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Donald Holmes
Supplementary Catalogue of New Conjuring Tricks 1916 by Donald Holmes

This catalog includes some error corrections for the prior catalog, advertises Holmes' Conjuring Serial No. 4 A Mind Reading Act, and then it describes items No. 400 to No. 481.

1st edition 1916, 36 pages.

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Joseph B.
Chaos Prediction 2.0 by Joseph B.

Chaos Prediction is an effect with great surprises and twists. For the spectator, it will be an impossible event because he shuffles the deck and he will do all the work. Despite the impossible premises, the magician's predictions will be infallible and the order is established above the chaos. A real great climax of emotions. Simple to do. All with a normal deck of cards.

Joseph B will explain the principle behind it and guide you step by step in its execution.

1st edition 2021, video 15 min 26 s.

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Bob Farmer
The Mind Reader Encephalonic Dossier by Bob Farmer

"Bob Farmer is an interesting man, who creates interesting magic, and that's all one would need to know. With Mind Reader he has once again topped himself, as it might very well blow your mind!" - Roberto Giobbi

"Compared to fully gaffed decks that accomplish the same effect, Bob's work gets you to the selected card faster and leaves you with a deck that can be examined/used for other effects. Final Rating (1-10, 10 being best): I rate this a solid 8 on 10 and a strong recommendation, especially if you are a fan of Bob's other works." - Chris Aguilar

"I have never seen Bob Farmer perform. I have never...

★★★★ $20
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Scott Creasey
Trident by Scott Creasey

"The level of subtlety is simply impressive, as he's left nothing to chance. A no-brainer. Well done Scott." - Phedon Bilek

"This is a killer routine that uses just a few business cards and a pen. Need I say more? It's from Scott: GET IT!!" - Greg Arce

Three phases
Three Spectators
Three Business Cards

Mind reading, prediction and psychometry, including an additional shorter bonus version called 'Trident 2.0'.

Trident is a tried and tested mentalism/psychic entertainment routine I've worked to death for years, using nothing more than three business cards and a pen. In this manuscript,...

★★★★★ $18
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Ken Muller
Tap 3 Times by Ken Muller

This is a multi-phase impromptu routine using three borrowed quarters or other found objects - just an introductory "attention grabber" I have used for many decades.

One coin penetrates your hand, then all three. With full attention now, the coins migrate one at a time to the other hand - not a 3Fly as the coins are waist high and the hands are shown empty between phases (no gaff or extra).

Five simple bits of magic in growing intensity and under increasing scrutiny - fully surrounded. Not for beginners. Moderate coin skills, confidence, and live human interaction experience required....

★★★★★ $8
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Gregg Webb & Doug McGeorge
Aether #1: Ink Flight by Gregg Webb & Doug McGeorge

This very first issue of "Aether" features an exploration of Gregg's "Ink Flight" effect. The concept is stunning: a spectator's signature travels across space to appear on a selected card.

The effect requires the following props:

  • Blank face cards
  • A forcing deck
  • A set of "Buddha papers"
  • A Himber wallet

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages.

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Brick Tilley
Jelly Bean Catch by Brick Tilley

A comedy version of the sometimes tragic bullet catch that plays for laughs and eliminates any danger or controversy. Especially geared for outdoor performances, it allows you to catch a jelly bean propelled by a toy slingshot and can provide welcomed humor and a degree of silliness to your children's shows. Easy to construct, safe and sure to please.

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages, video 42 s.

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Alfred Czernewitz
Zauberpraxis 10: Kalanag Karikaturen by Alfred Czernewitz70 Karikaturen und Zeichnungen über Helmut Schreiber, bekannt geworden unter dem Bühnennamen Kalanag, aus dem Horst Müller Kalanag-Archiv. Jede Karikatur, soweit bekannt, hat eine Quellenangabe.

Aufgrund des kürzlich erschienen Buches Der Grosse Kalanag von Malte Herwig, sicherlich von Interesse für viele.

Erstausgabe Januar 1993; PDF 57 Seiten.

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David Devant
The Best Tricks and How To Do Them by David Devant

David Devant's books are some of the best books on conjuring ever written. This one is no exception. There is so much wisdom and advice in them. Following it is bound to make you a better magician, particularly if you are relatively new to this performing art, or if you are struggling to have success with it.

From the insightful introduction:

One way of discovering the worth of a trick is very simple. Test it by performing it to an audience. If the trick passes that test it is a good trick. All the tricks described in this book have been tested in that way and have passed the test. I have...

