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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, sleights, techniques, principles and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or Erdnase, learn the best card tricks and methods from 'The Professor' Dai Vernon, or Roberto Giobbi, or study the classics as well as the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subtopics to find what you are looking for.

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7x Petrick: Purple by Petrick

The "Seven times Petrick" series was released in seven volumes, each with seven tricks covering a different subject, and each with a different color cover. This is the purple one.

  • Lipstick Levitation: Selected card placed against the outside of the filled card box rises over the deck.
  • Balloon Penny-Tration: Penetration of a penny into an empty, blown-up balloon.
  • The Shrinking Card: A card is selected from a regular deck which transforms into a miniature deck. The selected card is replaced in the miniature deck only to transform into a random card.
  • Strange Change: A card is selected,...
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Wilfred Huggins & Frederic Culpitt
Secrets of the Street Conjurer by Wilfred Huggins & Frederic Culpitt

A collection of conjuring secrets for magicians who entertain when surrounded by spectators.

Excerpt from the preface:

The compilation of "A Street Conjurer's Secrets" is the outcome of many years of observation in this country, Australia, America, France and Germany. That the effects are well-known is not to be denied, but it is extremely doubtful if many conjurers are aware of the actual method used by the street entertainer.

  • Preface
  • Publisher's Note
  • Preparation For The Hands
  • A Table Tip
  • The Guinea-Pig
  • Card Change
  • Flap Disposal-Single Slate
  • Cap And Pence
    • I. The Load ...
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Magic Ian
Best Dam Tricks: 25 Rubber Penetration Tricks by Magic Ian

Lubor Fiedler's famous dental dam illusion principle is applied to a variety of tricks and routines, not just the penetration of a coin through a rubber sheet. The only sad part here is that the name Lubor Fiedler cannot be found anywhere in this publication. No credit was given.

Excerpt from the introduction by Walter Gibson:

When the rubber penetration came into popularity several years ago, it represented something really new in magic. Here was a trick that was actually accomplished before it began, leaving onlookers baffled by a visible penetration of a coin through a sheet of solid rubber, with no clue whatever...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini Concepts by D. Angelo Ferri

This two-hour lecture will teach you a heightened awareness of how Slydini thought, moved, constructed, and achieved his magic. You will learn many of the underlying principles and concepts Slydini used to misdirect and apply sleight of hand. Dennis Barlotta demonstrates and explains the various ideas with examples mostly taken from Slydini's routines. No entire tricks will be taught. While it is helpful to be familiar with some of Slydini's tricks, their knowledge is not necessary to understand the various concepts taught.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • stance, attire, performing conditions...
★★★★★ $35
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MP4 (video)

Jack Flosso
Close-up Magic of the Masters by Jack Flosso

Pet secrets of some of the most celebrated close-up magicians of all time.

  • Preface: Close-Up Magic by Bert Allerton
  • What Makes a Trick by Al Baker
  • Bottoms Down by Al Baker
  • Mobilizing the Aces by Dai Vernon
  • Ball, Cone and Handkerchief by Dai Vernon
  • Convening Kings by Francis Carlyle
  • The Squeeze-Away Coin by Ross Bertram
  • And the Part of a Garment by Emil Jarrow
  • Card Effect With Two Packs by Nate Leipzig
  • The Disconcerting Coins by Cliff Green
  • Precognition by Cliff Green
  • Scarne's Power of Thought by John Scarne
  • The Coin Roll Vanish by Paul LePaul
  • The Revolving Pass by Slydini
  • Jacob's Ladder by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • The Salt Trick by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • Pop-Up Coins by S. Leo Horowitz ...
★★★★ $12
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Gregg Webb
Triplets 8 by Gregg Webb

This edition features a completely different routine for MacDonald's Aces and a simple way to make the gaffs yourself. This is more of a platform or parlor version and not a close-up trick. The patter and presentation are also completely different from MacDonald's Aces. This is also different from the version in Hilliard's Lost Notebook. Gregg performed this on TV in 1968 long before Hilliard's notebook was even found. If you pride yourself on being different from the crowd, you'll love this. A very catchy storyline and premise is included.

Next follows many updates on a trick of Gregg's,...

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Will Goldston
Tricks that Mystify by Will Goldston

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this book I deal with the latest and best small tricks. The majority of the professional conjurers to-day are presenting small tricks in their programmes. I have been asked by subscribers not to include illusions requiring stage traps, but to confine myself to secrets of tricks that can be done by the average performer, and the apparatus not to be costly.

I have taken care to meet with the wishes of all subscribers to this book. I have omitted complicated tricks and combinations likely to fog an audience. The magician to-day understands that he must be...

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Henry Hatton
The Secrets of Conjuring by Henry Hatton

In this article from Scribner's Monthly Magazine Henry Hatton, writing under the pseudonym of an 'Ex-Conjurer' explains in words and illustrations the Indian Box Mystery, the Spiritual Bench, the Inexhaustible bottle, including a funny accident that happened with it, and Marabout Mocca as performed by the elder Herrmann.

