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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 13 (Mar 1914 - Feb 1915) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19141
The Editor Picture3
The World Of Magic4
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Diem4
- New York Magical Notes Joe Klein4
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp4
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler4
- The Demons' Club Of Baltimore Magicians Charles F. Oursler5
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domalski5
- Spot-Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard5
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp6
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery6
- London Letter Yelma6
- Glasgow, Scotland News W.E. Bell7
- News From Melbourne, Australia J.P. Goulston...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 12 (Mar 1913 - Feb 1914) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19131
Robert Heller (William Henry Palmer) Bio3
To Tear A Complete Deck Of Cards In Two By Russell3
What Happened To Jones Contest3
The World Of Magic4
- Ed. Reno's Route4
- Dana Walden's Route4
- Australian News C. Williams4
- London Letter Yelmah5
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner6
- Yogi Notes Gustav L. Bohn6
- Society Of Detroit Magicians Notes W.H. Domzalski6
- Cincinnati Notes Charles N. Smith6
- San Francisco News H. Syril Dusenbery7
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians7
- Providence, R.I., Notes John H. Percival7
- Rhode Island Society Of...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 11 (Mar 1912 - Feb 1913) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19121
Les Frimines - Mr. & Mrs Harry J. Freeman Bio3
A Little Combination By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward3
Mind Reading Idea By Russell3
The World Of Magic4
- Chicago Magicians' Club B.L. Gilbert5
- Boston Notes S. Wilson Bailey5
- London Letter Albert Lewis5
- Odds And Ends Clarence T. Hubbard6
- Kobb's Comments6
- Washington, D.C. News Chas. S. Eby6
- Baltimore News John Dewitz6
- Cleveland Notes Grdina7
- Magic In Nashville T.J. Crawford7
- Columbus, O. News E. Carson Blair (Kona Byata)7
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce7
- San Francisco...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 10 (Mar 1911 - Feb 1912) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19111
S.A.M. Masthead2
Iona Bio3
Dr. Hoston Explains3
A Suggestion For The Rising Cards By V.K. Allison3
A Good Opener by T.C. Bonney3
Is It "I"? (Poem) By Charles Neil Smith3
Two Magicians Starting At About The Same Time But In Different Fields Of Work Are Now At The Top4
Laurant Picture4
Flour And Water Trick By S.B. Blodgett5
The World Of Magic6
- Mystico's News7
- Society Of Detroit Magicians7
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner8
- English Letter Fred Sinclair8
- London Letter Harold Webbe9
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton9
Editor's Page10
- Editor's...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 9 (Mar 1910 - Feb 1911) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19101
Hamley's Palace Of Magic And Mystery3
The World Of Magic4
Echoes From Beanville Hal Olver5
New York Notes Edward Beadle6
News From Austria Ottokar Fischer6
An Up-to-date Table By L.T. Scott6
Knife And Cards By Alon Lord6
The Devil's Flight By Jos. Dunninger7
A Boost By Walden & Heverly7
Siggestion For "Sucker Box" Workers By Camella7
Finishing Touch For Cups And Balls By G.V. Long7
Dyeing Of Handkerchief (New) By Dr. Robert T. Boyd, Jr.8
Egg And Handkerchief By Chas. Sekavec8
A Long-felt Want8
Magic In St. Pauls And Minneapolis9
- Thurston Picture...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 8 (Mar 1909 - Feb 1910) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19091
S. Wilson Bailey Bio3
- Handcuff Collection Picture3
Magician's Doings4
Dr. Elliott's Horizontal Lift Card Rise5
A Testimonial To M. Felecian Trewey By Henry Ridgely Evans6
- Trewey Picture6
- Trewey's Den Picture6
Extracts From My Program By David P. Abbott7
- "Extracts" Continued8
A Sure Winner9
The Society Of Detroit Magicians9
Editorial Announcement10
- The April Number10
The Society Of American Magicians11
The Reason Why By William R. Caulk12
Current Magical Literature13
The Society Of American Magicians (Cont. from page 11)14
A Testimonial...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 7 (Mar 1908 - Feb 1909) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19081
Kansas City, Mo., March 15, 19082
Heard At The Seance Joke2
Biographical Maro3
The Magic Spell By Chas. Shepherd3
Card And Handkerchief Combination By Will Edwards3
Magician's Doings4
Cross Escape Or Cross Substitution4
The Disappearing Egg By Louis C. Haley5
Coin Effect By Dr. Blanchard5
Lecture On Thoughts (Explanations) By Maxime Cadet6
Handkerchief Color Change By Jacob Chasnoff6
The "Acme" Card Trick By Chas. G. Shepherd6
How Sad (Poem) By Will Edwards6
The Card And Jug Trick By Charles Medrington7
A Novel Card Trick by Henry D. Grout7
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 6 (Mar 1907 - Feb 1908) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19071
Kansas City, Mo., March 15, 19072
Handkerchief And Billiard Ball Illusion By Lewis R. Hilliar2
Biographical Chevalier Ernest Thorne3
Vanishing Glass By C. Merrelo Mahood3
Cane Levitation By James A. Hart3
Magician's Doings4
The Passing Show4
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale5
A Floating Ball Illusion By Robert Madison5
Extracts From My Own Program By David P. Abbott6
- "Extracts" (Continued)7
- "Extracts" (Continued8
- "Extracts" (Continued