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P. T. Selbit
The Magical Entertainer by P. T. Selbit

The subtitle reads: Teaching you how to give a complete evening's entertainment of new conjuring tricks with highly-amusing patter, laughable ventriloquism and a diverting magical sketch.

From the introduction:

In venturing the contribution of a second magical manual to the already large library of works on conjuring, we are impressed with the belief that however modest our attempt may be we are at least going a step in the direction toward still further popularizing the art of the conjurer. We believe it is necessary for magic to be given to the public more as an amusing entertainment...

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Ken Muller
Eminent Coin Production by Ken Muller

An "almost perfect" production of four individual coins from thin air. This is ideal as a prelude for an effect like Coins Across, Coins Thru Table or even 3Fly.

  1. both hands are displayed as completely empty
  2. a coin is snatched from the air by the openly shown right fingers
  3. a second coin is seen to visibly materialize and is plucked for thin air by the left fingers
  4. the righthand coin is added to the one on the left palm with both hands shown otherwise empty (Note: There is no movement to the body and then hands never touch - no gaffs either.)
  5. a third coin is seen to materialize in the air...
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Ian Baxter
Seven at a Picnic by Ian Baxter

John Racherbaumer's latest compendium Picnic Pocus, has certainly revived interest in that long-standing Ace revelation, Poker Player's Picnic. Published years back in The Royal Road to Card Magic, it is a routine most of us perform when starting out in card magic, but eventually, drop from our repertoire due to the odd counting method involved.

Ian Baxter's new approach to this classic has solved this problem, providing a clear rationale for the procedure and adding touches that considerably enhance the routine's effectiveness while still maintaining the sleight-free handling of the original. Clever thinking at work here! This new version is worthy...

★★★★ $4
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Gregg Webb
Super Session #15: Basic Emotions by Gregg Webb

Gregg Webb and Ed Brown teach a mentalism routine that enables you to perform a demonstration of clairvoyance or psychometry. Required are two easy-to-make packets of faces and a matching set of word cards that describe the emotions depicted by the faces. The spectator mixes the pictures and deals them to the table in any order. You deal the word cards face down on top of each face: all of the cards match!

  • The cards are unmarked
  • The method is simple and the effect is easy to perform, which allows you to focus on your presentation.

1st edition 2021, 5 pages hand lettered text with illustrations....

★★★★★ $4.95
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Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano
A CAAN Duel by Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano

A C.A.A.N. Duel is a pair of incredible card magic effects of the 'Card At Any Number' theme. In the first effect, which gives the eBook its title, a complete deck of 52 cards, possibly also borrowed, is shuffled at will by a spectator who will take part in a challenge. The challenge is to guess which card is located at a given number between 1 and 52. After giving an initial example, we move on to the actual challenge: the magician begins, demonstrating his great skill in the matter by announcing (and writing on a notepad) the card, even before knowing the number that the spectator is going...

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Brick Tilley
The Birdcage Vanish by Brick Tilley

A playing card held between both hands vanishes in an instant. It does not use a thread or pull or topit.

1st edition 2021, PDF 3 pages, video 17 s.

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J. F. Orrin
The Conjurer's Vade-Mecum by J. F. Orrin

From the foreword by Will Goldston:

Although in writing this book, the author's thought has been mainly for the beginner, I feel confident that advanced magicians will find a good deal of very useful material in "THE CONJURER'S VADE MECUM." Mr. Orrin writes clearly and concisely, and in doing so draws upon a store of knowledge acquired by practical experience. He gives many a useful little hint as to the choice of tricks for different occasions, and in describing each trick he comes straight to the point and explains, first the effect and then the method of working, and finally adds suggestions for...

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Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano
A CAAN Duel (Italian) by Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano

In A C.A.A.N. Duel troverete una coppia di effetti incredibili di CARTOMAGIA a tema: Carta al Numero. - Nel primo effetto, che dà il titolo all'eBook, un mazzo completo di 52 carte, eventualmente anche preso a prestito, viene mescolato a piacere da uno spettatore che parteciperà ad uno sfida. Si tratterà di indovinare quale carta si trovi ad un numero indicato a scelta tra 1 e 52. Dopo aver fornito un primo esempio, si passa alla sfida vera e propria: inizia il mago che, a dimostrazione delle grandi capacità acquisite in materia, annuncia (e scrive su un biglietto) la carta ancor prima...

