new variety acts for the amateur entertainer that will enable him to present up-to- date versions of Chapeaugraphy (making many hats from one brim), Mind Reading, Chinese Paper Folding, Magic Spelling, Paper Tearing, Lightning Cartoons, Shadowgraphs and Magic.

Practically all the materials used to construct the simple props can be found in the home or bought in local stores, and great use is made of ordinary newspaper.

It is vital that talk and action should be practised together, so a detailed script with full patter and performing notes is given with...

★★★★★ $10
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William W. Larsen
Tricks for Television by William W. Larsen

Learn what and what not to do when presenting magic for a TV audience. In no other field is it as easy to go wrong, or as easy to do right - if you're prepared with the proper information. Discover why these tricks are not good for television broadcasts: Twentieth Century Silks, Sucker Sliding Die Box, Zombie, Sympathetic Silks, Gloves to Dove, Cigarette Manipulations. Do you know the answers to why the above - and scores more like them - are so often performed poorly on TV? If not, you need this ebook, which gives you all the answers.

Written by a former television artist, Tricks for Television...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Picnic Pocus by Jon Racherbaumer

This manuscript is about one trick that incorporates a seminal sorting procedure now given the name Belcho's Disbursive Deal. Over the years the trick eventually morphed into an organized compilation that shares the same identifiable title: "Poker Player's Picnic."

It begins with Vernon Lux, an enterprising amateur who founded the International Society of Junior Magician in 1931 and began a magazine called The Dragon in 1932. Therein Oscar Weigle had a column called "Themes and Schemes" where he explained a trick called "The Million to One Trick." (Later it was changed to "Belchou's Aces.") It's unclear...

★★★★ $18
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Fantastic Five by Supreme-Magic-Company

Five effects with simple objects.

All of the effects are easy to do . . . are varied in effect. None of them requires elaborate properties.

Effect No. 1. Invisible Dice. A clever novelty. A prediction with a box of matches and invisible dice. No matter what number a spectator "throws," you show your prediction to be correct. A trick that will become one of your favorite pocket tricks.

Effect No. 2. Fire! A gag - but an unusual one you can use in many ways. Any time you need a light, i.e. in the Dove Pan routine, Burnt and Restored note, etc., you say you will show the Magician's way of...

★★★★★ $6
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Biagio Fasano
Slow Oil and Water by Biagio Fasano

This is a new "Oil and Water" routine in which the magic happens in a mysterious way because each movement of the magician is really very slow and clear.

All begins with 4 mixed pairs of cards, one red and one black, being shown and put on the table. Then the magician simply shows the first four cards on top, and all their suits become magically the same color.

Now the magician will alternate on the table, not only red and black suits but also face up and face down cards. When he squares the deck, just a few seconds later, again the cards mysteriously have separated themselves into red...

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MP4 (video)

Brian T. Lees
Performance Negotiation by Brian T. Lees

Magicians are in the entertainment service industry. Just like other independent contractors we provide quotes. There comes a time when we must negotiate. Some magicians move along when they hear the venue/individual say no. Others negotiate to try to find a win/win agreement. Those who are willing to negotiate their performance have a better chance of getting hired.

  • Negotiation, element of business
  • The differences between "NO"
  • When to negotiate
  • Set up negotiation
  • Open negotiations
  • Accept/decline negotiation
  • Wrapping it up

1st edition 2021, PDF 19 Seiten.

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Mel Mellers
Pickpocket by Mel Mellers

As the title suggests Pickpocket is a magic routine themed around the concepts of pickpocketing. A highly interesting and engaging plot.

20 business cards have the names of items that people carry in their pockets. 10 of the cards are counted out by a spectator and placed into a wallet (regular unprepared wallet) the spectator decides on one of the performer's pockets to place the wallet in.

The remaining 10 cards are counted out by the spectator and placed into an envelope. Three of these cards are chosen (not selected just chosen). The performer decides which pocket the assistant should...

★★★★★ $10
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