1st edition 1880, PDF 11 pages.

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Henry Hatton
Lessons in Magic by Henry Hatton

For the time this was published, in the middle of the 19th century, these twelve lessons in magic are probably one of the best instructions in conjuring published in the English language, even though the intended reading audience was young folks. Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic is still a decade into the future.

Henry Hatton, writing here under his real name Patrick Henry Cannon, describes a range of stage and parlor effects including some sleight-of-hand with coins and cards. His description of the pass is by far the best description I have read prior to Erdnase - almost 40 years prior that is! The accompanying...

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Mago Marko
Masterful Mysteries: Professional Magic Feats by Mago Marko

Within these pages, you will find seventeen performance-tested routines picked from my professional repertoire. Some of these I perform in almost every show, others are special items I have performed on television and special shows.

I have been a professional magician for 56 years, having performed in many Spanish-speaking countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Spain. In Spain, I remained for sixteen years and performed hundreds of shows, including national television. I have also been on cruise ships in the Mediterranean several times. ...

★★★★★ $12
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Will Goldston
Magical Hints and Valuable Information by Will Goldston

Programmes, ventriloquial dialogues, juggling, cartooning, paper folding, care of animals and birds.

Excerpt from the introduction:

The suggestions for suitable programmes for different occasions form a unique feature of this book. Many books of magic give away secrets of tricks but leave the reader to judge for himself which tricks should be shown to children, which to adults if children are present, which to an audience of adults, and so on. By suggesting the right tricks for different occasions I trust I have helped some readers along the difficult road to success. After all, if the road...

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Hal Saxon
Pocket Magic Show Bundle by Hal Saxon

  • The starting point for beginners
  • Pocket Magic Show Video and eBook Bundle
  • The Thumb Tip 101 Magic Learning Series
  • The definitive beginner thumb tip magic course
  • 7 downloadable videos 1 hour and 48 minutes of pure gold
  • 3 amazing eBooks with 191 pages and links to 13 additional private videos

What people are saying...

"Hal, this is by far the most comprehensive beginner training for the thumb tip ever! Thank you." - Darrel, Davenport Iowa, USA

"Very well done. I have watched the videos over and over. This is awesome." - Kendall Johnson, California USA

"If you are new to magic,...

$45 $35
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TC Tahoe
Collected Re-Thinks by TC Tahoe

This is an updated best of selection of TC's re-Think series. Effects included:

  • Razor Blade (Swallowing)
  • Colour Changing Knife
  • Salt Pour
  • Seven Keys to Baldpate (un-gimmicked version)
  • Chair Test
  • Out to Lunch, with a bonus OTL routine.

"This fantastic little eBook contains TC's thoughts on some classic premises in magic ... Lots to read, study, and learn. Bargain of the week." - Mark Elsdon

"Fantastic routine, so much magic with just one knife!" - Michael Ammar

"Finally a razor blade routine that makes sense !!!" - Paul Romhany

"I have always been a fan of TC's thinking. TC knows how to entertain and shares...

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Will Goldston
Tricks You Should Know by Will Goldston

This book is the trick section of Sensational Tales of Mystery Men. Goldston felt that the trick section was the part that magicians would be most interested in and thus made it available as a separate book.

And a very good title too! The magician who does not know the contents of this volume will soon be behind the times.

  • Introduction
  • The Newest Chinese Bat
  • The Thought Reader
  • Performing Matches
  • The Best Penetrating Coin
  • A Borrowed Handkerchief Burned
  • A Mysterious Match
  • Swallowing A Solid Wand
  • Which Cigarette?
  • The Vanished Egg
  • The Expanding Egg
  • The Newest Card Changing Box
  • The G. W. Hunter Pull
  • Cigarettes...
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Will Goldston
Great Magicians' Tricks by Will Goldston

This is an interesting compilation of material - a mix of short portraits and Goldston's personal recollections of various magicians - some famous, some not, as well as some of their tricks and secrets. The result is a fairly extensive collection of tricks of all kinds and denominations. Includes many illustrations and photos of the contributors.

The first edition was issued in the same style as Goldston's famous Locked Books series, but without the clasp.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Great Magicians' Tricks is divided into two complete parts, "Magicians of the Past" and "Modern Magicians."...

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Charles C. Eastman
Expert Manipulative Magic by Charles C. Eastman

A great manuscript describing manipulative magic with cards, coins, and balls. Included are several moves and effects by legendary trade show magician Tommy Tucker, including the first release of his classic "Six Card Repeat".

Excerpt from the foreword:

In answer to their numerous requests for the latest sleights, tips and "dodges" used by the up-to-date card manipulator, I'm giving them a selection of forty items to choose from. All of them have been used by the writer, so therefore will be found practical. Every reader, be he "an expert" or a young enthusiast, should find something...