NO. 2: APRIL 190713
Kansas City, Mo., April 15, 190714
In Memoriam Of Harry N. Stork By John N. Hilliard...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 5 (Mar 1906 - Feb 1907) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19061
Kansas City, Mo., March 15, 19062
Howard Thurston At Grave Of Dante (Oscar Eliason) Picture2
Biograpical Clifford P. Norton3
The Pro And Con Of Spiritualism - By F.W.King Chapter X3
Spring (Poem) Puck3
Magician's Doings4
- In Vaudeville4
- Magic Shows4
- Entertainers5
- New Zealand Notes5
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley6
Hartley's Impromptu Magic Table By Robert Hartley6
The Floating Ball - A New Version By D.A. Breen6
Gentle, But Effective7
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale7
The Phamtom Ball8
Inexhaustible Coin Feke Dropper By...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 4 (Mar 1905 - Feb 1906) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19051
Kansas City, Mo., Mar.15, 19052
- "Foo Vs. Soo" John N. Hilliard2
- Mokana (James Mayer Goldston)2
- G.A. Cooke2
- Martin Chapender2
Biographical Harry Whiteley3
The Dyeing Handkerchiefs John N. Hilliard3
New Spirit Writing Trick By Chas. O. Williams3
Magician's Doings4
- In The Lyceum Field4
- In Vaudeville4
- Magic Shows5
- Entertainers5
A Village Fiasco5
Amateur's Column T.J. Crawford5
- A Good Table For Amateurs Russell-"The Mystifier."5
English Notes Henry Whiteley6
Card Vanish By Barton, The Merry Wizard6
Handkerchief Production...
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Albert M. Wilson
The Sphinx Volume 3 (Mar 1904 - Feb 1905) by Albert M. Wilson


NO. 1: MARCH 19041
Chicago, Mar. 15, 19042
The Magician of the Month M. Inez3
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism By F.W. King Chapter IV3
Magicians Doings4
- Chicago4
- New York4
- Philadelphia5
- Detroit5
- St. Louis6
- Kansas City6
- Milwaukee6
- San Francisco6
- Omaha6
- Sioux City7
- Seattle7
- Los Angeles, Cal.7
- Cleveland7
- Auburn, N.Y.7
- Here and There7
- English Notes8
- Australia8
- Bengal, India8
Wrecks, Floods and Fires These With Steamboat Disasters Give Leon Herrmann an Exciting Tour9
The Subject of Talk Geo. H. Stippe9
Novel Sleights Old...
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Inez Vernelo
The Sphinx Volume 2 (Mar 1903 - Feb 1904) by Inez Vernelo


NO. 1: MARCH 19031
Chicago, Mar. 15, 19032
The Magician of the Month Ching Ling Soo3
Why It Was by Xavier3
An Interesting Letter T. Nelson Downs3
Novel Sleights4
- Modern Thimble Manipulation By Lee Stewart4
- An Original Cigarette Trick Merle F. Willis4
- New Vanishing Canary Mora4
- Rice and Handkerchief Trick Prof. McIntosh4
- An Old Kite With A New Tail Louis N. Miller4
- Novel Egg Sleight Lawrence Stone4
Stories Retold A Magician Among Aborigines5
Ninty On The Dollar5
Magic and Magicians Ellison Library5
Our Letter Box6
Magicians Doings7
- Chicago7
- New...
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Ellis Stanyon
Stanyon's Magic Magazine by Ellis Stanyon

Magic was a monthly magazine produced and edited by Ellis Stanyon. It was first published in October 1900 and ran for 177 issues with a break during the 1914 - 18 war and the final issue was published in June 1920.