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Eckhard Böttcher
Magische Wunder by Eckhard Böttcher

Eckhard Böttchers letzten ausgewählten Routinen.

In diesem EBuch finden Sie 20 Routinen mit ca. 120 Farbfotos bzw. farbigen Abbildungen und 12 s/w-Zeichnungen. Nicht alle Routinen sind von Böttcher selber, aber wie Jochen Zmeck zu sagen pflegte, er hat daran "gedreht".

  • Vorwort
  • 3-Becher-Vorhersage
  • 9 minus 8 mit Karten
  • Ägyptisches Orakel
  • Auge des Götzen
  • Büchse der Pandora
  • Das Modell
  • Der Zigarettenfang
  • Der Diamant
  • Ein Mentalexperiment
  • Hexenalphabet
  • Jeder kann gewinnen!
  • Die magischen Tafeln
  • Mozart oder Haydn
  • Regenbogen-Wunder
  • Die sprechende Uhr
  • Tarot-Mirakel
  • Tue, was ich tue! ...
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Eric Hawkesworth
Conjuring by Eric Hawkesworth

This ebook gives directions for a number of conjuring tricks that depend on skill rather than costly apparatus for their magical effect. They include examples of mind-reading, escapology, ventriloquism, and stage illusions, and each section of the ebook is devoted to a particular type of act.

The success of any show depends on coordinating the movements with the patter. It is important that the two should be practiced together, so an outline script is provided with each trick.

  • Foreword
  • A Complete Conjuring Act
    • Effect
    • Accessories and Apparatus
    • Presenting the Routine: What to Say and...
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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1942 by Laurie Ireland
  • A Different Kind Of Penetration
  • Routines For Clippo
  • Matchless Magic
  • An Alka Seltzer GAG
  • A Pick Pocket Gag
  • Ideas For Wiztax
  • Cigarettes - Cigars - Pipe
  • A New Deal In Poker
  • Douglas Kelly's Telephone Trick
  • A Suggestion For A New "Levitator"
  • A Bit Of Patter
  • New Routine For The Quarter In The Beer Mug
  • Making The Most Of The Newspaper Tearing Trick
  • The Health Magician
  • Black Jack Magic
  • The Card In The Mirror
1st edition 1942, 23 pages; PDF 27 pages.
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Unknown Mentalist
Pretty N Propless by Unknown Mentalist

At its core, this is a quick, high-impact propless piece that you can deploy in almost any situation like on a voice call, in a virtual show, face-to-face close up, parlor, street, etc. The performer divines a word being thought of by a participant.

But the true power is in its mind-boggling range of possibilities. You can literally plant about 48000 different possible words in a participant's mind and seemingly read their mind to exactly divine that word. The combination of principles is so flexible that you can again literally apply it to any theme of presentation you may want. If you...

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Mental Meanderings by Collosini

An ebook of clever mental magic. Here are some of the effects explained:

CLEARLY CHANCE - This is the usual effect, using a tray, but what a refreshing difference. The tray is made of transparent plastic (perspex). Three sealed envelopes are handed out to a spectator. The performer says that one of the envelopes contains a treasury note (e.g. £10) but the other two contain slips of paper only. The spectator mixes the envelopes and offers one of them to another nearby spectator. He then takes one himself and offers the remaining one to the performer. The performer places his down on a small...

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Audley V. Walsh
Rackets are my Racket by Audley V. Walsh

We are proud to reintroduce this rare manuscript of Audley Walsh's gambling exposé, which also includes a number of the author's card effects that make a perfect ending to the lecture.

Contains the "meat" of his now-famous lecture, including a brief biography; how he developed and organized the lecture; gives an excellent summary on the origin and history of playing cards; plus six excellent, illustrated card effects and sleights to present:

  • The Mystic 32 Card Trick
  • Any Name Called For
  • Rubber-Fingered Charlie
  • Use My Deck!
  • Blackjack Peek
  • Three Card Monte with Paper Clip
  • The Magnetic...
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Mark Leveridge
Keeping Control by Mark Leveridge

The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused eooks which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key magical areas. The eooks are written in an easy-to-understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

Volume 5 sets out to discover whether there is one key element that contributes more than any other to making a performer a success. The conclusion is that CONTROL is a factor that if properly harnessed can exert a huge influence on the life of any performing magician.

With this in mind, I examine...

★★★★★ $14
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