★★★★★ $9
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Dariel Fitzkee
The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin by Dariel Fitzkee

Doctor Edward George Ervin was a dentist and amateur magician whose mentor and teacher was famous William Robinson, aka Chung Ling Soo.

Excerpt from the introduction by T. Nelson Downs:

Nearly thirty years ago, when I first met Dr. Ervin I was not only greatly impressed with the man himself, but also the type of magic he stood for. During the passing years this impression has become increasingly strengthened. To me the words "Ervin" and "subtle ingenuity" mean one and the same thing, for I have been privileged to share the greater part of his choicest magical inventions during a long period.

As per the old proverb,...

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Liam Montier & Darren McQuade
Stranger than Frixion by Liam Montier & Darren McQuade

Darren McQuade and Liam Montier's superb ebook features seven new ideas using a Frixion pen. You can obtain a Frixion pen from most stationary stores worldwide. You will learn some superb and off-beat magic using the Frixion principle in totally commercial and practical routines, as opposed to half-baked pipe dreams that similar publications on the same topic offer.

This ebook takes you through what the Frixion principle is, how to conceal it, how to activate it, and then six killer real-world routines. These include:

Visual Voodoo - Help a spectator out by performing a visual voodoo...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Unknown Slydini by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini's major routines take a lot of time to learn. But Slydini wanted his students to be able to go out and perform magic sooner to work on the performance and presentational aspects of their magic. To enable this he would teach his students from time to time smaller tricks which one could learn quicker but which often still incorporated one or the other of his fundamental principles of magic. This is a collection of these smaller tricks Slydini taught Dennis. They are a great gateway into the magic of Slydini because they do not require large commitments of time and effort to be mastered, yet they...

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MP4 (video)

Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman
Top Secrets by Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman

A delightful book of well-written and beautifully illustrated and top-quality magic. Contains seventeen tricks and tips, most suitable for close-up presentation. Illustrated by Bob Gunther, former Disney animator.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Rattled Rogue
  • The Vest-Pocket Hindu Rope Trick
  • Thumbing A Lift
  • Master Observation
  • Spy Stuff
  • Bunk and Bunco
  • Bit of Business for Cards to Pocket
  • Fingertips
  • Burnt Toast
  • The F. & G. Torn Newspaper Method
  • An Egg in the Hand
  • Bit of Business for the Linking Rings
  • The Test Coin Vanish
  • The F. & G. Fancy Shuffle
  • Whiskey Glass Swindle ...
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Pete Biro
Son of Greater Magic 1.5 by Pete Biro

Original ideas across the spectrum for magicians.

A collection of magical ideas, most of which have been tested on genuine living audiences. Pete Biro has been performing and lecturing, as well as dropping juggling props here and abroad since 1966 - plus a bunch of time in the early 50's. "Most original tricks and ideas" he says, "come from having a creative memory!"

  • Greetings
  • Philosophy Of Magic
  • Simplicity
  • Stealing Material
  • Here 'Tis - The Jumping Cigarette
  • Card Control & No-Palm To Pocket
  • Invisible Hair
  • Severn/Biro Impromptu Rising Cards
  • Inspected By Number 27
  • Sock Purse ...
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D. Angelo Ferri
Don Alan Tribute by D. Angelo Ferri

Dennis applies the Slydini method of magic to various effects by Don Alan. It is an intriguing combination. If you are a purist you will probably not be much interested in it, but if you are searching for effective and commercial magic tricks then this is a very interesting melding of ideas and techniques.

1st edition 2023, video 36:53.

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MP4 (video)

Graham Hey
Hair-Raising Effects by Graham Hey

Here's a great collection of self-workers that can be achieved with some of the stuff most magicians will have at hand. For a couple of effects, you'll have to buy some items, but you won't have to spend more than a few dollars. And it will be well worth it!

Eight effects, all easy to do. Including:

EAT TO THE BEAT - a fun effect using a balloon and a free choice of card ...

I PREDICT A RIOT - The magician makes three predictions and the first two are wrong... but what about the third?

SIGHT FOR SORE EYES - A pirate's eye-patch and you'll be able to make a fabulous prediction. ...

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Liam Montier & Darren McQuade
Christmas Tricks by Liam Montier & Darren McQuade

Magicians rarely theme their magic around holidays, but it's something that Darius and I have always done, and this documents a selection of our Christmas-themed magic.

Christmas Cracker Prediction - Predict the joke in your Xmas Cracker, with no forces.

Frosty Card Reveal - A snow spray card prediction reveals one card, and changes to reveal a second one.

Card Through Window - A festive take on a classic.

Around the Snow Globe - A snow globe is opened and the contents changed into real snow.

Bang For Your Buck - Taking a party popper, you fire it, then replace the ribbons inside,...

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