Ellis Stanyon was a noted magic dealer, author and publisher and in the first issue of Magic he set out his intention which was to 'popularize the Art of Sleight of Hand'. Stanyon's original lessons in magic were published in each issue and formed a significant course of magical instruction. Magic featured close-up effects, routines, stage and parlour magic including some of the...

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(on CDROM)

Harry Stanley & Lewis Ganson
The Gen by Harry Stanley & Lewis Ganson

The Gen magazine was published by Harry Stanley just after the war. The first issue came out in December 1945. The magazine was published for 26 years with 303 issues covering a total of 8,685 pages. Lewis Ganson, one of the greatest British magical writers ever, was the editor until the magazine changed hands in 1971. It continued under the editorship of Val Andrews for a further two issues as the New Gen.

Virtually every known name in the world of post-war magic made a contribution to the Gen or was featured in its columns. Ken Brooke, for example, contributed 27 items and even the final issue, under...

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George Mackenzie Munro & George Johnson & George Armstrong
The Magic Wand (1910 - 1957) by George Mackenzie Munro & George Johnson & George Armstrong

Martin Breese purchased the copyright to the Magic Wand many years ago. He intended to issue material from the magazine in book form and was little to know, at the time, of the advent of digital publishing and ebooks.

The Magic Wand was first published in September 1910 and continued for 256 issues until December of 1957. It began as a monthly magazine and after a decade it was published quarterly. It was edited by George Munro who was succeeded by George Armstrong. It is rare and very hard to find a complete run. The most valuable issues are those containing the serial publication of The Annals of Conjuring. ...

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Nick Bolton & Fred Robinson & Eric Mason
Pabular by Nick Bolton & Fred Robinson & Eric Mason

Here is the complete file of Pabular, one of the most remarkable and influential magazines ever published.

Pabular was first published in 1974 by Nick Bolton and ran for just over eight exciting volumes. It is probably the finest ever British close-up magazines to be published. It was mainly edited by the well respected Fred Robinson (later by Walt Lees and Stephen Tucker) and the art editor throughout was Eric Mason.

The first effect in the magazine was by Roy Walton and contributors include: Jack Avis, Gaeton Bloom, John Carney, Tony Corinda, Ted Danson, Will Dexter, Bob Driebeek, Shiv Duggal, Peter Duffie, Alex Elmsley, Dominique Duvivier, Cy Endfield, Bob Farmer, Flip, Piet Forton,...

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George Armstrong
Wizard Magazine Volume 5-8 (Jul 1951 - Jul 1956) by George Armstrong

These are the second four volumes of the Wizard Magazine as a PDF which you can download. It includes a hyperlinked index.

1st edition July 1951 - July 1956; 1733 pages.

Volume 5
  • No. 49
    • George Armstrong / Charles Cole
    • Geomental Rayond / Two Person Mentalism
    • Dennis Barnes / Opening to a 4 Ace Routine
    • O.H. Patterson / My Rings on Rope
    • Len Belcher / My Card Stab
    • Tom Sellers / Simplex Card Prediction
    • John K. Bays / Famous Magicians
    • A.C. Newitt / Why Use the Pass
    • Harry Thomas, Max Linden / The Tomlin Coin Box
    • Jack Lamonte / Opening for the Egg Bag Routine
    • Philcardo / Bouquet for...
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George Armstrong
Wizard Magazine Volume 1-4 (Apr 1947 - Jun 1951) by George Armstrong

These are the first four volumes of the Wizard Magazine as a PDF which you can download. It includes a hyperlinked index.

1st edition April 1947 - June 1951; 1595 pages.

Volume 1
  • No. 1
    • George Armstrong / Jasper Maskelyne
    • George Armstrong / Impromptu Book Test
    • John K. Bays / Fantasy Fare
    • W.J. Stapleton / Milestones of Magic
  • No. 2
    • George Armstrong / Robert Harbin
    • George Armstrong / Number Prediction
    • John K. Bays / No No Children's Effect
    • W.J. Stapleton / Milestones of Magic 1
  • No. 3
    • George Armstrong / Wilfred Tyler
    • Wilfred Tyler / Breakaway Match-box
    • John K. Bays / Flash...
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George Armstrong
Wizard Magazine (1947 - 1956) by George Armstrong

The Wizard was one of Britain's leading magic magazines and was published by George Armstrong between 1947 and 1956. There were 95 issues containing more than 3000 pages. Here is the entire run as searchable PDF, including a hyperlinked index.

It contains 945 effects, articles and features on every aspect of magic from hundreds of prominent contributors including: Billy McComb, Al Koran, Jack Lamonte, Ken Brooke, Arthur Carter, Chandhu, Milbourne Christopher, Carlos Colombi, Edward Dexter, Prince Drakon, Hen Fetsch, Douglas Francis, Lewis Ganson, Louis Histed, Jack Hughes, Roy Johnson, Fred Lowe, Max Malini, Jay Palmer, Edmund Rowland, S.H. Sharpe, Hans Trixer, Verrall Wass, Mark Weston and Jack Yates.

1st edition 1947-1956; 3328...

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(on CDROM)

Max Andrews
Max Andrews' Magic Magazine by Max Andrews

This is the entire five years of The Magic Magazine published by Max Andrews. The first issue appeared in April 1952 and the final issue on September 1956. This was one of Britain's leading magazines and, although it was a house magazine for Max Andrews' Vampire Magic business, it was packed with outstanding magical contributions from the leading magical creators of that exciting period.

Amongst the many contributions are George Blake, Eddie Joseph, Robert Harbin, Ken Brooke, Richard Himber, Eric P. Wilson, and Hank Vermeyden.

You will also find a hyperlinked index to conveniently navigate from trick to trick.

A Brief History of Max...

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(on CDROM)

Peter Warlock
New Pentagram Magazine by Peter Warlock

The New Pentagram Magazine appeared from 1969 to 1989 - over 2000 pages. This amazing magazine followed in the footsteps of Pentagram Magazine which had been published first by Peter Warlock and then was backed by The Magic Wand publishing company. Supreme Magic then backed and helped Peter to continue the original magazine but under the name of New Pentagram. And it ran for twenty years.

This wonderful magazine was packed with contributions from some of the leading names from magical history. Ted Danson's diary effect first appeared in its pages. Here, taken at random, are some of the top names who wrote...

★★★★★ $39
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Peter Warlock
Pentagram Magazine by Peter Warlock

The legendary Pentagram Magazine edited by Peter Warlock appeared from 1946 to 1959. It features superb magic from Alex Elmsley, Robert Harbin, Fred Kaps, Stewart James, Dai Vernon, Al Koran, Roy Walton, Arthur Carter, Leslie May, Charles Cameron, Ron Baillie, Jack Avis, Gus Southall, Edmund Rowland, Ed Marlo, Graham Adams and many others.

Every trick can be accessed via the hyperlinked index.

Now the Pentagram is within reach of all those who enjoy great magic.

1st edition 1946-1959; 1311 pages.

Volume 1
  • No. 1: October 1946
    • Your Fate In A Teacup / Peter Warlock
    • Super Speller / George Blake
    • Cig-Repeat / Cecil Tebbett
    • Tissue Paper Monte / Tom Sellers
  • No. 2: November...
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(on CDROM)

Stephen Tucker
Spell-Binder Magazine by Stephen Tucker

Stephen Tucker was the publisher, editor, illustrator and creative genius behind Spell-Binder Magazine. It ran for three years and had 36 issues and 710 pages. (This does not include the three Special Issues.)

You will find some of the finest close-up magic effects: David Britland alone contributed 40 items, there were 6 new effects from Basil Horwitz, 4 from Jerry Sadowitz, 2 from Gazzo, 5 from Gordon Bruce, 3 from Roy Walton, 9 from Phil Goldstein, 12 from Reinhard Müller, 5 from Al Smith 2 from Bobby Bernard, 4 from Harvey Rosenthal, 7 from Ian Land, 12 from Paul Brignall, 7 from Peter Duffie, 6 from Roger Curzon, 6 from Shiv Duggal, 7 from Wayne Dobson and 109 from Stephen Tucker. Stephen has captured...

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(on CDROM)

Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 24 (Jan 2009) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 4, No. 6, January 2009; 68 pages.

Cover: Chris Cox

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. The buck stops here ... Emily Blunt and Colin Hanks, two stars of the movie The Great Buck Howard talk to MagicSeen
  5. The Great Buck Howard - movie review
  6. The Bookshelf - a look at important books from bygone decades - Mark Leveridge
    • The 1960s - Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets Of Card Magic - Lewis Ganson
  7. News
  8. Duncan Trillo, Still making the news every week! - interview
  9. News
  10. Shawn Farquhar, Part 2, Magic Junkie - interview
  11. The Pressure Cruise - Mark Leveridge - article
  12. Chris...
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